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Hi all,I had a traditional lower bleph with pinch...

Hi all,I had a traditional lower bleph with pinch and it has been almost 4 weeks.I am very concerned that my results, so far are disapointing.Feel that my bags are still there
especially the right one, tear troughs still there most of all and my cheeks look raised at
the eye socket area.Seen my PS last week told him my concerns and he didnt think that bags were there just swelling and that my cheeks were swollen.Has anyone else had this kind of problem and am i worrying over nothing.A Few docs on here have said that its to early and that there is underlying swelling that can look like bags, but i look like i have healed and this is my final results.

Dr Dunnaway

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james how are your eyes now? im from Glasgow & considering this procedure. where did you get it done? would you recommend this Dr Dunnaway?? also how much did it cost you in British Pounds cause you state $1500 in Dollars. may i ask why you got it done in Glasgow if your american please? hope your eyes are better now buddy.
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I had my lower bleph done and the tear trough was so pronounced that I looked even older than my earlier eye bags !! Went back to the surgeon intending to have fillers for nasolabial lines around my mouth but the surgeon addressed my cheeks which were saggier and according to him, more effective to address for an overall younger improvement In a way, yes, my fuller cheeks does improve my appearance a little, however, it made my hollowness around my eye socket so much more pronounced !!! 2-3 weeks after the filler injection, I am resigned to the marginally 30 percent overall improvement to my face, but have to live with the pronounced tear trough, hollow aging look that the tear trough made. I was told that it is my transcon surgery which removed all the fats that created that hollow. The advice was not to go for stitches to uplift this saggy skin lest in time to come, the eye bag skin will become a triangle bag hanging down as one gets older. Sigh !! If advice is more timely, I would NOT have gone through these for the marginally 20-30 percent improvement which will fade in time too.
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I wasnt happy with my results till 1 year later, I felt like I just didnt look right or normal, I had some scaring too
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Hi James, I have had top and bottom done and believe me, it takes a year or more to see your final result. I am now 14 months post op and I still have a tingling feeling in my lids which my surgeon says are the nerves healing. The puffiness/swelling comes and goes as well..... Be patient, all will be fine in the end.
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I had upper and lower bleph. It's been about a year and it's still not "done". My surgeon never promised the bags would be GONE< but that is my result, they were gone, pretty soon...say 6 weeks after surgery...but the vision was also GONE for 6-8 weeks and I couldn't drive, read or GO my eyes were SO dry I had to put the super oily drops and ointments in them all day long, couldn't close my eyelids and the PAIN was and IS still there. The eye lids are still so tight I have to oil them a couple time of day or they are crunchy. DON'T keep on getting more done, or u may have horrible and real side effects.....LET THEM HEAL and I think you look NOT do any more surgery and try and focus on things YOU can do to look better like diet, exercise, working out...

I am GLAD you have nothing horribly wrong, and can see, and have had a good recovery...mine are still so tight..I can barely keep a contact in one eye (* it gets moved by the tight lid to behind the eyeball--never happened before..wore them since I was 16 years old... YOU look great and let enough time go by, for real healing...and then, PLEASE don't try to find someone who promises you they can erase them...I had HORRIBLE dark circles since I was BORN..and bags and puffiness for last decade. I have one eyelid that shows about 3x more lid than the other side...but it still doesn't look "that" bad and people who have never had surgery have similar now that I examine each and every person I come into contact with. Smile a LOT and charm everyone with your great personality and other look wonderful!
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I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like you have an inexperienced surgeon. I went to an opthamologist who has 30+ years experience and his work is amazing. Tightness is common, but it sounds like they took too much skin away. Are you able to do some of the massages to help with the tightness? This is really helping me. My surgeon warned that it may feel tight so he prepared me quite well and gave me exercises and massage to do twice daily. Are you able to see an opthomologist who may be able to help you? It sounds like you're in a lot of pain.
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I hope all works out to your satisfaction. Keep us posted, and thanks for sharing.
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I had the same feelings, after a month still felt had bags under my eyes, but give your self another month or even two and it will get better. I had the lower bleph and it can take up to four months for total improvement.
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Thanks for your comments guys,feel quite encouraged after them,The fact i am getting a lot of sensation in the problem area is giving me hope that they will die down.Got app with PS this friday, will keep posting
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I had a different lower bleph, it was through the inside of my lid so there was no outer incision.  I was swollen but it looked smoothly swollen, I couldn't see bags really.  I didn't have bad bags before, but noticeable.  So at 4 weeks i would say mine looked pretty healed even if they were still 'settling".  Do you have a before pic? I would expect a little bit more of a smoother appearance but if your doctor is confident that is it swellling, perhaps you can try to be patient although I know how hard it is to hear that.  I will say that my eyes definitely changed over a few months but I am mostly basing that on my uppers as they were a more dramatic change. 
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Hi scottsdale, ye i was hoping to be smooth at this time,i asked my PS if it was still
bags he said it was swelling, dont think it is even though i can still feel alot of tightness
and tingling in that area.Feels like its still healing but just disconcerting that its shaped like bags.Not sure how to show my older pics, if you check under 3 weeks still got bags, i have put before pics on that.Got another app with PS this fri.Will have plenty to ask.
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Yeah, I know about the tingling sensation as your nerves adjust.  My uppers felt like there were bugs crawling under my incisions sometimes!  Creepy, I know lol.  It did take about 4 months for my uppers to look normal to me but my lowers were better very shortly after...I would say about 9-10 days.  Hope you are getting some resolution to your concerns...
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I had an upper bleph so I'm no expert on a lower one, but my surgeon told me swelling can take up to 3 months to finally subside. If it's only been a month I'd give it more time.
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