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I am 33 5'3 190lb's with two kids.....I wear a...

I am 33 5'3 190lb's with two kids.....I wear a 38DD and have just wanted to be able to wear cute bras because for some reason women with bigger breast seem to only fall under the you can only wear black white and nude or beige colored bra's..... I am also getting the reduction because of back and shoulder problems not to mention the fact that wearing a regular bra and two sports bra's while working out is getting quite ridiculous......The only con I can see is the scaring that is going to be left behind after the surgery.....I would say the pros speak for themselves no more straps digging in my shoulders back free of pain and I don't have to pay for the surgery.....I wont be having my reduction done until October but that gives me more than enough time to lose weight.

I had my consult today for my breast reduction I...

I had my consult today for my breast reduction I think my doctor thought I was in for breast implants because I hide the size of my breast's so well with hoodies and such.....When I went into the exam room he was shocked and told me that I was a go for a reduction I am going from a 38DD to a 38C.....I won't have my surgery until September so that I can lose at least 20lb's before I go in for the surgery.....

Surgery was pushed back to October

surgery was pushed back to October
Hi wannabe :) I went from a DD to a C. I feel so much better. Good luck with your diet and October will be here before you know it.
Thanks you guys for all of your positive comment's I am not too upset about the push back to October that gives me more time to lose the weight....I really can't wait to be able to workout and not feel like I'm not able to breath while running....On another note I think this site is going to be very helpful especially since some post there pre and post op pic's...I will keep everyone updated..
Great to hear that, Wannabe. I think a bunch of us worked at losing some weight before surgery. I ended up going back to Weight Watchers, which worked well for me (now if I can just stick to it!). One unexpected benefit was that it really improved the quality of my diet. There's a healing diet on www.breasthealthonline.com (a website someone here recommended and which I found very helpful), and it turns out that what I was eating on WW was pretty much that diet and so I had unintentionally prepared my body for surgery at the same time I was losing weight. Nice.

I just received the best news ever my insurance...

I just received the best news ever my insurance approved my surgery....I am set to be reduced Oct 15.....I am a little scared and a little excited but that just makes me losing the weight worth it.....


In two months time I will have a life changing...

In two months time I will have a life changing surgery that is going to improve my self confidence and alleviate a lot of the problems I am having....I am scared and excited at the same time I don't know what to expect and I don't know what the outcome is going to be or what my new breast are going to look like....will I be happy with my new self will I feel better after my surgery I don't know the answers to those questions but I know I will have them soon.....
I am so hoping all will be fine for you in October!

My opinion is yes! You will have less pain, you will feel better about yourself! You will have more mobility, you will have more clothing options. Yes, there will be some discomfort and maybe a bump or two in the healing process, but the end results are so worth it! You are going to be amazed at your outcome! The nerves and questions are normal, we all went through it. But together we will encourage and motivate each other! I'm almost a year post-op and would do it all over again. I have so much more self-confidence. I don't try to hide myself all of the time. I feel like I am me...not just a pair of boobs! It truly has been liberating!
Thanks I am very nervous and can hardly wait until I can feel happy and be more confident.....I am just not able to image me with a smaller breast size.

In three weeks I have my pre-op appointment are...

In three weeks I have my pre-op appointment are there any questions I should ask my Doctor and where did you guys order your compression bra's from I have several websites I have been looking at I just want to be able to be somewhat comfortable after the surgery also how long was your stay in the hospital two- three days or were you released the same day. I am looking forward to this I am so ready to feel a little lighter up top
As far as I am aware most surgeons in Europe do this as a stay-in procedure not as a day surgery like in the US. I honestly dont know how folks in the US go through this as a day surgery, the comfort of an adjustable hospital bed, the option of monitoring (blood pressure, blood clotting) after such a big operation I think is absolutely necessary..
I stayed 3 nights in the hospital. 2 nights was the minimum the surgeon wanted me to but I had to add 1 extra night because of the allergic reaction I had. I don't even dare to think how bad it would have been if I had gotten discharged on the day of the surgery then got the allergic reaction at home....
My surgeon used drains which were removed on the morning of day 2 post op along with the tight compression bandage he wrapped me in. After removal of drains I have to wear a simple crop-top day and night but it is not tight or compression bra anything. It is like a sportsbra, the most important thing is that ther should be no wire in it and go for front opening - much easier to manage when you are still regaining mobility in your arms. Vielen Gl├╝ck!

I stayed overnight in the hospital. Went to the PS's office the next morning and he took drains out. I was put in a bra at the hospital, though it was not a compression bra (there is a picture of it on my review) When I went to change it at home I used an ACE bandage and that worked really well because I could make it as big/small/tight/loose as was comfortable for me. From there I just went to a cheap sports bra from Wal-Mart(there is a picture of that too) and my PS said it was sufficient. However the docs seem to have such differing opinion on what to use. Some want their patients in stiff compression for several weeks if not months and there is one girl on here that was not to wear anything at all for the first week or so while she just layed flat, and then she went into a bra. Good luck!

