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Hello all, I thought I'd write about my...

Hello all,

I thought I'd write about my experience with Permalip because I want to help others who have considered the procedure, who may not know what it involves.

First of all I'd just like to say that if this is something that you want to get done - then please don't be put off by what others will think/say. It's your life, and you only get one face! You may as well make it the best it can be! And if thin lips are holding you back, then Permalip is the way to go. Anyone who has anything negative to say doesn't know what it is like to be you.

The reason I say all this ^ is because my boyfriend begged me not to get this done. My sister and a few friends thought I was stupid, and my parents went mad and didn't understand at all. I have wanted fuller lips for YEARS, but the drama it caused made me think of not going through with it at all. But it's been almost a week and I'm so glad I did!

At 22, my asymmetrical thin lips had bothered me since the age of 16 when I thought the gap between my nose and mouth was too large and I would push my lip up in the mirror to fill the gap. I just told myself to get over it, but I never really did. Whenever I laughed or smiled with teeth my upper lip vanished completely. I hated pictures where I was smiling.

The final straw came at my graduation last July, where I got a professional photo done. I looked like a snake, with an evil thin-lipped grin all in high definition. I didn't look like the girly person I felt inside and it really upset me :( That was when I decided to try fillers.

I got fillers in December, which had faded by February, so I got them again in February. I loved them but my lips deflated so fast, it was depressing. And at £200 a pop it wasn't worth it.

In March I found this website and did some intense, obsessive research into Permalip. I LOVED how natural the implants looked, and how much of a difference they made to a persons face! I knew I had to have this done so I could stop poking at my lip in the mirror, trying to do tricks with make-up to pretend I had full lips. I wanted to feel cute and feminine without make-up. (I do now!)

I looked into various surgeons and clinics, and finally went with Mr. Taimur Shoaib of La Belle Forme clinic in Glasgow. It was at least a 3 hour train ride away from my home in Manchester, but his reviews were all good and the price was only £1,595 for both lips, which was extremely good value for someone with so much experience. I decided I was going to do this.

I saved up enough to afford the Permalip procedure, and went up to Glasgow for my consultation. When I got outside the clinic I was suddenly very nervous and felt vain and stupid, but the ladies at reception were warm and welcoming.
Mr. Shoaib was understanding and helpful, and let me look at the implants which are like clear gummy worms which taper off at either end. They were very flexible and stretchy, which meant the implants would be able to move with my lips in different expressions once I was fully healed.
He recommended the 5mm (biggest) straight away as he said one of the main problems with 3mm and 4mm implants is that people complain there isn't enough difference afterwards. Of course I was delighted with 5mm. He measured my lip width which was 55mm and ordered the implants for me.

On the 26th June I went back up to Glasgow for my Permalip procedure. I was led into a room for the surgery with a bed in the middle. I was a little bit alarmed as Mr. Shoaib and his assistant were in scrubs and there were metal instruments everywhere. I don't know what else I expected, I guess it only just hit me what I was doing.

They were so friendly and warm, I felt really comfortable. Mr. Shoaib talked me through everything he was doing and made sure I was okay, which was reassuring! His assistant was very supportive and told me I was doing well and things. She was really sweet.

Firstly I got my face sterilised and had the local anaesthetic. I have a very high threshold for pain but there was something about being injected through my upper gums into my cheekbones that made my eyes bulge and tears stream down my face. I thought "oh my god what am I doing?!" I had 2 of those horrible shots and then through my lower gums into my chin, 1 on both upper and lower gum webbing, in that space between nose and mouth, and multiple into my lips (I lost count at that point). I am not going to beat around the bush here - it was the worst pain imaginable!

Then again I'm sure it would have been a lot more painful to have had the implants inserted without it! Lol. It didn't take long, and my whole face felt very numb. Mr. Shoaib pulled at my lips and I felt nothing. The procedure began and I heard him snip the corners of my mouth. It sounded like when you cut bacon. Gross. I just closed my eyes at this point.

There was a lot of tugging and pulling going on, no pain. He did the stitches and everything and we were done in about 15 minutes? It was crazy. He just knew exactly what he was doing, it was great.

