Get It Done if You Don't Mind Having to Keep Yur Hair Long.

I looked better before i had it done. now the...

I looked better before i had it done. now the pulling gives me headaches and my ears are butchered. also the ears look deformed because they curl up. i have had cortisone shots to try and help but it hasn't - even one year later.

I have a number of people ask what happened to my ears. there is pulling under the ears showing it pulling up. only after the operation and payment in full did they tell me that my neck could never be smooth because my tongue back in the throat is too large.
The surgeon told me he has done 2000 of these and guaranteed i would be happy. - not -- now i have to keep my hair long enough to cover it up and am always conscious of the scars and the pulling being visible. pay the money if you want something done and go to a reputable plastic surgeon - you only get what you pay for.

This was a 60th birthday present and because i have such good skin i thought it would look as people have asked me what i use on my skin because it is so flawless and i have no wrinkles but i thought i was getting a little jowlie. i wish i had never heard of the lpl. i had to pay for laser genisis to try and help the scarring but my sister asked what i had done to my face as she could see all the pulling under the ears and one side is worst than the other - just a nightmare.

Larry, have you read more than one post on this board??? We are complaining to let other women know what they are about to go through. Had I found this board before I had the "LSL" I would have RAN from the place screaming thanks, but no thanks. Look at the percentage rate of 63% against and 37% for that would redo the LSL experience. That says a lot. Not only was I lied to straight to my face, but just try to get them to honor the one year guarantee. So, there, that is why I complain, not so much as to go "waqy" as you put it, but to let others know what they could potentially be setting themselves up for. (63% against / 37% for -- not real good odds even for gamblers). I guess you have NOT had the lift because if you had you would either be telling us how "GREAT" it is or you would be really chastising us for having it done to begin with. And if you have ever been operated on and had bad results, the last thing that you want is to be touched by the same physician (used loosely) again. By the way, what is "waqy"? Best, Chrystal
All these comments are great information but I have to ask why if you are having problems or ar not satisfied are you writing about it and not going back to see the physician and get it fixed. I had problems as everyone is different and it can be fixed. I did not get this waqy over night and it took me a little longer to get it right but I love my result. I know people have probloems but why complain when all you have to do is make a call.
The only way my complaints could be rectified would be to go under the knife and I would never let these people touch me again. The only reason for writing is to help other people who may be trying to go on the cheap with a LSL. However, you will end up paying two fold in down time, and/or pain and suffering, embarrassment from the mess and to pay to have it fixed.
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