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Im a 24 year old girl from germany.I made my first...

Im a 24 year old girl from germany.I made my first fraxel treatment in oktober 2011 ,and then in February,march,and July.I hade all my life problems with my skin .light acne.and in July 2011 I had an allergic reaction on my cheeks .I was in hollyday and my facecream didn't liked the sun.after this I had big painful breakouts.

after 3 months I hade scarring.but when I think now it was no big deal.but i have the strong feeling I made a mistake.I did fraxel.the dr. Said me fraxel is new no risk wonderful skinresults and and and.she didnt told me even about complications.she is a famous dr.in germany and have a lot of experience.and I trusted.I made 4 treatments.and my last treatment was 2-3 months ago.my skintexture changed.I can't describe this.but it is not soft.and when I go in the right light I can see the difference.I can see where I was fraxeled.and my skin is not smooth.it looks somehow old and dry.and after the last treatment it peel.I stopped to use peeling and do nothing anymore to my skin.because I'm hoping my skin make selfhealing maybe.I just use UVB/UVA 50+every day and bb cream .

I'm really scared.I'm 24 years old.and I'm shocked .I try to think positive ,because I know stress is the worst for the skin.I just want know.can my skin heal?I mean I'm young and have much power.is this possible? I've read much in this community ,and I'm really schocked.how they can make this ?and we payed so much money!I'm scared my skin change maybe more worse.please.can anybody say me what to do?I want my old skin back.but this is impossible.and I don't trust any doctors anymore.they just interest in money.I hate this kind of human.I'm really depressed and mad.

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After fraxel my skin changed.and now I'm scared

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Thank you.Im now 11 months after my first treatmeant.and can see clearly this was a mistake.maybe the biggest mistake in my life.the next days I want upload pictures.I don't know.maybe my skin is ruined for the rest of my life.I'm so happy bb creams exist.because Im often schock when I look in the mirror.my only hope is my skin change a little better again.I don't know what to do.
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Jeanne.....please have hope!! Just because there are bad stories on here does NOT mean they will happen to you!! You are right not to stress. Get plenty of sleep and eat well. Lots of antioxidant foods!! Most see improvement by the 6 months and even a few at a year. Sadly, people do not come back and update their reviews. Think positive thoughts!! Hugs!!
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