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Hi, thank you for sharing your experiences on this...

Hi, thank you for sharing your experiences on this site, it has helped me a lot! I have been searching for a surgeon to do my rhinoplasty for several years now. After reading your reviews on this site, and looking at his before and afters, I decided on dr. Grigoryants in Los Angeles.

I arranged to have the surgery by email, and transferred the payment two months before. I had to wait about three months to have the surgery.

I also had to provide blood test results (pt, ptt, pregnancy test, cbc, basic metabolic panel) That provided a challenge. I had my doctors appointment 2 weeks before I was travelling to the US. However, my doctors office managed to lose my blood samples TWICE, so I had to take three blood samples at thee different hospitals. It was a lot of work getting the results in time. My advice, have the tests taken one month before the surgery.

After the third test I found out that my doctor had not included all the test I needed. The most important tests were there, but I was still worried that there would be problems going forward with the surgery. I sent the dr. an email with the test results asking if everything was ok. The assistant only told me to bring the results with me.

In the end it wasn´t a problem. But I wish the dr. could have answered my question by email, and confirmed that it was ok for me to do the surgery. I would have been a lot less stressed out.

After a 16 hour flight I got to LA the day before my consultation. The consultation was quick, only a few minutes. He didnt want to touch the bridge of my nose at all, which surprised me. (I wanted it taken down just a little bit, to avoid the "beak" like shape) I also feel like my nose sticks out too much, but he didnt want to change that either. (He said that by reducing the size of the nostrils it would look better) He agreed with me that my nose was too broad, and he said he would make it smaller on the sides, the tip smaller and the nostrils smaller/shorter. The tip was also a bit uneven, with one part sticking out a little bit, so he said he was going to take that in a bit to make it even.

He said he could raise the tip a little bit for me if I wanted, but I said I didnt want that. My biggest fear is getting nose that is too upturned.

I showed him a few photos of noses I liked(Emma Watson; dr. G though she needed a nosejob as well), and what I didnt like (Heidi Montag, as well as too upturned noses and pinched/Michael Jackson noses).
It sounds like you went into a lot to get this surgery. I hope your results come out the way you wanted. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing your new nose.

Wow, thank you for sharing! Where did you fly in from to get your rhinoplasty?


Surgery day

I arrived at the hospital by taxi the morning after my consultation. my first impression wasn't very good, as the woman taking my paperwork was quite rude/unstable. she got angry with me for filling out a form incorrectly.

putting in the iv in my hand was very painful (7/10). turned out that the nurse had missed the vain and was pushed the tube through my flesh. i had to put in another one later (no pain). something that looked like a used needle also fell out from my hospital bed, which didn't exactly reassure me.

i got to meet the anesthesiologist and the operation room nurse. Both were really nice and professional, that made me feel better.

I was really groggy after the surgery. I had imagined waking up to someone telling my that the surgery had been a success, that i was going to be fine etc, but that didn't happen. i remember asking for painkillers (pain 4/10). then i was told i had to go home. i wasn't able to move my body and the nurse had to put my clothes on. i had booked a caregiver from the care at home program to take me to the hotel. i didn't feel any nausea or pain. i have been taking antibiotics every 8 hours and painkillers every 4 hours.

in the evening something strange happened. there was a sharp pain in my left foot, right by the vain, and the area turned pink/red at once. i couldn't move the foot. it felt like a foreign matter/clot trying to squeeze through the vain. since I'm alone i got really scared, afraid it was a loose blood clot moving towards my lungs/brain. then my left arm started feeling strange. i tried to call dr. g but i didn't get an answer, then i called the hospital. the woman at the emergency room told me she has not allowed to help me over the phone and then she hung up. since i wasn't completely sure my insurance would cover it i wasn't really eager to go to the hospital without checking with them first (the insurance company said they would call me back but never did). thankfully after about 30min dr. g answered my email, saying it wasn't a blood clot and for me to massage it.

Day 2

I haven't been able to sleep a lot. Last night for I slept for about 4-5 hours(I was awake during the day). Today I have slept for two hours during the day, hopefully I´ll get to sleep tonight.

