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Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28...

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28 years old, happily married for almost 7 years. We have two children, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. I've been lurking on the site for two years and now that I've officially decided to get a BA, I've joined.

My story is pretty typical: I was a small B cup prior to having kids. I loved my body (I should mention I'm 5’5 and 130lbs) and never thought I'd consider a BA. Fast forward to getting pregnant, breast feeding for a year, getting pregnant a week after I stopped nursing, then breast feeding for another year...yea my breast have disappeared haha I have NO volume left. I'm AA now.

When my second child stopped nursing in 2012 I was so depressed on how different my breasts became. I started thinking about getting a BA but didn't want to rush into a decision so I've been thinking about it since then.

I know other women can relate to this: it makes me so sad looking in the mirror. I HATE messing around with the extra padded bras so I look like I have some kind of breasts. They are so uncomfortable and never fit. When I don't wear a bra it's even more depressing. It affects the intamicy between me and my husband. I used to love doing things that involve that area with him and now most times I can't let him near my chest. I used to love my breasts, now I'm mortified.

I've decided it's time to gain my body back. I want to feel like me again, and gain confidence back. I'm going to call a few doctors to set up consultations but first I wanted to post the names of the doctors to see if any of you ladies saw them and what your opinions were. Any opinion is appreciated!

The doctors are:

Dr. Scott Chapin
Dr. David Bottger
Dr. Eric Marchant
Dr. Brain Reedy
Dr. Craig Mezrow

I'm so happy to be here; to share, to hear from everyone, to get help! :)

Booked Consultations!

So I have 3 consultations booked:

On 7/28 I see Dr. Brian Reedy
On 7/30 I see Dr. Chapin
On 8/7 I see Dr. Marchant

If anyone has personal experience with any of the doctors I'd love to hear it!

Opinions on Gummy Bear Implants?

So initially I was leaning more towards a saline implant but, after speaking to the patient coordinators and learning 95% of the time the doctors use gel implants, I'm more curious about them.

I love how it's impossible for them to leak and wrinkle. One thing a patient coordinator told me was that they are very predictable, which was a concern for me.

Has anyone gotten the gummy bear implants and want to share their opinion on them? I'd love to hear any personal experience with them! =)


Pictures of Wish Boobs

Consultation with Dr. Reedy

Yesterday I had my first BA consultation! It was exciting to talk to a plastic surgeon for the first time after years of wanting this. I met with Dr. Brian Reedy and I'll summarize my appointment in case anyone is researching him.

The office was clean and comfortable, the staff was friendly. I had to wait 40 minutes because he took an emergency patient (someone came in who just had a BA from another doctor and was suffering from a capsular contraction and she switched to Dr. Reedy for a solution) so of course I wasn't upset. Another patient coordinator (Steph, very nice) got me started since Olivia was still with the emergency case. We talked about basic wishes, medical stuff. She left then Olivia and the doctor came in. We talked and he examined me. He pointed out that the left side of my ribcage is a tad more prominent than my right (seriously? That's new to me lol) so he said when I do get implants, if I scrutinize it, I may notice the left is a little fuller than the right. He also noted how I will always have a gap ("one and a half fingers width") between my breasts because that's just how my body is. He said we can fix that with implants but I'd have to go very big but I said I'm totally okay with a little gap. He looked and my wish pictures and pictures of boobs that scare me and discussed them. Then he recommended I go with a smooth, round, moderate plus cohesive gel implant under the muscle ($6,975). I was surprised about the round implant, I'd thought I'd be getting the anatomical shape because I love that sloped look but he said because I have very little upper breast tissue I need round. Makes sense! He said he will still give me that sloped look with the round implant. Everything he suggested was pretty on par with what I was thinking, thanks to years of researching.