After the procedure I was NOT ready for my reflection. I was shown a mirror and nearly collapsed. I felt a bit mean for sounding disappointed but I never expected to look so terrible! I made sure to take lots of horrible pictures so others know what they're getting themselves into. I guess some people don't swell up as bad as I did? Oh well, be warned that THIS COULD BE YOU!

Seriously I looked like a monster. I didn't look human. I ran straight to the toilets and tried to make it look better with make-up because I still had 4 hours of trains to catch. My lips were red and angry and sore, and had swollen up so huge, all the way up to my nose! They stuck out further than my nose like a beak, except it was a beak made out of balloons. I wondered if it would ever go down, that I had made a mistake.

The worst part was the journey home. I have purple hair so I was already attracting attention... but with my swollen duck face it just brought on so much more staring and muttering. On crammed sweaty trains too. It was horrible. Couldn't believe how rude people were being, a man did a double take and then held his gaze for at least 10 seconds! I would recommend taking a scarf or having someone drive you there so you don't have to go through what I did.

As the anaesthetic wore off that night, the pain set in at full force. For about 2 days I was on ibuprofen, which worked amazingly! I had paracetamol but it didn't work as well. Couldn't do the tiniest smile without it hurting, definitely couldn't laugh.
Couldn't eat/drink without extreme difficulty for the first 2 days, as you can see from my pics I was extremely raw and could barely move my mouth.

I wanted to make sure I got all the right nutrients for good healing, and made compromises because it was so hard to eat/drink on day 1 and 2.

I ate weetabix with milk for fiber and dairy, had protein shakes, fruit smoothies and chicken slices.

By day 4 things were a LOT easier and I even ate chips, ice cream and pringles! I could even smile and laugh freely (although it looks a bit stiff, even now - but hey, progress!)

It is now day 5/6 and I can eat/drink/talk/laugh like a champ, healing beautifully! I think I'm still a bit swollen because I don't look *quite* right and smiling feels a bit stiff.

I feel so pretty and happy, I'd definitely recommend this!

What a terrific review! You look very pretty. Thank you so much for sharing your insights into Permalip. You are going to help so many others.

What does your boyfriend and family think of your new look?

What a beautiful girl you are!!! Thank you for the wonderful share and I hope you continue to heal nicely ! Be well!
Thank you so much! I hope I help someone out there, I really do. So much was gained from this forum that I felt I had to give back! My family and boyfriend are away on holiday and haven't seen it, but I'm sure once they see how natural it looks they'll be fine with it :)

Swelling down, more natural look!

It's day 7 and over the past 2 days I have noticed my lips deflating and felt a bit worried (such a contrast to last week!) but then I realised that it was a good thing because I've noticed they're doing less of the sticking-out-at-the-side-too-much unnatural duck thing.

Here is a picture of me and my lips looking totally natural! So glad I can laugh and smile and everything normally now. Happy!
Ahh thank you:) yes it is scary! I wanted the microdroplet silicone but they don't do it in this country! It less invasive then the cutting lol! Still thinking about it and have found a place in Glasgow. I'm just sick of going through pain. Had teeth whitene today and in in agony! Never again lol x
Ahhh but "beauty is pain"! I always think that short term pain is worth it for a long term confidence boost :) x ps. my lips now feel completely normal and it's awesome!!!
Thank you for posting this!!! I had my lips done 3 days ago (my dr. recommended 5mm). Right after surgery, when I saw myself, I thought "ok, not so bad". Day 2, like you, I saw myself in the mirror and thought "oh, my god, what did I do?". They were huge and so unnatural looking so I started freaking out. It's only been 3 days and my lips are still humongous, but it was a relief to see your post and pictures. It gives me hope that in the next few days I won't look so much like a plastic surgery victim.

Boyfriend & family return home and give their opinions!

It's day 16 post op and everything is going great.

