Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28...

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28 years old, happily married for almost 7 years. We have two children, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. I've been lurking on the site for two years and now that I've officially decided to get a BA, I've joined.

My story is pretty typical: I was a small B cup prior to having kids. I loved my body (I should mention I'm 5’5 and 130lbs) and never thought I'd consider a BA. Fast forward to getting pregnant, breast feeding for a year, getting pregnant a week after I stopped nursing, then breast feeding for another year...yea my breast have disappeared haha I have NO volume left. I'm AA now.

When my second child stopped nursing in 2012 I was so depressed on how different my breasts became. I started thinking about getting a BA but didn't want to rush into a decision so I've been thinking about it since then.

I know other women can relate to this: it makes me so sad looking in the mirror. I HATE messing around with the extra padded bras so I look like I have some kind of breasts. They are so uncomfortable and never fit. When I don't wear a bra it's even more depressing. It affects the intamicy between me and my husband. I used to love doing things that involve that area with him and now most times I can't let him near my chest. I used to love my breasts, now I'm mortified.

I've decided it's time to gain my body back. I want to feel like me again, and gain confidence back. I'm going to call a few doctors to set up consultations but first I wanted to post the names of the doctors to see if any of you ladies saw them and what your opinions were. Any opinion is appreciated!

The doctors are:

Dr. Scott Chapin
Dr. David Bottger
Dr. Eric Marchant
Dr. Brain Reedy
Dr. Craig Mezrow

I'm so happy to be here; to share, to hear from everyone, to get help! :)

Booked Consultations!

So I have 3 consultations booked:

On 7/28 I see Dr. Brian Reedy
On 7/30 I see Dr. Chapin
On 8/7 I see Dr. Marchant

If anyone has personal experience with any of the doctors I'd love to hear it!

Opinions on Gummy Bear Implants?

So initially I was leaning more towards a saline implant but, after speaking to the patient coordinators and learning 95% of the time the doctors use gel implants, I'm more curious about them.

I love how it's impossible for them to leak and wrinkle. One thing a patient coordinator told me was that they are very predictable, which was a concern for me.

Has anyone gotten the gummy bear implants and want to share their opinion on them? I'd love to hear any personal experience with them! =)


Pictures of Wish Boobs

Consultation with Dr. Reedy

Yesterday I had my first BA consultation! It was exciting to talk to a plastic surgeon for the first time after years of wanting this. I met with Dr. Brian Reedy and I'll summarize my appointment in case anyone is researching him.

The office was clean and comfortable, the staff was friendly. I had to wait 40 minutes because he took an emergency patient (someone came in who just had a BA from another doctor and was suffering from a capsular contraction and she switched to Dr. Reedy for a solution) so of course I wasn't upset. Another patient coordinator (Steph, very nice) got me started since Olivia was still with the emergency case. We talked about basic wishes, medical stuff. She left then Olivia and the doctor came in. We talked and he examined me. He pointed out that the left side of my ribcage is a tad more prominent than my right (seriously? That's new to me lol) so he said when I do get implants, if I scrutinize it, I may notice the left is a little fuller than the right. He also noted how I will always have a gap ("one and a half fingers width") between my breasts because that's just how my body is. He said we can fix that with implants but I'd have to go very big but I said I'm totally okay with a little gap. He looked and my wish pictures and pictures of boobs that scare me and discussed them. Then he recommended I go with a smooth, round, moderate plus cohesive gel implant under the muscle ($6,975). I was surprised about the round implant, I'd thought I'd be getting the anatomical shape because I love that sloped look but he said because I have very little upper breast tissue I need round. Makes sense! He said he will still give me that sloped look with the round implant. Everything he suggested was pretty on par with what I was thinking, thanks to years of researching.

So after that, he left and I tried on sizers! Best part obviously haha. I tried on Natrelle gummy bears in sizes 397ccs, 421ccs, and 492 ccs. I loved how I looked in the 421ccs but they were a hair too small, plus I know I'd loose some ccs even more under the muscle. The 492 ccs were amazing and if I choose Dr. Reedy I'm thinking I'll go with them.

I'm very happy I brought two shirts, a tight tank top and a tight-ish white t shirt. I took one of the tightest tanks I own to see how my bare arms looked and to get an obvious view of the sizer. Then I brought the white shirt since it's my typical wardrobe, tight but a little loose. The same sizer looked different in each t shirt and it was great to see that first hand.

After the sizers I spoke with Olivia again and she said if I wanted to schedule they have some openings at the end of August since Dr. Reedy added more surgery dates for the busy season. I was itching to book but I know I'd regret not getting a second opinion (my second consultation is tomorrow) and sleeping on it.

Overall I was so happy and loved Dr. Reedy and his staff. No complaints here and unless Dr. Chapin is somehow better, I'll book with Dr. Reedy. I'll update about my second consultation on Wednesday! I hoped this helped someone! =)

Photos of Sizers

Consultation with Dr. Chapin

This morning I had my second consultation with Dr. Scott Chapin. The office was gorgeous and clean. I didn't have to wait that long and a nurse took me into a room to get my basic information down. Then Maria, my patient coordinator, spoke with me and gave the basic low down of the types of implants, why the use textured implants, etc. I changed, and Maria and Dr. Chapin came in. He examined me, took some measurements and we talked. We discussed my expectations and what he would recommend. He recommended round, textured under the muscle, infra mammary incision. He was polite, funny and relaxed. He had fantastic credentials and I felt at ease with him. After he left I tried on sizers (so fun) and loved the 487cc's. Maria spoke to us about the cost, saying it would be a $7,100 and right now through July they are having a special if you use the Sientra implants you get $600 off. So my price would be $6,500.

Overall, everyone was kind and the office was very beautiful. Dr. Chapin was smart, confident and relaxed. He made me feel very comfortable which I appreciated.

