WOW! A year after scar revision!!!!

I am 50, mother of 3 children, aged 20, 16 and 13,...

I am 50, mother of 3 children, aged 20, 16 and 13, one with a C-Section. For years I have thought about what it would be like not to have the jelly belly that I have grown used to since my second child. I am 5ft tall and about 135. I hide it pretty well but still, it's like I have an apple in the middle of my belly!

Just wanted to add that Dr. Hanna is also...

Just wanted to add that Dr. Hanna is also certified by the ABPS.

. on Dr. Hanna if looking for someone in Atlanta area.


I am 58 also and I had a full t/t and breast lift and implants and was back at work a week later. Felt great after a month.
I'm 51 and had a TT on May 11, 2011. I waited so many yrs. but i was ready for it now. Dr. Randkin from Jupiter, Fl did an excellent job with surgery and post op. I haven't worn a bikini yet, but I will. My tummy is so flat, I still have stretch marks which are going away with hydrasil. Advice - take all pain meds for first 2 days and a muscle relaxant. Have someone take care of everything for first week. It hurts, but it's well worth it and I'd do it over if I had to. Oh don't sleep on bed, hard sofa is better and sitting up is good too. Everyone heals differently but these 3 things are main help! Take care and Good Luck.
Thanks so much for the advice. I am getting excited, I am so glad you are happy with your decision. :)

Okay, just a little over a week to go. Got my to...

Okay, just a little over a week to go. Got my to do list. I have a question though. I have two teenagers, 16 half/ and 13 girls. I had planned on having a post op care provider for 24 hours in my home and then 4 hours a day for two more days. For those who have been through this, do you think it is necessary or could my teenagers help, they say they will. But I am concerned about the drains, and my meds esp. the first few days. Any advice?

Oh my gosh, just one week from today and I will be...

Oh my gosh, just one week from today and I will be done! Getting a bit anxious again! I feel so fat all a sudden, I dropped the nightly glass of wine last week! I feel like I have a huge tire around my belly...ugh!
Yes! You are right, our tummies are/were similar. It nice to have one to compare too.
As for your question above, I would definitely have a care provider for the first 24 hours! My cousin who is a RN was mine and she took care of my drains and catheter bag. 24 hours later I was able to cope on my own and could go to the bathroom myself right from the start. But not everyone is that lucky! It helped that I was in really good physical shape going in.
My 14 year old was with me and she was fantastic as long as she didn't have to look at the incision! I should also mention that my cousin cleaned the incision for the first few days but then I took over.
Thanks for the info. I am planning on having someone with me the first day and then 4 hrs. as needed for the next 2 or 3. Hope you are doing better.
Yes, we definitely had/have the same tummies! I look forward to reading about your journey, good luck!

Gee, only 3 more days, if you count the day of...

Gee, only 3 more days, if you count the day of surgery! Had crazy dream last night that my belly button ended up on my side! I am still in shock that Iam going through with it. I have pulled up and squished in my belly for years to see what it would be like to have a waist again, I hope I get one! I haven't told my parents yet. My best friends and kids know but i don't want my parents to worry! I will have to tell them on Monday!

Just curious what's the best thing to...

Just curious what's the best thing to eat/drink the few days leading up to surgery? I have Sunday and Monday to go. Wow, can't believe it.
You will def need someone with you for the first day and probably for a little while after. The hardest thing i found was not being able to move around easily, and having to use my arm muscles so much more to lift myself up as my tummy muscles felt like they wouldn't hold if I used them. Once a nurse had me convinced that I wouldnt in actual fact damage the repair and my sutures would be fine it was easier to move about. Make sure to stay up to date with your pain medication it makes moving around so much easier, and I'm sure movement is the key to rapid healing. Try to get up and walk a little as often as possible and drink loads of fluids, the two aren't unconnected so doing the second will inevitably lead to the first lol. you will do really well I'm sure and I can honestly say hand on heart that at this point the tummy tuck has not been anywhere near as bad as I expected it to be. Good luck with your surgery and try not to worry, it really isn't so bad!

Oh my gosh, I am so anxious! 48 hours from now the...

Oh my gosh, I am so anxious! 48 hours from now the tummy will be gone and the recovery begins. I am frozen...haven't gotten the house vacuumed or other things that are on the list to do. I have left it all for tomorrow. I am really scared of the recovery now! I think I am going to stop reading all the "risks, etc." b/c it is freaking me out. I want to do this but really having a hard time with electing to do this trauma to my body. I hope I feel as good about it after wards as many of you do.

Hi there!

Your big day is coming right up! You might want to check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide for lots of great guidance about your upcoming procedure.

Also, I've started a Facebook page called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back where we discuss plastic surgery, diet, exercise, and beauty. Please give us a Like if you're on Facebook.

My revision surgery surgery is Tuesday. I am very nervous because I didn't do well with the anthesticia the first time. I hope it 's better this time. I am getting new implants and the dr is tightening the muscle so that my stomAch will be completeley flat. Can't wait til it's all over. I have a fentenol patch for afterwards and anti biotics and anti nausea pills. This time the dr ordered a 1pc girdle type garment with a bra. He wants me to wear it all the time after my surgery. I dind't do that last time.
Good luck with your surgery!! We can catch up after.
yay can`t believe we are almost there feels like I just went into book it....3 days counting surgery day...:)

Well, the home health care nurse just left, she...

Well, the home health care nurse just left, she did a pre op/run through so my caregiver will know what to do. It was very helpful. Having someone here for 5-8 hours tomorrow post op (I won't even get home until 5 pm.) and then from 8-8 Wed and Thursday. Funny, Every woman always wants to know "how much is it?!" I am amazed at how many moms think of doing this. Anyway, got some loose ends to tie up today, my chair was delivered and that's good to go. I have an appointment with my ps at 3 today to go over my last minute questions and then it's time for the show! Excited and nervous!
Had my revision surgery yesterday. different hospital did much better with the Anestecia this time. Had the surger at 10:30am yesterday. They said I could stay over night but I opted to go home. Was home @ 8:00pm last night.. I thought this surgery was going to be much easier. The dr ended up to a more extensive revision. I got new bigger implants I think I went 250cc to 375cc. Then he tightened the abdomon beneath the belly button area. He said my belly button lookded so good that he didn't want to touch the upper part above the belly button. I felt pretty good ti about 11:00pm last night. I have a fentenol patch adn 4mg of Dilaudid last night. The pain got pretty bad through out the night. This morning teh Physcian's assistant came to my house to chck me. I have 2 drains this time instead of3. I am wearing a tight velcro garment and a tight bra type garment. Everything feels tight!! It's ok Taday I can also take valium. So I am taking dilauded and valium, kflex anti biotic and I have the patch on. I sear it feels like it hurts more this time. I know in a coule of days I will feel much better!! I remember from the last surgery 6 mos. ago. The Dr also did some lipo aroung the mon area (pubic area) and the hips. I can tell it's going to be perfect!! Even better than the last time in Jan. My abdomon from what I can tell is much flatter under the belly button. My breasts are not too large but they are definitley fuller. I think they will look great!! Let me know how you are making out. I am going to lie in my bad elevted at a 45 degree angle. I didn't sleep last night so I will rest and then walk around the house later. I hope you are doing ok. I'm lucky to have the P A come to my house and check. She is coming tomorrow too. I go to the Dr on Wed.
Today is your day! Thinking of you and wishing you an easy recovery!
Sending you lots of good wishes and a nice gentle hug, hope you're doing ok. Hang in there it will be much better soon, and you'll be soooo glad and proud that you did it.

Well, 3 days post op and everything is going great...

