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I am in my 40's. I have wanted this all my life...

I am in my 40's. I have wanted this all my life but was afraid what it would say to my daughter. I realize now I should have done it a long time ago, and told her: If there is something you can do to feel better or happier, and not hurt anyone else, by all means do it! Life is way to short to be unhappy every time you look in the mirror. And your confidence effects everything you do in your life. Maybe if I had more confidence I would not have gotten stepped on so often, and had more career success. I realize now I deserve to be happy, too bad I did not learn that in my youth.
I started putting money in a savings account from each pay check years ago until I had the money to cover the surgery and the trips. I quit my job and got two consults. One in Seattle and one in Glendale. I was worried the Dr. in Seattle would not do enough to change my nose. I have seen reviews on realself where girls felt their noses were not that different and all that money was gone. I felt the before and after results of Dr. G were more in line with what I wanted. So I called and scheduled the surgery.
I was really, really afraid about doing this so I just tried not to think about it. We drove 17 hours to get to Glendale. Really long drive but it would be easier to take all the things I might need for after.
I was really nervous the night before but not much I could do. They did NOT send me the list of things to avoid prior to surgery so I avoided nothing. I wish I had gotten it prior to the surgery though. Be sure the morning of the surgery to tell Dr exactly what you want, even if you have gone over it all before. He has a lot of patients. I wish I had made a few things clearer, but my bad not his. The nurse could not find my vein and had to dig for it. I have never experienced that before, it was awful. She was super sweet though. Everyone was really nice.
When I woke up they gave me a shot and me and my husband were off to the hotel for the most boring week ever. The dvd player did not work and I was really counting on watching movies to pass the time. Did not bring the laptop so out of luck there. My tablet does not stream movies very well. I did not sleep much. Sleeping sitting up is pretty hard and not being able to breathe through my nose made it worse. I had cotton mouth all week. I was pretty freaked out wondering if I had done the right thing. My husband tried to reassure me, even though he really thought I looked fine before. I had the cast off after 6 days.
He shortened my nose, adjusted the cartilage so it was more symmetrical on each side, shaved down a small bump, and refined the tip. I think he lifted it too, which I did not really want but I think it will be fine. He assured me it will drop. I don't think it looks all that much different because it is still really swollen. But others think it looks great. Only told a few people. The rest I hope don't notice. Maybe I will cut my hair and blame the change on that. All and all I am happy. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask. The pict is after. Will post befores later.


Did you get your cast off on Monday? I might have seen you headed out since that was my pre-op. Your nose looks really natural to me in the picture. Don't stress. You did the right thing and picked the right doc. The waiting game sucks, though. We will be hot babes in a month's time! ;)
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Congrats on your successful surgery. I am happy that you finally did it! I like the point you mentioned about telling the doctor what you desire from the surgery the day of the op. Thanks for sharing. 
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Big improvement as now I see your before photo. Was it a closed rhino?
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wow, ur nose looks so good already!
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Thanks! Hard to tell who you pass in the waiting room with all the bandages. ; ). I hope your waiting period is going much better than mine. I wish we had rented an apt rather than a hotel, fyi, for anyone yet to have surgery. A kitchen would have been great. Your eyes are gorgeous you will definitely be looking great. I hope your surgery brings you all you desire and more. Happy healing!

feeling good about my decision.

I am feeling really happy about my decision. I wish the black eye would go away so I could leave the house. Since I am stuffed up we are just saying I am sick.


Yes but he made two cuts at the base of each nostril so he could shorten it.



Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! You might be surprised how few people even notice your nose changes. I was slightly annoyed and relieved that more people didn't appreciate my new nose. :)

Hope your black eye resolves soon!

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ur nose look beautiful.. it takes time to c the final front look,, at least a month, but however ur nose look smaller and more symmetric although its only a week.. can u plz add more b4 & after front pics,,did tha also break ur nose?,, wish u easy recovery
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Your result is impressive!!!!. Very smooth and natural..... Dr.G did an amazing job. Very pleased to see that this can be done with closed rhinoplasty. Very impressive. Please post more photos as you are healing.
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Question to other Dr. Grigoryants patients

As I read other reviews for other Dr.'s, people talk about a lot of follow up care and pushing on their nose? Does anyone that lives close to Dr. G go through that or does he always just say 3 month and 1 year followups or does it just depend on the nose? Thanks!!


Wow, your nose looks perfect! It wasn't bad to begin with but it's definitely more refined now. beautiful!
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Thank you! I especially love your profile! I wish my tip was not so elevated.
Thanks! I hope you are right.