Booked Surgery!

I chose Dr. Reedy and booked surgery for Wednesday, 8/27! My pre op appointment is 8/13. Oh my goodness, it's finally real! Now I can let myself be excited and prepare! I just had to share! =D

I need encouragement.

Hey ladies. I need some reassurance and help (which is what we do best here, I think!). My pre op is in 11 days and my surgery in 25. Ever since I made my appointments I've been getting more and more worried. I'll admit I'm a worrier (most mamas are) but before a couple of days ago I've been confident.

I'm struggling with fears of not knowing how they will turn out. What if my nipples are pointing in different directions (they don't now) or what if I hate how they look? Am I messing up my already messed up breasts? What if I am paying for a mistake I'll live with my whole life?

I'm really struggling with size. I tried on the 492 sizers and I looked amazing. I loved them! But should I go up to 533's since I'm going under the muscle? I don't mind the 533's at all but what if I get those and my skin can't hold them up and I bottom out? What if I do get the 492's and they're too small and don't look like my sizer pictures?

Each day passes and my fears increase. I know I'll feel better talking to the doctor and asking specific questions and the wait in the worst part. I know what my problem is: it's mental. I'm letting myself stew and spin.

I need to pass the time until my pre op. With a 4.5 and 3 year old it's tough. I've been throwing myself into my small business which helps (not to mention it brings in extra cash). I've been trying to stay upbeat and do positive affirmations but they aren't sticking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or just some kind words?

I appreciate the opportunity just to type this out. Thanks for listening.

Thank you RealSelf Ladies!

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who reassured me. You girls rock! This is what I love about this site: a lot of women who support each other no matter what.

I feel much better! Everyones kind words were like medicine to my heart. On top of that I wanted to do something fun so my sister and I went shopping. We had a great time and lots of laughs. I treated myself to Victoria's Secret and bought a zip and cropped sweatpants for surgery day. This is a big deal for me since I'm a Walmart/Target budget shopper!

I also bought two bralettes from Target ($14) each in a size large. I figured if they don't fit, not big deal. Buying those bralettes made me very happy and excited for surgery. I can't wait to full those babies out! haha

Thank you everyone again. You guys are the best.

Pre Op Appointment! Scary at first, but now very happy.

Today I had my pre op appointment and it went well. I will admit I'm a little overwhelmed with the information, which is surprised me since I've researched this for years (and follow tons of women on RS) so none of the info I got was new. But I think because it's actually my turn it became real and mind boggling haha

So I'm going to do a quick breakdown of the appointment for others who are considering Berks Plastic Surgery. I spent a while with the nurse who went over paperwork and medical questions. She explained the prescriptions to me and answered any medical questions. She also took before pictures. (On a fun note I got a free see salt scrub and free moisturizer as a thank you gift. Both containers are huge!) After that I met with Olivia (my patient coordinator), tried on sizers again and we talked about concerns. Then Dr. Reedy came in and we talked about how I'd like to go with the 533cc's. He examined me again and said he thinks they would be good for me but he is going to order the 492cc's in case the bigger option is too big or doesn't fit. I am perfectly happy with either size and fully trust him. I brought new wish pictures (the first set I brought were of women with different bodies so they were not realistic) and he was able to point out how I was most likely going to turn out. He said I'll be in the DD range which I'm very happy with. After that it was just a little bit more paperwork and setting up a couple of post op appointments and that was it. It was a great appointment and the office staff was wonderful. Especially my patient coordinator, Olivia, and another coordinator whom I spoke with a few times, Steph. Both women put me at ease and felt like old friends. They were honest, kind and did wonders for my nerves.

So now I have to talk about my emotional reaction to implant sizes. I tried on the 533's and they looked too big on me. Olivia and I discussed how much I loved the 492 sizers and if I want to look like that I need to go up to the 533's. Logically I knew this and I understand but standing there in the 533's my mind just went crazy and I started getting scared. I'm surprised I reacted this way since I'm fully aware of boobie greed (and how I want to avoid that) and I know I'm picking the right choice for me and my body type. But it was hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I'm getting the 533s's and they looked crazy but they won't look like that in me. I started falling into that trap of being scared by the numbers. When Dr. Reedy was with me he said I will look sexy. That threw me for a loop because my definition of sexy is cleavage out, tight shirts, low cut...and I don't want to look like a porn star. But after talking with him I realized when he said sexy he means I will be curvaceous and hourglass (which is my goal). I was scared I won't be able to do rowing and treadmill and such but he said he would never make me look terrible or crazy and I need to trust him. On the way out of the office, Olivia was amazing and said something that made me feel wonderful. She said, 'I can see in your eyes you are getting scared and having doubts. Look in my eyes, you have the perfect game plan for you. You know your stuff, you've done your research. You know the 533's will look like 492's and thats what you love. Do not think about the numbers. If Dr. Reedy or I thought it was too big we would have said so immediately.' This was exactly what I needed to hear. And I know she is right.

The final decision is (drumroll please!): 533cc's moderate plus, smooth, silicone cohesive gel. Under the muscle, imframammary incision. If for some reason the 533's don't work out he will use 492's. Which frankly is fantastic because anything's an improvement! lol

Now I need to get blood work done and fill my prescriptions within the next couple of days. Then I wait and the official countdown begins! I'm so excited!

Forgot to mention!

I forgot to mention my implants will be round. Can't forget to put that in! haha

Only 9 days left!

I cannot believe I can officially say that next week is my surgery! NEXT WEEK! I am feeling 95% excited, 5% nervous. I'm a little nervous about recovery and how long it will take for me to feel 100%. But overall I am super pumped and can't wait!

