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I did my revision primary for cosmetic reasons but...

I did my revision primary for cosmetic reasons but I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels the last month, I used to be tired all the time, I feel like I need a whole lot less sleep and the dark circles I had under my eyes are nearly gone! They just vanished, I used to have these really dark circles that I thought were genetic and even tried rystalene in the past with slight improvement, but now they are gone!

I look much better too! My initial recovery 1st month was tough! I actually had a lot of discomfort and my face ached all the time. i did not have any pain at all with my original rhonoplasty. the doctor said it was because the bones were broken and reset to open up my airway. Tne suggestion is to be your own advocate with this practice! They won't hold your hand, reach out and ask questions!

Would you be willing to share before photos and after photos of the front? thank so much!
If your bones were opened up, was that an outfracture, then? And were your bones initially moved in too much and then moved out? Or were they naturally narrowed and then moved out? Sorry if that all sounds confusing but I'd like outfracture to my nasal bones and would like to see examples of those who have had it.
I have no idea what you are talking about:)
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Results and before and after!

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