Well, 3 days post op and everything is going great. Definitely glad I had home health care the first few days, when I could barely walk! It was worth the expense, esp. since I am the only adult in my home. My teenagers have also been great. My tummy is so flat and it appears I have a waistline again. I am swollen and bruised, but I dont' care, b/c I know that is temporary. I have had NO pain at all really, back pain the first couple days, but today I stopped Percacet and opted for es Tylenol, I am feeling a teeny bit of discomfort tonight so I may be going back on percacet later, we'll see. Getting used to the drain and still hunched, but walking is easier and no problem getting up and down stairs now. All in all it's good. I will post pics later but I can say I already feel better about myself! Thanks for all the info here b/c reading all the posts and advice has been a real lifesaver. Cough drops, lot's of water and no salt/low salt/ plus staying ahead of the pain. Great tips. Thanks ladies..
Glad to hear you are recovering well.
Hi! I just read your update, and so glad your recovery seems to be going so well. You will be shocked at how soon you will feel like getting out and about, but be careful not to overdue it.
I feel kinda odd, haven't had any pain to speak of, of course I am being careful not to push it too far. I don't care for this binder though! My short waist really makes it challenging to wear! The Dr. called yesterday, but so far, so good. Except it's almost 3am and I can't sleep! I find myself stretching my feet constantly to keep my blood circulating in my legs, scared of those clots. I can't decide if I should take the Percacet, haven't had any all day, but took Extra strength tylenol. Getting a little chicken and figuring I will go with the real pain med just in case it comes on quickly. Yah, I pooped yesterday and today (which is far more than I usually do anyway!). I opted for the Colace and it worked. I got my period today so I am just a fine and dandy little piece of work right now! Hope all you ladies are hanging in there. Thanks for the support.

Okay, I finally feel a twinge of pain in my...

Okay, I finally feel a twinge of pain in my incision. I think that alternating the Percacet and EX Tylenol may be the reason I feel something. I just took the Tylenol so I have to wait 4 hours to take Percacet again. How long are most of you staying on the Percacet? It's hard to tell if I need it since I don't have any pain when i am on it.

Here are day 4 post op pics. They are a bit scary...

Here are day 4 post op pics. They are a bit scary with the bruising. I actually look better than the pics show, I am pretty swollen, feel like I am going to pop! My kids can't believe my belly is gone and I have curves, they have only seen THAT in pictures and they were taken before they were born1.

Looking really good there:)

glad your recovery is going well!
Hi today is day 4 post op from my revision surgery. I am shocked how much more painful it seems this time. The dr said the pain level this time would be much better about 40% less. I disagree. I felt like it's taking me longer to bounce back this time. I am still wearing the fentynol patch. I am taking vallium, and a 2mg or 4g dilaudid every 6 hrs. I am also taking kflex 3 times a day. My incision is still pretty painful but much better! I'm so used to bouncing right back. It hurts to get out of bed but once I do I am ok. The pain meds are helping me get through. I'm not ready to give them up yet. I took a shower and washed my hair this morning. That made me feel much better!! The new breasts don't really seem bigger but they are definitley fuller. I think they look so much more in proportion to my body. My belly is flat under the belly button and it looks so much better. I love the results. It's subtle but so much better!!! I don't know how I am going to work on Tues but I'm going. The drains come out on Wed if everything looks good to the doctor. I am hiding them under a loose top. I am so happy that I redid this even though it was painful. Each day gets better!! I love my doctor for doing this for me and not charging me any additional fees. Take care my fellow t/t friends.

I am amazed at how little discomfort I have had. ...

I am amazed at how little discomfort I have had. I will say that I have not missed a single dose of meds, switched to EX Tylenol for the day, and moving as much as possible. We made a chart with all the times for my meds and I set my cell alarm so I stay on top of it. I cross off as I take the meds. I have tried to take all the advice I could from all the other ladies here and I know that has been huge. Not gotten sick either, I always take med with something. The worse part is the back pain from hunching/and where the lipo was. I am much smaller than my pics look, My kids were like, "You have a shape!" Going in for post op visit on Tuesday/at one week.
Hey! I just ready your post regarding your back hurting, and I thought I would tell you this. I walked into my 6 day post-op appt. still walking hunched over, and Dr. McNeal said "you need to start trying to stand up straight right now," and from that day forward I pulled myself up and my back felt sooooo much better. He told me to start taking pillows away a little each night until so my skin could gradually stretch a little more each night. Don't do it until your Dr. tells you, of course. I am telling you this because I read where people said they walked hunched over for 2-3 weeks, and I didn't have that experience at all. I wasn't standing completely straight, but pretty close to it at the end of week 1. Hope you continue to have such an amazing recovery and you look really good.
I am glad you are continuing to recover well. I hated the hunching-I found muscle relaxants to be of help. I also started on around day 8 to lay in the bed with pillows under my legs. (I had been in a recliner up until then. It seemmed to stretch things out a little bit-I have no idea if there is any scientific or medical backing of this, all I know is it relieved some of the discomfort).
I also found the lipo to be more painful than the other areas. I am 20 days out and it has definately gotten easier.
Thanks teachermom! I think I will give the bed a try in a few more days! To tell the truth, I am a little afraid my lab (who sleeps with me in the bed) will jump on me when I get in it! I know there's going to be bumps in the road, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it may be. I have found myself getting a bit stir crazy today, and I can see how easy it would be to overdo it. I am making myself take it easy, but it's hard!

Talked to PS office today for tip on getting this...

Talked to PS office today for tip on getting this binder on correctly! For the first time last night, I experienced the intense desire to scratch an intense itching! But, I did not give in and eventually it went away! I am day six post op, everything is still good. My appointment isn't until Friday, my drains are at around 50 output. I had trouble sleeping last night, wide awake until 3am! Gee, that is the tricky part! Have a great day everyone!

Your tummy looks beautiful!

Thanks Kimmers and Fluffy...I feel like a balloon about to pop! I broke down tonight and asked my daughter to go get us a pizza and me a diet coke! I was having withdrawals, it's been over a week and no soda! Ha,I feel it already! Back to water and low/no salt tomorrow!

Well that's ok you need to treat yourself once and a while.  You will get back on track again.  


It's almost 4am, and yet another night of trouble...

It's almost 4am, and yet another night of trouble sleeping. Nothing hurts, just can't sleep. I woke up to the smell of nail polish remover (the joy of teenager girls in the home) and now I am up reading the posts! I am seeing my ps today and getting my binder adjusted as well. My official post op appointment isn't until Friday, but I am excited to have him take a peek.
Loving your motto. How fun! And you commented on my blog about possibly wearing a tankini...I'd say YES you look like you could do that easily at only 5 days PO. Or even a bikini.
You are looking fantastic! Sounds like it is really going well too. Gives us "befores" hope to hear how well it's been for you.
Puggymom, the worst part really has been being "homebound" I feel like I should be out and about but b/c of the heat and humidity, I don't want to swell and have pretty much stayed inside. I do have a teenager to chauffeur me around when I have to go somewhere, and you can imagine how fun that is! I have a high pain tolerance but really, for me there hasn't been any real pain, only discomfort, esp. the first few days. Just take the advice here and do what they say has worked, that's what I do. I hope it continues to go smoothly. From what I read, the road to recovery is long and bumpy. It is alot like the way it is for me having a son in the Marines. Our motto.,"Semper Gumby"-Always flexible!

Drove to TJ Maxx today with my daughter! I needed...

Drove to TJ Maxx today with my daughter! I needed the buggy to lean on as we walked, I feel like I have to explain my hunchiness to everyone! I walk like an old lady or someone about to have a bm right there in the store! Ha., Walking is harder than driving! I can't wait to go to the Dr. tomorrow and get the bandages changed. My drain put out less than 25cc (?) today, who knows, it may come out too. It's 9 days post op, all is well, but I am getting antsy. The bruising from lipo is all the way down my short legs now, really wierd looking, but I assume normal.
Nothing like some retail therapy to make you feel better! Glad you are doing so well!
cacdino, and to top it off, when we went to check out I realized I left my check card in the other wallet, the one I did not have with me. They said they'd hold it, but when I got home I was too tired to go back. There's always tomorrow.
Wow ur swelling has gone down so much already! U look great

Yaayyy! I had my post op visit today, yes 10 days...

