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Rhinoplasty and Additional Procedure - Glendale, CA

I have surgery scheduled with Dr. Grigoryants next...

I have surgery scheduled with Dr. Grigoryants next week and am getting nervous. Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with me to help calm my nerves :). I am Having rhinoplasty and another additional surgery. I mostly read wonderful things on dr G., but recently there are some damming reviews on him that are shaking my confidence :/. Any input would be helpful.


Hi there! Just wondering how everything went for you. Hope all is well!
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Thanks for starting your story! Be very open with Dr. G. about what you do and don't want before surgery day. Please keep us posted on your journey. Nerves are very normal so hang in there!
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Thank you. Yes, I am getting very nervous :-/.

Very Very Happy

I am 20 days 'post' and very very happy with my results! I am in my early 40's, and also had some serious ptosis in both my upper eyelids, so I went ahead and had Dr. G. do my upper eyelids and my 'rhino' at the same time. I think both procedures combined took about 20 years off my face! It was a little bit of an adjustment. lol. Fortunately I'm a super young '40-something' year old...so that helps. I totally thought people would say 'wow, you look different' or possibly worse.... 'wow, you look weird'...haha, but the only person who noticed and said something was a Doctor I work with; who, by the way complimented Dr. G's work :). It made me realize that we scrutinize ourselves more than anyone...we see the minor details that most people don't. All in all, I'm really happy. Oh, also, in my previous review I was getting nervous because there are random ratings on the internet and I came across a couple that said' 'don't trust this Dr. with your life' kind of doom and gloom. DON'T LISTEN....he did an outstanding job on both my nose, and my eyelids. I would trust him with another procedure if I ever chose to have one. Also, my pre op RN only had good things to say about him.


perfect nose! congrats girl
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Your results are fantastic. I'm about to book the same two surgeries with Dr G so thanks for your review, it helps me feel more confident in my decision.
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U look awesome! Perfect nose
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