AZ Kitty - 4 weeks PO and HELLO.....C A R D I O

Hey Everyone..... I am a 48 year YOUNG mother of 3...

Hey Everyone..... I am a 48 year YOUNG mother of 3 boys (27, 25 and 21) They were all very large babies (9, 9.2 and 10.4 lbs) and let's add the breast feeding to that...... not great on the body. I have been happily married to my WUV BUG for over 28 years.....and am blessed that he supports me on this journey. (Although, he tells me all the time he loves me the way I am) I should also mention that I lost "me" for a while while raising them and my weight hit a all time high of 271. I am now back to "healthy me", and have lost a little over 80 lbs and currently weigh 190. I am 5' 9" tall and currently wear size M/L in tops. Size 12 in "most" dresses and skirts....but, the darn jeans are still size 14. (BOOOOOOOO) I am hoping to be at 180 prior to surgery...... I currently workout 6 days week, 3 times with a personal trainer and 3 days on cardio. I have been working with the trainer for over 6 months and that has really helped tone me up, but that "apron" is not going anywhere no matter what!!!! It is time to say good-bye to the apron that I have carried for way to long. I have scheduled my full tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation for March 15th, 2012 and I CANNOT WAIT. I am super excited.....and of course nervous regarding the surgery. I have had minor surgery before, so that part does not scare me.....well maybe a "little". The surgery is to last around 5 hours...... So most of my fear comes with not wanting to be SICK when I wake up and to make it through the first few days!! My surgeon keeps telling me that if I can deliver those big babies this will not be that bad. He also uses a pain pump for the first 3-4 days that slowly puts medication directly on the muscle repair of my abs. Has anyone else had this and does it work/help? Anyway, I am super excited to get this done....we have a son getting married the end of June on the a resort....and I would love to look good for that!! I will post pictures soon.....yeah, as soon as I get the courage up... I will post them though, as I have found them really helpful in all of your postings. Happy Friday all .....make it a good one

1-16-2012 Received all my pre-op paperwork in...


Received all my pre-op paperwork in the mail.... Kinda a small novel to read..... lots of info to review and digest. Seems so far away and yet so soon!!! Ready to no longer carry around this apron!!!

kitty hello sweetie you ready hun !!!!! Time will go by real fast!!!
I have to say that you will be amazed after! Congrats on your new journey! I just started mine 18 days ago! The hard part is waiting...but it will be here before you know it. Keep posting and can't wait to hear how everything goes for you....many prayers your way!
Girl your going to look so awesome can't wait to see your after pic's

February 1st.......Oh my, I am now 7 weeks away...

February 1st.......Oh my, I am now 7 weeks away from surgery.... It seems so far and yet so close at the same time. It is all I can think about anymore....well that and trying to drop 10 lbs. Having blood work done tomorrow to see how my thyroid meds are doing....seems like the stress of thinking about this surgery is playing havoc with my meds. Will be nice to see what the results are..... There is a part of me that worries about not making it through surgery, but I am trying to "store" that emotion in the very back of my head.... I need to focus on how wonderful I will feel after surgery/healing. Happy Wednesday Ladies...Hope you are all doing well and ready to ROCK this day.
Hey look amazing and congrats on the weight loss. I feel the pain on the "not losing" any lately......I have been stuck on the same weight also..... Damn thyroid...... Anyway, you are just before me....please keep me posted on your progress. We are going to be so happy to have this done.... That darn hanging skin has to GO!!!! I can't wait to have a flat tummy again....oh and to have boobs "high and tight" again.... WHOOHOOOO..... I think we will be fine back at our desk jobs in 2 weeks...... my surgeon feels that should not be a problem for me...
AZkitty- Ia m tall too and lost 150 pounds on my own, I am 5'10 and around 205 I have not lost any way in months even though I work out like a nut! You look great though I cant wait to see how you make out!!! Kimwalk gives me hope I was hoping to go back to work after 2 weeks, I sit at a desk so I think I can do it!!!
Good to hear Kimwalk.... I think I should be fine too....I am in good shape and work out 6 days a week....3 days with a personal trainer that I think is trying to kill me on most days.. She does not let you slide by anything. I am so looking forward to having this done....and like you... WHY did we not do this YEARS ago!! Silly us!!!!