Yaayyy! I had my post op visit today, yes 10 days after surgery. PS removed the tape from incision and bb and OMGosh, I can't believe how good it looks! I was like, "Is it supposed to be this easy?" He said, "I will say, you are flying through this quite easily, you get a gold star" I said, "How about a discount for being such a great patient?!" Well, that got some laughs, but no discount. Seriously, this could not be going any better, I LOVE my results and hopefully Monday will get the drain out. He wants me to go 3 or more days with less than 30cc, so far I have gone two days with 25cc. I wish all you ladies smooth sailing...I am so glad I did this. MY PS said, "You look amazing~" I still can't believe it. Binder will be on for another month he said, I am like, "Okay." There's worse things, ...."Hum, like a flabbly belly."

Oh yeah, when I got up to go pee during the night,...

Oh yeah, when I got up to go pee during the night, I could stand up straight! I am almost walking normally now. :)

Okay, so my daughter and i went to see "The Change...

Okay, so my daughter and i went to see "The Change Up" with Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bateman. It was very funny and when I laughed, I had to hold on to her to keep from hurting! It's been a busy day today.
Just looking at your look great!!
Thanks Healthynewife..I fell like a balloon about to pop though! I have had some carbonated diet cokes the past few days and I think it's caught up to me.! Having trouble sleeping too, no pain, just can't get to sleep. Arghh..... :)
feel, not fell!

Okay, I am calling the PS office Monday morning to...

Okay, I am calling the PS office Monday morning to come in and get out the drain. I have not put out more than 25cc(?) for the past 4 days and he said less than 30 in 3. So hopefully tomorrow is the day. :) Had a glass of wine tonight, missed it too. Sleeping in my real bed again, but with lots of pillows!
I have white tape covering my belly, and its not 100 percent flat it's like flat on the left and a lil lumpy on the right, I it's swelling kinda becoming depressed over it:(

Hang on and don't get depressed.  You are early in the game and your body needs time to heal.  Unfortunately the swelling is all part of this long process.  

Keep your chin up:)

I think that is the key, patience, this is a LONG healing process. I have to keep telling myself that.

Monday morning, I called the ps office and they...

Monday morning, I called the ps office and they told me to keep the drain in at least another day, tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. I was down to 25cc, but yesterday it went up to 30cc. I will have to be patient, I will have to be patient, .....

Well, since I couldn't get out my drain today, I...

Well, since I couldn't get out my drain today, I opted to go get a mani/and pedicure! I have gone from 25cc to 35cc out, so I have to give it at least one more day. I took off my binder to shower, but it feels so weird without it on and even though it makes me feel huge, I like wearing it! Different story I am sure when I return to work in a few weeks.
I understand you wanting to wear the binder. I wear mine most of the time is the feeling of security that I like...but I look as big as a bear in it I am sure.
Yes, you will have to be patient! I know you are dying to get the drain out but I think having it in is a good thing. My ps told me to expect to have them in for 3 weeks! Not looking forward to it but I think it makes it much better for healing. Your body would have to absorb and get rid of all that fluid on its own, better to drain it out.
I am glad you posted you have to wear your drain for 3 wks, I get mine out on monday and it will be 2 wks, I can not stand this lil and when it gets snagged on the stitch, dear lord... lol its painful

Okay, I have a question for anyone who would dare...

Okay, I have a question for anyone who would dare to respond. It's kinda weird so don't think I am nuts *although I may be! )

Now keep this in perspective, but I have this incredible attachment feeling for my ps. I feel a closeness to him and while I know it's not a "physical" connection, it's entirely emotional, I find it a bit disturbing that I feel so close to him. I felt the same way (and still do to this day, 21 years later) to my ob/gyn, who has seen me through all 3 pregnancies. Do any of you understand what I am experiencing? I know he has many patients and has done this procedure for many women, but why does it seem so special for me? Maybe it's because this is so personal, so exposed, so deep on many levels, maybe because I trusted him with my life and he has done this wonderful thing for me. Am I nuts?!!!
Hi there...I don't think your nuts, I am sure alot of people have that 'connection' since they seen 'all of you'.

You are looking great and sound like you are coming along just fine!!!
That is what I was thinking, I have seen many doctors over the years and when I thought about it, the ob/gyn who delivered all my babies and my ps are the only two who I feel this way about. I guess b/c they are the "lucky" ones to see all of what we got, the good, bad and the ugly and both of them help bring something wonderful to my life, even through the pain of it all. I guess this is my emotional side coming out, I hear lots of women get emotional after major surgery, so this is my little dribble. :)
Sounds like you are coming along fine.I'm sure it feels nice to be in your own bed and to have that glass of wine :)

Yes, you just have to deal w/ those drains a bit longer. I agree better out than in.

Your pics look wonderful! You have to be so thrilled!

16 Days post op today. Went to the ps office,...

16 Days post op today. Went to the ps office, they removed my bb stitches, it's a little sore. My drain has to stay in until Monday, it will be 3 weeks. They just want to make sure my output stays under 25. Oh well, such is life. I went to work today (not officially), for an hour, gee, I am already tired! It's gonna be a long ride I am afraid. 3steps forward, 2 back. Well, at least I know underneath it all I have a flat tummy hiding!

And another thing, all the bruising is now...

And another thing, all the bruising is now gone!
I no longer look as though I got ran over!

OMGosh, just sneezed, held my tummy tight but...

OMGosh, just sneezed, held my tummy tight but dang, that hurt! It hurts a little more on the left than the right. I think I am being a little paranoid tonight!

Okay, I am really ready to get out this feakin'...

Okay, I am really ready to get out this feakin' drain! I will be 3 weeks post op on Tuesday so I made my appointment for Monday am. My ps. said anywhere from 2-3 weeks and I am just about there! Hopefully I can withstand it the next two days, I am tired of wearing knit shorts! Have a great weekend everyone.
You look amazing Marinemom!! So happy for you...:-)

Oh my gosh, it's Saturday, Aug. 13th. I woke up...

Oh my gosh, it's Saturday, Aug. 13th. I woke up last night around 5am and was so nauseous! I had to take off my binder, get a cool cloth and sit up in my chair. It came out of the blue, so weird! The drain site is really, really sore too. I can't WAIT to get it out on Monday. I probably feel the worst today than I have felt since having this done. Everything is sore. maybe because I am moving more, don't know, but It's gonna be a long weekend I can tell. I haven't had any pain to speak of until now, I just feel yucky today!

You are going to have days like this for the first month.  When you feel like this just rest and stay down as much as possible.  

Those Dreaded drain sites can be a pain.  Try a warm compress around the site and that may help some of the soreness.  

thanks kimmers, i appreciate it. on top of this, my daughter's transmission just went out so i am trying to figure out how to get that fixed. Yah...!

Oh goodness:(   Why do things always come in 3's.


Okay, it's Sunday, sleep like a rock last night,...

Okay, it's Sunday, sleep like a rock last night, in the recliner though, thanks to Percacet! I am still pretty sore, but better than yesterday. I accidently pulled my drain out about half inch when changing clothes, eek, that was weird, I can't wait to get this off tomorrow. Thanks for all the support. :)
I feel a little better today, still really sore, but better than yesterday. I broke out the percacet last night and it did wonders. Today I took a shower and accidently pulled on the drain and it came out about 1/2 inch~ that was wierd. No fever and the site isn't very red so I think I am okay. Thanks.
oh poor you!! Sounds awful, I know how horrible it is when you start to feel better and then have a setback. It makes you wonder if you will ever feel normal again. Try and take it really easy over the weekend but if it gets any worse you should see a doctor, its possible you could have an infection in the drain site. I really hope you get the horrible thing out on Monday.

Yay!!! Got the drain out today, Post op 20 days! ...

Yay!!! Got the drain out today, Post op 20 days! It was over in a minute and I did not even feel anything. I saw it in the nurses' hand and I was like, "It's done?" She said, yep. I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes total!
Over the miserable weekend, I rested and took it easy, so today I am feeling better, going to try not to over do it, going to work tomorrow!

