23 days & Before/After Pic--

I am a 27 year old, mother of 3. I gained 60lbs...

I am a 27 year old, mother of 3. I gained 60lbs average each time I got pregnant. There was a period of time that I stayed at a
weight of 160 pounds for around 3 years before going back to the 120 range. Since I did get pregnant with the first at a young
age, I haven't had my high school body back for about 10 years. It's time for me to feel like me again.

I currently weigh 125 exactly. I usually weigh 115. I quit smoking Jan 2012 and have since gained 10 pounds. However, I would rather gain 10 pounds than go back to that hideous repulsive, disgusting habit. Gaining the 10 pounds does affect my saddle bag area though! In clothes I look good, but underneath them I am hiding loose skin and cottage cheese cellulite. I want to feel young again, I want to feel good and look good again.

After reading all of the peer reviews on this site and watching youtube reviews of mommy makeovers, I finally made the decision that this is the right thing to do for me. Luckily, everything will work out so that I have good people to help watch my children while I recover. Here is my journey--I think I am going to also make a youtube documentary as well for the reason of I like to see and feel the results up close and personal on video.

What do my ladies think about that? Do you find youtube vids helpful as well? I find reviews so helpful, like 7-up and crackers when your a kid. Also, trying to find the right plastic surgeon is such a headache. I recommend (if you live in a big city) to go to at least 3 so you can find who your most comfortable with (who fits your personality the best and most importantly, sees the same vision for anticipated results as you do).

6/1/2012- So I have been thinking about getting a mommy makeover for a few months now. I have had two consultations so far and what can I truly say? I knew those two doctors weren't for me for the following reasons: 1) The first one said no to liposuction and told me more than likely I would end up with dog ears. For those of you who don't know what dog ears are- they are folds of the skin that protrude from where the surgery incisions end. It typically happens because there is too much fat still in the hips or that the surgeon lacksthe sufficient skills to prevent this. If a plastic surgeon tells you that more than likely you will end up with dog ears, run! The second consult was amazing. Everything was going wonderful until the doctor told me that I would not be under general anesthesia for a tummy tuck including muscle work, breast augmentation and liposuction. Honestly, that made me nervous. How could a board certified, top doc voted doctor use heavy sedation for all of these "extensive" procedures? Something just didn't feel right about that for me. I guess I am too anxiety prone and have had twilight sedation in other procedures and I woke up during it. In addition to the twilight sedation, the surgery center was a different room in his office. Until further research after I got home, I was unaware that this is actually a common thing (so please don't think its not common--I have found out that it is very common here in Arizona).

Growing up I heard scare stories from Mexico, where doctors would perform surgery in their offices. I guess it reminded me of that and it didn't set well with me. I asked this question because I was nervous but I really liked his results. After getting mixed answers, I decided that dr. was not the right fit for an anxiety prone person like me. I kept on researching and goggling plastic surgeons in my area. Since I don't know anyone who has had plastic surgery in arizona, it's really hard to find a reputable doctor and your stuck with your own research. Did you ladies know (well i'm sure most of you do :) that there is a difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon). Crazy, never would have even known what a difference that is!

Finally I found my doctor and I haven't even met him yet! Yes, this is a true story. He was booked out an entire month and had an opening at the end of the month for a consult with him. The other option I was given is to have a consult with the surgery consultant. She has been with him for 9 years and I was told that people will book surgery with her because they feel so comfortable. After attending the consult, this was more than true. I spent about 2 hours at the consult. The doctor's work spoke for itself. Real results, the pictures spoke louder than any words could. Talk about attention to detail. Also, every single question of mine was answered and I never felt rushed. She explained everything so well, I literally left the office feeling like I took her 9 years of experience home with me when I left.

I booked my surgery, tentatively for June 22. I have a pre-op visit with the doctor next wednesday and payment is due. No backing out of it now. I am nervous and finally feel like this is really happening. It's crazy. Also she told me that she also suffered from post-op nausea and vomits for days. I am the same way. I also get motion sickness if I am a passenger in a car and not paying attention to the road. She told me that the transderm patch saved her life! I of course, went home and googled it (lol) and sure enough a lot of people agree. Any of you ladies had experience with the Transderm patch? If so, did it work? I am a bit worried about the pain. How bad is it? I am sure its normal to feel so nervous but wow. I am really anxious! I am unsure if I should go high profile silicone or moderate plus? I am unsure on the size too. I think I want to go 400-425cc but is that going to put me to a full D cup? I am an A cup right now...I got to stay positive and I will update after the pre-op appointment.

