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Hoping to get some good Healing advice and tips....

Hoping to get some good Healing advice and tips. Having an augmentation and Tummy tuck procedure with Lipo. I would also like to know some tips on how to reduce cellulite and what may or may not work. Have not had much time for myself until now. Kids are older and I find myself unhappy with the neglect I did to myself. I am starting to travel more and want to look and feel good about myself.
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Hi! Congratulations! You may be wondering why everyone says that -- and the truth is, there are lots if reasons. Congratulations that you're there, and that you are able to get the procedures done (let's face it -- it's EXPENSIVE!), and then after, congratulations that you made it through and are in the other side. It'd not am easy surgery and so I automatically feel close to those who have also been through it. I am 5 weeks post op and am so glad, so grateful, so blessed to have done it! My "hints," I'm no particular order: 1.) Have everything you need within arm's reach before you get home. And I do mean, arms reach. 2.) A long "grabber" will be your new best friend. 3.) Do prepare yourself for the blues. This took me completely unawares. Besides the expected "why did I do this to myself," I was just so down for a couple days. 4.) I agree with he writer who said to follow instructions. No lifting means NO lifting. Ditto bending, sex, showers while the drains are in, etc. I am very glad that I followed my surgeon's instructions exactly. Good luck to you, I mean that sincerely. Personally, my surgery was so much more than makeover. I had gratefully given my body to my children, and five weeks ago, I just as gratefully took it back. God bless!
It sounds like you are at a great place in your life...taking care of YOU. Here's a list of supplies for recovery that might be helpful. Keep reaching out! We have a wonderful group of supportive ladies here. :)

8 days post-op

Well I am now 8 days post op and starting to get around and sleep better. Still quite swollen which is to be expected. Feeling pretty good about the results so far.
Dr Chuback/Dr Lockwood

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