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dysport ~ not worth the risk - Gig Harbor, WA

I had 3 lines across forehead, a couple faint...

I had 3 lines across forehead, a couple faint "crows feet" lines and a deeper line next to my mouth other than that NOTHING. I really am not one to go down these paths but at age 36 I went along with my friends and had it done too. The injector from the Plastic Surgery office is said to train many on this type of procedure. First time I saw her for my forehead it was painful and had "goose" eggs on my forehead and really bad bruising.(She said she must have hit a vein) Mid December (2011) I had my forehead, chin, eyes and a couple spots around mouth. A small amount of Restylane into the deep line. Right away deep line became deeper and a darker color and had a blemish type thing at the top of the wrinkle for a couple weeks and a lump which I had to massage out. Now for the Dysport. My face has fallen and it can't get up. Eyes look and feel awful and really do look exhausted and 10 years older. (worked fine for my friends just not me)

February 3rd 2012~I was super tired and there...

February 3rd 2012~I was super tired and there seems to be pressure behind my eyes and a bit blurry. But I gave my skin a break from all face and eye creams last night and makeup yesterday. Also, iced my face with a gel pack and felt a couple twitches in cheeks. I don't know if it is wishing thinking but I feel that in one day I look better very odd. BUT ~ I may not in a day or two who knows. But it at least is a huge boost to my morale.

3 months out. Over the loss of appetite and weight...

3 months out. Over the loss of appetite and weight loss. Skin tone is still "rough" hard to apply makeup. Eyes are weepy, glossy and tired looking. can no longer use eye liner since it looks smudged no matter what. LOTS of wrinkles. Full on crows feet, lines around mouth and forehead. I have changed my hair, makeup, skin care and had several different facials NON helped. Eyes are focussing better. Glad the illness went away that was awful. Still waiting for ANYTHING to "go back to normal" In the fine print on Dysports web site I believe some of these symptoms that the DR'S deny as possible are listed. At least a gorgeous girl I am aquainted saw this post and I was able to help her thank goodness.

Took Spring Valley Brand "Hair, skin & Nails"...

Took Spring Valley Brand "Hair, skin & Nails" along with Spring Valley brand D3 not D but D3 5000 IU. I really feel these supplements helped and I am someone who does not improve with anything. Ice, supplements, allergy eye drops and Dr. Wexler soothing eye gel really got me by.

5 months later looking improved people said 6-8 months to relatively improve is a fare assessment. Sorry to say. Follow instructions above for some relief.

11 months out still 36. The muscles behave...

11 months out still 36. The muscles behave differently than before Dysport. Example: In between my eyes 3 creases have formed and the skin squishes together since I squint a lot more now do to the anxiety I get in my eyes from the injections. My forehead skin is much looser and has several lines a crossed it now. I do have crows feet now. The folds on the side of my mouth are now more pronounced. In general I would say I aged my face by a couple just a couple from my Dysport injections. The upside is ........ I don't have "ugly face" "face looking like its falling off" I do look pretty again. My eyes are no longer saggy, weepy and over tired looking. My overall tone has improved. I don't feel sickly from the stomach pain and fatigue that would make me just fall asleep all the time when I laid down or sat. Reality is I do look a little older and have many more wrinkles and the muscles behave differently now.

12 months out. Smokers lines gone for the most...

12 months out. Smokers lines gone for the most part. Still have "Mandolin" look at times. Vertical lines and waves on forehead. Crows feet. Health is better. Face looks much better. Heard 18 mo the DYSPORT should be out of system. We will see what I look like in 8 mon or how my face acts in 8 months.

A French Woman put together a blog of compiled...

A French Woman put together a blog of compiled testimonies regarding this miss fortune with Botox/Dysport here is the link. Can't believe how many entries there are.

March 20, 2013 Procedure was December 2011. So I...