Well, today was my first day back to work! I am...

Well, today was my first day back to work! I am not wearing my compression binder, it's too bulky under my clothes, so I am wearing spanx and as soon as I get home I am putting the binder on. I feel like a balloon! Walking a little stiffly too. But I am glad I came back for 4 hours. Going to go home and take a nice long nap! 3 weeks post op today!
I am trying to watch the sodium, but I know I can do better. I am making an effort to up my water intake too. Is gatorade bad to drink or is it okay? Sometimes I need something with some flavor. I will try the cool compress, that sounds good. Thanks again.

A little Gatorade is not so bad.   In my frig I always keep a pitcher of ice water and in it I put fresh sliced lemons, limes and oranges.  Its so nummy.  You can also add a little Equal sweetener if you need something sweet.   If I have it on hand and ready I will drink it.

The sodium is hard because everything is loaded with sodium.  

i could have taken off another week but decided to take two half day weeks instead, not sure if it was a good move. I just woke up from a 4 hour nap and probably would have slept all night if I could.

2nd day back to work, 2nd day to come home and...

2nd day back to work, 2nd day to come home and crash for 4 hours! This tt is kicking my butt! Esp. the swelling. I took Kimmers' advice and put ice packs on the areas and it has helped. I actually slipped one of those lunch freezy things between my binder and my underwear (not touching my skin) and it was just the right size to help with the swelling in the pubic area, which is swollen like an orange after standing for a few minutes at work.! Tomorrow i am going to take some with me and keep one on it all day!
Kimmers, The ice has made a HUGE difference. I don't know why I was thinking I couldn't put anything on the tummy, maybe that was right after surgery. oh well, it helped so they will become my new best friend. Thanks. :)

Keep the ice packs coming!

Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was a good option, I knew it had alot of calories, just trying to get off diet soda, doing pretty well with it, I know that is bad for me!

It's Friday, Friday, my favorite day of the week! ...

It's Friday, Friday, my favorite day of the week! I feel better today than yesterday, not as swollen, but my skin is warm to touch and dark pink right above my incision, so I am heading to the PS office when Ileave work at 11am. I am curious what/if any is going on. Swellhell, it's so much fun! :)

Saw my PS, said swelling was pretty much to be...

Saw my PS, said swelling was pretty much to be expected given I started work this week, but he did say I was very swollen. He gave me a script for Augmentin for the possible localized infection of my incision, it's red and oozing just a tiny bit. He said I will probably swell for up to 3 months and since I will be 1 month post op on Tuesday, can opt to toss the binder if I want. I asked about the muscle repair he did and from what he showed me, it appears to have been 4-6 inches and all the way up to my ribcage. He also told me that there was no reason that I can't stand up straight and I did it for the first time there in the office, it pulled but he assured me it's okay.

A little bummed, PS says the "infection" may be...

A little bummed, PS says the "infection" may be cellulitis, which would explain my naseua and aches and pains along with swelling and redness in the pubic area. My incision is "weeping" now and I am totally bummed out. I started Augmentin today. It should clear it up...or else I will be back at the PS. No problems until now, but hey, I can tell that this recovery thing is going to be a long and bumpy ride.

Saturday, my antibiotics must be working b/c the...

Saturday, my antibiotics must be working b/c the redness, swelling and "weeping" in my incision area are noticeably less than yesterday. I am so thankful I went in, I thought it was normal and had i waited, the infection could have spread.
Word of caution, don't get too lax in washing your hands while your incision is healing, I think I got in a comfort zone and somehow transferred some germs to myself! Stay alert, even when you feel pretty good.
Wow! You look like you have been through quite the journey, but all and all stayed very positive. I enjoyed reading your blog. Can't wait to see a more updated photo. Look great!

Okay ladies, I am one month post op Today! Good...

Okay ladies, I am one month post op Today! Good news to report:

~ No longer need to wear my binder/sleeping on my side in my bed/walking upright, not too much pain when I sneeze (yippee), working half days but needing naps in the afternoons,wearing clothes that make me feel good finally and overall, pretty pleased with results.
~Not so good news: Recovering from possible Cellulitis below my incision, it was red and puffy last week, started antibiotics and that has cleared but now I have a hole in my incision!!!! (apparently, fluid has to go somewhere when they take out the drains...gee, I had mine 3 weeks so you'd think that would be long enough! Anyhoo, my ps had to do a little work on me today and now I get to go back next week!

***Hopefully this will be a minor bump in the road, but it sure looks gross! No kidding, this journey is full of ups and downs! I am still very glad I did it though b/c I love my flat tummy.

I am posting new pics, the ones where my tummy looks good and then the real one of how it looks when you get a little hole! (Just in case any of you miss out on this little treat, I wanted to share how wonderful it is :)

I am really bummed about my incision opening. I...

I am really bummed about my incision opening. I mean, I was doing so well, no problems for the first three weeks, barely any pain, nothing, then I get the infection and now this. I know this will delay my healing and it may, may even call for a scar revision later! How did this happen? I feel really down about it. It just sucks! I have a hole in my belly! I have to "wick" out the fluid so it can heal from the inside out. For gosh sakes, this really bums me out.

I am over 4 weeks post op and have been in to see...

I am over 4 weeks post op and have been in to see my ps several times since Friday where I was treated for an infection of the skin. Then, when that healed or appeared to heal, my incision popped a hole in the middle, it's freaking me out, he said it needs to drain out and I am "wicking" gauze to draw out fluid, but I am going back to see him tomorrow b/c this freaks me out.
Hey MarineMom, sorry to read about all the excitement for you lately! I also had an opening in my incision - really 2 openings but the spot below my bb had a flap of skin over it. Seeing the opening and this flap kind of freaked me out so I didn't examine it all too closely (plus my husband was standing there as I was taking my tape off and I didn't want to freak him out). I retaped because I'm using paper tape on my scar for 3 months as recommended by ps and when I rechecked it all 2 days later it was quite a bit smaller. That was at almost 3 weeks - I'm 7w1d now and you can still see that the flap area is behind the rest of the scar in healing, but everything closed and there wasn't ever any seepage.

It was pretty freaky. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with it and I hope it resolves for you soon!

I went to see my PS again today (3rd time since...

I went to see my PS again today (3rd time since last Friday). He has no idea why my incision did not completely close, but assured me it will and again, he is just so sweet. I am very upset and worried how it will end up looking right there in the middle. He says it looks good, all things considered and at the most, I may have to do a scar revision later, but maybe not. Anyway, he told me to up my protein and Vit. C intake and just RELAX...yeah right! The entire incision is healed and looks good except the very center where it opened! I am getting emotional over this, and I don't like it one bit!
So sorry you are having trouble. I felt bad when I was giving you a heads up before your surgery that it is filled with ups and downs, and this is just a little blip in your recovery. I'm sure your incisions will heal, and other than that you look great so early in your recovery. I am scheduled for my revision surgery Oct. 13th and I can't even believe I am going to have surgery again. He said I might even need a drain again as he will have to open the incision in the midde. Oh is what it is. If you do have to have a scar revision, at least I am going first and can give you support when you have yours. Have you returned to work?
"THERE WILL BE SETBACKS & UPS AND DOWNS IN YOUR RECOVERY" Biggest understatement of the year!!!!!
Sorry you have had a few setbacks. I know it can be discouraging. I had an opening happen like that when I was only at a few weeks as well. I remember feeling really panicky about it and I called my PS and I was told it just happened sometimes and to put steri strips over it to hold it closed until it healed up again. I made sure to clean it well, sterilize it and then put on the steri strips. I did this and in 2 weeks it was all healed up again. You'd never know from my scar now that there was ever a problem at all. Hope you feel better soon. It will get better!! :-)

Decided today that I will focus on getting this...

Decided today that I will focus on getting this hole in my incision healed. I increased my protein intake, drinking more water and really trying to put positive energy into healing. Taking nothing for granted. Nothing. Right now my son is stationed at Camp Lejeune NC and the Hurricane is forecasted to hit the coast tonight. I am putting life into perspective!

