1 Week 2 Days Past Ba , Feeling Better - Manitoba, MB

Here's my story .......... 32 years old , 105...

Here's my story ..........
32 years old , 105 pounds ,5"3. No children but pregnant 3 times but a sad very early miscarriage each time .
I've always , and I mean always grown up with a very small I guess minus A cup breast size, very embarrassing , gfs in junior high , high school all developing well , and me well , never made it past a training bra :(((
Anyways , I have been considering implants for as long as I can remember , finally 2 months ago , I made the first step , consultation . My bf of 5 years was very supportive thru all of this. Everyone was great in my decision , my family, his family , co workers , made my decision that much more relaxing.
I went with the 350ccs, wanted to go just 25ccs bigger but my ps had concerns and did not want to go bigger due to lack of tissue, he recommended tear drops since I did want more natural rather than " hey look at me , I'm soooo fake :)) lol
Well so far one week has been good, only down side , bf left the day after my surgery and is working out of town until the end of July , and also the first 5 days I had to sleep on my couch elevated which was soooo uncomfortable . But the past 2 nights I upgraded to my bed. Have always been a tummy sleeper but now getting used to sleeping on my back :)) every day gets easier and now just waiting on healing and final results , hoping for a full C , which Ps mentioned more than likely what i would end up with by the looks of things at follow up 2 days ago . Can't complain considering what I started with , absolutely nothing :)))))

10 days past

Well now, I'm concerned, my left breast is higher and more full , right breast seems as it dropped a bit , right breast was always smaller ,maybe why , should they still feel harder at times and incisions itchy?

Late pic ( before )

Oh here's a before pic :((

Panick attack !!11 days after breast implants

Was trying to wake my girls up as I had morning boob and were tender, well I can almost feel an indent on the side of my left breast. Also when I press on the lower part of my left breast I feel a weird poke on the bottom right side of my lower left breast , is this norm?

What the hell , tryed on my a32 bra

And it fits, looks good, little snug but what the hell , lol

2 weeks since the new girls

So here I am, feeling depressed....
No motivation , home alone until the end of the month, had to pay $50 to have my surgeon sign a modified duty form to return to my hca job, costing money just to go back to work. Then it Seems like all my gfs have been spending there time off going to the beach, suntanning and swimming , I can't :(( alls I've been doing is shopping, slowly draining my bank account , very depressing!! God why did I do this again? On the Better note, I'm feeling waaaay better , sleeping all night, although I woke up thru the night with a sharp pain thru my left shoulder blade that radiated into my collar bone. .no pain today , just hoping its not a sign of anything serious :(((

Couldn't helps myself

I used to wear this over a bra under shirts , it also had padding which I recently removed :)))

Ok weird sensation

I am 2 weeks past my ba, 350 silicone coheisive mod plus profile under muscle, feeling a weird pop sensation u set nipple when I move a certain way, is this normal? Anyone else experience this? Lol

My phone is screwed,

Popping under my nipple lol

What the hell is going on??

15 days after my ba, working at the restaurant I've had the weirdest feelings, I can almost feel them moving every movement I make mostly on the sides and under my nipples, then just experienced a weird type prick feeling above my left nipple close to the side, is this normal healing process,?? I'm so concerned and my ps is on the other side of town :((

Most comfortable , medium supprt and affordable

Under armour!

So upset

My doctor said I should be a full C cup, got measured today and was only measured a 32C, I know it hasn't been 3 weeks yet since my ba, so I'm hoping once I d&f ill be a full C?

The cutest dress I've ever purchased

Braless and just knew I'd love it without trying it on :)))
Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, listened to what I wanted, very very comforting during surgery, called me day after to make sure I was feeling ok and to c if I had any concerns

