Glad I Did Fraxel Repair!!!!

I had fraxel repair done to my face and neck 7...

I had fraxel repair done to my face and neck 7 days ago. I am 44 years old and wanted it for eyes crepes, sun damage, and some added lift to face and neck from age.

The first couple of days you look like a monster! Then swelling and redness come on.

I am happy that I did it so far. Make sure you are realistic on the time frame of healing. I think it takes at least 10 days before I would be comfortable going out of the house (minus a drive-through). Very excited about having fraxel repair!


Check out using fat it has stem cells that improve skin ect... I was researching stem cells and fat as a way to help heal my damage from this laser... UVA did studies helping veterans heal from burns and transplants using fat with stem cells... Google stem cell facelift or stem cell fat....
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Thank you"awalk" for your honest response. I will look into the derma roller, now, Oh and thanks for the tip. Any particular brand? Still gonna do some fillers:)
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Skip the radiation and order a derma roller...It does the same thing... See christine pics or look at mine we both had nice skin before
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Researched the doctor and knew the doctor was good.

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