Going back to work after 6 days was a mistake!

I've read so much helpful info on here prior to my...

I've read so much helpful info on here prior to my surgery so thought I'd also share my experience.

Im 30 I've always been around a 32/34 A/B 5.5ft, around 128llbs and wanted implants for as long as I can remember, however never had the spare cash or confidence to go for it. I went for my first consultation in april after doing lots of research however after realising the time I would need off I decided to wait until December. At that point I decided on 360cc silicone implants, which I was told would take me to a 34D

I needed to go for a second consultation since it had been so long, I had been doing so much worrying about the size and panicking they would be too big I decided to try smaller ones, so glad I did! I decided the 330 were far less drastic, my job involves a lot of sport and I can't think of anything worse than having a huge chest bouncing around and I didn't want it to be really obvious when I returned to work. My surgeon still advised me to buy a 34DD bra for afterwards! He still thinks I will be about a 34D when they settle.

I went in for my op on 7 December and had a huge mix of nerves and excitement! I couldn't believe I was actually doing it! I was a bit scared about having a general anaesthetic as I'd never had one, but it was over before I knew it!

When I woke up I had really bad pain down the middle of my chest but after some meds and sleep it eased off. I went home the next day and was only given anti inflam tabs antibiotic and paracetamol. I thought I'd struggle to sleep especially on my back but 3 nights on I've been fine.

I'm still pretty swollen but can already feel them easing up at the top, still no chance of getting a razor into they under arms though! And I've not even attempted a blow dry, I feel it sore even after simple tasks so trying to really take it easy this week

I've to wear my Bra for 3 weeks and go back next week for my week check.
I'm already really happy with them, I do have quite a gap down the middle but my surgeon said as the muscles relax and they drop they will come together more, hope so, I want a good cleavage!

I'm always on the go so resting has been a bit of a nightmare I just want to get stuff done! Hoping by the weekend I can start doing a bit more, I already just want to shop for some nice new underwear but I know it's too early!
Been reading a few concerns about having them prior to children but to be honest I don't plan on them for at few years yet and want to enjoy my body as much as I can, I know if I wait there will be plenty more things that will take priority and then I'll prob not want to spend the money on them. They will eventually need revised so I've accepted after babies they might need revision, but might be lucky. Another reason I decided on the 330cc as if they get even bigger when I'm pregnant I don't want them looking ridiculous!
I'll hopefully get some pics uploaded soon.

Only bizarre thing when I lift my arm up and down sounds so weird squelching noise, my surgeon said its just trapped air and will go away, I hope so! Anyone have this?? I really want to go out a short gentle walk get rid of cabin fever! Anyone else do this in the first week? I can't handle any more sitting around!!


I am having the same fears about getting implants that are too big and interfere with my active lifestyle. I also am not mad keen on the look of big boobs on me. I just want something as I deflated from breastfeeding. It was also nice to not live in padded everything during that time. I am the same height and weight as you and wear a 34 A bra. Where are your implants positioned? (EG under the muscle, over the muscle?) What profile did you choose? Will you be posting pics?
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Day 5 what a difference! Most definitely on the...

Day 5 what a difference! Most definitely on the road to recovery! :)
Today I managed to dry and straighten my hair with no pain, still hurts to do certain movements and still a bit bruised and swollen on my sides.
Today is my last day of meds, I've been taking Paracetamol today but not sure I really need it. My surgeon said arnica tablets are probably a waste of time, I've started them today just in case they help with bruising.
I'm still off work, and not driving. Friday will be the week marker, my checkup is Monday can't wait to see how he thinks I'm doing, also looking forward to starting some light cv, not sure if he will make me wait another week yet though.


I have heard of other ladies saying the same thing about the air pockets...and I believe they were advised similarly.

I'm glad you're feeling better and better. Thank you for sharing your story and please continue to keep us updated.

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Congrats on your recent additions. I too worry about size. My surgery is next Thursday. I'm getting 350CC saline. I've talked to my surgeon numerous times about not beig to big and just a C so I have left it in hands. I can't stress over it. You are right though it is a large decision. I think I have drove my hubby nuts with this. Nice to have this site and turn to other women who are going through the same thing as we are!
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Hey kitten 44 I think it seems the norm on here about having size issues, my husband was sick of listening to me! But it's such a big thing you want to get it right. Have you a date for surgery or been for any consultations? I think once you decide on a surgeon you need to trust there judgement as long as you give them enough info about the look you want, my second consultation I emailed my surgeon pictures of looks I liked and others I was really concerned why when they had the implants I wanted they looked so different! It really does depend on your frame and what your breasts are like before -you see it on here, people end up with such different results with the same implants. I didn't have much choice he went under the muscle as I'm quite lean on my upper body so I didn't want the roundness to show, the moderate profile also helped to avoid this. Although I think there big enough I'm still starting to wonder if the slightly bigger cc would have pushed them together more in the middle! Time will tell, once I get a proper bra on and they soften sure they will do this anyway! Yes will get some pics up soon :)

Well after feeling so great on day 5, i decided To...

Well after feeling so great on day 5, i decided To work yesterday! It was 6 days post op, I had to drive too which was also a mistake.
I think over all the full day was just too much movement, even gear changes and reaching for the seatbelt was an effort, so I paid for it and had to ice all afternoon! Today I rested and was actually fine when I woke up.
The squelching noises have gone, but I do sometimes get sharp pain, it's usually if I try sleeping on my side, it's still too uncomfortable so still on my back.
Swelling on my sides is definelty going down, and there starting to feel less numb!
Having to work and drive tomorrow so hoping I'll be ok after!
Have my week check next Monday 17th and wounds checked, hopefully they will give me the all clear to start some light cv as having major withdrawals from exercise!


Hey Trixie! I had some sharp pains too that I worried about. But I'm post op day 10 and it has subsided. Congrats on your BA! Good luck getting back to work and working out! I feel ya! I went for a walk the last few days. But looking forward to a good run!
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Hey sunny 81, exciting and nerve racking week ahead! Once it's over you will wonder why you got so worked up and also why you didn't do it before now I certainly did! Try not to think about the surgery too much, and just believe in your surgeon, it's bizarre how many ladies have similar builds etc but it obvi depends on what breast tissue u have available to fill and what you have already how they will end up. I've read a few girls say you wish they were bigger as you get used to seeing them swollen so bigger, but to be honest I think they will always be a big improvement to what I had so I'm hopefully going to be happy regardless, symmetry etc is fine which was also a worry as he told me my nipples might not sit the same height as I had different size breasts, but so far they are which I'm most pleased about! Will get some pics up soon, I did try on my phone but they didnt turn out well! I totally agree nice to learn its all normal feelings and were not alone!! Good luck for next week! Look forward to hearing how you get on!
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