March 20, 2013
Procedure was December 2011. So I am approx. 1 year and a couple months....wow this has felt like several more than that :) My weight is back up, In between my eye the muscle is always in constricted. I have a wave about 3 rolls vertical in-between my eyes. you can see the muscles from my forehead to that wave. (hard to explain). I am in constant pain do to the muscle always being constricted. If you massage it it springs back right away into the constricted muscle position. I still have the "mandolin" mouth which I never had and the treatment was supposed to "prevent" it not cause it :( Skin in general has not regained all of the tone back. My face definitely did not go back to "normal" it has been changed. The major freak out stuff is gone though. But I am still left with was altered. Hope this review makes sense and that you ladies are starting to find some hope and comfort from the other ladies.

March 20, 2013 My lids seem to cover my eyes a bit...

March 20, 2013 My lids seem to cover my eyes a bit and my eyes seem slightly turned down. Hope the update pic posts.

2011 until 2013 Face is still messed up

Well folks here is an update:
~I have a line under my eye that beats with my heart
~"Mandolin lines are setting in (was supposed to prevent but caused them)
~Lines on either side of mouth are getting worse
~The strange muscle bunching under my chin never went away
~Forehead muscles and above my eyes seem to be constricted all the time
~Eyes have begun to droop in the corners and the muscles cause uneven proportion between eyes and eye brows.
~Eyes are glossy again
~Skin tone is awful
~Seems like I now need reading glasses
~Sharp random pain at base of skull still happens.
Sorry for the Debbie Downer moment but this is where I am at right now

Feeling like a "Debbie Downer"

Going to go back to the office and discuss my "new normal" which is much older than it was. I guess waiting for my face "to go back to normal" for too long has been a bad idea. I hate what my face is turning into :( Face muscles have changed permanently. Will update...I am sure he will say stuff like "you are perfect and beautiful" yada, yada.

You will look better but never the same……Dr's may not know, but Dysport does.

April 16th, 2014
About 4 years out. Sorry but my face never completely healed. Wrinkles are picking up the pace. Tone still not good, muscle function is still labored, etc. No longer super sick. I am "pretty" again but not the way I used to be unfortunately. I don't know why someone would have offered to do "preventive injections" in a face that looked like mine. I am sure they made money off those injections though. In short No you will never look the way you used to but you will eventually look better. I have never been the healthiest person and do think your health will get back to at least 95% better. My guess is that Dysport knows all about these kinds of situations. However, because the numbers are low enough they don't have to say anything. Therefore, people like us will still pop up it is "Russian Roulette" as someone else has said.
My Doctor appeared on the show "The Doctors" has created his own skin care line. Also, the actual Dysport reps were in the office doing a presentation when I purchased the product. The theory of "bad product" or un qualified Doctor clearly does not apply to my situation. Like I said maybe they don't know……but Dysport does :)
Gig Harbor Area

(PERSON WAS AN INJECTOR NOT A DOCTOR AT A PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER) rated this person high because they were fun and attentive. Very knowledgeable about muscle system and how they work, etc. Took time to visit and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Is training many other injectors in the area. Friends and Mother had success I didn't. WHAT I DID: Iced my face with a gel pack, no foundation, concealer, no face or eye creams, good dose of Motrin, antacid and Zyrtec. This what last nights and today's "TEST"

