"4 Children and a Grand, It's Time."

I'm a mother of 4 children 20,20,15 and 11. 2...

I'm a mother of 4 children 20,20,15 and 11. 2 c-sections 1 vaginal delivery. My biggest concerns were my stomach area and thigh/hip section. I've researched TT for about 6 years and finally sought out to meet up with a couple of surgeons that I felt comfortable with.


Congrats! Welcome to the club, lol. Got a date sked yet? This site is great for help and encouragement. Keep us posted ;-)
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Im a couple of days after you. Cant wait... we are going to look fabulous
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Good luck:)
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Change is good....

I've recently went in for another consultation to finalize my decision that would benefit me....... I'm scheduled for February 18. A day before my birthday... Happy Birthday to me!


You're on your way... keep me posted on how it goes. If you want to talk, send me a private message and we can exchange numbers. I've got your back! Best decision I've ever made!
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Thanks sooo much. I do have a lot of questions!
What a great birthday present
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Like I said before....

Like I said before... Change is good. I've just been called by Dr. Bank's surgery scheduler / office assistant that my surgery that was scheduled for February 18, has been moved up to February 12. I don't really know how to feel. I thought I would have another week to have it to set in or the original date. Guess I have this week to do it... Lol!

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When it rains, it pours.....PreOp Day

I went in to see Dr Banks this morning. I was extremely excited and ready to hear I'm moving straight ahead... WRONG, I was hit with a " We won't be able to do the Lipo!".... "What the Hell!" I was told that because of my anemia, I can't have it done until the levels come back up. I'm at a 6 and I need to be atleast 10. Geesh...... Now I have to schedule another Internal Medicine visit to try to complete my body.

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I'm soooo late...

I'm sooooo late with this post. I'm not as strong as you other woman on this page. For starters, my surgery was at 7:30am on February 12. I couldn't wake up fast enough from the sedatives. I didn't leave the hospital until 2pm. (So I was told). I'm just being able to produce these pics until I feel better. Oh and by the way, this compression garment is uncomfortable. I feel like my legs are going knumb. Will hit y'all back in a little...


LOOK AT YOU!!!!! #teambanks
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Thanks to your guidance....
Omg you are looking amaxing already. I cant believe your standing up straight!
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Post op visit.....

Ok I'm 3 days late from writing, but my post op appt was weird. My drains started to bleed out while I was in the waiting room. I notified the staff and was escorted into the room. Dr. Banks began to remove the bandages and clean my incisions. It's smelled like BLOOD, yuck! Anyway 1 of my drains were removed.. Let me tell you, IT HURTS LIKE HELL , while it's being removed! No1 told me that, so there you go. I have to return next week to have the 2nd drain removed. Can't wait....


Congrats on your journey. Happy Healing
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Thank you...
It might depend on how long they are in for. Both my drains were removed day 3. Although there was a slight sting and a weird sensation, there was no real pain. Or maybe i was just lucky. Im sure you will feel much better when the second ones gone too. Stay positive, your doing great!
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No more drains....

I'm drain free... I took a pain pill as suggested by the Doc, and came out smiling. That really made my day. I'm starting to peel more, but alm I need to do is moisturize my skin. Will show pics soon.... Thanks REALSELF PEEPS!


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All the best with your recovery and get your iron levels up!!!
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Yes, I'm really going to work on that. Thanks!


Here it is....

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More pics of side views....


You look great congrats on your results
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Thank you!
You have got to be happy with that. Fantastic!
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Can you say SEROMA....

I just knew that I could have been one of those people who didn't have to return to the doctors office for anything extra.... Nope not me. I'm in here due to the back up of BLOOD ect. Luckily I have a wonderful new found friend who have been thru it all and had adviced me right... Here is the ugly before I was drained...


Thank you... I'm still swelled, but I'm healing.
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You look great...hope the Seroma is getting better
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Yeah, I just didn't know what it was. I felt like a sausage.., lol
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Not a happy camper! The worst FOLLOW UP visit ever!

It has been an entire 3 months since my TT and I would never have imagined that I would be so UNHAPPY with the RESULTS. My stomach is NOT FLAT. I have a lot of things going on with my skin. During my visit, I informed Dr. Banks that I wasn't happy and my concerns of my skin and FULLNESS of my stomach. I was told that it is FAT. I also was told that it NORMALLY happens to people after a TT and LIPO IS NEEDED, for a FEE, she could CORRECT the problem. WTF!!! A FEE!!! I told her that I just gave YOU $8000 for the surgery ( In return she say, "That was CHEAP") My stomach is looking like FRANKENSTEIN and I would have to pay and ADDITIONAL $3,000 for YOU to FIX IT...What happened to "I will make it completely flat" like you SOLD me at your SEMINAR last spring and CONSULTATION? Or perhaps, EMPATHY for her patients whom have to LIVE with HER WORK.


I understand ur disappointment. Who wants 2 pay a 2nd time + endure pain/recovery again. But wow Ur hemo was scary low. One time I was a 5, immediately hospitalized and given 3 blood transfusion. They say anything lower than a 8 is risky to ur overall health. So U blessed overall. Have U decided what U gone do?
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Hi, Im looking into seeing another surgeon.....thats all I can say right now.
Wish you all the best!
Washington Plastic Surgeon

The consultation with her went well. We discussed what I was interested in and disliked about stomach. The staff (Yvonne and Torrey) made me feel comfortable. At that particular time I was looking for a Reputable Plastic Surgeon, And the PS I had in mind was on vacation (Dr. Salman Ashfruf) that I felt would have been the surgeon for me. I agreed to have Dr Banks to do my surgery. Was told by the doctor herself that I would be Flat. The FEE was $8300, which I paid upfront. Three months into my post op, my stomach has started protruding (bulging, fat, becoming round) I informed Dr. Banks of my concerns and was told that it was FAT, and she could correct the problem with LIPO (for a FEE). That FEE being $3000 more. And my second complaint about the incisions, which feel like tiny balls under my skin, she said (IF) I elected to have her continue with the LIPO, that it would be some type of injection she would give me to thin them out. I don't feel comfortable with telling people that 3 months ago I underwent a tummy tuck. I feel like my time and pain was all about money. I left her office feeling EXTREMELY UNHAPPY and UNSATISFIED.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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