More befores


It's weird to see a different face. But, there are things i should have thought through more clearly and had done. I would have had work done to the radix or root, the area between your eyes. And i had a bump in the bone on one side that i had him remove, but now it is uneven with the other side. I think if you stressed about ur nose prior to surgery, u will stress after, just hopefully a lot less! Mostly it was bad preparation on my part...nothing on the dr.
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You may love it even more once swelling subsides. Stay positive. From the pictures I saw, it looks fantastic and very even.
ur nose look natural & beautiful,, y its weird to look at mirror ,, u just cannt adjust to changes or u dont like the results?
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Sept 29th

Sorry if I seem a little down on some of the comments. Especially when most of Dr. G's other patients seem over the moon happy. As I mentioned above I quit my job and went for it. Well after surgery I have nothing to focus on but my nose. I am now an empty nester, with no job and a husband that works all day. Leaves you will a lot of time to get neurotic! As if I was not already there to begin with ; ). But, I have wanted this for 30+ years, since grade school. I guess when you fantasize about something for so long you sort of build it into this big...i don't know Cinderella story in your head (damn that Walt Disney!!) They tell you not to expect perfection but it is hard after dreaming for so long. And, my husband and I agreed to wait a little while before I go back to work so as not to upset or hinder the healing process. The result...I have lots of free time to stress over every minute detail. But I think it is probably good to share this part of the "healing" process for me, in case someone else is going through the same thing. Might make it a bit easier for them knowing they are not alone.


Hi! I just read your review. The week following surgery sounding absolutely miserable (I really feel for you), but I am glad it's behind you. You went through some really serious changes (job, surgery) so your reflective state is not out-of-line. Your review may not be an explosive parade but it really helps those who need to know they are not alone. And it's real. If someones review is too positive I stop reading. Total honesty! And no I am not sick.... anyway, who did you see in Seattle? I didn't even think about checking out CA in my research. Regardless, it is difficult to get a good feel of your nose in your photos (consequence of censorship and just photographs in general!), but there appears to be what many would consider an improvement. I think my doctor was really great at nose-jobbing but if there's one thing I am good at it is constructive criticism... and I have plenty for his office as well. How are you feeling?
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You will laugh. The other Dr. I saw was Naficy. He just did not give me the right feeling and did does open and I wanted a closed.
Ah, I had a feeling! I can understand how he would not give you the right feeling. I basically physically met him after I decided to go with him. Probably could have planned better myself. But no steep regrets so far! I didn't get the "he's the one!" feelings many speak of...but like I said, I felt like I made the commitment prematurely. Plus, surgeon shopping is exhausting when you are traveling for it! I didn't realize you got a closed. Closed was what I wanted initially but changed my mind after I realized the intricacies of doing tip work (my main focus). So are you doing okay?


Today I took some pictures and compared them with some I had taken the week I got home. The swelling has improved. I think I look better. I don't want anyone to think i regret doing this, because i don't in any way. I do regret that I did not think a few things through and wish I would have had a clearer picture of what the end result would be. I am thankful every day that I did this. If I had not done it, I know I would have regretted it everyday for the rest of my life. And honestly if something bothers me enough.. I can have it corrected in 2+ yrs. I don't see that happening but who knows what tomorrow will bring.. :-)


Thanks for the support. Since I am not telling anyone there are very few people I can discuss it with, let alone someone who can understand where I am coming from. Everyone that knows thought I was nuts for doing it, so I certainly can't mention anything I am unhappy about. :\ Thanks again!!!
You're is priceless and could have used/could use all I can get! I totally understand that feeling. I tried complaining about small things to my boyfriend but not going to get any sympathy there. I even have had reactions like, not negative, but not positive, either. Do you know what I mean? It's just like.. uhhh/ummm...... so it hurts. I try not to let it get to me but, I want everyone to hold my hand and jump with me, whether I am jumping up or down. Hopefully the things you are unhappy about are very temporary so in the end, you will be satisfied and everyone will bask in your confident glory :)
sorry, i dont understand would have had work done to the radix or root, the area between your eyes.. u mean side walls bones or wht? haw can a work done to this area..did the dr narrowed ur bridge or just the hump and tip?

not wearing glasses is a pain

One of the hardest things in this whole process is having to wear contacts. I have severe dry eye. I have worn glasses for years. I know..I hate them too, but at a certain age comfort starts come a bit before fashion. My eyes are doing a little better than they were in the beginning but at the end of the day they are killing me. One nice thing is I can say, when people say I look great, I am not wearing my glasses that must be what you are seeing.

