ZOOM Not Worth the Money Unless U Can Get a HUGE Discount

So I read a bunch of the reviews before I went...

So I read a bunch of the reviews before I went & thus was very scared going in. I paid $69.00 because I had a new patient coupon with a cleaning and xrays. (you must enter normally charged price in review)

I used Sensodyne for about a week before I went. At the office I expressed my concerns to the tech and she assured me she would do an exceptional job covering all soft tissues~ one of my concerns was getting burned or blistered. The tech told me that she did zoom & it was extremely painful afterward & she made it through 2.5 sessions out of 4. This news freaked me out even more, but I was at the appt already. The tech spent a lot of time covering me up, put the potent bleach on my teeth and started the zoom light. The first session went by fast- the only discomfort was the heat accumulating. Since I'm a bit OCD, I made her reapply the lip protector after session 1. Then we started session 2. I was starting to doze off when my first HUGE zinger came! It was so intense I was jolted back into the seat. After that all kinds of juices where flowing in my mouth. I then started feeling the sensitivity. I freaked out & made her stop. With 3 minutes to go in the 2nd session, the tech asked me if I wanted to continue or tap out. I decided to finish session 2 and reevaluate after. I started sweating because I was anticipating the next big zinger. After session 2 I felt okay but I mentally freaked myself out & decided I’m not vain enough to go through session 3.

That night was slightly painful, but fine~ I hung out with a friend & had conversation. I have used bleaching trays before, so the feeling of sensitivity came & went with no problem. I do get spots, but they blend over the course of a few days. My teeth were lighter than the lightest shade to start, so considering I only did 2 sessions I didn't see any drastic changes. I think they brightened up a little, but then again I didn't go through that much pain either. However, my lips were extremely dry and wrinkly after for a few days, and my gums where red and sensitive- I think no matter how much they cover everything, you still get burning. Your mouth heals very quickly, so it really isn't a huge deal.

For $69 bucks I'm glad I tried it out. I would have killed myself if I spent $400 like I considered in the past. My advice to you is to get a deal if you REALLY want to do it- and express your concerns to the tech beforehand--threaten them to do a great job covering your soft tissue!

Looking back, I kind of wish I would have suffered through session 3. But maybe I would have experienced more serious burns and excruciating pain...who knows...maybe stopping after 2 was a good move. One reviewer said she wishes she stopped after 2 instead of making it through 3. Taking the chance to push onward runs the risk of more pain, but I probably would have lightened a full shade or so. O well.

I don't think I will do it again. I'll stick to the trays. Gradually bleaching over time is a better option- and cheaper :0) --unless you have serious staining. The picture I provided was taken on my cell phone, so obviously the quality isn't ideal~ and who knows if the lighting is really depicting how my teeth came out- & remember my teeth were white to start.

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Nice tech who listened to all my concerns. Up to date office.

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