Well this afternoon I went to get Soy Protein...

Well this afternoon I went to get Soy Protein powder, Protein bars, Vit. C and a multi vitamin. I also planned out my meals so that I am sure to get all the proper nutrition I need. I should have been more vigilant about this aspect. I guess I thought I would sail right through this whole thing. NOT! I really underestimated how much of a toll and much work it is for our bodies to recover from this trauma. I feel a little stupid that I kinda treated this like it was nothing. I have realized my nutrition is key to good health! Please don't make the same mistake I did!
oh my lands marinemom it's like your writing my story minus the going back to work part! This is happening to me and i didn't even go back to work! I am 3 weeks po as of yesterday and I have a split I am dealing with~ I am SO sorry your going through this~ keep us updates~ and I am So glad your upping the protein~
Oh I know it sucks doesn't it?!! Oh well, what's a girl to do? I saw your PS in the Marietta office a couple times when I went in to be seen, he seems nice and not too bad on the eyes! I also had to see Dr. Symbas this week when Dr. Hanna was in surgery, he's a real cutie pie, too bad he's only 30! Talk about feeling old!!!! You know, I did everything right, maybe I could have eaten a little better, but you know, since the hole is in the center where the tension is the tightest, and the rest of the incision is perfect in healing, I would say it's just one of those freaking things, "Who knows" why. But at any rate, Dr. Hanna told me to up my protien and Vit. C and i am going to do that and hopefully in a few weeks this will heal. It's getting better, just plain ticked me off that I had this setback! I hope your surgery goes well, will be thinking of you! I did start back to work LAST week, the same time all this began...hum, I wonder if it had anything to do with it. Oh well!
I meant that I "saw" him, like when he came in the waiting room to talk to the family of patients, not actualy "saw" him for treatment!

Saturday...Doing pretty well today, staying...

Saturday...Doing pretty well today, staying positive, tracking my protein/diet and hoping for the best! I know this will be okay! Now, if I did not have my "monthly visitor" and this dang yeast infection from the antibiotics I would be dandy!

Ok now that's just not right!  No woman should have to have a tummy tuck, flo and yeast all in the same month.  Yikes...hang on there and it will all pass.

Kimmers, this is my second period since the tt, got one the first week post op! With three girls in the house, someone is always getting a visitor!! Thanks again for your support, you are awesome!

LOL...I live in a house with all males..including the dogs.  I have the opposite here...I get the man periods.  Crabby, grouchy, and moody..LOL


Sunday, I am excited to report that I can see an...

Sunday, I am excited to report that I can see an improvement, albeit, small, in my "hole" I just wish I had taken the nutrition thing more seriously from the start. Non t/t note: my son, who is a Marine, called me, he is w/o power, no ac, nothing but nasty MRE's to eat, sick as a dog in a musty barrack in NC. Please pray for him. Thanks.

Monday, status quo with incision "hole" thinking...

Monday, status quo with incision "hole" thinking positive here. Good news, my son got power back on at the USMC base, so at least he's doing better now. He comes home this weekend, can't wait to show him my flat tummy! Still very tired and sleeping when I can, I guess that is to be expected!

I don't know if anyone reads my posts or not but I...

I don't know if anyone reads my posts or not but I can sure tell you that it helps me just to put it down! My girls, 17 and 13 are tired of me showing them my belly and turning sideways and saying, "Look, it's soooo flat!" They are still grossed out by the V shaped BB and gauze on my "hole" that they can't see past it to revel in my new body with me! (They are excited for me, but they are still tired of me showing it to them all the time! LOL). I am pretty sure that my hole is closing, albeit still about the size of my BB, but it does seem smaller, I just hope it gets significantly smaller by next week when I go back to the PS. I am down almost 2 sizes in my clothing, I broke down and tried on some jeans tonight and I was so happy that NOTHING rolled over the top or squished beneath the waistband. Ladies, let me tell you, THAT is an incredible sight! If you know what I mean, Let me hear you SHOUT OUT! No jelly belly rolls for us!!!! AND there was a gap in the back, like I might actually NEED to wear a belt with them. Imagine, wearing a belt and it looks like it should! OMGosh, that's been like 17 years for me!!!! Well, going to bed early tonight, full time work, single parenting and tt recovery is wiping me out!!! Hugs to all!

I just feel like sending a huge cyberThank you to...

I just feel like sending a huge cyberThank you to Dr. Hanna, even though he has no idea and I am sure will never know how much I appreciate what he has done for me. Yes, I know he was paid and its his job. But still, he did a Dang good job and I am so psyched that I can wear jeans and a clingy shirt and it looks good! Before the surgery he did tell me that not only would my clothes would fit a lot better but I would need much smaller ones once all the swelling is George, I think he's right!!!!

Feeling so good today, I love being able to wear...

Feeling so good today, I love being able to wear my clothes and actually look and feel good in them and it's only 5 weeks and I have a freakin hole in my incision! I can't wait until I am fully healed, I know this was THE best thing I could have done. I can't even imagine how many hours I have spent over the years thinking about how much I hated my post baby belly but I don't think I could have done this before now. I just sorta wish I had done ahead and had the Blift at the same time, but for now, a very good-fitting bra will have to do the trick!
Wow girl. you have really been through it. Here's hoping it's all down hill from here on out! You look amazing...
Good for you! Reading about your day to day progress (even with set backs) is so helpful to people in waiting...
Glad to hear you're happy!
I love reading your posts!!! Glad you're fitting in your jeans again, wish I was, I still have a muffin top although not as bad as it was. It seems to be a choice of doing nothing and staying fat but comfy, or exercising and swelling like a balloon and all the pain and discomfort that goes with it. oh well, I guess it just takes time, I need to learn patience. Glad your "hole" is healing x

Thursday, 9/1/11. I had to go buy some new pants...

Thursday, 9/1/11. I had to go buy some new pants today! I am almost down 2 sizes and I am still swollen, so I am sure once the swelling subsides and I get rid of this bandage on my tummy AND I can't start working out again, I will be down full sizes. I am psyched that I can actually wear something that fits my waist and not hang off my butt! I have gone so many years without a waistline that was as large as my hips that I forgot what it was like! :) Oh, I am posting the pics of my nasty "hole" b/c there's somebody out there who thinks they are the only one who has had a complication and I want you to know you are not alone!
You look awesome. Hope that you heal fast!! I know its been a long 5 weeks. I'm 4 weeks in and looking at another 4 to 6 before I'm in clothes but like you I can see the what the final results will be and that keeps me holding on daily...
ABSOLUTELY! I have found this site to be so helpful I actually contacted the founder and told him so! They called me and interviewed me! Ha! I really don't think I could have made it without this support. My friend had a Breast Lift and she did not know about RS, she had TONS of complications, on top of not really having ANY information about what the procedure would be like, and she has struggled so much. I told her to go to RS for post op support, I hope she did. I feel like finding this site was a Godsend! :)

We're reading your updates for sure! You're getting there. Sounds like Kimmers and the other ladies are giving you great support.


Friday! I am entering the land of swelling and...

Friday! I am entering the land of swelling and the dinner from Chipotle isn't helping, but it sure was yummy! I am so tired too, because I am on the go so much at work, when I finally stop, it hits me right in the face! My son came home for the long weekend, as my screen name suggest, I am a Marine Mom! He is so excited to see my new shape and so amazed at how different I look and feel about myself. I do have to report though that I am definitely getting a little slit next to the "hole" that is closing!. I recall, after my surgery and when the tissue was healing, I had some black-scab thing, and it was very thin. I do believe now that it was dead tissue and now it's separating. Oh well, I see that the other one is closing so I am sure this one will too, but heck, my recovery is going to take a good bit longer than I wanted. I just hope this is the end of the road for me as far as my incision opening! Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Lisa, it does look like a belly button! I have two now! Hopefully, the lower one is going away really soon. We are not sure why it opened, but it started very narrow and then popped open once a thin scab came off. I think it's round now b/c it's healing inside out and the tissue is coming together! I have another one, very small next to it now!
Marinemom I just took some photos and will post them under reviews. Hope your opening heals quickly for you!
Looking good!! At first I thought the picture of your hole was your belly button!! It looks so much like one! My belly button has that yellow unhealing scab in it.. but finally it is starting to go away... I have 3 open areas but not like your hole... all were due to the seroma and the biggest just leaked and they seem to be starting to finally heal.