I've been keeping busy to pass the time. Lot of play dates and day trips with my family. We moved into our dream home 5 months ago so I've been having fun painting. Yesterday I painted the kitchen a pale gray, today I'm painting out dining room a gorgeous blue. I started deep cleaning my home so the day before my surgery I can do a quick light cleaning.

I have to say I've a wonderful sense of freedom due to the fact that I do not care what size I get. If my PS puts in 533cc's, great! If my PS puts in 492cc's, great! I have no preference and that feels amazing. There's zero anxiety about numbers; I trust my doctor. I know I am going to look fantastic and this will be life changing. And hey, anything is better than what I got so I'll take it!

Terrible Day Yesterday.

On Saturday I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom, took all day. I used normal cleaning chemicals, which is unusual for me since I prefer to do DIY solutions. While cleaning my throat started to hurt and I figured it was from the chemicals. But as day turned into night it became a different cough/sore throat, like the one you get from a virus.

I woke up on Sunday feeling horrible. My sore throat didn't get worse but I had a fever and a migraine. (Every woman on my moms side of the family gets migraines...I vividly remember my first one at 5). As the day went on my fever creeped up to 102.8 and my migraine was indescribable. I was considering going to the hospital which I have never done before with a migraine. I can handle pain: after the birth of my kids I only took OTC stuff and my second I birthed naturally. I basically had a breakdown. Sunday afternoon my husband drew me a tepid bath, I took Extra Strength Tylenol and my fever broke. My migraine dulled to a headache where I could finally stomach toast. That night my temp was back to normal, I was still weak and had a very sore neck but I was better.

This morning I woke up and I knew I had a slight fever again. My throat is a little sore and my nose is slightly runny. My neck is so stiff and sore. I get tension headaches easily from my sensitive neck muscles so I took a tepid shower and did some neck stretches. I'm sitting here now trying to eat some oatmeal and tea with honey. I know my weakness and shakiness is from lack of energy from no food. I'm not 100%, thankfully my wonderful husband took off from work today so I can recuperate.

I'm worried. I'm scared that I won't be able to have my surgery on Wednesday. I have no idea what the policy is to have surgery if you had a fever. Part of me doesn't even want to admit it to the nurse when they call me for my surgery time in case they tell me I have to reschedule. I know I'm on the mend and I have today and Tuesday to recover...

I believe whatever bug or virus I caught was partially due to stress. I'm so excited about the surgery that it affected my sleeping habits and compromised my immune system. I'll be absolutely devastated if I have to reschedule. My husband and mom took off of work which was not easy to do...I have everything prepped...I'm so close...I'm scared. Can anyone send out positive thoughts into the universe for me? I need all the help and positivity I can get.

Back on track!

Yesterday I recuperated slowly and feel much better today. I have not had a fever since yesterday morning and the only thing thats bothering me right now is a little bit of a stuffed up nose (from the air conditioning we had to run all of sudden...went from 76 to 88 in a day).

I called the PS office yesterday because I wanted to be honest and do the right thing. I told them the story and the nurse said she would call me back after she spoke with Dr. Reedy. She returned my call and said I am good to go and to call if I feel any worse. She said I'm still on for Wednesday. Needless to say, I'm so relieved! And I'm happy I did the right thing by communicating with them.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who gave me support and well wishes. It meant the world to me!

Today I am anxiously awaiting the call to see what time surgery is tomorrow! I'll be distracting myself with laundry, gathering up items to keep next to my bed, freezing my gym membership and a couple other errands. I am purposely taking it easier than normal. I don't want to run any risk of getting sick again. I plan on spending most of the day with my 4 1/2 and 3 year old and soaking up all the little hugs while I can.

It's finally happening! AHHHHHHHHHH! =D

Got my surgery time!

11:30am! I'm thankful it's earlier in the day. I can't have any solid foods after midnight but I can have clear liquids (water, black coffee, apple juice) before 7am. I need to take my emend at 8:30am.


So close!

My BA is only a few hours away! I'm allowed to have apple juice until 7am so I'm drinking it for the calories and vitamin C.

I've got all my ducks in a row: pillow nest, table by the bed set up with a book, iPad, water, straw. My medicines (Celebrex, Valium, an antibiotic, Arnica, Bromelain, Percocet) and a medicine schedule (for the hubby) are set up. Laundry is all caught up, my electronics are fully charged. Later this morning I'm making chicken soup in the crock pot in the hopes I can have some later today.

I got a fair amount of sleep last night, around 6 hours. My throat is still dry from the air conditioner and my nose is a tad stuffed but other than that I feel great! My 18 year old sister is starting college today and she is nervous about it. For some reason I kept having college dreams...I thought for sure I'd be dreaming about boobs! lol

I'm leaving at 10:30 but until then I'm spending the time with my kids. My son gets to meet his preK teacher but my husband will be taking him. I don't want to take any chances to expose myself to any sickness. I'm a little sad but happy my husband gets to share this experience with our son.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. I cannot wait to feel like myself again. When I had those sizers on, it felt like I had my body back and how I felt on the inside matched my outside. I do not regret breastfeeding for 2 years, but I'm embarrassed of my chest. I hope today is the last day I ever feel like that again! In a few hours I will be on my way to being back to loving my breasts!

I will update when I can!

I'm alive!

Everything went fantastic. Very groggy. Valium is making me loopy I don't care for it at all. Just wanted to let everyone know I did well. Dr. Reedy put in 533's. Sleep now, better update later. So far no pain just tightness. Maybe 4 outta 10.


Forgot to thank everyone for being awesome and supporting me. Thank you!

Some pictures

Sorry they aren't the best. I will take more tomorrow when the ace bandage comes off at my post op appt. Hope everyone is doing well!

Quick reference for stats.

- 28 years old, with two kids (4 1/2 and 3). Breast fed for a year each.
- 5'5, 134lbs.
- pre surgery size- 34A
- post surgery size- predicted to be 34DD
- 533ccs smooth, round cohesive gel silicone. Moderate plus, under the muscle. Inframammary decision.