Welcome!!! and I understand the feeling of wanting to feel like YOU again. Lets see if I can help you with the questions.

Q.Transderm patch? If so, did it work?

A. No I didnt and so that one I cant help with. sorry

 Q.I am a bit worried about the pain. How bad is it?

A. well I dont do well on hydrocodone so they gave me something more mild.. is it painful yes . Was it worse than my c section...no just in a bigger area. I had muscle repair and that is the majority of the pain... But it wasent bad... My surgery was Jan 6th if you read my review from that point youll know what I mean...

Q. I am sure its normal to feel so nervous but wow. I am really anxious! I am unsure if I should go high profile silicone or moderate plus?

A. I am 5'4" and about 130lbs  for me 400 Mod Plus silicone.. looks GREAT. not fake but still nice and perky with out being to wide...... make sence? I have a nice round top with out having a soccer ball look...


Q I am unsure on the size too. I think I want to go 400-425cc but is that going to put me to a full D cup? I WAS a sad very flat c... look at pics. AND NOW I am a 34 DD. AFTER the swelling has gone away.. so this is my final size.. (love it)..

 Being an A cup now I think the 425 would do it. honestly though..MY PS chose the size.. well he said 375 to 425 would be ideal based on my breast width diameter (measurements) so middle of the road. and its GREAT...

Thank you ladies! Post OP is tmw. Nervous--I will definately post before and after pics--wearing the same clothes Pet peeve of mine-I'm so critical on the small details :)
So glad to hear that you found a PS that your comfortable with and trust his/her work. Trusting that they will do a great job is a huge relief in itself! I hope your pre op goes well :) Be sure to take before and after pics. I wasn't going to post any of mine but finally found the courage to and wanted other women to be able to see my transformation also. That's my favorite part about this site:) Relax and everything will be just fine! Stay positive...life is good! :)

Post Op appointment went great. I met the dr. and...

Post Op appointment went great. I met the dr. and he told me pretty much everything that his surgery consultant did. That being said, couldn't be more excited and nervous. 15 more days until the surgery. Any thing helpful? I am really hoping that I do not experience post op nausea. Hopefully the TransDerm Scop patch and zofran among other anti-nausea medications work. Anyone ever tried the TransDerm patch, if so did it work? After researching reviews, I heard that sometimes its hard to breathe after breast augmentation? I can imagine a little bit what it will be like but I hope it isn't as bad as "elephant on your chest" syndrome!? I will be posting some before pictures later on today.

I met a lady last night. She went to the same...

I met a lady last night. She went to the same doctor. It makes me feel glad I had a few consults and continued to look and find the right plastic surgeon for me. She absolutely loved her results--that is until she let herself go a bit. What I found out suprised me a little bit. She gained weight since her mommy makeover (including lipo) and gained weight in other places like her arms when she regained her weight. Sure enough after research, she is absolutely correct. http://www.realself.com/question/liposuction-stomach-waist-gain-upper-body-fat : if you copy and paste that link you can read the plastic surgeon's anwsering say yes. Basically you are born with a certain number of fat cells. Your body does not make new fat cells and only makes the fat cells larger or smaller. So when you have liposuction performed, your body will not get as fat in that area if you gain your weight back and instead the fat will redistribute somewhere else on your body. Now don't take my word alone for it, visit that link and research it. It's just good to know information that positively reinforces that you can't gain weight after this surgery. I am not too worried about that because I maintained 119 pounds for 2 years and since I quit smoking I have maintained 125 steadily. Plus, spending this much money--I refuse to treat my body like a garbage can. Ladies, we are only given one body that we can remember in this life that we live. So we all must remember to try and treat it good so we can see our grandchildren graduate :). Anyways I just wanted to post this as good to know and REMEMBER information. Anyone had this happen to them?
Hello! I'm having my MM in Phoenix on June 21 so it looks like we will be going through recovery right around the same time!!! Exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time!!
Well lets keep in touch :) So nervous but excited!
Since I had bad nausea after my tubal my anesthesioligist said that they would give me something in recovery. They told my husband (I am in and out of it at this point) that I had nausea during recovery so when we got to the hotel I had to take a pill. I was up every 2 hours to use the bathroom and hungry or not I ate 2 unsalted crackers and sipped vitamin water. When hungry I sipped on broth, tomato soup etc. Nothing solid for about 2 days with the exception of crackers. Knock on wood I did not experience any more nausea after day one. As far as breathing, you can breath but not very deeply, I did not really try to, to me I felt like I needed to burp for 2-3 days following surgery. Then that feeling went away. Good luck and try not to worry. For me at least, I made this out to be worse than it really is.