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi, Depressed. I remember you saying that you had a pulse -like twitch near your eye. I am 8 mos out now and for the past 2 weeks have had this fast, heart beat -like movement under my right eye. It is visible. It is constant! How long did yours last? Did anythng good come about from it? I am guessing that the nerves are back and trying to stabilize. I hope it's not a sign of nerve damage. My temples are so hollowed out I look so scary. I hope they fill out. Smae goes for under my eyes, they are so hollow:(. So darn depressed and sick over this. Love to you. Let me know how you are. Prayers to all you women.
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Hi, my my visible pulse under my left eye has gone away. I find the best product has been the Roc in the tube none of the blue products the white and gold. The pulse came out of no where and has gone away I think since using the Roc. Roc you have to keep up on or you can tell you have stopped using it. You know, my cheeks are still flat and when I turn my head I still have crumpled skin that stacks on it self it that makes sense. I am 38 now so that doesn't help. My "sparkle" never came back is the best way to describe it I guess. The creasing between my eyes annoys me the most right now. I am 24-7 in a squint state. But all in all I am healthy and pretty again. Not the same kind but pretty again.
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Depressed, Huddie and all women who are suffering from disport/botox. I am 14 mos post now. I was encouraged to try Carolyns Facial Fitness from Notgivenup . She is 14 mos post and had been dong cff for a month with excellent result. I have to say that I am a huge fan, as well. It's only my first week so far, but my cheeks are lifting and my undereye area is tightening. I had to pass this information on to all my friends I have met along this journey. Order your kit today from her website. Once you do, you can email her with any questions or concerns and she will email you back right away. I got the deluxe kit. Just wanted to share with all you beautiful women. xoxo
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Thanks I will look at it I am going to go to the surgeon's office that gave me this crap....and talk about options my face muscles are jacked :(
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I am sorry, Depressed. :( Please let me/us know what he says.
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Thank you I will. I just hated the last appointment a week out from the injections. I feel like he will just tell me how beautiful I am, etc.
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Hi, Depressed! It's me, Florida girl. How are you,hun? It's been a while. How are you? I think of you often :) and hope you are much improved. I am going on 13 mos. 13 mos of hell. My eyes seem better, but my forehead is all screwed up now. It just came to life at a year! The freaking crap lasted forever up there! Now, it's just a mess. I literally can't touch it because if I do, the muscles got all bunched up and it just looks crazy. I have the waves of skin you mentioned, still got those damn puffy 11's,too. Ughhhh..Honestly, I keep thinking about doing my forehead/11's again, but am scared of getting a bad result AGAIN! Please tell me how you are. xoxo
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try facial massage and carole maggios facercise.x
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I hope everyone is doing at least, a little better. My heart and prayers go out to all of you who are suffering. Someone asked the difference between Dysport and Botox. I always thought Dysport was the generic verison of Botox, but then i heard it may be that one is Toxin A and one is Toxin B? I think there are two different types of Toxin they use. (Toxin.....I hate that word!) If anyone else has any information about this, it would be great. Thank you and Good luck and God Bless to you all!
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Yes, we can definitley relate to one another. I think you have had much worse than me with all the horrible symptoms you've experienced. I just got a real bad case of the "uglies". I am happy to have had mad you feel better tonight. I am always here if you need me:)
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Thanks will do the same. I've been online researching fish collagen. I take a lot of supplements and green juices so I think that does help. I take Krill and prefer that to standard fish oil. Looking forward to trying the ha. Good luck!
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I take a ton of suppls.,too, and greens(powder form/"green vibrance"). I take wheat grass powder a few times a day. ("pine's") I read that it helps to tighten skin,among many other health benefits, so I figured why not! lol. I also drink lemon water to help cleanse my system daily(1 squeezed into water twice a day). Just watch your teeth. Drink from a straw, and don't brush your teeth for up to an hr after drinking. I take choline/inositol,too,to help regenerate nerves....
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:) the "uglies" hahah glad that is gone
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Oh my word I definitely want to hear how this method works out.
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Hi, Depressed. It all makes sense to me. I wish you were 100% back to normal, sorry:(. It's 8 mos for me, and like you, my "ugly"" face is gone, but what I am left with is still not "right". My left side is lagging in its healing. I have the same thing going on w/ my forehead. It's almost as if I have puffy "11's", where i was injected. I hope it stragihtens out over time. The muscle above my left eyebrow is constantly arched. It just looks so funky. I am trying to wait a full year before I re evaluate and then may possibly get a little botox in my forehead, staying clear of my eyes. Call me crazy for even thinking about getting getting more, but I honestly liked how my forehead looked, smooth. For now, I am hanging in there and just dealing with it the best I can. Thanks for updating. It's always good to hear from you. Hugs xo
