HELP! Whats Wrong with my Breasts - Glendale, AZ

I had saline breast implants on March 31 st 2012....

I had saline breast implants on March 31 st 2012. They look terrible. I dont know whats wrong with them!! I went to the doctor he said it came out of under the muscle. But he said give it time?!?! it could get better? what do i do? what do you think? I think he did the incision too low on one and thats how this happened! all i wanted was bigger breasts ...very depressed :(


awwww, that is so sad to see. i hope you are better now. I have seen something like this. But I'm sure a year later you have found some relief, I hope. They are right about not having left the table like that. Have you tried litigation. The surgery was botched from jump and all you would need is the testimony(written) of another surgeon saying the surgeon was incompetent and Viola! He has to pay for your revision. No judge would ever let him get near you again. I can see the misplacement, misalignment, and I believe I see where he means it has dropped in your right boob. The implant is under the crease meaning by now you have bottomed out. There is also capsular construction that won't go down. Please I hope u will come back and tell us you sued this guy and won every penny.
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Do you have any updates? I am getting ready to get mine done on Aug 31,2012. I am so nervous I know there is always risk but I hope you are doing better. Have they settled? Please let us know.
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wow thats bad hope someone can fix it any update on your situ
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