2-12-12 Okay....I am adding some more "awful"...

Okay....I am adding some more "awful" preop pics. Some in my bathing can't get any the only direction is BETTER!!! THIS IS WHY I DON'T DO YOGA picture. Oh my...... I cringe everytime I am doing push ups!!! Excited for my time to be here and this tummy to GO AWAY...FAR...FAR....AWAY. On an up note....been buying work dresses in size 10, Which I am loving. Also, bought a pair of skinny jeans in jr. size 13. Although, my weight has not dropped much, my working out seems to be working. My trainer keeps telling me to quit looking at the scale and focus on how clothes fit.....I sure hope my PS feels the same way when I go for my pre-op. Hope all you ladies are doing well...... love this site and support it is providing. Happy Sunday!!!!
You are going to look amazing! Woohoo to buying smaller clothes!!
Can wait to here how your appt goes...... I am getting more and more excited as time passes. I know that the end result is so going to be worth the pain of the first few days..... Boobs that are no longer under my armpits when I lay down. (take that gravity) and a stomach that no longer hangs to the floor. Yep.....we are going to rock the summer of 2012. Can't wait to here how your appt goes!!!! Happy Monday Girl!!!

2-24-2012 Just returned home from my pre-op appt...

Just returned home from my pre-op appt with my hubby. He is such a great support....and I am really blessed to have him. Appt went awesome...lots of information... Need to go pick up my meds, gauze, surgical stockings....and a few other items. The "lovely" before pics were less than fun to take..... LESS being the key word. The poor gal taking them had to retake several shots as the PS was not happy with the pose.... He finally peeked his head in and said sorry...I am just a perfectionist. Now.....that was music to my ears. I amy happy to have a perfectionist doing my surgery. He made both my husband and I both feel so at ease throughout the appt. We went over my breast implant size and he is going to go for a nice D, which is just what I want. We also discussed my excess skin...aka apron.....he are gonna LOVE your results. He had me relax and then suck in my stomach....and will be nice and flat when this is all over. Overall a great day.....more excited than ever to have this done !!!! I know there will be pain, but it is all gonna be worth it!! Happy Healing to you all out there....and thanks so much for the great support!!!!
I am so excited for you!!!!! I just had my 6week post op.....can't believe how time flashes by. My dr laughed at me stating for such a large surgery....6 weeks isn't much. Lol It's tough but you will be soo happy! Keep us up to date. Kudos to the hubby!!!!!
Time will surely fly by! It seems like I just had my pre op and now I'm day 3 post op! You'll love it!!!
AZ- oh yeah hun, you had a good pre op!! My PS takes the pics himself-same reason he said the girls never take them right, LOL I know how hard you worked for this getting into shape and you are going to look fabulous!!!!

3-1-2012 So March 1st ........and my surgery is...