Well next Wednesday is my pre-op appointment and I...

Well next Wednesday is my pre-op appointment and I am so not ready for it I know I should be because this is a life changing operation and I can't go back once it's done but I am not mentally ready at least I don't think I am. The only other problem I am having is losing the weight and it's much easier said than done I don't know where I am going wrong but I work my butt off and then when I go to weigh in I am forced to look at the disappointing numbers on the scale I am at a loss as to what to do I am just so frustrated and then on top of that I don't know how much weight I should be trying to lose I just don't know anymore I just feel like going in next week and saying I don't want this anymore....So Lost Right Now...
Don't give up...losing the weight is bloody hard when you have kgs on your chest to carry around! I always had the same experience - doing the most amount of exercise with the intensity amongst my friends yet hardly every losing a kg...at one point in my exercise regime I started gaining weight! It was muscle being built! Don't look at the numbers every day - your weight changes throughout the day - less in the morning more in the evening- so dont get hung up on it. Iowa is right -as always- just focus on developing the habit, finding the exercise that works for you and you enjoy doing - once you are through with the surgery you can go at it harder ! :) I have not been able to ride a bike for about 7-8years now - and now 4.5weeks after my surgery I am riding everywhere! The weight loss will come..Keep the faith !

Hang in there Wannabe! Its not much longer now. The weight loss is so hard. Just try to develop some good habits at this point. Eating smaller portions and eating less carbs, sugars, and fats. Try to add in a bit of exercise, even if it is just a walk, so long as it is some sort of discipline that you are incorporating into your day. Then after you have had the surgery you will be amazed at how much easier it is to move and exercise. How much more determined you are to lose weight. And you will be successful at it because you have so much more energy, stamina, and self-confidence. You can take the good habits that you are building now and expand upon those after surgery. Good luck with the weight loss and the surgery!
Hey Wannabe - we have almost the same schedule. My preop is next Wed too and my surgery is Oct 19th!! All these wonderful gals on RealSelf say the waiting and time leading up to surgery day is the hardest part of this whole journey. I too am trying to lose weight - I've managed to lose about 1 lb a week so far - not ideal because it takes so much discipline just to eke out that 1 lb, but every lb counts. It gets so much harder in your 40s! When I was your age I lost 40 lbs in 4 months from high lean protein/low carb diet. It worked wonders and I had tons of energy. I limited the bad fats though. I no longer craved sweets. It was magical. Now this time around, 10 yrs later, my body is taking much longer to respond to this, but at least I feel a lot better. I haven't slept much the last 2 nights, tossing and turning worried about the surgery. Trying not to obsess. Wish I could give you tips on keeping the mind occupied, but I'm not finding it easy either. Maybe just knowing we are both in the same boat helps! Looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing how we each do. I have second cousins in Flensberg that we visited 10 yrs ago. Love Germany!!

Well in nine day's I have my surgery I am still...

Well in nine day's I have my surgery I am still nervous just not as much I will at least be staying in the hospital for at least two day's. The only problem I am having is that my doctor doesn't think I am going to need pain medicine he says that most people just take motrin for the pain. I just have to say that I do not have a high tolerance for pain and after being cut open I am sure that motrin is not going to help relieve my pain..

In 48 hours I have my surgery I am still nervous...

In 48 hours I have my surgery I am still nervous and excited at the same time I have my compression bra and I am ready to go I will be in hospital at least for two days I am praying everything goes well I have a great support team with my husband and my friends backing me wish me luck all....
Thanks I will keep you updated after I get home
Good luck to you!!!
Good luck u will be fine an we are all routing for u!!!

I am now one week post op and I feel great I don't...

I am now one week post op and I feel great I don't have a lot of pain and I am guessing the swelling will eventually go down. I am really happy with the results I can now actually enjoy shopping for tops and know that they will not be horribly stretched out I can also enjoy buying all those cute bra's I want and not get stuck wearing three color choices. I don't feel so top heavy anymore and my shoulders are starting to feel better I know it will take time to see what they look like but I know they sit up and are perky once again that is a big plus. I stayed for three days in the hospital so that all the extra fluid could drain off and I don't have any stitches to be removed. I know that now that they are a reasonable size I can workout without having to have on two sports bra's and will be able to run comfortably again. If I had the choice to do it all over again I would.
For some reason my incision is opening up on my right side I went to the emergency room and they said that I have a pocket of fluid in it and it needs to drain out and if i don't get it all out it wont heal....I might also have to have the doctor re-stitch my wound has anyone had this happen to them?
welcome to the recovery side!!! now u can get lots of rest and fluids. take care of yourself!!! hugs
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