So after that, he left and I tried on sizers! Best part obviously haha. I tried on Natrelle gummy bears in sizes 397ccs, 421ccs, and 492 ccs. I loved how I looked in the 421ccs but they were a hair too small, plus I know I'd loose some ccs even more under the muscle. The 492 ccs were amazing and if I choose Dr. Reedy I'm thinking I'll go with them.

I'm very happy I brought two shirts, a tight tank top and a tight-ish white t shirt. I took one of the tightest tanks I own to see how my bare arms looked and to get an obvious view of the sizer. Then I brought the white shirt since it's my typical wardrobe, tight but a little loose. The same sizer looked different in each t shirt and it was great to see that first hand.

After the sizers I spoke with Olivia again and she said if I wanted to schedule they have some openings at the end of August since Dr. Reedy added more surgery dates for the busy season. I was itching to book but I know I'd regret not getting a second opinion (my second consultation is tomorrow) and sleeping on it.

Overall I was so happy and loved Dr. Reedy and his staff. No complaints here and unless Dr. Chapin is somehow better, I'll book with Dr. Reedy. I'll update about my second consultation on Wednesday! I hoped this helped someone! =)

Photos of Sizers

Consultation with Dr. Chapin

This morning I had my second consultation with Dr. Scott Chapin. The office was gorgeous and clean. I didn't have to wait that long and a nurse took me into a room to get my basic information down. Then Maria, my patient coordinator, spoke with me and gave the basic low down of the types of implants, why the use textured implants, etc. I changed, and Maria and Dr. Chapin came in. He examined me, took some measurements and we talked. We discussed my expectations and what he would recommend. He recommended round, textured under the muscle, infra mammary incision. He was polite, funny and relaxed. He had fantastic credentials and I felt at ease with him. After he left I tried on sizers (so fun) and loved the 487cc's. Maria spoke to us about the cost, saying it would be a $7,100 and right now through July they are having a special if you use the Sientra implants you get $600 off. So my price would be $6,500.

Overall, everyone was kind and the office was very beautiful. Dr. Chapin was smart, confident and relaxed. He made me feel very comfortable which I appreciated.

Booked Surgery!

I chose Dr. Reedy and booked surgery for Wednesday, 8/27! My pre op appointment is 8/13. Oh my goodness, it's finally real! Now I can let myself be excited and prepare! I just had to share! =D

I need encouragement.

Hey ladies. I need some reassurance and help (which is what we do best here, I think!). My pre op is in 11 days and my surgery in 25. Ever since I made my appointments I've been getting more and more worried. I'll admit I'm a worrier (most mamas are) but before a couple of days ago I've been confident.

I'm struggling with fears of not knowing how they will turn out. What if my nipples are pointing in different directions (they don't now) or what if I hate how they look? Am I messing up my already messed up breasts? What if I am paying for a mistake I'll live with my whole life?

I'm really struggling with size. I tried on the 492 sizers and I looked amazing. I loved them! But should I go up to 533's since I'm going under the muscle? I don't mind the 533's at all but what if I get those and my skin can't hold them up and I bottom out? What if I do get the 492's and they're too small and don't look like my sizer pictures?

Each day passes and my fears increase. I know I'll feel better talking to the doctor and asking specific questions and the wait in the worst part. I know what my problem is: it's mental. I'm letting myself stew and spin.

I need to pass the time until my pre op. With a 4.5 and 3 year old it's tough. I've been throwing myself into my small business which helps (not to mention it brings in extra cash). I've been trying to stay upbeat and do positive affirmations but they aren't sticking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or just some kind words?

I appreciate the opportunity just to type this out. Thanks for listening.

Thank you RealSelf Ladies!

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who reassured me. You girls rock! This is what I love about this site: a lot of women who support each other no matter what.

I feel much better! Everyones kind words were like medicine to my heart. On top of that I wanted to do something fun so my sister and I went shopping. We had a great time and lots of laughs. I treated myself to Victoria's Secret and bought a zip and cropped sweatpants for surgery day. This is a big deal for me since I'm a Walmart/Target budget shopper!

