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Tattoo Removal of a Full sleeve and a Lowerleg Sleeve / Chest, Stomach and Neck with Picosure- Germany, DE

I started to Laser my full Arm after i was done...

I started to Laser my full Arm after i was done with my full lowerleg!

i had 5 Treatments with a Medlite II, and it was bright enough to cover it up with something better!

i had every 8 - 10 Weeks a Lasertreatment. It was Painful but really worth it!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

More Pictures of the Progress

Pictores of my Lowerleg Tattoo Removal

I add some Pics of my Lowerleg Removel. Started March 2011. Finished June 2011

The Lasering of my Medusahead (Stomach)

So i got this Tattoo 7 Years ago. There is nothing bad with this tattoo, but it doesn't in my collection. so i have to lighten it up.
It got already 2 Times lasered with a Medlite II... i only got the black and green lasered, the bright blue and red wasn't still lasered.
in few days i have my first session with a picosure and i hope the green and blue will fade alot!

First Session with the Picosure Laser

Yesterday i went to a Dermatologist in Kelkheim (bonczkowitz.com), i got Lasered with the new Picosure Laser (Only 3 in Germany). All i can say, this Laser is Amazing. I see already big changes in my Green/Brightblue and Purple Ink! Right now i got some blisters... but this can happen, i'll upload new Pictures when the Wounds are healed.

Update! 5 Days later after my first Session with the Picosure Laser

Hello, here is a Picture of my Stomachtattoo, this is 5 Days after the Treatment! Blisters are gone.. and the Skin is still healing!
The Swelling was gone after 2 Days... Blisters are gone since Today... You can already see great changes in the Green and Bright Blue... i think that brightblue is almost gone!
We didn't lasered the red parts... The Picosure is not for Red (unfortunately :)
Sorry for the Shiny Picture.

Picosure Treatment on the Back of my Neck

Hello again,

i added now a Picture of my Treatment from the Back of my Neck,
Picture one, it got already 2times lased with a Medlite II ND YAG laser. not alot changes on the blue.
Picture 2, 8 Days after the First Picosure Treatment.

Another Picosure Picture

here is another Picture from the Back of my Neck. Its now exactly 11 Days ago since the First Picosure Treatment. i put some lotion on it, thats why its a bit shiny.

Another Picture of my Stomach Medusa Head

so here is another Picture, it shows how the Tattoo looked few Years ago!
Picture 2, First Treatment with a Medlite II ND YAG laser. 6 Weeks Later
Picture 3, Second Treatment with a Medlite II, 6 Weeks Later
Picture 4, First Session with a Picosure Laser, 2 Weeks Later. still shiny. i hope the hyperpigmentation will fade fast.

Current Picture from my Stomach , around 3-4 Weeks later.

this is how it looks now, the hyperpigmentation faded a bit... i think it will look different again in another 4 weeks.

Another Back of the Neck Picture

here is another picture of the back of my neck,
picture one showed how it was before any lasering. i got 2 treatments with a ND YAG laser and the last one was with a Picosure. The Picosure did amazing changes on the Blue! Picture 2 (Around 5 Weeks after the first picosure treatment)

second picosure treatment

stay tuned, in 30 days i have my second picosure treatment!

i'm really stoked, maybe it's after the second session already bright enough to cover it with something better.

current medusa picture (8 weeks after the first treatment)

well.. a picture of my medusa head, 8 weeks later.. fully healed!
i have my second picosure treatment in exactly 7 days! :)

Second Picosure Treatment!

Hello all,

today i had my second picosure treatment. we did the whole chest, the whole back of my neck, and my stomach except the red... (i'll get this lasered at the end) Pictures was taken directly after the lasertreatment.. now few hours later i have few little blisters.

chest complete

1. picture - my chest how it was
2. picture - in this picture i had already 2 treatments with a ND YAG laser... on the colors almost no fadings.
3. picture - few minutes after the treatment with picosure, the brightblue part got lasered the second time with picosure, the other side and the cathead got treated for the first time.

pictures i received from the clinic

so today i received the pictures they took before the treatment, and 8 weeks later! wow... much better as my iphone pictures.

the chest got only treatet on the bright blue side 8 weeks ago.


almost 3 weeks now since my last picosure treatment, skin is almost back to normal. just a little shiny... should be gone in the next 2 weeks. i'll post pictures soon.

here a few videos from my latest treatment

3rd treatment

hello all :)

yesterday i had my 3rd treatment on my chest, the back of my neck, and on my stomach. here is just a picture from the stomach.

we lasered the red part for the first time with a 532nm Revlite Laser und few little spots in the green with the picosure.

that tattoo is now bright enough to cover.. so i'm probably not going to laser that spot again.

Picture of my Chest, 2 days after the treatment

so ... it's kinda digusting..but yep, thats how it looks always the first days.