More about surgery

Just wanted to explain my surgery day yesterday, especially to anyone considering Dr. Reedy.

I was supposed to get there for 11:30 but got a call to come 30 mins sooner, which was fine by me haha. When my husband and I got there we barely waited and was taken into the surgery enter that's attached to his practice. We were in a little waiting room where I spoke to a nurse about basic medical stuff, got changed into surgery gear, then the anesthesiologist came in and spoke with me a little more in depth. Then I kissed my hubby goodbye, peed for one last time and laid on the surgery table.

All of the nurses were wonderful and made me comfortable. We chatted for a couple minutes, the anesthesiologist gave me something to make me a little sleepy, then less than a minute later she knocked me out. I blinked, woke up in the same bed with one of the nurses watching over me. I can't remember but I think I said thank you a bunch of times. I asked what size I got and she told me 533's. I asked for my husband a few times but she wanted me to wake up more. It took me a while to get together and wake up, keeping my eyes open was a chore. But I felt great, just a bit of pressure and tightness, no pain. Dr. Reedy came in and said, "you are gonna looooove me!" Lol he said I did fantastic and that my results are already great. He showed me the arm stretches I should start that night. When my husband came in he spoke with the nurse about discharge and off we went home around 1:30.

The car ride was a little tough due to motion sickness and I was very thankful for the extra nausea patch they put behind my ear. Got home took a Valium and dosed for a while. I quickly realized Valium is not for me, like every other hardcore medication. It made me feel sick to my stomach, dizzy and hungover.

Dr. Reedy called me last night asking how I was (awesome doctor) and I told him how I feel pretty good the only issue is the Valium. He said only take if I need it, he recommends not taking it unless I have to. So goodbye Valium!

Overall I feel lucky, very luck. Surgery was 45 mins and I did wonderfully. Dr. Reedy and his staff was phenomenal and can't imagine how they could be better!

Day 1 post op.

So far so good! Last night I slept well in my pillow nest. I was slowly slipping throughout the night so I ended up a little reclined than they recommended...oops! I slept from 9:30 to 1, then 1:30 to 5:45.

I've been eating normally and keeping my fluids up. I sat outside for a bit which helped me even more, I love fresh air. I still have no pain, just a little tightness and pressure...still at a 3.

I took 2 extra strength Tylenol this morning. No Valium or Percocet. I feel really good. I've also been consistent with the Arnica, Bromelain, Celebrex and antibiotic.

I napped until my post op appt. It went great! The nurse said she was pleasantly surprised at how well I'm doing, especially when I'm not on any pain medications. She said I look awesome for only a day after. She asked if I go to the gym or anything and when I told her yes she said she could tell I take care of myself with how well my recovery is going. She said she can't believe I'm only swollen a shade near my arm pits.

She gave me instructions to take it easy for the next three weeks. No lifting nothing, just rest. It's a struggle for me because I feel so good and feel like I can do a lot. Plus the momma side of me is so used to going going going! But I think I could get used to this haha :)

So for the next few days I'll be mostly in bed, continuing my Doctor Who marathon, going for short walks, reading, sleeping. I hope everyone who had surgery recently are doing well. And I hope everyone else is loving their new additions. To those getting surgery soon: good luck!

I should mention...

I completely forgot to say I LOVE MY BOOBS!!! I'm so happy with how things look so far!! One more time: I LOVE MY BOOBS! :D

Day 2 p.o.

No complaints here! I slept well last night (full 7 hours). I noticed I have more mobility in my arms today with a larger range of motion. I can extend my elbows above my shoulders easily. My implants are still high and tight but not too bad. No pain at all. I'd say my discomfort is at a 2.

Still taking the arnica, bromelain, Celebrex and antibiotic. I took two extra strength Tylenol this morning, but I kinda feel like I can do away with that. I don't have any bruises and only minimal swelling near my arm pits which I'm thanking the vitamins for that.

I don't have an appetite and I'm more bloated than yesterday. No bowel movement yet, if I haven't had one in a couple days I'll start taking something. I've heard good things about smooth move tea.

My favorite part of my day was shaving my legs and showering. Lol taking off the surgical bra is heaven. I don't want to complain since I know many of you ladies had that strap of death which is way worse than my surgical bra.

I went for a long walk today with my sister which was wonderful (73 and sunny with a light breeze here). I also put on a normal shirt (with hubby's help) which was fun!

I am loving my breasts so far. Yea they're still so new but I'm in love! I can't wait for them to drop. Can anyone tell me when they started notice any dropping? Are we talking days or weeks or what lol

I included pictures even though there isn't much difference. Overall another good day! Hope everyone else is doing well!

Day 3 & 4 p.o.

Yesterday was another good day! I took a walk, had my first bowel movement so yay to no more bloating! I noticed my shoulders and upper back are sore. I don't know if that's from the extra weight on my chest or from sleeping at an incline or both. My appetite is coming back which is nice!

Today I showered and tried on some bralettes! I must admit this was very fun lol I love how I fill them out and can't want to fill them out even more! I'm already so in love with my boobs I can't comprehend being happier haha

After shamelessly taking pictures I kept my mom company while grocery shopping. I hung out with my kids for a bit, we read books. It's odd for me to be away from them so much since I'm a stay at home mom but I know it's for the best. I only get once chance at healing. For the rest of the day I'll lay low in bed.

I still feel great! I haven't noticed any dropping really but the implants do feel softer. I have lots of energy, my tightness is at a 2ish. I'm keeping up on the vitamins , antibiotic, Celebrex. I'm taking two extra strength Tylenol in the morning and night.