I can eat, drink, suck a straw, laugh, pull faces, everything! Except whistle, but that's the price you pay for full lips!
The implants are feeling softer, my lips are feeling more sensitive, and they're looking more natural, too. And by natural I don't mean my lips are deflating to their old thin size, I mean they are looking less balloon/tube-like and becoming more shapely, like lips. Less plastic looking and tight, but still full. I have uploaded a picture so you can see for yourself :)

My boyfriend returned home from holiday yesterday so I finally got to test out my lips with a new activity: kissing.
I can't purse my lips as tightly as I used to, you know when you pout your lips for kissing and they come together tightly in the middle? Well if I try to do that I can fit the tip of my little finger in there! I'm sure the implants will become more flexible with time.

So because of that our first kiss felt a little different. Also, I think because I've been so careful/gentle with my lips, they twinged with pain a little bit when he applied more pressure. I guess because I haven't been rough with them yet? My lips felt fine after the initial pang of pain, and we kissed a lot. I can confirm kissing at day 16 is all good.

I was a little worried if he thought I was kissing badly (lip sensitivity was at about 70% of normal I'd say, maybe because the nerve endings need to come back or something) because what I could feel felt nice, but I didn't know what it felt like for him.

I asked him if it felt weird. He said no it felt really nice, and he couldn't feel the implants. (yay!) He asked if he could feel them, so I got his finger and thumb and he felt my bottom lip and jokingly went, "eww!"
The boyfriend was initially against me getting the surgery (which I'm glad about, because any man who agrees and says "yeah you could do with some surgery!" isn't a keeper) but because he was so happy to see me after 2 weeks I don't think he cared!
I spent two days with him, and he said on the first day the change was noticeable, but by day two he'd gotten used to it already. So my lips must look natural then!

I think he thought I'd come back looking like a gross barbie doll with giant fish lips* (because, let's be honest that's what first comes to mind when you hear 'plastic surgery' or the word 'implants'!)
*Day 2 anyone?

I smiled a whole lot and I felt very pretty and confident and we had an amazing time together :)

As expected, my parents hate the whole thing and my dad won't stop going on about it. They think me having surgery is some big tragedy. They keep saying things like "We should have told you you were beautiful more..." but I told them all parents think their children are beautiful so it wouldn't have made any difference, lol.
Even if Jonny Depp himself flew over to my house in his private jet to call me beautiful, it would have felt good but it wouldn't have stopped me wishing my top lip was bigger every time I looked in the mirror... you know? It's a personal choice and people should respect that and keep their negative opinions to themselves.

It's like my dad wants me to feel bad and regret it, but I love my new look so it's causing a few arguments when I stick up for myself. I just feel like screaming in his face, especially when I came back from my boyfriend's and I was so high on life. Instead of asking if I had a good time my dad muttered disdainfully, "what did HE think?" wtf? What is your problem? My money, my choice, my life, not yours.

It annoyed me that my dad said some woman at his work who is 50 and has fillers/botox thought it was "horrendous" that I had surgery "so young". This really got on my nerves. Who's to say an older person has more right to looking good and feeling good about their appearance by surgery? Just because I am 22 doesn't mean I don't have the mental capacity to make my own well thought out decisions.

I have not liked this part of myself for 6 years, and tried to change it for 1 year, and thought about implants deeply for 3 months, but hey, I guess because you're 50 and wrinklier than me you deserve surgery more? Pfft, rubbish!

So that's a side note! Always be aware that people you tell WILL talk about you and judge you for it, so you might have to suck it up for a bit until everyone gets used to it.
People might react in ways you didn't expect, and they might not always be good. I didn't realise my dad would be so condescending/rude about me making this decision, while I didn't think my sister would be so kind and supportive, and I didn't think my boyfriend would react so wonderfully.
Steph91, Thank you so much for your wonderful, and very thorough, review! I'm quite a bit your senior (nearly 60), but have done my best over the years to care for my skin and to stay in shape. Last week, I had a FL. I feel for you as far as your dad's reaction goes, and I'm extremely proud of you for pushing back and standing up for your right to do what you want with your own face. My own father spent countless hours belittling my looks, to the point that I felt quite ugly and allowed myself to be pushed into an early marriage thinking I was lucky to get anyone. Big mistake. The man was an alcoholic who continued the same sort of comments I'd always gotten from my dad. On some level, I guess I just thought that I deserved it. Luckily, though, I wised up and moved on, eventually finding a wonderful man who treats me like a queen. He's always told me he thinks I'm gorgeous and, like your man, was somewhat skeptical about my plan to have a FL. But he understood and in the end he stood by me and has been helping me in my recovery. I wish you all the very best and can only say that I wish I'd had your guts when I was your age. You are a beauty.
Thank you so much for sharing your story, I'm glad you moved on and are finally being treated the way you deserve. No man should ever belittle a woman with her appearance, it's just cruel when we are told by the media everyday about how important it is! If you want to change something about yourself then you go right ahead. Congrats for having the courage to go ahead with FL. Thank you so much, I'm so glad I did it :)
Thank you so much! I am on day 3 of the 5mm implants and I was getting really scared until I saw your posts! My day to day swelling matches yours so far and seeing this makes me feel so much better! :)) I'm glad you're happy with your look fabulous!