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How's your size now? Do you like your results note that your books have settled more?
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Where did you get that zebra bra thinger??
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Target has a shit ton of nice sports bras. I bought a bunch of various styles and like 'em all.
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Omg I had got it a couple years and literally just took the padding out like 2 weeks ago :)) I'm almost positive i got it from stitches maybe? Or sirens? I was looking for a bandeau today and couldn't find one anywhere , funny u mentioned target cause I went there tonight to see if they had bandeaus , and nope they didn't sell them either, but kicked myself when I was there because I spent double the price on 1 sports bra compared to what they have there :(((
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Im almost 7 days PO and i understand the depressing feeling.. They look great but are painful... I also have weird shooting pains, but it was explained that would happen due to the nerves reconnecting after cutting through muscle.. Makes my boobs hurt just typing that.. I cant wait until I just feel normal again! But your boobs look great btw
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Thanks alot!! I'm extremly paranoid, almost 3 weeks in and still sore, weird pokes, pricks, zingers I guess, nipples are so sore can't touch em lol , there looking a little un even , right breast is more rounded on the side compared to the left, worries me because my left breast is normally bigger, idk lol
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Mine are also off because i have a huge scar on one breast which gave me a "unnatural breast lift" so my PS put 210 in on side and 240 in the other, my ps did the best he could with what he was working with and said that 90 percent of women come in and are naturally uneven, he also said itd take a good 6 months for them to settle so itll be a while till i know the final results but so far besides the soreness i am happy...has ur ps gave u any instructions for massage or anything? This sounds weird writing out but using lotion and massaging them for a few minutes helps me with some pain and he said helps prevent the capsular contraction.. Its nice to see some people on here going through the same things though.. To many i have read said they were out the next day shopping and im just sitting over here like "wtc is wrong with me" hope u start feeling better soon... Hope we all do haha
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Because I had read on the net to massage , I asked him about that, he said I don't need to and that I have textured , he said they'll drop on there own , so hopefully he's right, lol the skin on my breasts are sooo sensitive, feels like hear rash with the slightest touch minus the rash, almost like a sting type burning sensation
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I had 350 ccs high profile moderate plus coheisive silcone gel tear drops, I'm hoping on a full C, he figures that's what I'll end up with, god I hope so once I d&f lol
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My boobs were lopsided for a while. That is normal. My friend is two years in to hers and she said they change for about a year. I was told TO massage. Massage the one that's higher, more so than the lower. I was also told to massage to prevent the area from closing up or something. Did you get a strap to push them down? It's like a tensor bandage. Check out my posts. :)
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I was told there is no need to massage, I'm thinking maybe because they are textured? He said they will fall naturally
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             looking great
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Hey thanks, not as great as urs!!! Wish I had enough tissue to go bigger :(((
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             awww thanks! i was alot smaller before!  my tissue stretched than i went bigger! 
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Everything you are feeling is totally normal , don't worry it's just nerve pain. I can feel my implants every step I take now. I am 24 days post op. My nerve pain has lessened now. Felt it the next day after surgery, my whole side of my left breast was on fire ,off and on for over two weeks. Now I just feel swollen and tight and itchy ( damn compression bra) But it feels better on than off. It's weird, now that I can feel my implants starting to become part of me, now it hurts to ride in a vehicle. You are doing great just remember it take time to heal. I have to remind myself everyday.
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Does it almost seem like they shift? I had to keep running to the washroom to make sure they weren't under or above my armpits lol
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i think the prick feeling might be your nerves reconnecting. i know some people describe it as zingers or electric shooting pangs. i don't know about the movement though. maybe your capsule is healing? just give your ps a call.
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Actually I think ur right, I felt what I think u would call zingers lol a large area just behind my nipples , comes and goes, and considering I'm 2 weeks past, numbness is going away, makes complete sense :))
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You look really good !! I'm in Winnipeg :)
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That's crazy , in winnipeg, god thought I was the only one :)) lol
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It is very exciting and for me I just wanted to get it over with, the wait is sooo hard, wanted recovery over with , hasn't been too bad tho. First week was definitely the worst , how many ccs are u doing? My doc only let me go 350 :;(
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I'm in Winnipeg as well! I had mine done in LA though. :) HELLO WINNIPEG LADIES.
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You look great! I'm getting 350cc in about 2and a half weeks can't wait hope they look as great as yours!xx
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Hey thanks!!! Good luck and speedy recovery to u!!! :)
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My bf was concerned and really wants to be here for me and he's upset he can't be thru this, I am doing much better , just hard with him gone, and counting down the days until he comes home , that's what's keeping me from going going crazy lol ladies I really apreciate ur kind words, it has actually made my day that much better :))
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