So March 1st ........and my surgery is 3-15!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it....not sure how to make it through the next two weeks. My honey has a terrible cold and I am so afraid I am going to get it and have to change my surgery date. I NEVER get sick, so fingers crossed I remain healthy. I am a little worried since I can no longer take my vitamins (or anything else)....... this ole body of mine best not fail me now!! I am real self addict these days.....and I have to admit....J E A L O U S of all of you on the healing side. Does that make me bad...crazy.....strange.. Crap, I do qualify for all of those things! I am so happy for all you ladies out there, and excited for my day to arrive. I can't wait for the new me to emerge from surgery. The pre-op lady kinda has me scared...telling me she had this surgery and how painful it was for her. Then when I talked to the PS, I told him.....I am not really worried too much about it, cause so many of you have done so well, that I am going to attack this head on with a positive vibe. He told me that a positive outlook will certainly help with the healing process. Good thing I have lots going on the next couple of weeks to make time fly......although, I feel like the clock is standing still these days. Thanks for all your support and you all R O C K !!!
I am one month and one day behind you. I am so excited I can't think straight so I know you must be over the top. Reading some of the stories on here about the pain has me kind of worried. Not enough to call it off though. I look at the people that say it's not worth it and then I look at all the people that say even with all the pain they would do it again. I can not wait!!! I'm not even through the TT and already I'm thinking about getting my boobs done. Who knows with my belly gone maybe the girls wont look as small.
Hey Angel......I try not to think about the pain involved. I am going in with the "glass half full" theory. I know the first 3 days are gonna suck, but heck......I am okay with 3 days of pain for a flat stomach. I have wanted this done before I was even 40, but I talked myself out of it because of the money. Not this time....I am tired...and I mean tired of carry this spare tire around my middle. I am not a tiny girl either....5'9" and 190. I can wear most dresses in sizes 10 -12. BUT....jeans I still struggle with because of the apron I carry.... I would love to just end up a size 12 jeans. I am tall and athletic and that would be just fine with this girl. I laugh about the husband told me why do one and not the other...I might as well only have one surgery and be done. Ready for my girls to no longer be residents of my armpits.... It is gonna be great girl......we are on a road to a youthful outside to go with our inside!!!
You are getting closer. I think you are right, positive attitude changes everything :)

So......panic mode is in full swing today.....I...

So......panic mode is in full swing today.....I may have taken on more than I should so close to surgery... My honey and I have taken in a close friend's kiddo to live with us for the next 6 months while he attends flight school. So....he and his mother have been here since mid last week.....Mom is staying until the 13th..... THEN....another one her siblings...who is a great friend of mine flying in tomorrow to spend the weekend with us.....AND my older brother from Iowa is arriving tonight for the weekend. is the honey......who has been struggling with a cold and cough. (which I am more than a little worried about getting) finally went to the doctor today and he has walking pnuemonia. that is what I want to get before surgery. I feel so bad for him...... they gave him meds and a ZPAC so I am hoping he turns the corner on it quickly. In the mean time....I am moving to a blow up mattress tonight along with some of my house guests. Guess it is time for a slumber party. OH MY.....I just need to get through this busy week and weekend....... The good part is, maybe I won't have all kinds of time to worry about surgery. I will be doing a lysol/clorox wipe down of all door handles and counters tonight.......
Only a few more days! I remember that anxious feeling. You will be happy to get to the other side. It is a 100% worth it now that I am 15 days out. You are going to look amazing.
Well at least time will fly by, mama! I think you should be taking some extra vitamin C this next week! Pamper yourself and get enough sleep and i bet you'll be fine. OMG you are so close! Exciting!!!!
Wow, that is a lot,but you will have some definite things to keep your mind off of surgery. Healing wishes for your husband!

3-11-2012 Sunday....Sunday....Sunday...... ...


Sunday....Sunday....Sunday...... Thursday is only a few days away and I cannot wait. Cannot wait......I ATE terrible this weekend........ so back on track for me. I also went to VS today and bought some pre-surgery panties to take pictures in .....that way I can take pics in the same ones after surgery. Also bought a new bikini bottom.......thinking about taking before and after in them.....not sure I will post them though...depends how good my tummy looks after and where my incision line is.

Not really worried yet....... I feel pretty upbeat going in. I will have my pain pump for the frist five days....I have oxycotton and muscle relaxers. So I am feeling pretty confident....I know it is gonna suck for a few days....but the journey will be worth the outcome. BRING it on....this girl is ready to rock and roll......
Thursday will be here before you know it. Good luck.
Good luck!! You are going to do great, yeah for pain pumps and MR, OMG if I would have known I would have gotten jacked with some good drugs, LOL

THURSDAY is almost here...... I am so ready to...

THURSDAY is almost here...... I am so ready to go and get this surgery done....not even scared or worried...YET? Did 90 minute session last night with the personal trainer......doing RPM (spin) at 5:30 AM tomorrow and then another 90 minute session with trainer...... Tonight is date night with my honey.......and yes I am having a Blue Moon with a spash of OJ. Looking forward to a great night out......then busy day tomorrow.......THEN ....................NEW ME!!!! Whooo hooo bring it is almost game day!