Sunday. Feeling very swollen today. Still having...

Sunday. Feeling very swollen today. Still having issues with my "holes" but I do go back to see my ps this Thursday. I have enjoyed having my Marine son home this weekend and sad to see him go back to base. I will be 6 weeks post op on Tuesday. I am glad that this is not the final product I am looking at! Gee, I have at least 4 months to go! :) Chins up ladies!
I am going to remove my yucky pictures again. But if anyone just has to see them, message me and I will send them to you! lol
So glad you had time with your son!
I'll tell you something funny... my middle child (soon to be 18 yr old son) wanted me to ask the PS to leave off a new belly button.. he wanted me not to have one.. thought it would be cool... silly boy!

Monday, Labor Day. I just realized that tomorrow...

Monday, Labor Day. I just realized that tomorrow is Tuesday and I will be 6 weeks post op! I feel bloated, seeing more of my tummy than I would like but I think I had too many diet sodas this weekend. Back to water tomorrow! I am ready to start exercising, so hopefully once this incision hole(s) clear up I can start. I finally feel like I may have enough energy to go!
Well girls after 4 months I wore my first bathing suit, victoria secret style and my husband said I looked sexy. That was very uplifting. Still tired all the time and can't sleep at night. I see the Dr. on Wednesday so I'll let you know what he says. I love to see all the comments from all of you, it really helps alot. Thanks marinemom and all of you. Yes, we made the right decision!
Ahhh but you know what is the best looking at your kids and knowing you had a hand in creating them!!!! Glad you are enjoying yourself...memories!
Ladies, I have enjoyed this time with my son, he is cleaning out his sister's car right now! What a sweetie he is! He will be leaving early in the am to get his ride back to NC> As you moms who have older kids understand, this is a bittersweet time in our lives. I appreciate you asking about it, thanks! :)

Tuesday, exactly 6 weeks post op today. I feel...

Tuesday, exactly 6 weeks post op today. I feel fat again! I feel the rolls over my pants too. I will NOT freak out. I will NOT freak out! I WILL NOT freak out! I will (try) to accept that I am entering swellhell....again.!
@ boynton congrats how exciting... I cant wait for that day!

Wednesday. I developed a deep, sharp pain in my...

Wednesday. I developed a deep, sharp pain in my uppper left thigh yesterday. It only hurts when I apply pressure. I have no other issues so to speak but I called the PS office and talked with the nurse and she felt like it would be okay to wait until tomorrow when I see my ps and have him look at it. Who knows what it this point, I would not be surprised by anything! My "hole" is closing, but there's still a small leak right next to it so it's on we go! I slept with my binder on last night to counter some of my swelling!
marinemom, my eyes got misty when reading about what you wrote about having older children...I'm so emotional with my upcoming surgery. I wish you luck at your ps appointment tomorrow!
Thanks BellaBelly! I am so excited for you! It's an up and down journey, but I am SO glad I did this for myself and I am sure you will be too!

Thursday. I had my 6 week post op visit today. ...

Thursday. I had my 6 week post op visit today. Have I said that I love my ps? Oh well, I think I have! I think his nurses are awesome too! Okay, moving along to the things that matter: MY Body! LOL. I was happy to hear that the "hole" is almost closed, it's healing inward to outward and that is good. My "pain" in my groin is a swollen lymph gland most likely due to the incision healing/infection/etc.

I found out something interesting today regarding lipo. I never gave much thought to the lipo before surgery, I had no idea it took so long and was so tedious. He told me that once I got to sleep, they turned me over on my tummy and then he made the lipo incisions in my lower back and then he contoured my hips/flanks! Then they turned me back over on my back and got to work on the tt/MR. Do you know it took about an hour to do the lipo?

He told me that what I am seeing in regards to rolls, tummy fullness is definitely Swelling and not to fret and that by the time I am 3 months most of it should be back to normal. I believe him so I am going to stop obsessing over it. (at least for today that is :))

He also said I was "cleared" to resume all activities (I imagine that would be fun to resume all things if only there was someone to "do" all things with! Okay, I am being naughty!!!. My best friend told me I should ask my ps if he has any cute single friends who are as nice as he is! lol.
I will go back in 6 weeks, at that time I will be 3 months post op and we are going to take the post op pics. Yaaayyy!
@Here I ps said the hole is doing great, almost healed, but to continue dry wicking it, (gently packing it with gauze probably a few more weeks. It's half the size it was 2 weeks ago! Re. the binder, I have not been wearing it for over 2 weeks now, but have recently begun to wear it again at night to help with swelling! How are you doing?
I still have 3 opening my hubby has to pack for me 2x daily yuck~ sorry you have to do that yourself~ just the one under my butt I can't even see I guess is the biggest 3 inch wide and 2 inch deep but it's smaller than it was at least and less yellow and we are starting to see blood instead of always puss it that tmi? sorry~ Okay maybe I should not be SO depended on my binder~ my dr. REALLY lacks with post op instruction in a BIG way~ and has become way arrogant~ just the last few days I have started to stand straight~ I feel so slow in the healing department~ compared to everyone on this site~ I am 5 weeks today~
Heather! I am so sorry to hear that you are still struggling with this process. You are lucky to have a great husband, to pack your butt. ha! That is not suppose to sound like that, but I am leaving it...haha.

Friday. What a week! Glad I can sleep in...

Friday. What a week! Glad I can sleep in tomorrow. I am going to go to the Y and walk on the treadmill for the 1st time since surgery. I am looking forward to it!
Hey, thanks Kimmers.
yay I am glad your work out was a thumbs up I agree with you on not over doing ! I am so glad your holes are closeing ya!

Enjoy your workout!   Got slow and don't get frustrated:)


Well, I went to the gym today for the first time...

Well, I went to the gym today for the first time since my surgery. I am a day shy of 7weeks. I did not want to overdo it so I just walked on the treadmill at a fast pace at slight incline. I did a little over a mile. I could have easily done more but worried that I would regret it later tonight or tomorrow! I will say that for the first time I was able to wear something that was better fitting and I did not feel like i was trying to cover my jelly belly now that it is gone! I hope that by the time I return for my 3 month post op pics, I can drop weight and tone up some! Six weeks to go before my appointment! My "hole" is very close to closing as is the other little opening next to it. Yayyyyyyyyy.
I bet you enjoyed your workout today. I'll be curious to know if you have any swelling tonight. I can't wait until I can start working out. I'm only two weeks out and my PS said a slow pace walk only. He does not want me to do anything that gets my heart rate up or causes me to sweat. I'm so glad your doing well and you look fantastic.

Day two at the gym. Up to 1 and half miles at...

Day two at the gym. Up to 1 and half miles at level 8 incline. I am purposely NOT pushing myself, but I am sweating so something good is going on. And yes, I feel swollen!
I love umpas marine mom! =)
So Deserving. YES, I have swelling! I did not push myself though, but I did sweat (which after not doing anything for a couple of months wasn't hard to do! :))
Thanks for the encouragement, I feel like an umpalumpah today! But I will get through it, just part of the process! How are you?
I'm doing great. I can't believe it was two weeks ago today. Experiencing the same swelling stuff as everyone else but I try to ignore it. I wake up feeling pretty good and by the time I go to bed, my compression garment is sooooo tight. I know it's part of the recovery so I have just accepted it. Had a little bit of an uncomfortable day today. I had to take two tylenol which I haven't had to take for a few days now. I don't know if my body is moving on to the next phase of healing or what. I know I'll be fine. Everyday is a day closer to the final outcome.