It is starting to look a little more like me now when I look in the mirror. Still feels really weird to touch it and it is still a bit numb.


Wow. your nose looks great. It's getting smaller.
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I have the nostril asymmetry, too. I was told my original nostril weren't completely symmetrical, but I had always thought they were. The difference was minute. They are a tad bit more obvious now but even then the difference fluctuates day-to-day. I'm sure the swelling in the tip affects it.
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I really like the swelling pics you posted... it really is helpful and gives me an idea of what to expect upon cast removal and under strenuous activity. Your photos are so clear too! Love it. Happy healing. :)
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3/4 shots as requested.

The tip is really bulbous still. And you can see how high the radix or root is. Taken yesterday, Oct 10th. I am still taping at night but not sure if that helps a lot or not. Had a really salty meal the other day and man did my nose blow up!! It was huge. Definitely avoiding the salt now. Bland food here I come. : (


Your new nose looks very nice. I sympathize with you regarding the contacts/glasses issue. My doctor gave me clearance to finally wear my glasses again, but it makes me nervous that they leave little marks/dents in my nose.
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I just read your story. I just turned 40 and this was kind of my birthday present to myself after wanting it forever! You nose looks great. I love it!
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Thanks, I am in good company then! What a great present, Happy Belated Birthday!

update- don't be too conservative!

I am still not sure about my results. I definitely look better. I am almost 2 months out so I will update picts. The biggest mistake I made was not studying noses and not really knowing for sure what I wanted and fighting for it. I was a bit wishy washy so nothing was done with the radix and I really wish it had been. But not the Dr.'s fault, all mine. Healing has been fine. My nose was shortened and the two cuts at the base of my nose are a bummer. I hope they get less noticeable. My nose still feels weird, I guess it takes a long time to heal, especially now that I am older. The confidence boost many of the other girls have has not happened with me yet. My husband says my nose was not as bad as some of the others so not as dramatic at the reveal. I wish it was a bit more dramatic. The swelling is hard for everyone. You expect results right away but if you had tip work and not large hump you will not get results for 6 months to a year. The girls with humps see results day one. The other thing that is hard for me is my smile. I did not think the smile would be so affected but I still smile way differently than I did. My upper lip does not move much, I think that just heals slowly also. The other I talk with who had a rhino was too conservative with her changes like me and she is not that happy either. But again not Drs fault. My tip is still bulbous but I am hoping it is swelling and will resolve with time. The one thing that burst my bubble was the one friend I told...when she saw me after said I did not look any different. So don't be afraid and be too conservative. No one will notice the change even if dramatic. They do just say "wow you look great", if they say anything, but they can't figure out what changed. People say it on her but you don't believe it until you live it. I would still recommend Dr. to anyone. He is a very skilled surgeon. I just scared myself and was psyched out so I did not do my research on what I really wanted. It was not really painful with the meds. Just miserable for a week with the cast on. That was the worst of it, so don't be afraid of that part.


Thanks for the update! I sympathize with you--I wish I was more descriptive or at least more persistent with certain things. I am not sure if we talked about it before but as far as tip work goes...going to be a long time to see the results is irritating. I am a little over 2 months as well so I understand the agony of having to wait. My tip was the focus of my surgery and I have oily, thick skin which is supposed to be the main characteristics that yield the lengthier wait as far as watching the swelling go down. Not sure what kind of skin you have but the tip factor is a bummer. I feel for you, girl. But it looks really great. Not as dramatic regarding hump/no hump, but still pleasing nonetheless :)
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still bulbous tip....swelling I hope.


Hi, I was actually expecting phone call from Dr. G's office for 3 months appointment - but I guess I have to remind them about myself :) . As far as my progress here... I am very pleased with my profile- bridge also looks good , but tip from the front view ... not really big improvement after 3 months ... I was very happy and was waiting to see smaller tip from the front view - but it's not getting that much smaller . I hope - it's just a swelling ... :(
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Hi. Thank you for the candid update. I have heard from a few of Dr G's patients who weren't happy at first but after a few months they were very pleased. Try not to convince yourself that you should have done things differently just yet. Give it more time. Its easy to question your decisions now, but since your big "reveal" is still to come, you are only torturing yourself. I saw your full face before and after pics and you can honestly say you look fantastic even after only a couple weeks! Its not uncommon for the nose to look worse a few weeks after surgery vs before. Yours already looks better. When people say you look great and the change is subtle- it is a compliment. In any case you owe it to yourself to wait it out. Dr G doesn't do ugly noses. If after a year you are not happy consider a revision, right? That's my plan, as there are still things about my nose that are less than ideal, but worry won't speed up the process. I wish you all the best!
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Thanks! It really helps to have others who are impartial, give feedback. It is a great reality check.

