After months of research I decided to go to Dr. G....

After months of research I decided to go to Dr. G. I never thought I would have to get surgery on my face but after a horrible accident I want a new nose. I always loved my nose until I broke it playing softball in middle school and then again 4 months ago when I tripped and planted face first on the bed frame as we were moving. I have been to five consults in Miami and WPB (where I live) but I did not feel 100% confident with anyone. I was not impressed with anyone's before And after photos either. Then I narrowed it down to Dr. G, Dr. Cochran, and DR. Ghavami. I decided to go to Glendale after talking with previous patients and ppl on this website that inspired me. Flying from Florida to Cali in a few days and getting nervous!

Surgery is tomorrow at 10am. I have to be there at...

Surgery is tomorrow at 10am. I have to be there at 8am and my nerves are setting in. I'm really nervous and worried about the bruising and any possible complications . I really hope my surgeon takes his time bc he is a busy busy man. I'll keep you posted and pray for me!!!!

Surgery was yesterday and it went smoothly. I was...

Surgery was yesterday and it went smoothly. I was vomiting blood at the hospital but the nurses were really nice and comforting. I hope my doctor took his time because he is very busy. I am excited to see the results and cant wait for the swelling and bruising to go down. Today I feel better but really swollen. I've been putting frozen peas on my eyes but I think I may have left them on my face too long. Does anyone know how often I'm supposed to ice?

Day 3 is by far the worst day. I am so swollen and...

Day 3 is by far the worst day. I am so swollen and my face feels so hot and ice is making it worse. My dad wanted to show me around LA so I decided to go along but told him I only was up for a car ride tour. It turned out to be a 4 hour tour bc we got lost and then went back to Dr. Grigoryants office which was an hour away. I was freaking out bc my cast is now sitting sideways bc of the swelling. He saw me right away and told me not to worry and not to ice anymore. I feel better after seeing him and I am glad he was comforting. He said my nose was tough for him bc of the 2 previous fractures and he said I had a relatively small nose to begin with which took him longer to shave down the bones. He said the bruising will go away with time, which I already know. Anyway, finally got settled in the hotel room so I'm going to rest. My throat hurts and I'm still just eating oatmeal and soup. It is still very sore from the breathing tube. I can't wait to he able to breathe from my nose.

Yesterday I felt a lot better but I may have over...

Yesterday I felt a lot better but I may have over done it. I'm staying with my aunt and uncle in New Port beach for the night then heading so San Diego to see my other aunt and uncle. My dad has been driving while I rest in the car. I still feel a lot of pressure and I'm very bruised still but the bruises are starting to turn yellow which means I am healing. I can't wait to feel normal again!

I just got the cast removed and I am happy! I...

I just got the cast removed and I am happy! I think I'm going to like it. It is still swollen but it will go down every week. Dr. G taped my nose and told me to tape it as much as possible to make the swelling stay down. My skin is breaking out and I am starting to get a rash on my face but I expected it bc my skin is so sensitive to everything. I'll keep you posted on the recovery!

Today I saw Dr. G and he told me to watch Real...

Today I saw Dr. G and he told me to watch Real housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night because he is going to be on the show. He did Kim's nose and told me to watch it. As for my nose, I'm still swollen as expected and have bruises under my eyes but it is getting better each day. He told me to use Afrin before the plane ride and to tape my nose bc of swelling.

Back in Florida and I had no problems flying! It's...

Back in Florida and I had no problems flying! It's nice to be home and just can't wait for the swelling to go down!

5 months post-op

I haven't been on this website since my surgery but I've been getting a lot of personal messages recently. I have had no problems and I am very satisfied :) I can tell a big difference but everyone I run into doesn't even know I had surgery. Best of luck everyone! Ill post some recent pics.

5 months post op

6 month post op

I only have group pics but my skin is finally cleared up and everything is back to normal. Some days I wake up and it is swollen and some days it isn't..usually depends on how I sleep. I am very happy with the results and recommend Dr. G to anyone.
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you look perfect !!
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lovee the results! you look beautiful :)
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You look beautiful! I am 7 days post op with Dr. G and I'm very happy I went to him. I saw your profile/story before I chose him and it helped with making my decision Thank you for updating, and I'm so happy that everything has been going well!
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Thank you! You already look gorgeous! He is amazing! Good luck with your recovery! =))
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How long did you stay in CA before flying back to Florida? Thanks
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I stayed 10 days! Very worth it! Let me know if you need anything.
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Thank you, that is really appreciated!!!
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Hey Shay I would love to hear from you! How are you healing? Are you liking the result at this point?
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Looks great! Did you ever go to a consultation with Ghavami? What made you choose Grigoryants over Ghavami?
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I think your new nose looks great! I'd say its a winner!
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I'm feeling great! My skin has been breaking out which usually never happens :( but my nose is perfect! I'm really happy! I'm glad I chose Dr. G.
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Hey Shay how are you healing? How do the results look so far?
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Looks great already, I'm excited for you:) Congrats
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Thank you so much for all your help along this journey! I fly back tomorrow and I see Dr. G today one last time before I go back home. My skin is rely sensitive from the tape so I'm not going to tape my nose during the day anymore. Just at night. Are you still taping your nose every night? Has the swelling gone down? Have you seen a big difference from a few weeks ago? Talk to you soon! I hope you have a great day!
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Just saw your new pics - I'm so happy for you that it's over and you look great! Best of luck to you!!! I do still tape at night, btw. I notice that if I don't, I am definitely more swollen the next day.
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Congratulations Shay! You made it through, and your nose is beautiful. I am so happy for you! Have a safe trip home, and keep posting. I love your results and can't wait to see close-up pics! Big hurray for you!
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I know I'm going to love it! I consulted with Dr. Davis, Epstein, Schwartz, Greene, and dr. Bustillo, and Murphy. I am so happy I came to dr. Grigoryants. My family and boyfriend would try to talk me into doing it local but in my mind I wasn't happy and I knew I might regret it if I didn't go with my gut.
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Yes I have looked in those Drs too and also Dr Steiger who I may consult with. I like that Dr G does closed rhinoplasty. Do you mind if I ask how much was the surgeons fee and how much for anesthesia/hospital fees?
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I think your nose looks great already! I'm sure you're going to love the final result. I'm from WPB area too and seriously thinking about flying out to see Dr. G. Just curious did you consult with any doctors in Florida before making your decision?
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Sorry, just saw you mentioned that in your first paragraph (tired lol). Best of luck with your recovery :)
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It is looking beautiful and will just keep improving. Enjoy!
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Thanks! I love it! The bridge and tip are really swollen but it will take time. Dr. G is amazing! I hope it doesn't swell up on the airplane on Friday...
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Wow that looks great!
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