7 weeks post op. The "hole" is just about closed,...

7 weeks post op. The "hole" is just about closed, maybe in another week or so. I am feeling very swollen today, probably b/c I am on my feet ALL day at work, (teacher) I am keeping things status quo right now, and that's good news!
How are you doing girly? Long time no hear :)

Hey all, it's been two months since my surgery. ...

Hey all, it's been two months since my surgery. All in all I would say it's been very easy, well except for the little issue with the "holes" in my incision popping out at 3 weeks post op. I would say they are healing pretty well. I am hopeful they will soon be closed! Down two pants sizes and still sore from lipo. All in all, it's good.
lol ahhhh marine mom I learned in life you got to speak things into exsistance... I belive he is on his way!!! But you do look great!
Yeah, right!!! WTE... I don't think Prince Charming is coming any time soon!!!! If he does, he needs to have a big ole satchel of $$$ with him!!! But hey, thanks, you are so sweet to flatter me, esp. on a Friday!
thats ok marine mom sleep all you can now because I was looking at your pics and I was like DAYUMMMM she got a better body then most 20 year olds!But you need to sleep now cause Prince charming will be on his way soon then you wont have no sleep @ all CCCHHOOWWW!!! =0

Pretty much back to normal in what I can do, not...

Pretty much back to normal in what I can do, not really up to working out yet, did it a few days, but just hated the swelling so I haven't gone back in a few weeks. I get twinges of pain, now and then, but overall, other than the soreness still from lipo, I feel great. My holes are closed and now just hoping my scar will fade nicely where the splits were so no revision will be needed. SO glad I did this.
Hi BBeach! I am glad your revision went well! I too wish I had gone through with the Breast Lift! Now I am considering having it done as soon as my ps will do it! Gee, I should have listened to him and trusted I could have handled it, but oh well. I am willing to go through with it now, BA/BL is not nearly as tough as the TT from what I have heard, maybe some of our RS ladies can help us on this one?!
So I had my revision 2 wks. ago, only 2 inches long, glad to say I've healed really good and my ps said I could start my exercise regime after at least 3 wks. but I feel I should have done a TT with Breast augmentation at the same time, now I want a boob job and don't know if I want to go through more pain? What do you suggest? You do look really good marinemom! Take care.
I think your scar looks much better already! You look great overall. It's too bad when we get these set backs and especially so far after surgery! You're doing great!

I can't believe I am now 11 weeks post op. Wow,...

I can't believe I am now 11 weeks post op. Wow, the time has flown by since returning to work. Those long days filled with back pain and sleeping on my back seem a distant memory now! I am wearing clothes that fit well but I am still wishing that I had gotten the breast lift too. Oh well, that's for a later date! Cheers to all, I am very happy with my results so far.
Terrific results Marine Mom. Seeing you guys pics makes,me more excited than ever!
Hey AWM, I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. I dont' know if I'll need revision yet, I go back to see Dr. Hanna in two weeks, I'll be out of town next week at my 12 week mark, I think I'll be fine, but will be curious if he will want to do anything about the middle here, I have a hard bump under the incision where it split. Anyhoo, I could not tell you who the anesthetist was, I think it was a girl, but I was out so fast I thought I was going to get to count backwards, but no such luck, they put me right to sleep practically after I got on the table :)
Glad to hear you are doing well Marinemom! I'm not big on the whole exercise thing myself, and the most I have really done is the treadmill and some light weights. I decided until I get my revision, which is in the morning (Yuk!), there wasn't any reason to push myself. I mostly wish I could eat without feeling so flippin' tight....geez. Hey...did you have the kind of crazy guy as your anesthesiologist? I had the same guy in Feb. that I will have tomorrow and he is a hoot. He kind of talks like a stoner, and when I asked him not to let me die tomorrow - he said he couldn't do that because it would create too much paperwork, and he hated paperwork. LOL. Does it look like you're going to heal o.k. without a revision at this point? I hope so, because it is quite stressful to go back into this deal.....I scared!!!!!!! Talk to ya soon.

I rescheduled my 3 month follow up appointment,...

I rescheduled my 3 month follow up appointment, got so much going on right now. I feel great, finally can jog and work out and not really feel pain or uncomfortable. I still have a flat tummy but can tell I need to bump up the cardio to keep this new body in shape. I will post pics after my checkup in a few weeks. I am looking into having my "girls" taken care of now....we shall see!
Thanks Cleveland, I hope your revision goes well. I may need one too, but not too worried about it now. I'll see what ther ps has to say when I see him. :)
You are looking great and must be feeling that way too. It helps a lot when you get back to you old routine and don't think about it 24/7 anymore. We "split" in pretty much the same places and I am going in for the revision on Nov 15. If he can fix that to look like the rest of the scar, I will be very happy. Curious on your follow ups! Keep us posted.
Hi Cleveland! Not sure if you are still scheduled for your scar revision today. If so, I wish you the best and let me know how things go. I am almost 5 weeks post op from my revision surgery, and whille I'm still a bit uncomfortable, it has been much easier than the original tummy tuck.

I am feeling great~ still have some soreness in...

I am feeling great~ still have some soreness in the lipo areas, my tummy is stillnumb, my belly button is still triangular and my scar is healing nicely. I have a few bumps where my incision split, but that will be resolved in time or with revision. I am not exercising or eating as well as I should and as a result not completely as thin as I want to be, but I am still very, very happy with where I am. I feel great in my clothes and am down about 3 sizes since surgery. I am making plans to have my breast lift and hoping that will help me have a more balanced look! So far, I am very, very pleased. New pics will come soon, nothing looks any different really, except the splits are closed.
Hi Scared mum, thanks for your comments. I think my bb looks okay, my ps said it was "cute" but it's still a little triangular, but honestly, I haven't done anything to it, not one thing. He did a nice job, it never got infected or any swelling. I will saythat I went back to work half days at the 3 week mark and I was really, really worn out when I came home. I did that for two weeks, I know everyone is different so I can't say what's "normal" but from what I read, it really takes a toll and you can expect to be extra tired for several months, your body takes all the energy for healing. I also think the older we are, the more challenging it is for us. Good luck dear.
Marinemom I just love your BB. I am going to ask my PS for one just like urs. Are you still swollen? All my work clothes are fairly tight fitting so I am gathering I will not be able to wear them for months. Also I am 45, how were your energy levels at 4 weeks? I have to go back to work and will be standing for most of the day. I am so frightened that I will not be able to cope.
My doctor did not tell me specifically how much, he just said to increase it and add vit. C. I did research on wound healing and found that at least 50 plus grams a day would be important. I found the protein shakes, bars and greek yogurt the easiest way to get that much in daily. Google wound healing and you will find alot of info. Good luck. I hope all goes well.

Okay ladies, I have a confession to make! I have...

Okay ladies, I have a confession to make! I have not exercised but 6 times since my surgery. I can still wear the smaller clothes, but I am feeling my little love handles trying to escape again! My stomach muscles are hard as a rock *thanks to extensive muscle repair, but I am feeling, well, like an umpalumpa! I know I should not be so hard on myself, but I though I had more discipline than this and I feel discouraged. My son is leaving next week for Afghanistan and I don't know if I will eat myself out of worry or be too upset to eat. Any suggestions out there? My ps said unless I had MASSIVE weight fluctuation this would be forever, I believe him, but I am upset with myself for not exercising.
Think of exercise in a different way. I have an office job myself so at the end of the day I just want to do something so the treadmill is what I look forward to! It is my "me" time and a gift to myself. If you can change your mind-set it may help motivate you. Once you get back to it your going to me much happier! Keep positive and keep in touch!
Marine~ I think you look awesome too. Nice pic in the dress! So you haven't been working out. So what? That's ok. You can always begin new today. Why beat yourself up for the past when it is over and done w/ anyway? Cut yourself some slack too. You've been recovering and we all go at different rates. I also can't imagine the stress you must feel having a son heading to Afghanistan. I think that is when exercise will serve you well. You can take your frustrations out that way vs eating. Don't be rigid and so no to everything yummy either. We have lives to live and that isn't realistic especially at the holidays. Take care of you. Glad to see you are doing good. Did the hole finally close all the way? How long did it take?
Marinemom, I love the picture of you in that green dress. You look great!!!