Just returned from a great dinner date with my...

Just returned from a great dinner date with my honey........ have everything ready to go..... busy day tomorrow and then NEW ME!! This has been a long journey back to me....two years ago in April, I made the decision to get back to me. I had managed to allow myself to hit an all time weight amount of 271 lbs..... That was a size 22 !!! Oh my........I was an active child who grew up on a farm...worked hard and was always thin growin up with my 4 brothers. Somewhere in my early 40's I lost myself and gained....gained ....and gained. I was truly a picture of what I ate.... Today I am down to 189......size 10 - 12..... I am not looking to be much smaller... I am tall and athletic and that is good with me. Just want a youthful body ....and flat tummy to match my inside. I have worked was not easy....and I am very happy. I amy ready for the adventure to continue with my Mommy Makeover. This site and you ladies provide support that is amazing on so many levels. I hope you all are healing well.......count your many blessings......Life is good!!
As I type this you have t minus 5 hours (eastern time) until your surgery. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! You will look amazing. Please take the recovery easy and know that it is a PROCESS! Yes you'll be swollen. Yes it will hurt. Yes walking will be awkward with your back all hunched. Yes the drains will be a royal pain. But the best part? It will be SOOOOO worth it!

I'm thinking of you for tomorrow morning and sending wishes for a smooth, painfree surgery! Please update when you are up to it. :-)
You will blink and be on the otherside!!!
Life is good! Tomorrow will go by quickly and before you know it, it'll be next Monday and you'll be at PO Day 4! :o)

NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY..... I am spending a quiet...

NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY..... I am spending a quiet night at home...turkey burger and 1/2 baked potato with my honey. Can't believe that tomorrow is surgery. I am getting the nervous tummy tonight. I did not sleep well last night, but on an up note, I had a dream that my scars were amazing, thin and low. Hoping that is a good sign. I am sure I will not sleep much tonight either....glad my surgery is at 7:30 AM. (have to arrive at 6:30 AM). Gonna take a nice long bath tonight.... Up early and washing and drying my hair. I am kinda freaked out by the fact that my PS does not allow showers until AFTER the drains come out....and he had informed me that will be day 10 at the earliest. YIKES.... I shower and do my hair everyday....that is gonna be tough. PLUS...I go back to work on day day 11. Might be watching TV into the weeeee hours of the night........

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.

I'm thinking of you!! I couldn't shower until after drains were removed either - day 9!! It felt so good :)
Good luck tomorrow. I will be a week behind you, can't wait to hear how things go.

GAME DAY!!!!! Showered and ready to head to...


Showered and ready to head to the surgery center.....THANKS everyone for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes... They are certainly appreciated. In a few hours when I wake up I will have boobs that no longer have residency in my armpits and a flat tummy. This girl is ready to rock today.
I hope everything went well today and that you rest as peacefully as possible tonight.
Good luck today... speedy recovery and as little pain as possible to you !
good luck today. You are going to looing amazing

Day 1 PO Hey all....I have made it home into my...

Day 1 PO

Hey all....I have made it home into my nesting chair. Surgery went well...just under 5 hours. I was nauseous .....and vomited several times. That was awful. I was able to keep crackers down in the middle of the night. My PS told my husband, she is gonna be thrilled once the swelling goes away. The pain is not awful...if I am in my recliner. Hurts like a no other when I have to stand up ....walk and go to the bathroom. It is all cool....willing to have a fews days of pain, for the long haul results. I will try to post pictures later today... Oh, and my hubby is the best caretaker. So lucky to have him support me through this journey. Hope you are all doing well.
Welcome to recovery!!! You sound like you're starting off like I did - the vomiting was SO painful, I'm glad your over that part and home in your chair with your loving hubby. Rest and repeat "the pain is temporary, the new sexy body is forever" xoxo
Yay AZ!! You did it!! Glad you are home and resting and that hubbs is taking good care of you!
Hubbies are the best. Glad to hear your home now! The BEST is yet to come.. and the pain will soon be a distant memory.. And yes the end results will be worth it!