12 days until surgery. I am so obsessed with...

12 days until surgery. I am so obsessed with googling boob sizes. I think someone should start a site listing size, profile and before and afters all in one location so you can just type it in and try to see if you have similar bodies and then you would have an idea on what it would or could look like on you. Or does this site exhist already? If you know about a site like that, ladies please do not hesitate for one minute to share! Lol. I'm debating on what size. I am really leaning in on 500cc HP silicone. What do you think? I personally as of today do not like the side boob and that's why I am leaning towards the high profile. So. Many. Decisions... I have a wonderful PS and trust he will make me look good, but I want to be big enough to not be the one to say "wish I would have gone bigger". Have you ever noticed that seems like the biggest complaint that people have is that they wished they would have gone bigge?. I just want to pick the right size for me and it seems so tough. Personally, I don't care if they look fake because they are (tehehe lol) but what I don't want is: melons (not my style way too big), circle or (ball appearing) boobs or side boobs. Ugh. I sound picky-but I have to be its my only body I get :). Ladies advice???

Google is a miracle & a curse. But I am so happy...

Google is a miracle & a curse. But I am so happy to have it. With google's powerful revving engine, flashing some beautiful headlights in my direction, I think I have finally found the anwser to my boob dilemma, pun intended! 500cc silicone HP, under muscle. A cup to begin with so I am thinking a large D with be the ending? Ladies, what do you think?

Well 7 days left until MM. Had a nightmare about...

Well 7 days left until MM. Had a nightmare about only having drains in and nothing else done. Glad I woke up to realize it was nothing more than a dream. So making my final decisions, well final! I found an interesting video on youtube on a BMW running over an implant. Wow, this video really shows you just HOW safe silicone really is :) Thought I would share it with you ladies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWxrif4XL18 (it's also below in the video section).

I'm so nervous its unreal. My biggest thing besides post operational nausea (puking my brains out for 3 days) is the pain. I'm really hoping that I can handle this (obviously I will have no choice but to) but it seems so painful and I am a bit of a wussy for pain tolerance. Ladies seriously just how painful is this MM breast aug, tummy tuck and lipo??!!
Im getting my mommy makeover June 25th... Getting nervous also. But will be worth it after all is said and done

3 days until my mommy makeover. Nerve...

3 days until my mommy makeover. Nerve wrecking-will be hot mess here!
I'm feeling the nerves too. My surgery is on Thursday. I think not knowing how I will feel right after surgery is the worst. I just want to get it over with! Good luck and here's to not so painful recoveries!
That is exactly what I am thinking, "its the whole not knowing part" that really gets me! Not so painful recoveries cheers coming right back to ya. Try to update or even msg me after your surgery! I want to know how you feel ASAP :)
Your time is almost here. I say in regards to boob size go bigger bc the #1 regret is it being to small. I got 520cc and to me they are a litte on the big side but I got them for my husband and he loves big boobs. The way my PS chooses size is by measurments and a formula.

Just wanted to add the video above ^^ was to show...

Just wanted to add the video above ^^ was to show the difference between saline rupture and sillicone that doesn't rupture! Check it out if your undecisive on which way to go!

Now I just feel stupid.. the video I was refering...

Now I just feel stupid.. the video I was refering to in the prior update ^ is actually below: (sorry for the confusion, i was confused!!)
Thinking of you! Hope your doing ok pain wise!
Everything will go great!! how exciting
Good luck today and update when you can!!

Oh. Muh. Gawd! Painful, painful and let me repeat,...