Day 2 has been the most painful so far. my neck and throat are sore, and me head feels heavy. The most annoying thing is that my nose is stuffed up and that its running a lot.

Also, the cast is falling off. when i woke up from surgery i was crying so the tape got wet. I sent dr. g an email about what do do, but he didn't answer. i have been trying to tape it to keep it from falling off.
Hope you are doing ok.
thanks for sharing sweetie, u r so brave to go through this alone, wish u get better soon
get well soon, keep us posted....I scheduled my surgery with Dr. G in Nov.

Cast off:)

Took my cast off today. Had some filler (perlane) in my lips as well:) Happy with my nose so far.
How are you healing? Would love some updated picts. : )
it look much better,, hope u can add more photos
Looks great! Congrats on a great result.

Not the improvement I was hoping for

I had hoped the nose and the nostrils would be smaller by now. I don´t like the profile, how the nostrils flares out and up. Still lots of swelling under my eyes.

I had a closed rhinoplasty btw. He only made the nose slimmer. Didn´t touch the bridge or the angle of the nose.

I am expecting the tip and sides of the nose to become a lot smaller, but I´m not sure what I can expect from the nostrils...I am hoping they become a lot smaller then they are now.
Updated picts?
i´ll put some up soon:) but i cant really see a change from the last photos i put up.
I don't think your nostrils should be of concern to you. A decrease in your nose's swelling will help improve the look of your nostrils. Right now, they may look off to you because of the swelling. Regardless, you profile adorable. It looks natural. If the nostrils were any smaller, then it would not have looked as natural.

can anyone see a difference?

im almost 2 months post now. my nose looks the same as it did a month ago. still quite swollen (at least i hope its swelling)
There is still swelling. But I think it does look narrower at the base. The bridge also has more definition. Hang in there it will get better. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the updated picts! There seems to be less swelling in the bridge area, but it's hard to tell on these picts. Is it still feeling weird on your face or have you gotten more used to it? Mine still feels weird.
haha, i just sent u an email:) iv gotten used to it for the most part. the tip has been really hard, but today its actually a bit better. what about urs?

4 months..

here is a small update. sorry for the picture quality. from 2-3 months I didnt see much of a difference. now, 4 months after surgery I can see the swelling going down on the sides of the bridge at least. the left side is uneven unfortunately, but its not so noticeable in this picture. Im trying to stay positive, but its hard sometimes. unhappy with my nose so far. fingers crossed that it will improve:/
hi there, just wondering how things are healing. Hope all is well with you.
Hi, I'm just wondering how things are going. I too am thinking of flying to the US for surgery with Dr G and was wondering how you coped with being on your own and how long you stayed in the States after your surgery? Also, were costs a lot more expensive (tests, prescriptions etc) because you were not a US citizen?
it was pretty unpleasant recovering on my own. that the AC broke down in the hotel i was staying in didnt help things. i left 8 days after surgery. that was fine; but make sure u dont pack heavy. dr g gave me the prescription to vicidon for free, and i just paid the same as everyone else at the phamacy. i did all my bloodwork in my native country, so no more test in the us.

11 months

Sorry for not updating. I have been unhappy with my results and not really wanting to update or share photos. I sent dr. G an email with my concerns but he just told me to wait until 18months...thats a long time..I almost feel like the profile looks worse that before, the tip kind of looks a bit beak like in some angles(perhaps still swelling?). and its a bit more droopy than before. The tip and bridge are a tiny bit smaller than before, but not a lot, and not at all what we talked about in the consultation. The nostrils are still big and flared. There is also an indent on the side of the bridge that is bothering me(but its not that noticable in the photo). I think i´ll probably have to have a revision, i cant imagine it will change much more now..what do you guys think?
He did a beautiful job! You need to look at this site and see what a botched job really looks like.
Sorry you are not happy with your results :( I think your nose looks great both before and after. It looks like you had a finesse rhinoplasty but I'm not sure I see what you don't like about it
Hun I just read your profile and you said you asked him NOT to upturn it so he didn't!! NOT Dr. G's fault! Sorry...
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I had my surgery yesterday, so its a bit early to tell. I got a good impression of Dr. G, he seemed very competent and professional.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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