I did notice I have a hematoma near one of my incisions which I'll call my doctor on Tuesday about. It doesn't bother me at all and I forget it's there.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Incision Pain? Ribs sore?

Last night while I was getting ready for sleep I noticed my incisions (especially the right one) was achy and sore. It was tender too. I googled it and know it's normal but I'm confused. My implant is not down there yet so the achiness can't be from the implant pressure right? Is the pain from healing?

I noticed my ribs are starting to feel sore. Plus I have these weird twinges of soreness all over my breasts. They aren't sharp shooting pains like nerves reconnecting. It's just a come and go feeling of dull localized discomfort. Does anyone know what this is?

Ps- thank you to a few clever RS ladies! They corrected me in the fact that I don't have a hematoma, just a bruise! Which is fine by me haha thank you ladies!

Ah I'm so excited!

Even though I doubted my breasts have changed much I decided to do a side by side comparison just for the heck of it. And alas! There is some change!! I'm so happy! You can actually see a difference! :D

What great advice to take pictures every day, no matter what! I'm so happy that I had to share! I'm sorry if I'm updating my review too much lol

One week post op.

Yesterday I took a heavier hand in tending to my two toddlers, I wanted to start doing more since my husband goes back to work on Thursday. I didn't do anything crazy but my breasts were definitely tighter than normal towards the end of the day.

Today marks one week since my surgery! Also today was my son's first day of pre-k! I drove for the first time which was weird. It didn't hurt but my muscles are not used to those motions so it was a little uncomfortable. Plus I'm still a little sore from yesterday which didn't help. I made sure to wear a shirt to disguise my boobs...my sister said it looks like I was wearing a sports bra (since they looked a little smooshed) but not wonky lol

I'm having some discomfort. I know it is because I upped my activity but I also think it's because my implants are dropping. I can feel them lower than ever, especially on the outer sides and in the cleavage, specifically on the bottom part of my cleavage. I'm having more pressure than ever. It doesn't hurt at all but I notice it.

This is probably a stupid question but the new pressure and tightness worries me a tiny bit. Is it just my implants dropping and settling in the pocket or is my body telling me to slow down? Both?

I'm having a love/hate relationship with my surgical bra (that's nothing new for everyone lol). Some days I love it and it's a supportive safety net. Lately it's this constrictive noose. I have less pressure and tightness when I loosen it but I don't know if that's good or bad.

I've finished all my meds except for the Arnica and Bromelain. I took extra strength Tylenol today and yesterday because I needed it. I think I can stop sleeping at an incline which I welcome!

I'll take pictures later and if there's a difference I'll post them.

One week p.o. Pictures

Post op Day 10

Everything is wonderful here! I still feel great and I already feel like the implants are me. I don't feel like there's something new or weird is inside me anymore. They just are apart of me.

I barely feel any tightness. After a long day my upper back and shoulders will ache but I have no pain or pressure or anything. I've been taking it easy; still not lifting anything. I miss picking up my kids but we do lots of snuggling anyway so that's okay.

I love my boobs! They are healing at a different rate (which I know is normal) and I'm okay with that. I know chances are they won't be identical. I'm so grateful to have breasts again I don't even care lol

My only big complaint is sleep. The last few nights have been tough. I'm a side sleeper 100% of the time, sleeping on my back gives me headaches which quickly turn into migraines. I try different things but nothing helps. My surgical bra is still extremely annoying but I'm following my PS's directions to the T. I'm stuck in this thing for another 11 days.

Tomorrow I have a surprise birthday party for my aunt which will be the first time my extended family will see me post surgery. I told my 85 year old grandparents and my 60 year old aunt I was getting a BA and they were very supportive. I'll obviously be downplaying the boobs but it will be nice to dress them up anyway!

Today I tried on some bikinis and such and it was too fun! I was giddy lol pictures included!

For some reason a couple pictures aren't loading...

...sorry if they're duplicates.

Day 15 Post Op

These 15 days have gone quickly for me and I'm doing well. I feel great!

I've been having issues sleeping but I figured out a way to position my body up at a 45 degree angle on my side. I basically smoosh pillows behind me. That has helped a lot and I've gotten better sleep since.

A couple of days ago I went to see a nurse at my PS's office about my surgical bra. When I called asking "how tight is too tight" she recommended I come in so she can check it out. I did and she said it's supposed to be that tight around my breasts but not at my shoulders and ribs, she said it was rubbing my skin raw. So I'm glad I wasn't going crazy thinking the bra was strangling me haha She gave me a new, different bra and it's 100% better than the other!

I went to my aunts surprise party and it was a lot of fun dressing up. It was my first time my grandparents and aunt saw my after my new boobs and they all said I looked beautiful and so natural. They said they would never guess I had them done.

Some days it's easy for me to get a little down about how different my boobs look. I know it's highly unlikely they'll be perfect matches. And I'm only 15 days out so logically I know I'm being silly. I think the hype of the surgery and what you envision tends to give a skewed frame of mind. This is not how I feel the majority of the time, but the feelings happen.

And I think I'm getting used to the size because once and a while I'm like, these are not that big. Then I mentally shake myself and say woman what are you talking about?! lol Thankfully I always resort back to being grateful. I'm so happy I have volume and shape I don't care about "big" or "small" haha

I didn't think they changed much but I compared Day 7 and Day 15 and I see lots of change! Next week I have my 3 week post op check up where I'll be cleared for massage (woo!) and the gym (double woo!).

First date with the hubby after surgery!

Yesterday my husband and I went on a date. We had to change our plans because it rained all day, but we ended up just walking around a mall (King of Prussia) and went to dinner.

It was our first date with my brand new huge boobs (lol) and it was nice for some grown up time. Before we left I struggled dressing myself. I remember reading this with a few other women when I first started my review. But I didn't feel right in anything. I was surprised since I always wore a Bombshell and that brought me up to a small C. I'm predicted to me a DD so I didn't think it was going to be that different. But it really was! I think I need to figure out how to dress my new (awesome) body shape.