Oh. Muh. Gawd! Painful, painful and let me repeat, this is the most painful surgery I have ever had. It's not something I can't handle,but I wasn't expecting it to be this painful. Day of surgery, I barely remember slept all day and all day today. Already getting tired now. I did get the transderm patch and it was a life saver. The recovery center also gave me a bunch of anti-nausea stuff. So I felt like I was going to puke twice. (And I am the girl who always pukes in surgeries). Second time about a quarter size bit came up and nothing more. THANKFUL for that because it is so painful. I also have this contraption for people with athsma. However it is used in MM's because apparently anytime you have abdominal surgery, your lungs collapse. So yes--it is difficult to breathe deeply at first. But if you dont, then your risk for pneomia is heightened by alot! Also first time I got up, was so painful, the nurses made me do it by myself. After plenty of bickering, they helped me a little bit. Let me tell you this--it feels like you havent walked for a year and all of a sudden there is so much pressure and weight on you when you walk to the bathroom. My breasts are stuck up so high that they are touching my collar bone. I'm really not sure how many times I am suppose to be giving them a massage? Anyone know? Also I do have the pain pump and I would say that it is worth it! Some say there stomach hurts worst. For me its my boobs and the lipo. It feels like I got beat up with golf clubs. My body, let's just say is really mad at me. I got a low scar line and a small verticle line because there wasnt enough skin to go that low. My PS told me that if I am not happy in 3 months, that we could go in and fix it. Revisions come with what I paid. But I would rather go low on the scar and end up with a vertical, vs. too high of a scar. Getting sleepy, just wanted to update!
Well let me just say I totally relate to your update. Very very painful. Walking is excruciating although I'm approaching post day 3 and it's getting slightly easier to get up on my own. I'm still urinating standing up in a cup. It works. I think I'm starting to swell more because my garments feel tighter. Ouch ouch and ouch. We'll get through it and hopefully results will be worth it!
Thinking of you! We're in the same boat now! Can't wait to hear from you.

Okay. Updating 2.5 days post op andddd let me just...

Okay. Updating 2.5 days post op andddd let me just say, TOILET SEAT RISER is the number one thing that should be on everyone's list for mommy makeovers. I can't stress that enough. It is a lifesaver!! For only $30 at Target its well worth that price. I would even pay 100 for it to be honest. Also I can see why ladies say if its possible to do the surgeries seperate. I could not agree more with them. I have read tons of reviews and still wasn't ready for the pain that comes. Let me put it this way- You can't use your arms because of your breast aug. So can't pull yourself up or move or get out of the recliner etc. Furthermore because of tummy tuck you cant use your stomach muscles to pull you up. Then the lipo. You feel like you got beat up and it hurts pretty bad. So really the only thing you can control normally is your legs-... So far if I could go back and money wasn't an issue, I would have done the procedures seperately. Maybe I would combine lipo with TT but not boobs too. Seriously ladies, this is pain. You can't even move on your own. I hope to have more positive news for you soon. Happy healing to everyone--
Thank you!! I am getting breast lift with implant exchange. Lipo to the abdomen, flanks, and inner and outer thighs.
OMG. Good luck hun, update when you can , i am sending healing thoughts with you!
Congrats!!! Glad everything went well.. I have my surgery tomorrow!!!

3 days post op. Feeling better each day. I was...

3 days post op. Feeling better each day. I was allowed to take a shower yesterday. Instead I just had my hair washed under the sink and a bit of a sponge bath. I think I am still to fatigued to attempt a full on shower. And it gets me thinking, how am I going to take the compression garmet off and put it back on? I am still in too much pain to even think about doing that. My boobs still are up to collar bone but hurt less and less each day. I think my "granny" stance hunchback is causing my entire back to be the worst pain today. It's so hard to stand up strait, I just can't do it yet. I will keep trying everytime I get up to walk though. My neck and shoulders are hurting bad. I really think that the pain pump is worth every penny. I see other ladies reviews who don't have the pain pump and their stomach hurting is the worst pain. I'm glad that my stomach is only tender to the touch and not "hurting" per say unless I laugh/cry etc. I would invest again in the pain pump. Too bad they don't have one for the boobs though! I still wish time would go by faster. I try to doze off here and there and I take it easy. I also am taking anica montana pills, gel and quercetin/bromelaine and I would definately say that it works. Anica gel turned my bruises from black to light purple within 16 hours! I just took my first bromelaine pill, so hopefully that will help bruising and swelling as well. Now if I could just get rid of this neck/shoulder pain.... Oh yes.. one more thing.. lipo is the highest pain as of post op day 3--my body got beat up and it knows it!
It's weird how everyday a different part of the procedure hurts. I remember my boobs hurting first, then my back, then my hips.mbut it gets better hang in there. I think day 4 is the turning point. My dr wouldn't let me shower till he pulled my drains and the holes closed. In retrospect I doubt I would have been able to shower, I barely had the strength 11 days post op
It's good to know that things DO indeed get better! Same here, boobs, than back, then lipo places. I am waiting tmw for day 4 turnaround. Can't wait to take that big baby step and get up and out of my bed with no help :) It's funny how the little things we take for granted every day. It's like a huge self-realization, going through this procedure. I congradulate every woman who has this procedure done. How are you coming along?
I was doing so well that I decided to help my mom clean my room. As you can imagine my 3 kids had it trashed. So there I am bending, twisting, pulling and etc and I totally over did it and feel it today. My lower abs are on fire. They are very sore and they hadnt been. So I guess I need to take it easy