nothing new

Not much to report. The tip has dropped from post cast height and i am really thankful for that. The tip is still pretty hard and swollen. Sounds crazy but I am still taping. The shape is much better in the morning when I do. I figure it cannot hurt.. Some days i look in the mirror and the swelling is down and i get really hopeful about the finished product. As long as the tip ends up less bulbous than now I will be happy. How are all of you Dr G. Patients feeling?


Hi - I hope things will get better for you. It's still early to judge the finsl results. Thanks for the update.
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No change :-(

There is still not the refinement in the tip I wanted to see. I think it it still too bulbous. Dr said to wait but it is hard when you see so many of his other patients with amazing results. Makes me wonder why his work on me is not so good. :'(. Definitely thinking revision, $$$ :-(.


Your results are outstanding. A lot of people wish for results like yours. If my nose turned out like yours I would have been thrilled. You should be greatful your rhinoplasty was conservative and your nose shows much improvement not to mention a much nicer nose. Thank your lucky stars it turned out so well. Many of us seeking a revision because we were not that lucky.
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So I was just reviewing your photos after sending you my obnoxiously long message and again and want to say there is a noticeable improvement once the cast was off. Of course as I said before, your nose wasn't by any means "jacked" prior to surgery (haha I don't think I'd ever say ANYONE'S nose is jacked hence the quotations)... but it is just more refined and smoother/more petite/feminine afterwards. I can see how it swelled a lot after the cast came off and maybe you haven't seen much improvement without really comparing old photos or earlier in the healing process. Many people use the rule of thumb if it looks good after cast removal...I don't know I didn't like mine after it was off but liked it more in time. I read something the other day about how some surgeons use those shots...steroids was it...I think so. They inject that stuff to decrease swelling because excessive swelling can cause scar tissue which isn't going to help minimize size in the long run. I don't know how true it is because I didn't get shots and I had a balloon nose afterwards (my observation/feeling) and wasn't offered any and I find my surgeon to be very credible and trustworthy. I think he just gets annoyed with people putting a magnifying glass to their faces. Understandable. My point is, your nose is beautiful, I am confident time will resolve many things for all of us. It looks as though it swelled an expected amount and everything is on track. But if you are able, maybe persistently trying to get a hold of your surgeon to get some relief could be beneficial. Only he knows what he did to your nose but from am outsiders perspective, sit back and enjoy the ride because doing anything else will not speed up time/your body's healing.
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By the way, I am sticking to my story that your results are fantastic. I say that because I have seen shots of more than the nose. If your full face photos were posted, I bet you would receive a lot more compliments too.
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not much improvement

The tip has still not refined. At 4 months I am not sure much more will change from here out. The one thing that really disappoints me is that I asked to have the curve in on the left side of my nose filled in. As the swelling went down I could clearly see nothing had been done to that side. : (


I work for a plastic surgeon and and honestly it looks amazing! Are you happy with it more now? I see a huge difference. The PS I work for is VERY conservative and I have asked him 3 times to do my nose and he won't. Mine is huge and I am considering Dr. G to do mine....thanks for your pictures;-)
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Hi. How is your nose now? We would love to hear from you. I hope you're happy. Xoxo
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can't believe a year is almost up

It has gone by fast. My nose still feels funny sometimes. The tip has really softened up. I'll try to get some updated picts posted soon. Hope everyone out there is doing great!


Hi!! Such a nice change! Iv been searching for surgeons for three months already and he is the one who convinces me the most!! Im afraid it will be a little bit pricey due to its location and to its Wonderful job! I wonder if you Could you tell how much did it cost you? I would be extremely thankful as i am not a us citizen and would need to travel from Switzerland to get the surgery! Ps: sorry for my weak english , your new nose is amazing!
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I had revision rhinoplasty with him and he charged 12500$
Hi. There, they also have good Doctors in Switzerland, have you looked around?
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He was good. Be sure to make what you want clear, he is really busy.'s your nose. No one called me after surgery. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. The girls in the office are hard to understand sometimes because of the accents.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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