Just Had Explant Today - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just home and suprised i have no pain. Had a wee...

Just home and suprised i have no pain. Had a wee peek and a bit droopy buy not as bad as i thought. Very happy

Day 1 and im amazed at the minimal discomfort. Not...

Day 1 and im amazed at the minimal discomfort. Not sure if i should be wearing a bra or not. Only discomfort is my stitches and even that isnt much. Boobs bit droopy but really soft. Dont miss artificial lumps at all! Would like to know when they fluff up? X

Day 2 post surgery and no pain at all. Took bra...

Day 2 post surgery and no pain at all. Took bra off as digging into stitches. Feels really weird not o have those 2 lumps of silicone on my chest. So glad I explanted. If someone explains how to put pics on I will show results.

Hi Suzie. Congrats on your explant and I hope you continue to have an easy recovery, just make sure to keep resting. My boobs started fluffing back up really quickly, within 6 weeks you would never be able to tell I had implants. I think they looked even better than before I had them. You'll notice subtle changes every day, or at least every week.

I'm so glad you've gotten this done and are happy with it! Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf!

To post photos (which needs to be done from a PC or laptop), go to your review. Then scroll down until you see the field that says "Photos are extremely helpful! Upload your before and after photo:"

Then click the button that says "Choose File" and this should allow you to pick a photo from your computer.

Send me a PM if this isn't working for you!


Day 3... Feel really tired today. Only discomfort...

Day 3... Feel really tired today. Only discomfort is one of the stitches at left side. Have managed to put bra back on( wasnt told whether to wear one or not). Still feels a bit unreal that just a few days ago i had silicone breasts. Feel im in a dream sometimes. I think because noone knows apart from my husband and son makes it strange. This site is great for support as so reassuring to read other stories. Xx
hi suzie,

how is your healing getting on? bet u feel so much better than before as days pass by.

keep posting.
How have the "girls" been doing since your explant?
Hi Suzie,

Well done for explant decision. I agree to the way we heal n change daily.

I have updated wat I do to perk them up on my profile. I started pampering them on day 10 n have posted pics of day 10 n doing it for 5 days have then posted pic of day 15.
I have noticed a difference, don't know if others do.

Keep updating n healing.

Day 8! And feel my energy is returning at last....

Day 8! And feel my energy is returning at last. Feel I can do most things now and forget I still have stitches in. Get them out on Wednesday which will be day 13. I'm going back to work on Monday so dreading that a bit but I will just be sensible. I want to start jogging so would help if anyone has done and how long they waited post explant. Can't wait to get the plasters of as drying them with a hairdryer every day!, husband thinks boobs def look better post explant! I am so glad I did this, just want all the reminders of having them gone(stitches and plasters). I now wonder why anyone would get implants even though I flaming did! I'm a sensible person so must have had moment of madness. I know there will be ladies out there at that really scary stage wondering if they should get them removed YOU SHOULD without any doubt. Xxxxx

Hi guys, well now on day 11 and went back to work...

Hi guys, well now on day 11 and went back to work today. Extremely busy at work and totally forgot about my boobs for the first time in 11 days! My dressings were starting to nip at the edges and red, think i started to take a reaction to the dressing so. Have just removed them. Scar seems to be further around than the last time (anyone else find this) last time nice and neat underneath but probably will hardly see it once all healed. My boobs are small but I so love them to bits, my asthma that was playing up he past few years is barely there! Getting stitches out on Wednesday so looking forward to ticking yet another hurdle of the list. I am really happy but get so sad to think I paid good money to get those horrible things In, what possessed me to do that! Every sets of pics that have been posted all look better than the implants! Well at least we all saw sense eventually and a lesson learnt. Ok another day at work ahead tomorrow and will update when I get stitches out. I hope you ladies are recovering well and for those who are awaiting there explant day or contemplating getting a date I wish you an easy day and be reassured that you will be happy after. The stories on here are real life, the pics are real life and they are all reassuring. Xxxx

Just had sutures out an hour ago. Left scar is...

Just had sutures out an hour ago. Left scar is nearly invisible but right one is thick and bulky! I hope this will go down :-( cant believe they both look so different!! Does anyone know if this lump will go down?
Golden i cant express in words how great i feel. Got ps apointment apr 19th so thats my milestone as once thats over i dont have to atteny app to remind me how stupid i was and get on with life with my new wee boobies! How are u today golden? Xx

19 days post op and went out jogging tonight for...

19 days post op and went out jogging tonight for the first time and feel grrreeeaat. Hope you are all well. Xxxxx
Suzie you are sounding great and so positive. Well done. Keep up the positive attitude. My one scar is also quite bulky but when it's not so sensitive I will put some oil on and massage it every day which I am sure will help. You take care and congrats on taking the step to implant freedom.
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Surgeon tried to persuade me to have them replaced at my consult which upset me as i thought omg im going to look a mess. Glad i went with my instincs and not persuaded as really happy. Weird being small again but its all natural. Best decision i have made.

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