Hi had upper blepharoplasty done last week due to...

Hi had upper blepharoplasty done last week due to droppy skin on eyes and I know it's very early but just think there is a lot of difference in my eyes.
The cuts are at different heights to I know I am still swollen but will they ever look the same. I got my stitches out yesterday I have been taken arnica tablets and applying arnica gel

5 weeks on

Hi I am now 5 weeks and 2 days on still a bit swollen and uneven but still in early days I will upload new pics of before and the now stage. X
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I choose taimur shoaib after searching long and hard for a surgeon with a good reputation ;-)

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In answer to your question....I really don't think the eyes will be the same b/c of the different incision placement. The inner 1/3 of your left eye will have a larger lid margin than the right. Almost everyone has asymmetries in facial features but it would be interesting to ask why your PS deliberately created this difference. You'd think that if you were to undergo surgery, recovery and cost the goal would be symmetry at the very least. Did you ask him to make them different?
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Hi no didn't ask him to make the difference were he cut was were my eye creases were. my right eye was my worst eye. I have my check up next week so will be checking with him in regards to this but every day they are getting less and less of a difference between the two eyes
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They will get less different from the initial days post surgery, but I don't think the margin in the inner left corner will be like the rest of the left eye nor like the right. It could have been if you PS had made the correction. Hold him accountable unless you like the look.
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Hi Charlie, looking good! I'm considering Mr Shoaib for the same procedure. 5 weeks on would you still recommend Mr Shoaib? BTW, if you don't mind saying how much was your consult to see Mr Shoaib?
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Hi yes when i was in my first week I was worried with the difference in my eyes but that seems to be getting better every day I have my 6 week check up next week. I was £100 for my consultation and £1500 for op he is a nice surgeon and I would recommend him and the procedure went very smooth a lot better Than I thought it would be. I have took pictures every day since op. You can pm me if you want if you have any other questions or want to see pics. Hope this helps you x
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Ive been speaking to someone this happened to and they were depressed by the outcome and now they are overjoyed at the diference 4 wks made like yourself one eye was dif but she kept a cold eyemask on for an hour then had a 15 min break then cold mask for an hour again never watched tv only listened to kindle , hope this makes u feel better x
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Hi thanks for all the answers and support yes hoping it is just with being swollen but will try cold eye masks I will keep you all update with pics etc thanks x
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Very good advice, thank you for sharing.
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I had droopy skin too so dr advised brow lift. All I wanted was upper bleph because I had no wrinkles to address. Now I'm left with one eye smaller & lids look different. This was 2 weeks ago. I'm so depressed &'avoiding everyone just praying it looks better soon but I can tell it won't. I can't get bleph for 3 months dr said & even then they may be different. I'm out $5900 & I looked better b4. Yours look good just hold on & hope it turns out beautiful. I feel your concern as I am sort of n the same boat with wanting them the same in each eye.
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Too soon!!! I had it done in April they changed everyday for 6 weeks. Your result will be very different then what you are seeing now. Good luck
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Thanks nlmyecats x
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Im going thru the same they say it could 2 to 3 months for the final result my incisions were cut different also but after awhile scars heal and u cant tell good luck
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I didn't know this kind of thing would happen to me. I saw so many good pics at dr office. Do u have pics? I hope yours ends up looking beautiful. I am very self conscious about mine. One eye smaller than other & folds different. I am really depressed over this myself.
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Hope it just needs to heal. Keep us posted with pics . Hoping it turns out just like u want it to. :-)
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