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Hello, 5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to...


5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to let my face seem wider at the back of my jaw bones. I was happy with the product, especially with the low cost of the treatment (1000 Eur is about 1400 $), and the long duration of the good look it gave me.

Up until 10 days ago everything was great, but then one side of my jaw started to develop some kind of hard nodule, which rose into a swelling of about 5 cm around the little hard nodule.

So I went to the doc that had injected it years ago, he rolled his eyes and said that many people had trouble with this product 4 - 7 years after it having been injected.

He also added that nowadays he refused to put the product, except the person interested in having it was ready to accept that after some years there could be an extraction that needed a drainage over some days....

 He then told me that it would be best if I was ready to have a drainage 2 - 3 days after the wound was cut open, and the material was squeezed out, as he said that when the wound was only opened once, and closed right after, then too much of the material would stay in and cause trouble later on.

He said it was very important to keep the wound open several days, with a drainage, and have everything that wanted to come out, ooze out...

He also said that usually it is also not a good idea to just make only a small hole, and try to get bioalcamid out with a liposuction canula, or try to squeeze the product out, as that usually does not work to well.

In fact he said that people who had that kind of treatment often came back, and back, and back, and back again :-(..... with new infections of remaining product at the same spot.

As this is not something I had in mind, we started the get it out once and for all way:

I had an injection to block the pain, then he took a scalpel, made a little cut 5 mm wide, and squeezed all the product out he could. He then rinsed the wound with sterile saline.

Then I had a little drainage for 2 days, the wound was rinsed with sterile saline every day for 4 days, and covered with some wet wound cover material, that took out any liquid oozing out of the wound.

The infection and swelling got smaller every day, the drainage that was put on day 2 for 2 days is out, and the infection seems to be gone now at day 4. (Still I am expected to take antibiotics at least for another 3 days, so that means 7 days of antibiotics alltogether...)

Mybe this info helps some of the people suffering from problems with bioalcamid :-)

good healing to you,

Hi, today is the 19. of august, and my problem...


today is the 19. of august, and my problem with bioalcamid lies about 5 month back, and has not reoccured.

A few weeks week ago I asked my doc if we should maybe touch up the side at the back of one jaw bone where he took the bioalcamid out because of the infection I had there in march.

He showed me with some kind of ultrasound machine that there was still bioalcamid in my body there, not in a blob, but that it had migrated into my tissue.

He said he did not want to inject any more bioalcamid, as he said if you touch up any area where ba has been before, it has a tendency to start reactions of inflammation in that area again.

He also warned that I am not out of trouble, because the ba that migrated into my tisue, can cause reactions of inflammation and infection again...That could be in months or years.

He also said that I do not want an infection there in my jaw muscles, which could then cause a necrosis of tissue in my muscles, and cause real problems...

So I will wait for a year or so to decide then what to do...

Name not provided

The doc is in germany, so for you in the states this won't be of any help :-(

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Hi, I am 33 years old and I had Bio alcamid in 2007... thank God I never had any infection so far, however I had a lot of lumps and bumps on my right cheek.. I can't remember where else I did the injection. Now I'm going through a nervous break dowm after reading this blog.... what is the safest way (no scars) to have it remove..and there a way for the doctors to know where else in my face there is BA injection, that is is there like a machine or scanner that can detact the material.... plz any kind of help is really appreciated... thx a lot for any help...also I need to know if I can inject fat after the material is removed...