I also bought two bralettes from Target ($14) each in a size large. I figured if they don't fit, not big deal. Buying those bralettes made me very happy and excited for surgery. I can't wait to full those babies out! haha

Thank you everyone again. You guys are the best.

Pre Op Appointment! Scary at first, but now very happy.

Today I had my pre op appointment and it went well. I will admit I'm a little overwhelmed with the information, which is surprised me since I've researched this for years (and follow tons of women on RS) so none of the info I got was new. But I think because it's actually my turn it became real and mind boggling haha

So I'm going to do a quick breakdown of the appointment for others who are considering Berks Plastic Surgery. I spent a while with the nurse who went over paperwork and medical questions. She explained the prescriptions to me and answered any medical questions. She also took before pictures. (On a fun note I got a free see salt scrub and free moisturizer as a thank you gift. Both containers are huge!) After that I met with Olivia (my patient coordinator), tried on sizers again and we talked about concerns. Then Dr. Reedy came in and we talked about how I'd like to go with the 533cc's. He examined me again and said he thinks they would be good for me but he is going to order the 492cc's in case the bigger option is too big or doesn't fit. I am perfectly happy with either size and fully trust him. I brought new wish pictures (the first set I brought were of women with different bodies so they were not realistic) and he was able to point out how I was most likely going to turn out. He said I'll be in the DD range which I'm very happy with. After that it was just a little bit more paperwork and setting up a couple of post op appointments and that was it. It was a great appointment and the office staff was wonderful. Especially my patient coordinator, Olivia, and another coordinator whom I spoke with a few times, Steph. Both women put me at ease and felt like old friends. They were honest, kind and did wonders for my nerves.

So now I have to talk about my emotional reaction to implant sizes. I tried on the 533's and they looked too big on me. Olivia and I discussed how much I loved the 492 sizers and if I want to look like that I need to go up to the 533's. Logically I knew this and I understand but standing there in the 533's my mind just went crazy and I started getting scared. I'm surprised I reacted this way since I'm fully aware of boobie greed (and how I want to avoid that) and I know I'm picking the right choice for me and my body type. But it was hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I'm getting the 533s's and they looked crazy but they won't look like that in me. I started falling into that trap of being scared by the numbers. When Dr. Reedy was with me he said I will look sexy. That threw me for a loop because my definition of sexy is cleavage out, tight shirts, low cut...and I don't want to look like a porn star. But after talking with him I realized when he said sexy he means I will be curvaceous and hourglass (which is my goal). I was scared I won't be able to do rowing and treadmill and such but he said he would never make me look terrible or crazy and I need to trust him. On the way out of the office, Olivia was amazing and said something that made me feel wonderful. She said, 'I can see in your eyes you are getting scared and having doubts. Look in my eyes, you have the perfect game plan for you. You know your stuff, you've done your research. You know the 533's will look like 492's and thats what you love. Do not think about the numbers. If Dr. Reedy or I thought it was too big we would have said so immediately.' This was exactly what I needed to hear. And I know she is right.

The final decision is (drumroll please!): 533cc's moderate plus, smooth, silicone cohesive gel. Under the muscle, imframammary incision. If for some reason the 533's don't work out he will use 492's. Which frankly is fantastic because anything's an improvement! lol

Now I need to get blood work done and fill my prescriptions within the next couple of days. Then I wait and the official countdown begins! I'm so excited!

Forgot to mention!

I forgot to mention my implants will be round. Can't forget to put that in! haha

Only 9 days left!

I cannot believe I can officially say that next week is my surgery! NEXT WEEK! I am feeling 95% excited, 5% nervous. I'm a little nervous about recovery and how long it will take for me to feel 100%. But overall I am super pumped and can't wait!

I've been keeping busy to pass the time. Lot of play dates and day trips with my family. We moved into our dream home 5 months ago so I've been having fun painting. Yesterday I painted the kitchen a pale gray, today I'm painting out dining room a gorgeous blue. I started deep cleaning my home so the day before my surgery I can do a quick light cleaning.

