Breast implants removal while nursing - Germany, DE

I had my implants done in 2005, I thought it would...

I had my implants done in 2005, I thought it would help me being me... But I was wrong... Shortly after the operation I regret that I had done it..... Now years later, my relation at that time ended two years post OP. I found my soul mate, we married and have a lovely child of 1,5 years old. I was happy that I have been able to breastfeed, but also very scared about if the breast implants could harm my child. I am still very confused about that. As much as I find the breast so beautiful (not my implant breasts, but natural ones) as they can feed a baby. The more I hate the implants. It took me a long time to find out who I am and did not needed the implants (I see that now). I still can not understand that I have done that. The big problem is now, that I am still breastfeeding my child, but also would like to get rid of the implants. For this I need to wean my child.... I feel so selfish... But what if the implants have effect later on my kid, I will never forgive myself. We also want more children, and ideally I like to have the operation done and not worry about that anymore.... On the other hand I like to continue breastfeeding till my child weans himself. But maybe by that time I could be pregnant again.... My doctors say it is not so bad and the implants (275 mentor Siltex gel) are safe and have no influence on my milk whatsoever. I made an appointment for the 16th of Jan 2014 to have them removed... The PS came with two option, just take them out or take them out and lift. With the second option I have little chances to breastfeed again, and if I am not happy with the result a lift would be very hard to do afterwards... I decided for the first option, as I really want to breastfeed in the future...
Today I also visited my gynecologist today and she was surprised when I said I want to have them removed before our second child... And said that I should be prepared for the outcome and that the previous surgeon did such a good job and that it looks so good.... This made me even more confused...Shall I leave it (and keep on worrying about my health and quality for my milk, next that I feel uncomfortable with the implants) I will add some photos in the next days.... Thanks for reading my story.... I am just very confused....

Some photos of how it looks now

As promised, some photos... As you can see it does not fit my body.....

Thank you all so much for your support!

I did feel a long time quite alone with this. Most people around me (even my parents) do not know that I have implants (I wear often tied sport bras) and people often see me a a healthy eating, living sportive, nature and natural person. I feel like I am cheating on myself, I like to be like that, but these implants do not fit there! I am so happy that I found this website, it is so nice to have a community like this. I do have my husband who I can talk to (he is very supportive), but as much as he tries to understand and support, he does not feel what I feel.... Also the fear for another operation (but the last one!!), leaving my husband and child alone for the night because of some implants... But as my husband also says, needs to be done, this is what I want and better do it as soon as possible.... He also wants to see me free.... (I already had my implants done before we met).
Today, I made an appointment with my PS to meet in December for the last meeting, just for me another opportunity to talk it through and ask my the last questions....
Thanks again for reading..... Bloem

'Cold feet' moments....

Yesterday I spoke to my lactation consultant about weaning my child and actually my little had already started the process. Of course I noticed that she is not asking often anymore... The lactation consultant reckons that it will circa 4 weeks before my little one weaned herself..... Somehow good news, other side we will start also a new phase. My husband and I really would like to have more children, we are 33 and 38, so sometimes I think that it would maybe be better to wait with the explant till our family wish is fulfilled... Other side I think, I want to feel free from these implants... You know, 'have it done'.... Somehow January seems sooo far away, but also sooo close again....... I also read on the web that some doctors advised to wait for six month with the operation once you weaned your child, others say it does not really matter as long as it is only a explant. Also, I would prefer not to wait to long after the explant with getting pregnant again..... But again, there are so many different opinions..... Thanks for reading... Bloem

Coming closer....................

Merry Christmas!

Here an update, last week I had another meeting with my pc. Discusses briefly my questions and the next step it the blood test on the 6th of January.
I am very nervous and scared/Starting to doubt if this is the right decision and the right time and right pc. When I first met my pc I really thought he was good and he understood me why I wanted my implants out. He explained that I will look different, but did not continue (like other pc's I have seen) with telling me how 'unhappy I will be' if I do not exchange them. So that is all positive. But somehow I start to doubt now, not sure because I am so scared of the operation...


Wow... Via Prettyasyoufeel I found out that there are woman (like NewGirl74 here) who also want or even already had their implants removed.... NewGirl74 really gave me hope!
After reading some stories I decided to contact another pc, and I have an appointment on Monday. I am going to search for a pc who does not find it necessary that I have weaned my daughter.... Lets see Monday.... Otherwise the search continues.....
I am still breastfeeding my daughter, but mainly evening and nights. She just eats with me during the day and drinks also water or sometimes fennel tea.
For me it would be great to have the implants out and continuing breastfeeding my little girl.... I will cancel the other appointment as the pc wanted me to have my daughter weaned by the end of the year, that is not going to work and I do not want it either anymore! (It is not that I wanted her to be weaned, but I thought there was no other way. For me it has been difficult the decline her request to breastfeed and therefore we still do) I want to give my little girl the time she needs.....I am so exciting about Monday, also a little nervous....