Day 2 PO...... So far so good this morning.......

Day 2 PO......

So far so good this morning.....I am hardly draining anything... Does anyone have any feedback on that. Like only 10 or less every 4 - 6 hours. I do feel that my CG is snug..... Am I doing something wrong cause I keep thinking I should be draining more. Still comfortable until I have to get up...that is still a pain in my you know what.

Day 2 PO Added a couple of pictures....very...

Day 2 PO
Added a couple of pictures....very swollen.....

Okay......I have only drained 26 on one drain and...

Okay......I have only drained 26 on one drain and 16 on the other drain in the last 24 hours. I have my CG as snug as I can handle it. Should I be worried that I am not draining much??? So far the pain pump has been a lifesaver. I have only taken pain pills once today, although I will take them again before bedtime. It is still difficult to get up....OUCH, but once I get moving around it is a little better. Hurts like heck to laugh or cough.....Any input on the drains is welcomed....
You look wonderful! GREAT results!!
You look amazing! Wow!
Wow - look at those PERKY GIRLS and FLAT TUMMY!!!! You look awesome AZ!!

Day 3 PO Feeling okay today....thinking I will...

Day 3 PO
Feeling okay today....thinking I will not need pain meds today. Still sucks to walk...and of course my back muscles are pissed from doing all the work while leaning over. I am still very turtle slow, but feel I am heading in the right direction. I have a post op apt tomorrow...pain pump will be going (yeah...once less thing to tangle me up)....not sure I will get rid of drains.....already preparing myself for that.

I did kneal in the tub this mornng and my husband helped with a sponge bath....that felt wonderful...brushed my teeth....and am dressed. What are you girl doing for your HAIR. No showers allowed for me until drains are gone and my hair looks and feels like crap.... What are you ladies doing for this.....suggestions are very welcome!!!!

Day 3 PO (evening) Well, I do think the the...

Day 3 PO (evening)

Well, I do think the the swell hell might just be starting to set in for me........feeling much more bloated tonight, but really not putting out any additional fluids to my drains. I had my honey tighten my CG nice and snug to see if that helps. Again, I am not taking the pain meds anymore, but can't imagine that is related to swelling. I think it is just that time for me..... Oh well, just another part of this journey......I keep trying to take it all with a grain of salt and to remember I will be pleased with the outcome. On a another note....I feel like my boobs looks square.....gonna have to ask about that for sure tomorrow. I am guessing it is just the swelling.....I just don't want spongebob square pants shaped boobs. Hope everyone is healing and resting well tonight....take care al
You look great! I can't wait for my MM in june
Hey I wasn't allowed to take a shower for a week either but I HAD to wash my hair......I have a stand alone shower so what I did is I got on all fours and just put my head in the shower and my hubby washed it. We have a removable shower head so it made it a lot easier. Maybe go to a salon too. It would probably hurt to sit down and lean all the way back like they typically have you do, but maybe you could sit on your knees and go face forward in the sink. Just a thought.......good luck to you!
No shower but i has one wit tubes nurse gave me one but alls i did is lean over shower n sister helped wash hair cause energy sucked

DAY 4 PO I am my first post op appt today.........