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Hi, my name is Sean and I had Bio-Alcamid injected into my cheeks in 2008. It was my left cheek that I mostly needed plumping out. I visited the Derma Laser Clinic in Leeds after seeing an advertisement for Bio-Alcamid on the internet. I then visited the 'Consulting Rooms' website for Cosmetic procedures and clinics, a very informative website if you are wanting to get a procedure done. This website sold me the product, saying it was semi-permanent, which I thought sounded quite safe if there were any complications it could easily be removed. The website also told you the clinics in my area that used this product. On top of this the procedure cost only £300! The surgeon who carried out the procedure also told me the life span of the product was 3 years and put most of the BA in my left cheek, then some in my right to even them both out. It wasn't long after that my cheeks seemed very uneven and far too plumped. My cheeks are now very hard, uneven and I also have a ridge in my left cheek. This is altogether unsightly and has made me very self conscious. to the point of not wanting to go out. I quite often get comments, some very bad on my appearance. I re-visited the clinic and he said he could take it out from the front of my cheeks for £1000, but it would also permanently scar me!! He advised me to see an oral surgeon. So I have also been to see a consultant at my local hospital. At first it seemed promising, then a another consultant said they did not want to remove it and I should go back to the clinic for removal or see a solicitor. But you can understand my reluctance to go back to the clinic, after the utter mess he made in the first place. I am really concerned now that I may develope other complications like I have read. Also I feel like I'llnever have my life back. Please can someone help with advice on, places, doctors, costs and latest research regarding this horrendous product. Sean
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Hi I had bioalcamid injected into the chest wall to fill out lack of muscle. It migrated into a hard lump and had to be removed. I used Mr Graham Offer at Spires Leicester. As it was done with other surgery I can't reayy help you on price. Mr Offer is extremely competent and reasonable on procedure costs.
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Hi Muna,

I am not totally happy as it is now, as the filler was only taken out in the affected area as much as possible without taking out my own body tissue with it. So now every few months it again feels a little infected for 2 days, and then goes back to normal again. So I now I still have a problem, but not one that really bothers me.

Dr Haffner in Cologne/ germany put it in and took it out, and taking it out did cost nothing.

He cut it open with a little cut and I had a drainage for some days. There is no scar left, only something that looks like a pimple mark now.

I can not recommend him, because I do not know all of his work. But I feel he made the right choice cutting the bioalcamid open and washing it out, and making me have the drainage for a few days. (When I wanted to have it only taking out with a needle and closed right after, he said that if we did that we would see each other many times after, trying to get the infection out... so even if a drainage looks ugly for the days you have it, I believe it was the right thing to.)

As the doctor is here in germany, I believe it is to far to come here to see him from Dubai. But I guess there must be doctors who can help you the same way he did it in your country too :-)

Have a great week,
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I have not yet done anything because I don't have the money. But I am planning to go to
London when I can afford it ... a doctor there has a lot of experience with removing Bio Alcamid and he uses Aquamid which is supposed to be much better. The clinic is London Bridge Plastic Surgery.
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Hi Jenni,

please google "aquamid" and "problems", and you will find out that aquamid is a chemical sister of bioalcamid and creates the same kind of problems... So do not take one chemical devil out of your body to replace it with another one ;-)

Have a great week,
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I know that it is similar, but this doctor in London says that Aquamid becomes integrated with your body, unlike Bio-Alcamid. It develops a blood supply so there isn't the problem with infection that BA causes.
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err... regardless of what your doctor says there are more then 47000 results that come up if you google the words "aquamid" and "infection".

Maybe all the people telling others of their aquamid sufferings are just lying. But somehow I do believe them.

Especially since the doc who took my bioalcamid out said: "Be happy that you do have an bioalcamid infection, so I do not have to take away a lot of your own body tissue. If you had an aquamid infection, I would have to take a lot of your own tissue out with it."

So please inform yourself of the kind of infection aquamid gives you somewhere. Because aquamid integrates into the body much more then bioalcamid, if it becomes infected, you have to cut out even more of your own tissue, then you have to cut out with a bioalcamid infection.

So if this is something you have in mind fore your future, have a try with aquamid ;-) If not maybe try something else.

Have a great week,
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It is also a fact that the vast majority of people who have problems with these fillers have problems it the face, because of the amount of bacteria in the mouth. I don't know of anyone who has had a problem in calves. I never had an infection in the 7 years I have had BA. And I am not doing this lightly. I really have no other choice. This doctor butchered my calves for no reason, and if I had to live with it like it was, I probably would have committed suicide.
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Good day.

I read youe answer about the Bio alcamid. I am having the same problem since 6 years in my lips. Swollen lip and the filler migrate.

I will be very happy if yoy answer my email.

Did you removed the filler and happy with the result?

Which Dr and how much cost you?

What is the technique. Surgically or by needle?

The location or number for the clinic if you recommend. This Dr.

I will help me if you answer my questions and I will be grateful. I am from Dubai. UAE.