Consultation went well! SURGERY DATE SET!!

So... I had my consultation yesterday with this new surgeon. It took about 1,5 hours and he took really the time for me. I could ask questions, he asked me questions. He looked at my breasts, the implants, and he also said that they were not straight and one implant is much higher as the other.... Funny enough I never noticed it, probably because I never really liked (and took time) to look at my breasts. But now I do see, have a look at the first pic... How clear is this? The surgeon who implanted the implants told me that was because of breastfeeding, but the one of yesterday said that that was not possible. Anyway, he is ok explanting them while I am still breastfeeding. He will speak to the anesthetist and I will contact our pediatrician and also my lactation consultant in the new year (all are now on holidays). In Germany it is common to stay one night overnight, but as he does not expect any problems and that I recover soon with little pain I could go home even on the same day!
I can choose to have the capsule of the implant removed or not, he said it is not really necessary as the body will 'clean' the capsule itself. I would like to ask some of your opinions or experiences. I read somewhere that the capsule can contact silicon particles of the implants and that this still can cause (health) problems just like the silicones. During my meeting I was not aware of this so I could not ask him any about this, I will do during my second meeting (14th of Jan). But maybe you girls have some info, opinions or experiences? I first thought I leave the capsules, reading all the negative stuff about it I might have it taken away straight away as well. Fully clean? What do you girls think? (For info, he did say that my capsules were very thin and if he sees anything odd during the operation he will take the capsules away).
I was wondering, the antibiotics are prophylactic, did any of you girls did not take them? I read a little about it and so far I believe I can take them as they will not have a big influence on the milk and of course my daughter does not drink so much anymore. Other side I did not like the idea ( I am not a person who takes drugs regularly at all, no aspirin etc. I believe the body heals. But sometimes there is no other option of course and definitely do not want an infection!) Maybe I can reduce the dose, something to ask also.

Anyway, I still have some 'homework' to do. Any tips, advice, suggestions and experiences are very welcome! But I definitely made a step forward!

And... The explant is planned for the 22. January 2014!!!!!!

Another step made...

Another step closer... I had blood taken for a full blood analysis today (surgeon his request) and I will have the results by the end of the week... Expect that it will be all fine.... Another step taken and another step closer to become natural......

Photos before implants (2005)

It took a long time to request my photos, but here they are... Had them already in my inbox for some days and did not really dare to look at them..... Why did I ever had implants????.............................

10 days to go.......................

As the title says, 10 days to go before explant! Cannot believe it is really going to happen! Looking back at the photos I posted a few days ago from myself before implants.... I think, yeah, they are small... But SO WHAT??!!! They did fit my body, I was healthy and completely myself.....

Anyway, I am still contemplating if I also should remove the capsules, I read that silicone implants can sweat (or also called bleeding) and leave (e.g.) silicon behind in the capsule. So basically the implants are out but the silicon is still in and can migrate (sorry sounds all horrible) through the body. I also read that the operation will more difficult and recovery a little longer (but hey, most/all is gone). And drains are needed for maybe some days... I will contact my surgeon tomorrow to ask him. We did briefly discuss and he said it was not necessary and when he has doubts during the operation he will see if the capsules need to be taken out.

Somehow I like to take the 'easier' way and have the implants out, leave the capsule, same day home, no drains.... But how will I feel long term? Knowing the capsules are still inside me (and I also read that the body can not resolve them as many surgeons say)..... There are so many controversial information and opinions....

Still more 'homework' to do..... Any of you girls have some advice?....


2nd appointment...... 8 days to go!

Today I had another appointment with my surgeon and with the anesthetist. Both meetings went well. With the surgeon I discussed the issue I have with the capsule. He mentioned that the mentor implants I have will probably have a slimy cover and this will content most silicones particles. He suggest that he will have a look and decide during the operation. He knows I am worrying about my capsules, it is all depending in which state they are. He also informed me that I could have the capsule tested on silicone, just wondering if I should/want to do that. What would you girls reckon? (he informed me he also explanted several PIP implants, which have been tested. The outcome was that there were little/no silicone found. And the amount that stays in the body is so small....

It doesn't happen all at once

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."
The Velveteen Rabbit

One day to go....