I bought two shirts and actually changed into one at the mall I loved it so much. It wasn't low cut but did show a little bit of my cleavage. I felt like everyone was staring at me...when I would look at people their eyes shot away from me lol. I'm telling myself it's because I looked gorgeous and not inappropriate. When I asked my husband he said its because I look "banging" haha he said my shirt wasn't revealing and I believe him; he's a modest guy.

At dinner it was cold and I had to worry about my nipples showing for the first time. I always wore heavily padded bra and never thought about this before. My nips came through a little and I was embarrassed haha

The date was fun and a perfect way to recharge. It made me realize I still have a lot of adjusting to do with my breasts. But I love them and how I look and I know it's going to get even better!

Mondor's cord.

For the last week or so I've been mentioning sore ribs, my left side stopped being sore for a while, but my right still bothered me. I was beginning to think that side was just taking longer to heal or my doctor was rougher on it. Last night I was stretching and rubbing it and I felt a bump. I knew exactly what it was because I obsessively researched everything prior to surgery. I knew it was Mondor's Cord.

I checked in the mirror and there is was. (For those who don't know what M.C. Is it's an inflamed vein at the incision sight. I don't know how true this is but for breast augmenation it isn't that common, affecting 1% to 2% of women. It goes away on it's own in weeks or up to 6 months.) It's not that big of a deal, more of an annoyance than anything. I'm very tender at the sight and it hurts when I move certain ways. I'm going to mention I found it at my post op appointment on Wednesday.

Unfortunately last night I was making dinner and grabbed the oven door the wrong way. I grabbed it upper hand and bent down and yanked it so I pulled my arm back eye level...I must have tweaked a muscle or something because I've discomfort there now. It felt bad as soon as I did it...it's a motion I'm very familiar with due to rowing. So my shoulder and chest don't feel so great on that side. I'd like to mention it's the same side as the M.C. Lol

My toddler son has a bad cold. I have to pick up an ingredient for homemade chicken soup this morning but other than that I'm taking it easy.

I don't want to come off as complaining, I'm so thankful for my extremely easy recovery. I wanted to include these updates in case it helps anyone. :)

3 weeks post op appointment!

Yesterday was 21 days since my surgery and I had my 3 week post op appointment. I'm going talk about my appointment a little in case anyone is researching Dr. Reedy and wants details.

The nurse met with me first and we chatted about how I was doing, then she removed the tape from my incisions. She left, the doctor came in and we talked. I told him about my recovery so far and he examined me. He said I'm healing exactly how I should be, and I do have swelling at the top near my arm pits because the implants haven't dropped yet. Then he took me to the mirror and showed me how to massage. It felt extremely bizarre haha He gave me clear instructions (3 different massages twice a day, 30-60 seconds each) and it was all written down for me to take home. He said not to stress about, it's an art. He said with how well I'm healing he thinks I'll be fully dropped in 4-6 weeks which I was happy to hear. He said my right side's muscles were stronger which is why that side is visually different. Dr. Reedy said I'll have to give that side some extra TLC. He said I could resume all normal activity besides chest exercises. He told me to wear under wire bras during the day, then anything I feel comfortable in at night (sports bra, surgery bra, cami with a shelf bra, etc). He said not to go braless. He answered any questions I had and was very attentive. I bought the scar cream they recommended that was in their office...it was very expensive ($42 for a small bottle). When that runs out I'll try out cheaper options. Next time I see him is at 3 months post op! Overall, great appointment. Dr. Reedy and his staff were great, no surprise there!

The Mondor's Cord is annoying but really not that bad. I'm in shock at how great my incisions look already! I was worried since I'm so pale but very happy so far! I've done the massages a couple times since and I feel pressure afterwards. I hate it but it gets better every time. My chest is getting softer but not that squishy yet. All in all I'm so happy and thankful I did this!

On the way home from my appointment I stopped at Victoria's Secret to have some fun! I'll share in the next update since this one is already so long!

Bra shopping for the first time!

I hit up Victoria's Secret for the very first time since my surgery. It was weird because I've never been bra shopping like normal people. I always bought a super padded bra since teen years and never thought about how it was supposed to fit. This was a whole new experience for me!

I was honest with the associate right off the bat about my surgery and what I needed, because frankly I had no idea what I was doing lol She was very kind and helpful and explained all the different types. She measured me and said 34D! I was happy and the bras looked gigantic haha I tried one on and as soon as she looked at me she said it was too small (it felt small). I tried 34DD and it was better but she recommended I try to 32DDD since I have lots of dropping to do. She said the 32DDD will give me more room in the cup so they last me longer. I was very grateful for this because holy cow are their bras expensive!

As soon as I had that size on I knew it was the best fit. It felt great! I do have a little bit of room in the cup (mostly on the bottom)so when my implants drop they already have a place to go. And yes. I was that girl who cried in the dressing room to the associate! I was so happy! I scared her though because she initially thought I was sad about the large size lol I couldn't believe how amazing I looked in a real bra with my new boobs!

Even writing this I'm emotional. I love how I look and feel. I'm looking forward to the drop and fluff phase since this instant cleavage is a little much for me. But honestly, I'm so happy. How I feel on the inside finally matches my outside. I'm so confident and beautiful.

I love love love the size! What I love even more is how in clothes they are toned down. I don't think I look like a 32DDD if you saw me walking down the street or whatever. But I can play them up for my husband too which has been fun to say the least ;) If the size goes down a little with time, that's okay, I'm realistic. And I know VS's sizing is off so in most places I'm not a 32DDD, more like a DD. But oh my god...I went from an A to a DD!!!! AMAZING!

