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Tattoo Removal of a Full sleeve and a Lowerleg Sleeve / Chest, Stomach and Neck with Picosure- Germany, DE

I started to Laser my full Arm after i was done...

I started to Laser my full Arm after i was done with my full lowerleg!

i had 5 Treatments with a Medlite II, and it was bright enough to cover it up with something better!

i had every 8 - 10 Weeks a Lasertreatment. It was Painful but really worth it!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


If you had wanted to get rid of it without getting a new tattoo, how many treatments do you think you would have needed?
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Maybe 5-10 more.

Wow, it looks like you had a lot of fading from the pictures you posted. Thank you so much for posting such great pictures!

Since you were doing the full arm, did you find that wearing a certain kind of shirt (long sleeves, sleeveless, etc.) was most comfortable while you were healing up from the treatments?

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More Pictures of the Progress


Inspirational! thank you for sharing.
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Awesome review - thank you!!!
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Pictores of my Lowerleg Tattoo Removal

I add some Pics of my Lowerleg Removel. Started March 2011. Finished June 2011


Awsome im getting a full sleeve lased for a cover up also. Had 3treatments havent seen any result, i bought a laser on amazon. Its really hard wearing long sleeve everday to college and work im barley 18, also its getting to hard to handle I feel like giving up in life everyday!!!
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you bought a laser on amazon? i don't think thats a good idea... those lasers are probably from china.. i'm talking about those 2000 $ lasers... i mean, why shouldn't people still go to dermatologist or clinics and spend alot money if those 2000$ Lasers would work?... even a used Medlite II laser in a good condition cost still 10K. and the new Picosure laser cost over 300K. just saying.... i don't think its good to get lasered with those cheap things from ebay or amazon. its better for your skin.
Yay, Lovely resultats!Your full arm sleeve look impressive removed! How long time did it take you so far and how much time would take you eventually to complete removal , if you know ? Thank your for sharing :3
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The Lasering of my Medusahead (Stomach)

So i got this Tattoo 7 Years ago. There is nothing bad with this tattoo, but it doesn't in my collection. so i have to lighten it up.
It got already 2 Times lasered with a Medlite II... i only got the black and green lasered, the bright blue and red wasn't still lasered.
in few days i have my first session with a picosure and i hope the green and blue will fade alot!


Love this story! Like you I am removing a full sleeve to recover it with a sleeve that I will love more forever, unfortunately though mostly black, I do have some color like red and blue, and lots of dense areas of black so I can't see it going as smooth as yours. I'm also lightening a few other pieces on my opposite arm and leg, just to revamp my collection. It's nice to see someone doing the same thig, everyone thinks I'm crazy over here for it!
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thank you :) yea i heard the same many times, that i'm crazy for doing it. but its worth! the most people who are saying this has just no clue. i mean i was not happy with my old arm, it has remind me always how stupid i was, by getting a full sleeve with 22.. had it 10 years on my skin... and first after i saw what is possible with lasered tattoos, i started mine! it was a good deciscion. keep going... even if it takes longer , its always worth it :)

First Session with the Picosure Laser

Yesterday i went to a Dermatologist in Kelkheim (bonczkowitz.com), i got Lasered with the new Picosure Laser (Only 3 in Germany). All i can say, this Laser is Amazing. I see already big changes in my Green/Brightblue and Purple Ink! Right now i got some blisters... but this can happen, i'll upload new Pictures when the Wounds are healed.


hi mate, i just had a patch test and i think im experiencing some hyper-pigmentation aswell. So has yours fully gone back to its normal colour now? and how long did it take for the stained area to disappear?
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it took few months... maybe a half year or something. the most hyperpigmentation i had on the lowerleg.
so has the brown stain on your leg fully disappeared now? did u put any cream or oil on it? can u upload a picture of how it is at the moment please

Update! 5 Days later after my first Session with the Picosure Laser

Hello, here is a Picture of my Stomachtattoo, this is 5 Days after the Treatment! Blisters are gone.. and the Skin is still healing!
The Swelling was gone after 2 Days... Blisters are gone since Today... You can already see great changes in the Green and Bright Blue... i think that brightblue is almost gone!
We didn't lasered the red parts... The Picosure is not for Red (unfortunately :)
Sorry for the Shiny Picture.


Thanks so much for adding the Picosure picture! I didn't realize Picosure wasn't used on red, appreciate you mentioning that!

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Picosure Treatment on the Back of my Neck

Hello again,

i added now a Picture of my Treatment from the Back of my Neck,
Picture one, it got already 2times lased with a Medlite II ND YAG laser. not alot changes on the blue.
Picture 2, 8 Days after the First Picosure Treatment.


Did not know that picosure couldn't be used on red, wow!  Thanks for that information.  I wonder if it's the same with brown.  Your picosure fading is amazing!  I'm so happy for you.  Soon it's be a distant memory.  aloha...k
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Another Picosure Picture

here is another Picture from the Back of my Neck. Its now exactly 11 Days ago since the First Picosure Treatment. i put some lotion on it, thats why its a bit shiny.