I am my first post op appt today...... The pain pump was removed as well as all the tapng on all the incisions....that kinda hurt. I was fitted with a new and shall I say "very sexy" (not) girdle that I need wear 24/7. Gotta love the lovely eye hooks in the crouch stuff. It takes both myself and my husband to get the darn thing......which could explain the eye hooks and zipper on one side.. I do feel nice and snug and comfy. I am pretty much med free....just taking a MR at bedtime. I was given the "just cause you feel good lecture" by both the PS and his assisant.....I bascially need to be a couch potato this week. I go back on Friday and the drains come out...WHOO HOO...that means I will get to take a shower. I discussed that fact that my boobs are smaller than I hoped...and he exlplaned by the time he did the lift and with the little tissue I had left, he could only put the size implants in that he did. He used a 450 on one side and a 425 on the other. He assures me that once the swelling is gone and the girls drop in place I will be one happy lady. He told me I did a great job losing all the weight....there was no fat behing the skin he removed.....just all skin. Now....I just need to be patient and wait for my final results. Hope everyone is doing well.....this girl LOVES seeing no fat tube when she sits down that rest on her thigh....... LOVING it so far
No kidding I was like please keep refilling the flexerel I am like a junkie I cant take it during the day though or it makes me too sleepy, really none of the other pain things help. I put on this flexees thing now tonight, OMG it is so tight, hubby had to help me in it! I went shopping and made him and my son watch the show, LOL My son is like why are your hips so big now, I said its the swelling, it didnt help an 11 year old noticed, LOL But who cares I feel good for the first time in 18 days! I am going to enjoy it cause tomorrow might be bad again! LOL I think your boobies will be fine they take several weeks to settle!! You are going to be loving that tummy!! It is amazing! I was never thin my whole life and to see that flat belly is just amazing!
Shopping sounds fun.....even with the swelling. You just have to remember....your swelling can last up to six months. I know that NONE of us want to hear that, but we are on a road of patience this girl is not good at. Six months from now we will all look back and laugh ........while we are rocking our hot new bodies. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy..........each day is now glass half full day!! You have come so far....nothing can stop you now girl!!
Man that is amazing I wish I would have had one of those pain pump things, the MR is the thing that killed me to this day, all that huge incision I have that doest hurt it was the MR, I am scared to get my Breast lift, but then I think after this what could be worse? LOL I dont think I will ever have something like this again!

DAY 5 PO I am feeling amazing......seems way...


I am feeling amazing......seems way too soon, but I do feel great. I got up early before my honey this morning and "FREED" myself from my granny bra and girdle. For a gal that has slept naked for her entire marriage (29 years) that stuff is driving me crazy already. I took it all off and got back in bed naked........that was wonderful. I still need my honey's help getting into that darn girdle....there is a reason is has both eye hooks and a zipper......GEEZ!!!

Looking forward to Friday when these drains come out....they are draining amlost nothing, but I have to be paitent until Friday. THEN....I finally get to take a shower....did you hear me a shower. I cannot is going to be the highlight of my day....gonna soak it up and stay in there until I have used up all the hot water in the house. Don't care if I am sitting or standing or what.....I just can't wait.

I am trying to be a good patient.....on the couch....resting and relaxing...... COME ON FRIDAY........I think I love you!!!

Happy Day everyone....hope you are all doing well and feeling FINE!!! anyone having problems with a red... anyone having problems with a red killer rash on their backs... I think this is due to the fact that I am laying MUCH more than I ever would on my back and sweating too....that along with the fact that I never wear anything to bed. It is starting on my tummy today too.... Anyone else.....should I call my PS tomorrow. My back is honey put on some cortizone tonight...not sure if that is what I should use.. HELP!!!
Sounds like you are getting some prickly heat or something maybe from laying and it being hot? I sleep naked too, and this crap sucks, LOL I was so glad to finally not wear a bra, 17 days of contant bra to clip the drains, ughghg. I gotta wrap the tummy though I am wearing those tight garments now I can hardly get them up and down but man they are helping the swelling, so I keep wearing them! I cant wait to see the new pics!!!
Bejewlme...I too think it is a heat rash....can't wait to rid myself of these garments... How long before we can sleep on our sides....staying on my back is half the problem? I have my next post op on Friday...drains are coming out then....they are not draining much in a 24 hr period. These gridles.....eye hooks and zippers...not easy at all to get on, but they are good for the swelling. Have you started to wear normal bras yet? I am still in the granny eye hook front close....not attractive at all. Oh how I miss being naked!!!!
You are looking fabulous!!

I would call the Dr, sounds like it could be some kind of reaction to something. Hope you get some relief

DAY 7 - ONE WEEK AGO One week ago today I said...