Okay I'm done gushing! I'm so thrilled I had to share!

Couple of questions...

Can anyone answer any of these questions? They're minor and don't want to bug my PS's office about them when I know you ladies are awesome =)

~ How do I get the tape residue off of my skin near my incisions? I think I read someone used a cotton ball and baby oil or something?
~ How hard to a massage my incisions with the scar cream? I know I have to break up that lumpy scar tissue but do I rub it lightly or put pressure on them?
~ When I do my twice daily breast massages I have chest pressure for a bit. That's normal right? Since I'm just moving the implants? After some massages I never get pressure at all...weird.
~ My PS said take 400 IU of Vitamin E twice a day. I accidentally bought 1000 IU. I was just gonna take that once a day since that's basically the same as his recommendation. I can't do any harm by taking more Vitamin E can I? I feel like thats a stupid question but I gotta ask! lol

Thank you in advance for your wisdom! Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.

Day 29 post op...discouraged.

For the past 8 days I've been massaging and taking vitamin E. Following directions to the T, no more, no less. I'm disappointed because I thought I'd see a difference in those 8 days but I don't. I thought going from no massaging or vitamin E to doing it twice a day would yield some kind of result...

I'm beginning to not like how my breasts look. My biggest fear is not being symmetrical, ie one boob looking completely different from the other. And I feel like that's how I look currently. (I am realistic: I know they won't be identical.) I HATE how my nipples are not in the middle of my breasts. It drives me crazy. My right side's (left side in the pictures) is shaped weirdly. My left side (right in the pictures) is nicely rounded out and looks normal.

My PS said my right side's muscles were stronger and I will need to give that breast special attention. He said I'll most likely need to massage it more and longer and it will drop slower. Logically I understand all this but I'm down about it. He said he thinks I'm going to drop quickly, he said 4-6 weeks I should see the final result.

Is this one of those things that it's going to get worse before it gets better? Even Day 1 after my surgery my breasts looked similar now I don't know what's going on. Are my breasts going to keep looking dissimilar, just getting worse as time passes? Because that what it feels like.

On another note I went to the gym for the first time since my BA. I weighed myself, it was 139. Prior to surgery I weighed 134. I'm not sad about the weight gain, I'm kinda surprised I only gained 5lbs. I wore two sports bras and ran on the treadmill. I ran a little over 3 miles and was very happy with that. That's my average miles and times prior to surgery.