5 days later

here are 2 pictures 5 days since the treatment... blisters are gone and now its scabby.. they fall of in the next 5 days... can't wait to see if the red started to fade.

9 days later update

so, my wounds are almost healed. blistes are gone, scabs are falling off.

but, my red ink, which got lasered with a revlite 532nm, is still ichting. anybody had this? i still can "feel" the red parts, when i touch them.
there is no infections or something. the red parts are just itching and thicker.

maybe some kind of allergic reaction? i think i had this too when i got the red ink tattooed.. weird. :/

11 days later!

so a little update.. 11 days later!

you can see, the red looks still weird and thick... uhgh. hope it goes back to normal!!


here a 2 close up pictures from my lasered red. the one is on the chest, you can see littl white dots.. it feels "rough".
and on my stomach, you see the different, its thick! i'm driving crazy... my doc told me it goes away.. but i'm still afraid... :/

back of my neck

current status from the back of my neck. 3 times with a picosure. the red eyes got lasered one time with a revlite.
treatment is 12 days ago.. it's still healing.


hey guys,
i took a picture today of my chest, its now 3 weeks since the 3rd treatment with picosure.
i also added a picture how it was from the beginning, so you can see the difference.
i still have a little darker skin from the last lasertreatment, but this will go away in the next months.

my problems with the red ink are already solved, it was really a allergic reaction. anyway, now is everything fine again, skin is flat and healed again :)

Tattooremoval of the Lowerleg and Arm - Dr. Trennheuser trennheuser.com Saarlouis /with Medlite II ---------------------- Tattooremoval of my current Projects: Stomach, Chest, Back of the Neck - Anne Schieber bonczkowitz.com Kelkheim /with Picosure

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Your fading is just incredible. Would love to see how you're getting on after these months you've not been around? :-)
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Hey there just checking in for an update - how are things progressing?
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Would you say that the pic pico laser is the best option for tattoo removal?
  • Reply
hi there. any updates lately?
  • Reply
Just out of curiousity, Do you think full removal could have been acheived? Also, did you work on the entire arm at once or did you work in sessions? I've got my entire forearm done and am working on full removal (grey/black) Cheers, good stuff with your updates. Super impressive!
  • Reply
Wow great progress . I have a lower leg sleeve/black and grey I would also like to fade and cover , how much did you spend and how many treatments . And how long before you could re tattoo
  • Reply
hi there, would you mind posting some new pictures? i am interested in the fading of the red! mine is still raised and "bumpy"...
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  • Reply
i had luckily only 2 treatments. most of the tattoo was shadings and thin linings.
  • Reply
How many treatments on your lower leg-dragon tattoo? I was hoping to see that one through to the very end. I have a dark black dragon on my calf-it is huge and I hate it. I keep hearing they are more difficult to remove when on outer limbs.
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Your fading is great after three sessions! I am especially impressed with the black lines being gone. I have thicker darker, brand new lines, and they aren't nearly as dissolved or faded after three picosure treatments. But your fading gives me lots of hope!
  • Reply
cool :) keep going! it will fade, some ink is just harder to remove, but it will go away with the picosure :)
  • Reply
The Picosure works great on the blue and purples hey..that's just what I need...wish there was one closer to me! You're doing great - thanks so much for all your updates. 
  • Reply
great about the red problems being gone! How long, all in all did it take? Did you do anything special, or just drink a lot of water etc.? The chest piece is fading nicely!
  • Reply
well it was around 3 weeks :) no , just drinking alot of water like everytime :) thanks :)
  • Reply

It's really blasts the blue - nice job!

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Once the one on your stomach heals are you going to cover it?

  • Reply
yes i'ts getting covered, in october 2014 :) my artist said it's already bright enough, so this was the last lasersession on the stomach.
  • Reply

Cool, do you know what you are getting?

  • Reply
yes, but it's hard to explain :) we already started the piece but we worked around the lasered area last time.
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Oh really, so your just waiting to cover the laser part to allow for healing and fading? Would you be willing to show us your start? I think I am going to start my back as well as I am going to start at the lower hip and work up - and I think some of my old tattoo could be covered already, I might just redo the main flower. 
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Hi the wraith congrats so far with the removal.do you think that picosure lives to the name thats been given ? And the coverup on the medusa is black and grey or colour?
  • Reply
yes, I think the stronger / longer to heal reaction on red is common- and the thickness /little bumps. But, good news is that it fades a lot more as a result. You probably will see good results but have to wait a lot longer. I had a very small section of red and when treated it took 2x as long to heal but faded close to 75%...:)
  • Reply
Hey I had a red testspot lasered with the revlite over 2 weeks ago and is still thick and scabby...
  • Reply
how looks your red now? still thick? mine is... it just sucks :)
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