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Hi Muna
I used a doctor called Mr Graham Offer from The Spires Clinic in Leicester, England. He removed the Bio Alcamid by surgery, It was easier for me as it was the chest and not the face. If you email him he will reply to you.Let me know how you get on.
I shall be in Dubai for holiday in September.
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I'm Maha from Riyadh If you please me to communicate with you ****.com

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Just thought I would post a review about this disgusting stuff.
I have a chest defect and according to the write up on Bio Alcamid it would be the answer I was looking for.
I had to go to a hospital on about six occasions for the injections. Each time I had to pay for a room and a surgeon ( who had never even heard of the stuff ) to inject. In all I paid out about £3000,
It was great for about 3 years and then started to migrate to one particular spot on the chest wall and became a big hard lump. I could actually get my fingers behind it.
There was never any pain but it just looked terrible.
I went to see a wonderful surgeon about another procedure and he said he would try to sort it out whilst I was under anaesthetic.
In the end he went in from the underside of my breast and the bio alcamid dropped out but left a cvity in my chest wall.
He showed me a photo and it looked like something from Alien.
I have actually emailed Italy where it was produced and the people from where I bought it in England and both have ignored my emails,
Given the choice I would have liked to sue these people but I think the next best thing would be to go to all the newspapers just so these lowlifers can be exposed.
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the full blown infection did not come back after having most material taken out of the infected area in March 2011.

Still sometimes there is a feeling as if there was some kind of pimple developing under the skin for some days, and a feeling of being a little sick with fever.

Then after some days the feeling goes away as rapid as it came.

So the problem is minimized, but not gone...

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Hi Jenni,

please be careful with putting more Bioalcamid into your body, because if it gets infected after another 2 years or so, it can be a really bad problem, when the muscles of your calves get damaged because of this...

(bioalcamid can create an ongoing inflamation in your muscles which can lead to a death of muscle tissue...And if you have a lot of ba in your calves, and a lot of tissue dies there, that is a side effect nowone wants...)

So please be careful with putting more bioalcamid into your body !

Because as my doc said, bioalcamid usually has a tendency to create trouble after 4 - 7 years, and after touch up treatments with bioalcamid too....

So please be very careful with that substance...

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Does anyone know where I can still get Bio-Alcamid? I got it 5 years ago in Mexico to fill in my calves, which were damaged when a moronic doctor lipo'd them without my consent. My calves are still convave & uneven so I need more, but I can't find anyplace that still has it. I will go anywhere in the world - please help!
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PS. The moronic doctor is listed on this site - he's in Palo Alto. Beware!
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Hi Britt,

yes 5 or 6 years after having bioalcamid this happened :-(

But i am really happy that I had a doc here to help me with this situation, who has been dealing with this problem often enough to know how to deal with it.

Today the swelling has all gone away, and a small scar line is forming where the cut was made to let the stuff ooze out.

My jawbone where the bioalcamid was mostly removed, is now less nice defined in comparison to the other side of my face, where there is still bioalcamid.

So I can either leave my face that way, as is is only a slight asymetry.

If I want a symetric look,of my jawbone the doc says he can either take the bioalcamid out of the other side too, then I have 2
undefined jawbones again.

He also says that if I want 2 well defined jawbones, I can go go for implants.

If I want that, he wants to cut open both sides first, and take out every little bit of bioalcamid that still clings to my tissue. Then this needs heal for some time, before putting any implants.

Well, I guess I will first wait a few month, and then deceide if I want to go for the implants.

Have a great week,
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Hi Gina,

Well it sounds like your doctor is very knowledgeable, which is awesome. I would agree waiting and thinking things completely through is probably a good idea. Keep us updated on what you decide please.

Thanks so much,


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Hi Britt,

yes, I will keep you updated :-)

Thank you for your interest in this theme,

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HI Gina38,

Welcome tot he Bio-Alcamid community. Your review by all means will help other community members. I can not believe 5 years later and you had this happen. It sounds like you had a great doctor though who fixed your problem. How are you doing today, all healed? Did your face shape change after the infection or did everything stay the same? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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I am alright concerning the infection, but do not dare to have any touch ups in that area, as I fear a possible infection, if I come near this area with hyaluronic acid or any kind of filler. Gina38
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