I have to say I've a wonderful sense of freedom due to the fact that I do not care what size I get. If my PS puts in 533cc's, great! If my PS puts in 492cc's, great! I have no preference and that feels amazing. There's zero anxiety about numbers; I trust my doctor. I know I am going to look fantastic and this will be life changing. And hey, anything is better than what I got so I'll take it!
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Great, will do! I've heard great things about Vitamin E so I was gonna look into that too. Thanks a bunch!
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I'm so excited for you! Your 533 ccs are going to look amazing, and your trust your PS and he knows what he's doing and what you want. Things will work out :) I totally understand what you're saying though about boob greed. I keep thinking, maybe I should get bigger? But I'm afraid it'll really affect my running, other workouts, etc. and I'm unsure what the perfect cc balance is between the look I want and not impeding my regular life. So hugs - I sympathize!
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It's a nice feeling knowing I'm not alone. In a way, I realized there are a few different sizes that will fulfill my needs/wants so I've choices. Letting go of that anxiety or that exact amount of cc's was very freeing. Either way we are gonna be sooooo hot so it's a win win right there! lol
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Word! :) He'll make you look amazing regardless of the cc size!
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I was super nervous too!! Even canceled my BA surgery just prior over a year ago. I'm a worrier too!! And although I knew it was doing this for me I was saying to myself "are u sure??". This time I had a consult (I had been randomly going to them) I just knew this dr was right and booked for 5 days later lol!! I'm so so happy I did it and wish I had years ago!!! There is nothing to be nervous about. Honestly! You will be so happy :) Sending calming thoughts your way :)
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You're so nice! Thanks!
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Super excited for you! You will look fab - I know it! Can't wait to find out final size!
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Thank you darling!
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How exciting!!!
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Ah I know! I mean the birth of my 2 children was the best, obviously, but this is up there!
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It is!! You'll see.
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Good luck!
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Thank you! :)
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Excited for you hon :) any questions feel free to ask :)'I am 9 days post op:)
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Thanks! How are you feeling 9 dpo? I gave a surprise party and a nice restaurant 11 dpo and I'm curious how I'll feel. I know everyone is different but I've been looking up a few women and referencing their journey around that time and they seem okay.
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I'm going to a surprise* ah autocorrect!
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Good luck on your new journey.
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Awesome!!! I am happy for you! Don't be scared with the size difference remember it's not much and u lose some cc ' s going under the muscle :)
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Thanks! I'm 90% excited, 10% nervous. I started having boob dreams a couple nights ago so now I think about breasts two million times a day and even at night lol
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I completely understand your struggle! I loved the 457, but then wonder if I should do the 492 just to be on the bigger side of what I want. It is a crazy struggle, and I laugh at myself for how much time I spend thinking about cc's! I'm putting my trust into my PS. He will have both sizes available in OR and go with what looks best for me. Good luck on your upcoming surgery and just relax and know that you got this!
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Thanks! Good luck to you as well! My PS is doing the same thing, going for what looks best for me in the OR. And you're right- we got this! We are gonna look sexxxyyyy haha
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Your ordeal over the cc amount at your pre-op sounds so much like my experience. I loved the 533 but per my PS recommendation went with the 575. And I have never ever regretted it. It is a small amount difference. I know how the numbers can freak you out. But your PS is basing this on many more factors with your measurements, etc. I had to realize that for myself. I went in thinking 350 bc that is what a lot of women here were getting. That was flat out not realistic for my body. Trust your PS, breathe, and know that you are going to look beautiful and incredibly natural. Hugs!
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You're so right, it took me a couple of pep talks to realize that numbers mean nothing. I love both sizes and will be so grateful for either! It will be an improvement and I'll look curvaceous and those and my goals. Thank you for the compliments, made me smile!
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