Did the picosure treat the black also?
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only the upper part.
I also read that the Picosure doesn't work on red, but they still used it on my entire tattoo. My red actually faded so much that I have areas that are completely gone. Maybe that's as much as it will fade? The place I go has other lasers too, so we'll see what happens!
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Another Picture of my Stomach Medusa Head

so here is another Picture, it shows how the Tattoo looked few Years ago!
Picture 2, First Treatment with a Medlite II ND YAG laser. 6 Weeks Later
Picture 3, Second Treatment with a Medlite II, 6 Weeks Later
Picture 4, First Session with a Picosure Laser, 2 Weeks Later. still shiny. i hope the hyperpigmentation will fade fast.


Looking great! Thanks for your very detailed review!
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Current Picture from my Stomach , around 3-4 Weeks later.

this is how it looks now, the hyperpigmentation faded a bit... i think it will look different again in another 4 weeks.


Hi there!, glad your happy with your results, they look amazing! and your new sleeve looks unreal man, detail is crazy! Im having my first picosure laser treatment on 21st september, i dont suppose you could check out my tattoo on my post and see what my chances of it going are mate? just wanted to get some feedback from someone that has experienced the picosure laser
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Another Back of the Neck Picture

here is another picture of the back of my neck,
picture one showed how it was before any lasering. i got 2 treatments with a ND YAG laser and the last one was with a Picosure. The Picosure did amazing changes on the Blue! Picture 2 (Around 5 Weeks after the first picosure treatment)

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second picosure treatment

stay tuned, in 30 days i have my second picosure treatment!

i'm really stoked, maybe it's after the second session already bright enough to cover it with something better.

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current medusa picture (8 weeks after the first treatment)

well.. a picture of my medusa head, 8 weeks later.. fully healed!
i have my second picosure treatment in exactly 7 days! :)


Hey! I was thinking of you the other day, I have some questions for you, so I will send you a private message :) Your results look good, the red doesn't really respond well hey. You are just covering right, will you try another laser for the red, or just leave it?
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sure no problem :) well, the red didn't got lasered yet. i'll try to laser it in winter with a ND YAG and 532 wavelengh. hope that will work :) if not... it should be no problem to cover the red.... i'm just happy that the bright blue and the green and purple is fading.
Hi TheWraith i got light blue,purple and black tattoo.a sleeve on lower leg done horrible..the blue and purple are some sort of light shading you can see skin in some parts..how did the color ink respond to picosure for the first treatment?and what about the low extremity thing that its harder to remove ink? Sry for the 20 questions but got an appointment next week with picosure and this thing is driving me crazy and co workers arent helping.. and afraid that i wont see any results.. wish it could fade even for a proper cover up so that this hell im in could end :(

Second Picosure Treatment!

Hello all,

today i had my second picosure treatment. we did the whole chest, the whole back of my neck, and my stomach except the red... (i'll get this lasered at the end) Pictures was taken directly after the lasertreatment.. now few hours later i have few little blisters.


hi, congratulations on another picosure treatment! Your results on so many tattoos are promising across the board! Would you mind sharing what you can about pricing at bonczkowitz. I am in France and planning to take the train to Trueskin medispa in the UK for picosure but would go to Germany instead if less expensive. I had a single picosure treatment in California on 3 tattoos with amazing results for less than half the price quoted in GB! Thanks!
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chest complete

1. picture - my chest how it was
2. picture - in this picture i had already 2 treatments with a ND YAG laser... on the colors almost no fadings.
3. picture - few minutes after the treatment with picosure, the brightblue part got lasered the second time with picosure, the other side and the cathead got treated for the first time.


Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these photos and your tattoo removal journey! I, too, have a very colorful, very big tattoo removal in progress. Have been for 4 full treatments with a Q-Switched laser and very minimal fading. A clinic near me just got a Picosure laser, and I have a consult booked for 2 days from now. I'm scared to hear the quoted price for my full back piece, but at the same time am excited to hopefully give this new laser a try, if possible. The photos of the fading in your colors (especially blue, green, purple in the chest piece) gives me hope for the Picosure! Since you've used other lasers in the past, can you tell me if there is a difference in the pain between the 2 lasers - either during the procedure, or in the hour of so of burning afterwards?
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Amazing results with the picosure!  I'm saving up to fly over to the other island where they have the picosure.  I've had ten passes with the alextrivantage and don't see much except fading.  Your results give me hope.  Thanks for the update. aloha...k
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it's me again, I only woul like to ask how much do you pay for your neck tattoo removal? I have noticed that your neck is fading really great....at the top there is normal skin appearing!
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pictures i received from the clinic

so today i received the pictures they took before the treatment, and 8 weeks later! wow... much better as my iphone pictures.

the chest got only treatet on the bright blue side 8 weeks ago.