One week ago today I said goodbye to hanging skin and saggy I could not be happier. WELL...I could be happier if these darn drains were gone. I have an appt at 8:30 AM tomorrow and he said on Monday that he will remove them on Friday. I am so excited to have these darn things gone...they are not draining much at all anymore. They are just in the way...AND my PS does not allow showers until drains are you can imagine how badly this girl needs to S H O W E R!!! Can we all say.....I really need a shower. I am very happy with my results so far and already feel that I should be able to do more, so I find myself having to slow down. I am having a very hard time sleeping at night on my back....PS is having me take 2 MR before bed to help, but still not very good. I am lucky to get 4 - 5 hours of sleep, so I will just have to work through it for the next 2 - 3 weeks. I also pulled something under my left breast when getting out of bed last 2 AM (did not want to wake the hubby). Hurts like heck today, so will mention that to PS tomorrow. I am guessing I pulled something. Hope everyone out there is doing well.....this is a adventure for sure.....but worth it!!!
I hope your drains get to come out today!
Yeah for no drains and a shower!!!

Day 10 I am so happy to have my drains out.......

Day 10

I am so happy to have my drains out.....I plan on taking a NICE LONG shower later this morning.......Oh how wonderful that will feel. I am feeling really pretty good......and feeling blessed that I am. Got the lecture from my doctor yesterday.....still no bending, twisting, all know the drill. I have been working from home on my comupter since Wednesday. I plan to work around 5 - 6 hours a day in the office next week and the balance from my home office. All is all ......I am one happy camper. I can actually feel my abs .....I am been working them for months, but they have been buried beneath all that "skin". I can't wait to get back to the gym and make them shine. I am down 4 lbs since surgery date and would like to lose 10 - 15 more in total. I added new pics....and my PS is a rock star. I think my scars already look good for Day 10. Happy Saturday all....make it a good one!!
WOW hun you need to put those bikini before and after together, that is amazing!!! Your scar looks super, I am glad you are having an uneventful recovery!
You look fantastic!!! Just listen to your body. At 10 days I would get tired so easy! If I pushed it I'd pay with a big fat headache! : )
You are looking SO GOOD AZ!!!!! Your breast incisions are amazing!

PO Day 12 I am feeling pretty darn good.....I...

PO Day 12

I am feeling pretty darn good.....I do swell after work each day.....but hoping that doesn't hang around for the next 6 months. I go for my 2 week check up on Friday and I am going to start asking about exercise and when and what I can start doing. This doing nothing is driving me crazy. My tummy is still tender....and bending back in the shower to rinse my hair reminds me that I do have some healing to do yet. I took a couple of pics with clothes.....just to see what the real me looks like!! Hope you are all doing well....
u look great! have you heard of dr. leber he is in scottsdale? I'm thinking goof flying out there bc he has amazing results. wasn't sure if he was one of the dr.s u consulted with before deciding. thanks and enjoy your hot new bod :)
I have heard of the name, but not a dr that I interviewed...... I used Robert Spies and he is AMAZING. Does not only PS, but lots of reconstruction for all kinds of cancer patients....even extensive things like jaw reconstruction after cancer. He is really a great dr and wonderful personality and staff. Good luck in your search!!
o chica si ! yes your now GORGEOUS and honestly i m so excited for you as i am going within 5 weeks i am very happy for you! and LOVE the white top and shorts and love u in the black long in back draped-dress,very sexi flat stomach now i know your so happy and your boobs,so enjoy chica,it will keep on getting better, mi girlfriend did hers last year and so many here,are better now after months.some after just weeks,so keep up the positive thinking,it does wonders,so do a prowess-highly skilled good surgeon, your lookin great!adios.god speed.
and yes your not old late forties is just OLDER

*Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012!*

TWO WEEKS TODAY. Well it is 2 weeks ago as of...


Well it is 2 weeks ago as of today and I am feeling pretty darn good.....and very thankful for that. I have swelling at night, but that is to be expected. I have my 2 week appt tomorrow and hoping I can get the go ahead to start walking and maybe easy riding on my bike.

I also am wondering how long you have to sleep on your back (cause it sucks) and how long you have to be confined to the bra and CG 24/7.

