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I've always wanted to get my nose done, but never...

I've always wanted to get my nose done, but never had the courage. Recently, I had a breast augmentation done, which sparked my initial insecurity of my nose.I have decided to go with Dr. G. I had a consultation with Dr. G June 19th everything went great! I brought my Ipad with pictures of noses I liked, he looked at each and every nose while providing feedback on what was best for me. Before meeting with Dr. G I had a consulation with Dr.Ghavami & Dr. Dishell. I was really impressed by Dr. Dishell because I know family members who've went with him and had wonderful results. However, after meeting Dr. G I am SOLD. In addition, to all of hisposiitve reviews and the Real Self family I can't imagine finding anyone more skilled!


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Here are close up photos of my nose with no make-up.

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New Photos!



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I'm looking at at all of the Real Self updates and Dr. G's work & I am extremely excited and nervous at the same time! I just want my procedure to be here and done with

Did It

I did it & now I'm regretting it! I'm 7 days post-op & I feel like my nose is sooo ugly with the cast on. Not only do I feel like a pig, but it looks wide & turnt up. I can't stop crying I hope I made the right decision. Please keep me in your prayers I am sooo sad :-(

Cast Removal

7 days post-op here's the little piggy lol I experienced a really ugly rash from the tape on my cheeks. And as you can see my face is HUGE :-(

Oh! And accidentally swiped my nose with my hand while getting out of the car #PAIN


How long should I keep the tape on daily? Yesterday was my first day taping & I left it on literately 24 hours

Swollen Nose

My entire face is still very swollen. My nose looks like Mr. Potatoe head nose. It looks as if it was just placed on my face! I'm praying the swelling goes down so I can join the general population again. Lol

Not a good day :-(

I feel like he shortened my nose and my face just looks so distorted I can even look at myself without being frustrated. I hope my nose falls more .
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