6 months on - not entirely happy! Please read on.

After all the swelling subsided, I have to admit I was left feeling a little... deflated? (lol)

The list of reasons I hated my top lip before was endless. It was too thin, too pointy, it was downwards-facing (inverted), it was too far away from my nose for my liking, and when I smiled with teeth, my top lip seemed to disappear into my mouth.

I thought permalip would solve all those problems. But why would putting a tube of silicon in my lip suddenly move my lip upwards, magically give it and upward/outward curl? It was just going to thicken up what I've already got - I don't know why I hoped it would change the shape too. Perhaps I was a little naive.

If you are considering getting permalip implants - remember this. It is a silicon tube that is going into your lip. It's not going to magically change the shape of your lips! When I smile now, my upper lip still hides. Not as much as before, there is a little more lip show, but not enough. It does this because my lip points downwards and there isn't much 'red' of my lip showing naturally.

The gap between my nose and my mouth has been slightly rectified due to the thicker lip, but I do look a bit ducky from the side. I feel the implant has almost brought more attention to the pointyness of my lip, but has reduced the thinness. I think I prefer looking slightly duck-like to how I did before, but really I would love that gentle sloping curve from nose to mouth. I'd like my lip higher up, and rounder.

I have now booked myself in for an upper lip lift in Belgium to solve the inverted lip problem, so I'll write a review once I've gone through with it. Thanks for reading!


Another thing...

The picture of me in the last post, I have to admit I had a bit of filler in my top lip about 2 months ago which is why it looks fuller than my first picture. I can't believe I resorted to filler after having a procedure done that was supposed to end all that :(

Hopefully my upper lip lift will be the end to this pointy, inverted, too-far-away-from-my-nose duck lip.

Wish me luck!
Hey thank you so much for your detailed review and a follow up, I was considering lip lift for some time yet I hear opinions that I should just get silicone implants- I guess both will meet my needs. Anyways, your lips look amazing already! It looks very natural! You really should not listen to your dad, you are an adult. Also as I have been researching lifts for literally a year you may want to consider surgery abroad- the prices are so low at ~600-900. I think another user had it done in Poland. Please document the lip lift as well if you get this too X
Hi Steph, thanks for sharing your experience on here and especially for showing day by day pictures. I'm really frustrated now because I had a 5mm implant in my top lip on Wednesday and the swelling has been out of control. I think it peaked yesterday, about 48 hours after surgery. In your pictures it looks like you had a sudden drastic reduction on day 5. I can only hope mine resolves as quickly. Was that on day 5, with surgery as day 1, or 5 days after surgery? Just trying to get an idea of when I can expect my swelling to go down. Thank you!
I had 5mm in my top lip and 4mm bottom last Friday. My swelling was also crazy!! It didn't start to go down until about 5 days after surgery and then very very slowly, I'm on day 8 now and most of it has gone but there's still a lot of stiffness. I panicked a bit and called my surgeon (Dr Ng, he was brilliant) and they said that it can take 2-3 weeks for the swelling and stiffness to go down, and then a couple of months to get total mobility back so it'll be a while until we can whistle!! Everybody is different and I freaked myself by looking at lots of stories on here where they heal in a couple of days and started to think I'd made a huge mistake, but now they've started to go down they look better everyday and although when I talk and laugh I look a little stiff, I can leave the house without getting funny looks!! I hope this helps and good luck with your healing!!!
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