I woke up at 4:30 this up and open all the doors and windows to cool the house for the day and TOOK off everything......climbed back in bed with my honey and snuggled up to him on my side. heard me my side!!! We have been married almost 29 years and NEVER have worn anything to bed, so that is driving us both crazy!!! Was the best 15 minutes in the last two weeks that I have had.........LOVE that guy!

I am hoping my PS gives me some good news tomorrow. I also bought a hip hugger CG garment and taking to appt to see of that is something I can wear some of the time...... wish me luck tomorrow ladies!!

Happy Thursday and hope you are all healing (and dealing with it) well!!
Hi there! I read one of your posts to Amber, and had to check you out? Wow, you look amazing! Congratulations on your achievement and your new bod!
girl your looking great!
Happy 2 week anniversary hun! So happy for you! All your men around you reminds me of myself! I have one brother, 2 sons, male cat and male dog! LOL I also relate with the sleeping naked thing! I know hubby was so happy to feel your body! I am so thankful to be going through this journey with you! Hope the ps gives you the thumbs up on your little cg!!!

3 Weeks PO I had my 3 week PO appt yesterday and...

3 Weeks PO
I had my 3 week PO appt yesterday and it went very well. My PS is very pleased with my healing and energy. He has given me the go ahead for cardio starting next weekend. This girl is ready to get her sweat on. I cannot wait.....I so miss being a gym rat. He asked that I wait for 2 - 3 more weeks before returning to my personal trainer. I can live with gives me time to get my mojo back on the cardio.

I also have to continue to wear the CG until 6 3 weeks for me to go!!! (whoo hoo....will be glad to get rid of that). I was also shown how to move my implants let's add that to the list of "playing with myself" dutties that I currently have. LOL

There is one area of my tummy incison that he is not pleased with and he will correct it around the 3 month mark. Love that he is a perfectionist. He is so impressed that I have done so well with the amount of tissue he removed. (He informed me there are usually issues). I am glad (and blessed) to be healing so well.

I am still swollen ......and he informed me that I will be a very happy girl in about 3 months... HELL....I am already a happy girl. He gets an A for sure..... I am very pleased at this point.... At first I was worried my boobs were too small....but they are a 36D and that is just were I wanted to be. So all is good!!!

After the boobs and I went shopping...we had a great time and got a few things for our son's wedding in Jamacia this summer.

Happy Healling to all of you out there .......and count your blessings this weekend. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!
AZK... I LOVE your little black and white suit! If I may ask, where did you get it? You are looking beautiful my friend!
Thanks Houston..... I got that suit at Macy's..... I really like it too.... are lookin fab too!!!!
You look fantastic!! Glad things are going well!

PO 4 weeks..... Well I am back at the cardio......

PO 4 weeks.....

Well I am back at the cardio......and let me tell you feels frickin amazing to sweat again. I did a RPM (spin) class this morning at 5:30 am. I wore my hip hugger compression panties that I found at Ross under my spandex workout gear and that held me pretty well. I did not go full speed....kept my heart rate to a lower zone, but still burned almost 400 calories in 45 minutes. It feels so good to be back at it....I am hoping by the end of next week I am at 100% on cardio. Going to do cardio (and ease into weight lifting) and then start back with my personal trainer May 7th. LOVE LOVE LOVE how I am feeling these days. Life is good.

Happy Friday (yikes the 13th) to all you gals out there........hope it is a great one!!!
Girl you have got to update your post please! I would love to know how you are doing at this July mark~! Please share!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 1st time Ive read your review/looked at your photo's!! You look absolutly amazing!!! Honestly, when you said your weight and i saw the pics, I was like noooo way! You had a nice figure pre-op as well...I could tell just by those your post ops would be incredible. Congrats on the weight loss too by the way. And I LOVEEEE that sexy red dress!! Your hubby's gotta be pawing at you all the time huh???!!! =) Congrats again!!
Hi AZKitty, first of all I must say, you look amazing. Loving your attitude. I cant wait! My hubby is amazing as well and he told me that I didn't need a tummy tuck but I am sure he will be pleased when he lays his eyes on my flat tummy for the first time. I'm so ready, maybe I will start sleeping naked too! Lol! Talk to you soon!
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