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32 Years Old Great Clear Skin Ruined by Ipl - Glasgow, GB

I had IPL done in Glasgow just over 18 months ago...

I had IPL done in Glasgow just over 18 months ago and the results have been devastating. I have suffered with dark circles after having my first child 8 years ago but apart from that I've never worn make up in my life and always got complimented on my skin. Having been successfully treated by Dr Lucy Glancey (restylane tear trough procedure) in the past, I decided to look for a more permanent treatment closer to home. Being from Glasgow, travelling to London every 9 months just wasn't practical for me. I found a clinic in Glasgow which looked very professional, for consultation and described what I was looking for. She said IPL could be done on the very lower part of my dark circles as any higher was where the googles sat and wouldn't be safe to treat. Skin test was done at consultation, I assume skin type etc would also have been noted as well as further information. My next appointment was booked for 3 weeks time after I had come back from a weeks holiday in South England. A new 'therapist' greeted me and told me the previous person I had spoken to was on holiday but she had given her my notes. She didn't ask me too much but before the treatment I had told her I had been on holiday and she could clearly see I was peeling on my nose and shoulders (it had been glorious sunny weather for the whole week). No googles were given and although I was told it would be uncomfortable, it was really painful as she started on my right side. On moving to the left side she said there was a small blemish on my cheek she would treat for no extra fee. oh, I must add, noone knew I was getting this done and I was very repetitive with the question, "I won't blister, will I?". Both therapists gave the same answer (theres no way I would have done it otherwise), "it will be a slight sun blush that will disappear by tomorrow morning". After treatment, my face felt like it was on fire, I wasn't given a mirror and as I left I felt that my fcace had been burnt. I got to my car 10 minutes later and the blisters were already visible. My face was a complete mess. I was horrified. Later that afternoon the blisters burst and looked infected. Over the course of the next few weeks my face scabbed over and looked totally unsightly. Everyone was asking me what had happened and I felt totally ashamed for letting someone do this to my face. It is now 18 months later and my once lovely skin is totally wrecked, I have small broken capillaries all over my cheeks and scars from where the scabs were. The texture of my skin is horrible, open pores and this horrible orange peel texture. I notice new damage all the time. I have been put on Retinol products to try to improve my skin but I must admit, I am absolutely terrified of doing further damage to my skin. Has anyone else gone through this and improved the appearance of their skin? I can't and don't want to wear make up as it makes me spotty and I hate the feeling on my skin. If you have relatively good skin with only a few very minor blemishes, I would advise you to stay away from lasers, I think the damage is irreversible and I feel progressive. I am tempted to try dermaroller but not sure whether this would make redness worse due to tiny capillaries.
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unfortunately i suffered the same fate. Ipl treatments for my rosacea left me with an orange peel skin look all over my cheeks. i have read that this could be due to collagen loss.
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I got a really bad staff infection on my nose and used vodka to clean it which caused it to become a burn and Dr gave me acontainer with flamazon which is used to treat burn victims and with in two days it had formed a scab fell off and healed all the gaping holes so my skin was like new
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this is so sad!
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:( So sorry to hear about your experience. I have burnt my face too...and am aggressively researching solutions. I have heard recell spray on skin is a revolutionary treatment that is specifically for burns...and it restores pigments and evens out the skin. Not available in the states, it is available in England..and I'm considering flying out for it. I think you should look into it...there is hope yet for people like us :(
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I had never heard of this procedure but looked it up and it seems like a great treatment if performed by the correct Doctor. It does worry me about the downtime though and cost is quite variable, i think this would be a last option for me....i have just had sculptra so hope this improves the quality of my skin, I had it years ago with a good result, however, I wanted it for volume then opposed to skin rejuvenation.
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if you value the volume in your face, stay away from IPL. Many of us lost volume in our face as a result of this procedure. I wish I could just go back and undo it, but unfortunately that is not possible..
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sorry to hear about your experience. the details of your procedure are a little different but the outcome is the same as mine :( did you have facial volume loss as well? I never wore makeup, moisturizer or anything else on my face and was always complemented on my skin and told that I look younger than my age before IPL damage.. it's a bad situation to be in but I keep hoping that something will help. I was damaged in August of last year and it has gotten worse for the most part over the past few months, but I have seen "fluctuating" improvements as a result of using some products. It's kind of hard to pinpoint what works though, because sometimes my skin looks a little better from a product and then after a while starts to get worse again. I just did my second 20% lactic acid peel (supposed be extremely gentle) and the first one helped the texture and tone slightly, but the second one is not looking so good.. I'll give it a couple of days. haven't tried retin a and don't want to - too scared. Have also been thinking a lot about dermarolling. Maybe will start with a test patch. There are many people here who went through the same thing as you and I did, so reach out anytime
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Why are you having treatments if you have good skin. I have acne rosacea and ipl is great for this. Just had a treatment yes it is uncomfortable but quick and I love the results.
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As my review on this procedure says - I was experiencing some temporary mild acne and was getting regular facials from this aesthetician who had 14 years of experience and was recommended by a friend. She insisted I get IPL because it would help me get rid of the acne faster and address a couple of freckles I had (which I actually never really minded). She made it sound like a really mild procedure. I was hesitating, but she seemed to know what she was doing. I asked her to use the lowest setting on me and she did. After the procedure my face looked mutilated and kept getting worse with time. Glad it worked out for you - but it can cause some serious damage and I think people should know that and not just think that it's a mild procedure.
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Thank you for sharing your experience with the community.  I am sorry that this has caused you so much stress and pain.
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