I had my tummy tuck 3/27/09.I am 52 yrs old and...

I had my tummy tuck 3/27/09.I am 52 yrs old and weigh 170 lbs. I see the doctor today for my first post op visit. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and lost 80 lbs. I have loose skin in my stomach area. I also have loose skin in my thigh area. I managed to deal with my loose skin issues by wearing lots of lycra, altho I was never completely happy with my appearance. I have managed to keep off the weight until I had a historectomy in 2007 and started gaining weight right in my stomach area.

I decided to have the tuck and am glad I did. I found this site in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep. Not due to pain but I find this binder and the drains to be very uncomfortable. My drain has pulled a little loose and is draining into my underwear. I have to wear a maxi pad. My doctor inserted a pain pump during my surgery which along with my pain meds have left me virtually pain free. I make sure to take my pain meds every 4 hours. The only pain I am experiencing is around the drain insertion site. How long do you wear the binder? I thought the binder would be more of a bodysuit type thing. Is that the type you eventually wear long term?

I am so happy I did this. Its only been 3 days but the first time I sat down and could actually see the top of my thighs without a stomach in the way was the best feeling ever. I was nervous about having the procedure done but my doctor and his staff were great and immediately put me at ease.

If you are thinking of doing this ask lots and lots of questions. I am considering having my thighs done and have started my research into that.

Hi, I am looking for advice on compression...


I am looking for advice on compression garments.  I am currently wearing the type that wraps around the abdomen.  It constantly rides up my torso and I have to readjust it .   I have seen on some websites there is a type that is more like a body suit but I have heard this type is very hard to get on and off.  Any suggestions would be great.  Also, has anyone had problems with congestion after their surgery?  I have to constantly cough to clear my throat which needless to say is very uncomfortable.  Its making my stomach very sore.

I saw my doctor today and my incision is healing fine.  I know its going to be a while before I see the full results but so far I am liking what I am seeing.  I waited sooo long to do this and I  want to make sure I do everything possible to make my surgery a success.  As soon as I learn how to upload photos I will post some

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Doctor took time to answer all of my questions. came highly recommended from other doctors. Highly trained

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I went to the doctor today to have my stitches removed from my belly button. I asked the nurse about differnt types of binders. She told me I have to wear this for a month. I was wearing a 12" binder. Because I have a short torso we went to a 9" binder. this is working out much better. She also told me after the month isup I should just wear some type of support. She said it should be tight but I should still be able to slide my hand beneath the waistband. She suggested something like spanx. Thanks Judy for your suggestions. I will certainly check both Wal-mart and Target. More than likely I have something already that would work. I bought so much spandex attempting to hide my stomach I can open a store :)
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there are some binders like a Spanx, that you can buy they fit the whole body , i have one that buttons at the bottom like alittle onesie, strange, but it works, it has sleeves and everything, and it it very comfortable, and i dont have to worry about it riding up or down my torso. you could even check walmart, they have some compression garmets that work very well, if you want one like the spanx brand, go to target, they have a cheaper version of it there, but its made by the same people.
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YEA! The dreaded drain is gone. Mine will probably stay in until next Thursday. I have a lot of fluid draining which I hope will help with swelling later. As for the concerns regarding my upper ab I am just being anxious. I'm sure it will be fine.
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CP, have you learned anymore about different types of binders? I have the same issue of it riding up over my incision. It's irritating and no matter how tight it's adjusted, it still moves around. My nurse told me yesterday that I need to wear it for at least a month.
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Thanks for the good wishes! If they don't remove my drain (only have one) I think I'll shoot myself...flat tummy and all :) I took a shower today so I saw myself naked for the first time since surgery. My incision goes well past my hip bones on both sides. He must have done that to remove some of the 'love handle' skin. I'm still bent over a little bit, too, so it's hard to say what the final result will look like but I don't seem terribly swollen. What about you?
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Me either. My doctor told me the drains help with that. I have 2 of them. My incision also goes from well past my hip bones on both sides. I had a fairly large area that needed removal. He was able to remove most of my stretch marks. I didn't have any liposuction with mine. I am a little concerned about my upper stomach. I didn't have a problem with it before. My doctor said it will tend to pooch out a little because he pulled my skin so tight. I may have to have lipo later. I just want to get thru this first.
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Tell me what your concern is about your upper stomach. Did you have a mini-tuck? Check my post for my update from doctor visit today!!
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CP, My experience is very similar to yours. Very little pain and very happy with result, so far. Same problem with drain leaking and irritating. I'm hoping Doc takes it out tomorrow when I have my first post-op visit. I had full TT on 3/26, one day prior to yours. I'm walking, talking and dreaming of a shower!!!
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Me too! I saw my doc today and I still have to deal with my drains a little longer. I am starting to walk a little straighter and by Friday should be in full upright position. I can take a shower once my pain pump is removed. Hope all goes okay for you tomorrow. Hopefully you can get rid of the dreaded drains. :)
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