Can not believe that it is really going to happen tomorrow..... I took all my old bras out and will through them away!
Over the weekend I had a look at my breasts, I think this is really the fist time since I have implants..... Was strange, because looking at myself.... It was just not me.... Also noticed some strange bobbles on one side, think this is the implant... Will ask the doctor tomorrow...

Another weird idea is, that tomorrow this time there are out!!!!...... So, strange, exciting and also scary..... Do not know what to think or feel.....


Hello ladies! Here are some photos from directly after the operation till today! I will write my review tomorrow. I can tell you that I am feeling great and VERY HAPPY!

Day 3 post explant

Day 4 post explant... Doing well!

Hello ladies! Just to ket you know I am doing great! Did not manage to write my review yet.... Busy here with my daugther at home and I try to rest when possible...Will write it asap! But update now with photos!
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Hey Bloem, I finally got mine removed yesterday. I was wondering how long did you wait after surgery to use the side lying position when nursing? Also, did you take antibiotics at all? Thanks!
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience! I was wondering if you used a breast pump right after the surgery? Also, did u breastfeed right after the surgery? I am removing mine soon; but am also nursing a two month old baby. I am doing a nipple incision so I am afraid I won't be able to nurse. Since the reviews I've read on here regarding breastfeeding and explanation.. I haven't seem anyone with a nipple incision and still nursing after. How long did u wait after the surgery to pump?
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You look wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us!
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How are things going now that you are over a month out? You look great on day 4!
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Hi! Sorry I've not been on here for a while and missed your lead up to your op! How are you feeling? I'm so glad my story inspired you to seek advice from a second PS and I'm hoping that all is going well with feeding your daughter? Now you can guilt free feed for as long as you both want! My twins turned 3 at the beginning of the month and are still going lol! But as they're my last babies I'm happy For them to make the weaning choice :) sending healing vibes xxx
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How are you feeling? You must be coming up on one month post op? How's breastfeeding going? How was recovery with a toddler? Are you liking your results still? Please update when you can momma!
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Wow! I'm excited for your progress! You look amazing just 4 days out. This is really giving me a lot of hope! I'm so nervous my boobs are going to look yucky but yours look amazing so I'm hopeful
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Hi Reinhartcm! Thanks a lot! Most of all, I am feeling great! For a long time I feel "me".... I am sure you will feel happy once they are out and do not worry that you are going to look yucky... I am sure you will look great, naturally great!
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You look great, congrats!
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful. So perfectly natural...and perfect. Rest rest rest! Are you still pumping or have you latched her yet??
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Thank you! I have only been pumping the evening/night after the operation as I had to stay the night in the clinic. The next day upon return home I have been nursing my daughter.... Was a bit sensitive, but it worked out well!
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That's really so awesome to hear. Do you mind me asking, what nursing position is most comfortable right now? Cross cradle? My LO is mainly a mix of cross cradle and side lying...she actually loves side lying. Is that even possible? I'm just so afraid of breaking her trust by telling her no, she can't nurse. That's what's taken me so long to make the decision to go for it.
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Of course you can ask! I prefer side lying or cradle position, although I can not put my arm too high when I am laying on my side. The craddle is comfortable because you can support the child more to your convinience. But we use more often side laying before bed time..... I do not like the laid back position as the head is leaning on the breast and I find that very uncomfortable. Hope this helps you a little! If you have more questions, just let me know!
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Hi there How are you? I just wondered how you were getting on? I'm having my implants out on Wednesday , I have a 5 month old baby. How long are you having to wait before you can lift up your baby or anything for that matter? X Hope your healing well :)
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Hi! I am doing really well! First of all I am very happy that the implants are out! I think you should see after the operation, how you feel.... I do not really lift my little girl a lot at the moment, only when it is necessary.... But we do cuddle a lot and as i still nurse having her close.... I am now 4 days post op and could lift her.... But in order to recover I try to avoid. My girl is also almost 12kg.... Suppose your little one is lighter..... Just take her close when you can like when you give her the bottle after the operation and take it easy! I wish you all the best and keep us informed! If you have any questions please let me know..... take care!
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Amazing results! I am so happy for you!
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Thank you!
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And, you look great natural :)
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Thank you do much!!!
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So happy for you :) yay yay!!!! Heal fast :)
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Wow, congrats! REST rest rest....nursing is hard work and your body has been through a lot!
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Thanks! I try to rest as much as possible, with a 19 months old child..... But luckily my husband is home and that helps a lot!
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Oh my gosh, you're natural and BEAUTIFUL and making milk momma! I'm so excited for you! I want that to be me in a couple of months!
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Thank you so much! Yes, the same evening I had milk and pumped regulary as I had to stay overnight.... Sure everything will work out fine for you too!!!
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