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! Make sure you take your...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! Make sure you take your stool softener religiously. I ended up on the potty for a good 1.5 hours with an unhappy rear end. Every day is getting a little bit better. I am so swollen right now it is unreal. I would say a good inch all around of swolleness. I have a 6 day post op coming up at PS office. Will post pictures then, unless I decide to take a shower. Just worried that with all of this swell hell, I won't be able to put the garments back on! It's quite amazing what I took for granted every day. Walking is one, getting up out of bed on my own is another, going potty is another, standing up strait is another, it' s a real eye opener, this surgery! It knocks everything out of you and hopes to build you into something better in a few weeks. All but the first couple of days has gone by so slow. I am one of those people who find it very hard to fall asleep. I am resting all day though, take potty breaks and make a 10 min house walk each break. Other than that I am trying very hard to sleep or on the computer, reading everyone else's updates and comparing myself to how they are doing post op day 4. Ugk!! Hoping for a better day and a better behind. I doubled up on my stool softeners, taking max dosage. Be prepared if you have a sensitive stomach, they make you feel nauseated. So I had to take another Zofran to counteract the nausea from the stool softener (colace).

4 days post op--forgot to add.. Do not get on the...

4 days post op--forgot to add.. Do not get on the scale, I repeat, try to stay far away from the scale. I am 12 pounds heavier than the day of surgery its pretty freaky to think that its all swelling. So keep in mind to try to stear away from checking in on your weight, its depressing!

5 days po. Woke up feeling as bas as day 2 in...

5 days po. Woke up feeling as bas as day 2 in swelling. What is going on? At 2am, I lwoke up and my boobs hurt so bad I had to take pain meds! They are so swollen it is insane. Do you ladies think that docusate sodium (colace) can cause swelling? I really don't know what is to blame for the swelling because I have eaten clean the entire time. But at day 5 it is suppose to be the "big turn around" and for me, it's nothing but worse than yesterday because I am even more swollen than I was and my boobs hurt as bad as they did in day one and two?! Anyone have an idea on why swelling would just up and get worse at day 5?
Thanks for the info..

My days were pretty stedy but I did ntotice the food I ate made a big difference. I had one chinese meal and boy oh boy did I swell! any kind of sodium did that to me. also the amount of activity I did made a difference... all just things that we take for granit... the "little things" ..so keep tabs on the sodium. EVEN AT MONTH 4 and 5 I will say fresh cut pineapple REALLY helped. I just purchased it already cut up at walmart.. but when I felt like I was "tight " feeling even in later months..I would grab pineapple and it helped
I am not sure what helped but I drank plenty of water, had a bottle next to me at all times. I took Miralax twice in some juice and ate prunes. I had soup and crackers the first day then after that I ate normal. I had small portions and made sure I had a vegetable or salad at each meal. My very slow walks seem to help with the drainage and the BM. I hope that helps and you get some relief soon.

7 days post op!! Wow I finally made it a week!...