hey there, well i think the picosure hurts less as a q-switched laser, its still not painless.. but you will feel the difference. it still hurts a bit after the procedure. my second treatment was 7 days ago. wouldnt say its almost healed. but the scabs are already falling off.. skin is shiny and pink on few parts. (i think thats the worst part of the healing.. because it looks horrible :) but i know it will look fine in the next 2 weeks. hope you all understand my bad english :) btw. after my second treatment is heald, i'm gonna upload all the pictures i took everyday.. even the ones with the big blisters ;-)
Thanks for the reply! :) Scabs? Did you have scabbing with the Q-Switched lasers as well? I have not yet seen any scabbing after treatments, and no blisters either - I do get pinpoint bleeding all over the area, but that's about it. I just had my phone consultation, and have an appointment booked for 1 month from now (the earliest I could get in). I sure hope this Picosure laser lives up to the marketing information I've read. It's costing me twice as much for the new laser as it did for the Q-Switch, but if it works, it's totally worth it. Please keep uploading pictures though your journey. I find it very inspiring! :)


almost 3 weeks now since my last picosure treatment, skin is almost back to normal. just a little shiny... should be gone in the next 2 weeks. i'll post pictures soon.

here a few videos from my latest treatment


What are you thoughts on the Picosure?
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So do you think picosure treatment will work on red and orange colours?
I've had 3 treatments so far. The red is lighter, but it won't take it away completely. She's going to try the medlite next time.

3rd treatment

hello all :)

yesterday i had my 3rd treatment on my chest, the back of my neck, and on my stomach. here is just a picture from the stomach.

we lasered the red part for the first time with a 532nm Revlite Laser und few little spots in the green with the picosure.

that tattoo is now bright enough to cover.. so i'm probably not going to laser that spot again.

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Picture of my Chest, 2 days after the treatment

so ... it's kinda digusting..but yep, thats how it looks always the first days.

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5 days later

here are 2 pictures 5 days since the treatment... blisters are gone and now its scabby.. they fall of in the next 5 days... can't wait to see if the red started to fade.


looks amazing. i am getting 2 big tattoos lightened for cover ups and this is really encouraging
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Dang nice results for only 3 treatments...I heard that q-switched lasers work really well on reds
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9 days later update

so, my wounds are almost healed. blistes are gone, scabs are falling off.

but, my red ink, which got lasered with a revlite 532nm, is still ichting. anybody had this? i still can "feel" the red parts, when i touch them.
there is no infections or something. the red parts are just itching and thicker.

maybe some kind of allergic reaction? i think i had this too when i got the red ink tattooed.. weird. :/


yes, I think the stronger / longer to heal reaction on red is common- and the thickness /little bumps. But, good news is that it fades a lot more as a result. You probably will see good results but have to wait a lot longer. I had a very small section of red and when treated it took 2x as long to heal but faded close to 75%...:)
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Hey I had a red testspot lasered with the revlite over 2 weeks ago and is still thick and scabby...
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how looks your red now? still thick? mine is... it just sucks :)

11 days later!

so a little update.. 11 days later!

you can see, the red looks still weird and thick... uhgh. hope it goes back to normal!!


still scabby... it really sucks
the scabs are starting to fall off. seems as if the red is almost gone.


here a 2 close up pictures from my lasered red. the one is on the chest, you can see littl white dots.. it feels "rough".
and on my stomach, you see the different, its thick! i'm driving crazy... my doc told me it goes away.. but i'm still afraid... :/


Once the one on your stomach heals are you going to cover it?

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yes i'ts getting covered, in october 2014 :) my artist said it's already bright enough, so this was the last lasersession on the stomach.

back of my neck

current status from the back of my neck. 3 times with a picosure. the red eyes got lasered one time with a revlite.
treatment is 12 days ago.. it's still healing.


It's really blasts the blue - nice job!

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Cool, do you know what you are getting?

yes, but it's hard to explain :) we already started the piece but we worked around the lasered area last time.


hey guys,
i took a picture today of my chest, its now 3 weeks since the 3rd treatment with picosure.
i also added a picture how it was from the beginning, so you can see the difference.
i still have a little darker skin from the last lasertreatment, but this will go away in the next months.

my problems with the red ink are already solved, it was really a allergic reaction. anyway, now is everything fine again, skin is flat and healed again :)


very nice results
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So curious to know how you are making out with your progress, please come back and update and feel free to post your videos :)
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Your fading is just incredible. Would love to see how you're getting on after these months you've not been around? :-)
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UPDATE Current status

Hello Guys, i hope you still read my blog.
it's been a while since i posted a update!

well here it is... a current status of my chest (had i think 4 picosure sessions) and on my stomach. (also 4 sessions, the red got lasered 2 times with a revlite).

next month i have my next lasersession, they had a upgrade on the picosure (boost or something). so i hope it removes the dark spots on my chest.
i also start the other side of my stomach...


Thanks so much for the update! Your fading is great...look forward to your next post. Feel free to add video too :)
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update :)
definately yes!

Tattooremoval of the Lowerleg and Arm - Dr. Trennheuser trennheuser.com Saarlouis /with Medlite II ---------------------- Tattooremoval of my current Projects: Stomach, Chest, Back of the Neck - Anne Schieber bonczkowitz.com Kelkheim /with Picosure

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