Thanks for listening.
Reading Plastic Surgeon

I hope this short paragraph can represent how thrilled I am with Dr. Reedy and his staff. The office is welcoming and clean, his office staff has been friendly every time I've spoken with them. The nurses have returned my calls that day no matter what, my patient coordinator, Olivia, was phenomenal. She felt like a friend. I spoke with Steph, another patient coordinator, a few times and she was as caring and calming as Olivia. Dr Reedy is the rare type of doctor that genuinely cares about his work and how you feel. He actually wants you to look and feel good. It's obvious in the artistry of his work, how he listens to you and his dedication. He gives his honest opinion in a gentle way. He personally called me the night of my breast augmentation to check on me. If you Google him, he has hundreds on positives reviews on a few sites and that's not by accident. I'm only 9 days post op, and I could not love my results more. I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Reedy and his staff! I'm so grateful I chose him for my breast augmentation!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congratulation so beautiful.your silicone ia sientra and textured? Round?what profile? Thank you
  • Reply
Thank you! I got 533cc's Natrelle 15 cohesive silicone gel implants. Smooth, round, mod plus. Under the muscle with an inframammary incision.
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Hey Momoftwo!! First of all your results are fantastic!!!! I'm hoping I'm able to get results like that!! I have a question for you. I have a similar body and before breast type as you, also nursed two kids for about 6 months apiece. Did your PS say anything to you about a lift along with implants or a lift at all?? I'm curious because mine did not, but some of the Realself doctors on here said it would be a good idea. Just curious if you and your PS tossed that around?
  • Reply
Aw thank you very much for the sweet compliments! My doctor (and another PS I saw on a consultation) never mentioned a lift. Both did recommend round implants (instead of anatomical) since I had zero breast tissue up top. And let me tell you, I have major insta-cleavage from those round impants! I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I got 533cc's but holy cow! Lots of volume up there now haha. What is your weight and height? Are you thinking about starting up a review?
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Hey hon, hang in there! It looks like your right just needs a little more time to catch up. I read somewhere that it's technically 2 surgeries, so they will heal differently. Remember to give it a full 3 months to let everything fall into place. Way to go on your weight too! The new girls weigh 2.5#, so you really didn't gain much of anything! Glad the workout routine is falling back into place for you! Take care.
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That's a good way to think about it...two surgeries, not one. And hey, you're right, I really only gained boob weight! That's shocking to me because I've been treating myself to early Halloween candy lol
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Aw, I think you're looking amazing!! And this process DEF takes time!!! I STILL have my lefty refusing to drop at almost 6 months out!! I wanna blame the CC for that but it's ALWAYS been that way. I agree with the PP- TAKE IT EASY!! Don't too much just yet, your body has just been thru a lot of trauma and is trying to heal and repair itself. This is a critical stage in recovery where you have to be the "good" patient...lol! Keep up with the massaging, show your right one some extra love if it's being stubborn, the Vitamin E has done wonders for my girls (I take 2,000 iu daily, even tho my PS said it wouldn't help). It's made them SO incredibly soft n squishy. Don't stress too much, you're still very early in the game. And I did the same thing, went to VS and spent a small fortune on my 32DDD bras (they're HUGE, right?! Lol!!) at only 2 months post-op. And NOW, at nearly 6 months, I'm popping out of them, barely covers my nipples! Lol!! You will prob get bigger :) YAY! So try not to go too crazy (like I did). Haha. Keep your spirits up missy!! You're looking fantastic....and most importantly, you have BOOBS!!! Woohoo!! It gets better, I promise ;) Can't wait to see your girls D&F!
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Thanks for all the great help! I cannot imagine mine getting bigger lol As per the VS's associates advice, I got the 32DDD bras since I have a little bit of wiggle room in the cups so when I finish dropping they have room to do so. I only bought 2 since I knew there's a possibility for size change! Question for you about the Vitamin E: I take 400IU twice daily, but I noticed I for dl-alpha which stands for synthetic Vitamin E. I really want to take natural Vitamin E (d-alpha) not a man made one. Which one do you take? Thanks for all the compliments by the way!
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Aw, you're so welcome!! You're really coming along great! I'm not sure about the Vitamin E, I think the brand is called Nature Made and it says on the bottle 100% natural. It's def working :) I actually just ran out tho, need to get more. Hope it doesn't hurt the progress missing a few day's worth. But you're at a month post-op? I DEF got bigger after that, you can see it in my pics on my review, they looked so small then! Lol! I'm sure you'll be at least a G cup! Or a FF in UK size, that's exactly what size I am, but in a 28 band!
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Just looked at the bottle of Vitamin E...and YES, it does have the dl-alpha! All natural. I posted a pic of the bottle I have on my review for you :) HTH!
  • Reply
Thanks for the picture! I must have made a typo or something when talking about the Vitamin e. When it's dl-alpha that means it's synthetic. When it says d-alpha it's all natural. We have the same exact vitamins. If you look on the side of hone label with the astrix it says synthetic. I guess you're still good since you're seeing results!
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And I will keep you posted if I get any bigger. I cannot wrap my brain around that fact lol we shall see!
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Haha!!! They should def be dropping and fluffing some more, I think it's the "fluffing" that makes them look bigger. Lol! Once that happens, you're like WHOA! Where'd these come from?! Haha!! It's great!! Lol!! And such false advertising on the Vitamin E, "100% Natural?" I guess I should read the fine print ;) Lol. But it's def helping. And I know it's not just the Singulair cuz I started the Vit E about 2-3 weeks before and was already feeling the difference. I wish I had started it sooner! Can't wait to see your progress!!! I'm def looking forward to more updates!
  • Reply
I completely agree about the Vitamin E thing! Um what the heck their brand name is NATURE MADE. I was gonna switch to d-alpha Vitamin E but every vitamin e bottle I looked at was dl-alpha. Plus it's been helping you so I'm going to stick with it. Thanks for the support, it's so helpful!
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Okay Ms. lady if these girls need to drop and fluff we have to stay away from the gym treadmills because it will make it worst. I'm currently refraining from such activities because mines are slowly dropping as well. I do see the difference you speak of. One boob looks like it's more settled and the other one looks a little still tight. We are both in that one month mark and truth be told there's still so much room for improvement you just need to have patience and tolerance . Keep massaging. Don't use the pec muscles to much. Stay away from activities such as running. This will slow the process up and the biggest fear of getting CC can present itself . I just had a reality check today so I'm taking way easy. I'm giving myself a 3 month mark . Your gonna be okay just smile knowing that it's still way to early to really see a difference. My nipple on my right boob is pointing towards the ground a little whole my left is more centered and that's because I'm right handed and always massage with that hand the strongest so my right boob is a little slow with fluff and drop . Xoxo
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Thanks for your consistent advice! My doctor encouraged me to get back to my normal gym routine (minus chest exercises of course) so I trust him. If I hurt or get sore I would stop immediately. To be honest I don't even flat out run I do more of a light jog lol
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Your always welcome . Really I'm surprised ! I know a lot of doctors give different directions for each patient because everyone surgery is different . I'm not going against him but I heard a lot of horror stories despite the doctor giving them the okay. I'm athletic and I use to work out consistently and I would dear go jogging or even a light run . My girl listened to her doctor and got CC so despite her story and my doctors okay I'm not budging yet . I pray that all stays well with you , idk I'm not paranoid just don't want to take those chances . It's still to early . Muah xoxo
  • Reply
I hear ya. I appreciate every piece of advice I can get haha I have a 5K on Saturday (I'm definitely not running the whole thing lol) so I'll hit the gym up a couple times this week for that but I'm not going to go crazy. I agree about taking it slow though. I think I may switch to a stationary bike after the 5K.
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Chin up girlie!!! This is definitely one of those times when we have to look worse to look better. Give yourself and the girls some more time to drop to the same place. Your girls will look more symmetrical once your right drops into place and fluffs. Mine aren't the same shape either (my right is my problem girl too). Give it time and chin up! I think they will turn out great!!!
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Thanks for the advice. I'm usually a half glass full kind of girl but this is such an emotional journey I have off days. Plus I'm PMSing so instead of getting pissy like normal girls I get sad. I'm weird.
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Lady!!! Please don't freak out - it's normal, even after 2 months! I feel different about them every day too BUT I can guarantee you that they will get softer every week! Keep massaging and accept that this is a journey :)
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Ugh, it's hard not to feel down or freak out. I do notice them getting softer but I feel like the swelling at my arm pits will just be a permanent feature from now on...I thought it was weird that my PS only showed my massages to push my implants together not down, but I trust him so I'll keep plugging away...
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Don't get discouraged...lots of us here are on the same boat...I haven't dropped much in a week. I take daily pics and compare and get discouraged and I'm not even massaging so my process will be longer perhaps than those who massage. My left was slightly bigger than the right and got same size implants on both so now not sure like u how asymmetrical I will be ;( At least u know what ur ps has told u. I saw mine at 1 week post op and don't see him til 6 weeks post op (Oct 7)....so my list of questions to ask him will be long!
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Thanks for the company! Hope you have a good appt on the 7th. Keep us posted!
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