7 days post op!! Wow I finally made it a week! It's amazing that each day it gets better and better. Still haven't had a successful BM, but by tommorow that should change. I have noticed my eyes are super dry. Do you ladies experience dry eyes as well, like REALLY dry? Other than that, went to PS first post op appnt yesterday. He took some sutures/stitches out of BB and I did not feel anything. He also removed pain pump, did not feel a thing! On mon, when I get my drains out, I am hoping I will not feel anything either. I can honestly say that the pain pump was a miracle. I had NO complaints on my stomach hurting, whatsoever! Only time that it hurt was when I would laugh and the first two days of trying to breathe properly. I would reccommend the pain pump hands down, 100% no questions ask. Biggest complaint throughout this whole thing is definately my right boob and boobs in general. Maybe becaue I went so big, 500cc and started so small at an A cup, its such a shock that its like my boobs are telling me "whooooa...buddy, what the heck did you do to me!?" I am so suprised that each day you get better and better. I'm not going to lie though. This is a MAJOR procedure and the term "mommy makeover" seems so light and fluffy and cute and what not. But listen here, its not light and fluffy, its HEAVY and deep! With words like “mommy makeover” the surgery seems to be an easy going, everybody’s doing it type of surgery. It leaves you an easy feeling in your stomach. In reality, it is a hardcore, MAJOR procedure that should not be taken lightly like the name itself implies. If I could go back, here is what I would do. FIRST I would do my stomach since that takes the longest to recover. At the same time, I would do. Lipo. I would hold off on the breasts. 6 months to a year later I would do the breast aug. Some people say “take it out with one shot” or “you’re going to go under mise well do it all at once” “less complications with one general anesthesia” “less cost and procedure discount” etc. They all have valid points but you can do a breast aug under local antstes. while you are awake. Just keep in mind the following when deciding if a MM is right for you: it KNOCKS YOU OUT. Its not so much "painful" as it is "PARALYZING" you can't do ANYTHING for yourself! Now I can do things slowly by slowly but wow, don't be in SHOCK when you cant use your arms to pull ya up and cant use your stomach muscles to sit up. Just some things to keep in mind ladies who are considering the MM. I am not trying to scare you. I think if I was warned of the "paralyzing and dependent" being the biggest issue, I would be more willing to say do it all at once. But I was thinking I will just be in major pain, not "can't even wipe my own behind" type of deal. Okay back to post op day 7- things are going okay, Im really tired and the lipo is kind of bothering me, like each step I take feels like I weigh 500 pounds and is painful. But I can walk much faster than even 3 days ago and am trying still, to stand up straighter and straighter :) And my back hurts still, luckily I got plenty of ice packs and ibuprofen- and a wonderful husband and aunt who massage my feet and back. Without them, I would be in a lot more pain than I am currently in! Happy healing ladies and feel free to comment with your thoughts here :)
Agreed on the pineapple! I also bought bromelaine and that is helping with my stomach. Still constipated but I am doing mineral oil, docsate sodium, water, getting glycerin supps. and prunes !! So I better have some luck so far small rocky rocks :(.... TMI sorry!
Milk of magnesium helped me the second day i took it
Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it :) How many post op days/weeks are you?

8 days post op- and I finally had a successfull BM...

8 days post op- and I finally had a successfull BM today (TMI) for some: here is what I did: prunes, bean and cheese burrito, drank mineral oil at bedtime, docusate sodium x2 a day 2 pills, dulcolax and milk of magnesia. No it wasn't very easy, but finally a success! I also took a shower yesterday! Drains come out monday. Uploading some graphic pics (may be too graphic for some) of my surgery and skin they took out! I am so glad my PS took pics for me, he is the best!! Feeling so tired today. I have an issue sleeping always have--basically since day 4 I never had a nap and just sleep a bit extra during the night so like 9pm to 8 am and no nap. Last 2 days 10pm to 7:30am. HOWEVER**complaint:cough:complaint:cough: MORNING BOOB! More like 3am boob (mainly right side) is just so hard and stiff and painful, I go get an icepack, take pain meds and lay back down. Only to be awoken again because of MORNING boob AGAIN around 7am. I bet If I didn't have morning boob problem, I would sleep a lot better. Here is to hoping for a nap today ladies. Happy healing to all!

Forgot to add, my PS said he took out 2 liters (4...

Forgot to add, my PS said he took out 2 liters (4.4 pounds) of fat. I am super excited to see those results. Ladies, I am too swollen to post pics that I would feel comfortable posting at this point. I do promise to post pictures as soon as I feel a little more confidence in how I appear.
Take a muscle relaxer before you go to bed. The pain killers are not really meant to deal with muscle tightness. I would take a valium before bed and it helped tremendously.
Wow.......your pictures......allI can say is WOW.............You comment on your boobs being so sensitive - Hopefully you sleeping or laying down at an angle? If the only pain you have is your boobs - then TT should be a breeze for all of us. Glad to see and hear that your are recovering slowly but surely. Please continue to keep us posted. continue to take care of yourself.
I am on my back at an incline made of pillows :(. Yes the only real pain have been my boobs. I also had the pain pump and my PS does a different technique that he teaches other PS's to do. For example, I went to a few consults before him. Both said I would have to go hip bone to hip bone on the scar, I am not even at hip bone to hip bone. He cuts it differently. When I finally post pics you will see :). Yes the pain pump probably helped too because my stomach is the least of my "pain" :)

I added a boob pic, they are still MIGHTY high and...

I added a boob pic, they are still MIGHTY high and squareish looking like alien heads, haven't dropped. Ladies if you have suggestions share, ice'n those babies and the bandage 24/7 to help pull em a bit down!