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PLEASE keep us posted. I am almost a year out (June 12th will be a year) and am also considering botox from my original doctor. I had minimal boxox for about 3 years for in between brows and nothing bad ever happened. New doctor, dysport and sick for almost a year and really don't like these new puffy 11's. I will never do forehead again but I am tempted to do 11's. Let us know. Good luck.
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Hi, Huddie. I sure will keep you posted. I am going to re read your profile in a bit. Dysport did me in,too. I was fine w/ my botox treatments. Iam hoping for all of us that eventually these lingering problems we are left with will dissipate over time, time, and sigh...more time. Keep us posted on your situation,too. I haven't updated my profile. I am waiting for the day where I can say" I am healed..It took me _mos., but I am healed"...I know that day will come. Positive thinking:)
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That is a great way to describe it puffy 11's. I know I am thinking of the brand Botox because it hurts so bad in-between and above my eyes from the muscles being tight all the time. I think there is a bit of a diff. in the before and after I do look a smidgen worse than before :( Take care I will keep you posted.
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There is a surgeon my Mom had to go to for a different reason. The Dr. she went to absolutely will not use Dysport and does not like it. Can you imagine a Dr. that actually doesn't like or use Dysport LOL. Anyway she gave my Mom a little dose of Botox and she was fine. I may see what my options are for the pain in my forehead and above my eyes.
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Yes, I am holding out hope too :)
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Did you mom receive the botox AFTER a bad dyport situation? I am trying to find someone who actually did botox after going through this. Thanks and I'm glad she has a smart doctor.
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I have not. She had Dysport done at the same place and did not have the best results. She thinks the Botox was just fine. I want to say someone in one of these threads has had it done after but I will post if I do. I will also post what she says after I talk to her (The Dr.)
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I did, Huddie. I had botox nov 2011 to forehead, crows, glabella w/o a problem. I had dysport done Feb 23rd , same areas, and got cheek ptsosis, saggy,baggy undereye area. After about 4 1/2 mos, I was desperate to try and look better. My cheeks had risen some, but left one not completely. My skin was extremely droopy,loose on my whole face and undereyes. The ps that I saw told me that botox would make me look better, but would not take take care of the bagginess under my eyes. He was right. I got injected by him in the same areas, crows,forehead,and 11's. It took immediately. And, I do mean immediately. I could feel my face tightening up. Within hrs., I looked like a different person. I thought that maybe that was all I needed, was more botox. Sadly, my PS was right, I still had the bunchiness under my eyes. I would wake up w/ bags under my eyes for a good three mos. To alleviate them a bit, I was doing an hour of cardio(stepmill) in the morning. It did make them look better. Now, it is 8 mos since my last botox treatment. I feel that my skin is tighter on my face and my left cheek is about where it should be. I don't wake up with bags under my eyes anymore and haven't in many mos. My left undereye,the troublesome one, is almost back to normal....almost, but not quite. I have raised arches above my eyebrows.I do have the puffy 11's where I was injected. I am not afraid to get botox again in sm doses in my forhead and 11 area. I am trying to wait a full year and just see if my forehead relaxes and goes back to its natural state. I will never get botox around my eye area again. The bags I get underneath my eyes are just not worth it. I honestly think that I look better with my crows feet when I smile. It looks so much more natural, and feels so much more natural . So, hope this helps. Was it right to get botox 4 1/2 mos after dysport while my face was healing? I would say probably not. I was very desperate and had a big event to go to, so that is why I did it. I wish I never went down this road. All I can do now is just keep on taking really good care of myself and re evaluate after a full year and ask myslef if it is worth it in the long run to treat my forehead and 11's again. I'll keep you posted.:)
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flygirl, Thank you. You helped me SO much. I have been dying to hear from someone who actually had botox post this horrible dysport. I am much more afraid of the physical/neurological/nerve stuff than how I look. The way I felt the first 3 months post dysport were the scariest of my life. The following months have just been lethargy, immune issues, everything on this board. Like you, once my year is up I may have botox just in the 11's. My face isn't disfigured where other people would notice but I notice major eye droops and lid stuff that may or may not be the same but I am not doing anything. I also have so many more forehead lines than I ever had before the dysport. It's lethal. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.
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Man this was a great post thanks so much :) Well I am going to talk to this facial surgeon again. I know what you mean I wish I could hit rewind. What bugs me is that I was so anxious and freaked out that I should have listened to that inner warning. So here we are LOL. I am a bit over a year and would like the pain to go away maybe Botox is an option. Or not :) I feel that those arches above my eyes are going away though. The 11's for sure are not the way my face was. And my skin is much looser than it used to be. Thanks so much I will keep posting too. xoxox
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