10 days Post op. Wow. I got my drains outShe...

10 days Post op. Wow. I got my drains outShe (PS’s assistant, Aleesha) I love her, she is just a sweetie!—she put warm compress on. I was expecting pain for a few seconds, but no pain. Just an odd weird feeling for a 1 second. Then the drains were gone GOODbye drains I won’t be missing you guys LOL. Aleesha told me reasons on why it could hurt. Apparently back in the day surgeons used to put the drain tubing so that the white part on top was inside. When it comes time for drain removal, you are yanking the drain and then making the hole bigger because the white tubing is smaller than the other tubing (so your ripping the skin to remove them). Oh ladies. Do be careful when sneezing….It is thee worst pain ever. Worse than coughing, laughing etc… Ouch, I will not do that again. I am so used to my tummy not really being in pain at all that I forgot it was going to hurt when I sneezed. The finger to under the nose trick works! Just press your index finger right underneath your nose….So that’s the technique I will use for quite some time.
As far as compression or binder, my PS does not recommend that at all because apparently your skin can die from too much compression. It also has the potential to cause indentations in recovery and a bunch of other things that I forgot. I always get so much information that I tend to forget every single point. I do remember the major ones though. I never walk out of that office NOT knowing what’s going on. Dr. Leber and Aleesha and the ladies at the front are so helpful and take a lot of time in answering every single question I have. In talking to other ladies on here and my sister who also had the MM, each plastic surgeon is SOOO much different. I rationalize it like this, I choose my dr. because I seen his results. I compared before and afters, I did my research, since I like his results, I will stick with his plan :). After another week or so, I can go buy some SPANX and that’s just what I will do. As for my poor back and boobs, well they hurt again today. I am going to listen and do what I was told right now, time for some percocet and some valium. This mommy needs her beauty sleep literally :). Haha, I always wanted to say that and for it to be true :)
Have you been massaging your breast? My PS said to massage three times a day for five minutes on each breast. I also strap them down for a minimum of five hours each day. I still feel like I need to nurse a baby acouple of time each day. It will take time especially if it was under the muscle and you went up alot in size.
Yes, My PS reccommended 2 times min a day. I have massaged since day 1 post op, I just think I went so big and yes I went under the muscle so maybe that's why. How far are you out? Def. baby nursing morning boob in the AM going on here :(
Well, I can definitely see why you would have a lot of breast pain, looking at your pic! You really did go up in size, considerably! They will look fantastic once they settle.

11 DAYS POST OP-- and I added another before pic,...

11 DAYS POST OP-- and I added another before pic, so you can see all the additional skin. Also nothing much has changed except I feel much better with no drains. Also-I got a much needed 2.5 hour nap today and I can't reccommend enough to take a nap at least for an hour a day once your a week post op. It helps with pain from lipo. That and my right boob/back. Lipo now is the worst part. Anyway, I will update some body pics maybe tmw, I am taking a shower for the 4th and going to attempt makeup for pictures. I am a bit of a photog lol. I will do some before and after pic editing for the first 3 people to ask me, in case you would like me to. I did it for a beautiful lady already--and what can I say, I get bored and my doc told me I am pretty much on light duty for one week after drains to prevent seroma. Good night ladies and have a happy 4th of July! :)

12 days post op--Happy 4th of July everyone! So I...

12 days post op--Happy 4th of July everyone! So I decided to take a shower and wash garments. With that unique opportunity cell phone pic time. Did a bit of a photoshop to see the difference and you can't tell anything at this point but my boobs :(. Sucks. Real. Bad. I'm pretty depressed about that. It's almost been 2 weeks and some of you ladies look so so so MAGNIFICENT by day 12 post op! I look worse than the before pic. Guess I will have to play the waiting game :(......
You are still very swollen please dont judge yourself to harshly! You will get there! We put our bodies through hell! Your breast are getting softer I can tell! And I did swell like hell for the first couple of days. I just wasnt brave enough to post pictures. Dont beat yourself up, your going to look hot.
Thanks newmeafter3-- :). I am trying to stay positive but we all know how hard that is. I am hoping that I have a better comparison picture in 2 weeks. I appriceate all of your comments and helping me get through the post op depression. You guys really do look all amazing --I wonder how good it will be for me ...
Your looking great! Don't b down on yourself or the way you look right now. You are only 12 days out and look at those other pics you posted!!!! Look at the torture we put our bodies through! That tummy one makes me cringe! lol.. I'm not a very patient person either but once the swelling starts to subside and time has had a chance to pass....you will have the results your looking for. Stay positive! You do look great! I can tell your tummy is tighter and once your boobs settle they are going to look fab! :)

15 days post op- doing better each day. Lipo is...

15 days post op- doing better each day. Lipo is the worst at this point and the pain in my right boob under the armpit, it must be a nerve! Drove for the first time to my mailbox yesterday, won't be driving again for at least a few days its too hard. I need to catch up on sleep again as I am getting less sleep than I should. Cleaned my bathroom yesterday, cooked for everyone, walked a bit too much and I am paying for it today! Take it easy ladies, today will be my chill day :). I have an appointment monday to finally see the scar. Hopefully its good. I also added a lil pic I took yesterday.
I love the bra in the picture! You look like a model! Your boobs are going down. Are you massaging them? My right implant is finally move down.
Not so big on massaging but I wear the strip over the top until that become too uncomfortable. 2 times a day I press down and in for massage--thats what I was directed to do :) Thank you ^_^
Love the new pic! You look like a hot mama! You must be loving the new boobs (just not the pain!)....good news is the pain won't last but the boobs will!

3 weeks 21 days post op--updated TT scar pic: Wow...

3 weeks 21 days post op--updated TT scar pic: Wow is the only thing I can say. This surgery really takes a toll on you. That being said…this is my review and I am warning the ladies who HAVENT yet had this procedure a public service announcement---this is a MAJOR procedure. I don’t understand how some of you ladies are out roaming around cleaning, going about normal activities like everything is okay this soon. I question as to how much pain you are really in! This is not to criticize anyone because I realize that everyone is unique and each story has a different healing aspect. But even driving seems risky at this point because my body is still in some pain. It’s not in pain to where I have to take pain pills but it is uncomfortable pain to where my reaction times on the roads would or could have potential to be delayed. I am not saying it can’t be done and am not looking for a debate, just support and recognizing is all. The point is this, I am 21 days post op and feel like there is no way I could keep up a house hold by myself. Yes I can do a lot more; one load of laundry, cook, clean to a certain extent but in no way shape or form could I be on my own like some of you are. I guess either one of 3 things are true: I am a slow healer, I have a low pain tolerance or some of the ladies are exaggerating on how great they feel post op. I have hade BA, TT and lipo and lipo by far is the majority of my pain! But like I said before it is manageable-but it is definitely NOT something I would ever do again in the summer months. Not to mention, I still stand by my old statement that if I could go back and money weren’t an option I would have done the procedures separated! Everyone will have a different opinion and some may agree or disagree but I just want to be honest and say, “YES” I am still in pain and while it has gotten so much better, this isn’t a light little mommy makeover procedure. This is major stuff that I wasn’t prepared for. Yes reading this site and others a lot of ladies report feeling good as early as 5 days. YA RIGHT, that is a lie. But once you already do this procedure, you can’t go back. While it is manageable don’t set high expectations for your recovery time. I was arrogant and thought that I would be like the majority of the crowd, especially since I am younger than the majority and figured I would heal quicker. HA, teaches me to ever be arrogant again! I think I am one of the slowest healers or ^ like said above. Also I did verify with some other girls and their PS that ladies with a normal BMI to begin with are slower to show results overall and slower to heal. So keep in mind if you have a normal BMI it may take a lot more weeks to notice results like others than what you originally had thought. Don’t let it get you down though. I hope I am not sounding rude but dang, I just got to shout at the top of my lungs the truth, it is painful and I really wasn’t expecting it to take so long for recovery!!! Luv you ladies, all of you, please don’t take offense to anything that I said.
Fizzer- you are so right!!! every one heals different! some of us do exceptionally well and others just struggle. So take it a day at a time and except that the road is different. You are healing everyday your doing better. Keep your head up!!!

23 days post op--Cons: boobs still havent dropped,...

23 days post op--Cons: boobs still havent dropped, drain area site still itches a bit, lipo still hurts, morning boob still. Pros: intital stepping to walk and getting up is much easier and it no longer feels like 500 lbs per first initial steps. Any other updates? Just pictures. :)
Your sharing is so helpful, thank you. I am wondering how you are doing now? I am thinking of going to this doctor.Has your stomach healed well?
how are you doing girlee? You are on my mind
Thank you--yes everyone heals different and thats just it. Sometimes a person can get depressed when comparing their results to others! So realizing that others heal differently is Key for this procedure. Thank you :)
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