I saw my ps today for my follow up. I kept...

I saw my ps today for my follow up. I kept putting it off for one reason or another, all is great, I am still sore from lipo, he said that is to be expected for a few more months and b/c he wants my incision to be perfect, he will do a slight scar revision when we do my Breast Lift/reduction. I have two slightly larger spots where my "holes" popped out at 3 weeks. Overall, i can't say enough about the procedure, the ps and the office. It has exceeded my expectations and I am psyched about having the lift/reduction on Jan. 3rd. Happy New Year's to me!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!! They took my post op pics today and compared to preop....I look like a different tummy!!! Hugs to all you ladies!!
Hey, I was wondering if your hole closed up ok? and how long that took. I just went for my 2 week post-op appointment yesterday and I have a pretty big whole now :( Kind of discouraging.
Hi. I'd say it took a good two months and mine was a bout dime sized. SupPlement protein powder and add vitamin c. Follow yr ps directiOns. Good Lu ck!
Hey marinemom, just stopping your page to see how you are doing? I know you are super excited about your upcoming breast lift! I hope to have a reduction/lift soon but it will be later next year if I do. I know it will only improve my TT. Good luck to you and I'll be watching for updates on your lift as well! ;o)

I am really glad I did this in stages...I have to...

I am really glad I did this in stages...I have to say you gals who do it all in one fell swoop really impress me! I have found it all so much easier now that I had the ttuck first and the reduction last. I had lipo both times so that still sucks! For those of you who follwed me, you know I had the splits at 3 weeks post op and as a result, my ps did a slight scar revision when we went in for the breast lift. He would have done it at no charge in the office, but since I was going under any way, I ended up spending 150extra in fees to have it done in the or at the same time as the reduction. From what I can see, it looks PERFECT. I am very thankful this has all gone so well. I will post a new tummy pic when the tape is removed next week. I am done though...all tapped out of dough!!! Happy New Year Ladies!

Well, I have a little seroma at the end of my scar...

Well, I have a little seroma at the end of my scar revision, it's almost like a little blister. It doesn' hurt at all, I am sure it's fluid build up. But unless it causes me a problem, I'll wait to Monday to call the
PS office to see what I should do. I knew this was too easy!!!. My boobs still feel huge too! Gee, I went from a DD/DDD to a full C and they are still huge! And why am I complaining??? LOL>
The picture with the dress on? Didn't that feel great? I had that experience on Saturday. Couldn't stay out of the mirror! LOL!!
Can't wait to see your updated pix next week. You sound like your are doing great as you have gotten over another hurdle. My scar revision is healing really well, and being 51 and feeling awesome about yourself is the best!!!
You look awesome Marine mom keep us posted on whts next!!!

Okay, I have swelling in my belly from my breast...

Okay, I have swelling in my belly from my breast lift and the scar revision. It is still worth it all, but ladies...this is not a walk in the park. I have a slight water belly above my tt scar now, there were no drains for it. My ps. did not seem worried and said I should absorb all the extra fluid, I hope and trust he is correct. Although I will not hesitate to call and go in if I need to. I am very thankful I chose the ps office I did b/c he is amazing.
Marine mom all I can say is WOW what a journey. I have learned several things from reading your story. I am 2 weeks po and all is good. However what I hear is don't let your guard down too soon because you are not out of the woods for developing problems for several months. Also I probably need to drink a little more water and up my protein intake. Thanks for sharing. I'm down the road from you near Dunwoody
Hi marinemom--- glad to know revision and lift went well. :)
Wow swelling again. Probably feels like deja vu. Feel better sweetie!

Good news to report! My scar revision looks great...

Good news to report! My scar revision looks great and healing nicely....last week I noticed I had a little water bed across my tummy, but that seems to have gone away. I hope I am on the upside of this one~ I will post a pic. this weekend.
You look good marinemom, congrats
Well, I can tell you that around 2 or so weeks, lost track now! I was at my ps office and hunched over and Dr. Hanna said, "Why are you hunching?" I told him I was scared to stand up straight b/c it was so tight and I was afraid to pull something. He said there was no way and for me to stand up now! At two weeks you should be able to stand upright, but don't stand too long on your feet at once. I started back to work at 3 weeks post op, only working half days and let me tell you, I came home EVERY day and took a nap. It really, really takes the energy out of you b/c your body is using all it can to rebuild and regenerate new muscle/tissue/cells. Major surgery dear, do not forget it. I am about 6 months post op now and even though I just had the BL 3 weeks ago, I am still tired many days. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Do not sweep/vacuum or do any kind of work that will compromise your healing. It can all wait. Yes, the dust can wait (i keep telling myself Take care and I am so glad my journey has been helpful. I know you will be so happy in a few months when you can see the changes.
just finished reading your posts. I am at 14 days post op and I feel good just tired. your story has helpd me really slow down. lastnight it finally hitme that THIS is not just a 2 week recovery. I had TT with MR/BL/ BA.. yup all at once... I did two days of no naps and just puttering around the house all day. BAD IDEA. I now see why.. I wont make this mistake again. and I am doing my best to read reviews of thoes who have been there and done that..
I still hunch over. (still have stiches) I think the binder needing to be adjusted is why. it tends to slide up my hips during the day and pulls..

Hi ladies...its been a while! I am 4 months post...

Hi ladies...its been a while! I am 4 months post op from the reduction/lift. Pleased not to have to wear a bra if I choose not too...but I am still big!!! I guess it may have something to do with the extra 25 pounds I am still carrying!!! My tummy is still flat, but I can feel some rolls for I have not lost a single pound since last summer when I had the surgery....And the worst news of all is my tax bill came for the money I withdrew for the surgeries...ouch!!!!
I am still glad I did them though..whenever I get my butt in gear and get serious about losing this extra weight, i know I will feel so much better.

I hope all is well in real self land!!!

Well....I have to admit ladies..I have not lost...

Well....I have to admit ladies..I have not lost any weight since surgery!!! Still down 2 sizes and tummy still flat...but I have not shifted my eating and exercise habits to the place I had hoped. I encourage you all not to do like me!!! day!!! I am still glad I did it though.. Wore a two piece in Cabo earlier this month and felt pretty good~ :)

Okay ladies, its been over 9 months and I am still...

Okay ladies, its been over 9 months and I am still working on getting the last pounds off...I confess i am not working at it very hard though. I just can't seem to stick with a program long enough! My tummy is still flat, but because I have such small hips, I have noticed a little roll over my pants by the end of the day...I know i can do this...I just have to get serious!!! But overall...i am still very, very happy with my choice to do this..I just wish i would have done it sooner!!! :)
I'd love to see some updated scar pictures! Thanks for sharing your story.
Marinemom, if you are unhappy with your weight, you can take control over it. Don't starve yourself, just cut back, and try walking at least 30 minutes 5X a week. You can do this!
Thanks always. so encouraging!!!! I know what I need to do! I know I CAN do this!!!!

Okay so I am posting some updated pics of my tt...

Okay so I am posting some updated pics of my tt scar and revision. At 3 weeks post op I "popped" a hole right in the center of my incision and ultimately, led to the revision. I had it under anesthesia at the same time I had my BL/BR on Jan. 2nd of this year. Most of the original tt scar is faded nicely, the revision scar is still pink. My incision is very low which I love. I assume in at 10 months, it will fade nicely.

Okay ladies first let me say I apologize for the...

Okay ladies first let me say I apologize for the "scruffy" pics! I am about 2 weeks overdue for the "waxing!" And the iphone pics aren't that great as far as the lighting is concerned. But, hopefully, it gives you an idea of the progression of the healing of the scars.
soo sexy!!!congrats!!
You look fabulous! Healthy and happy healing.

Okay ladies of RS....schools out for summer and I...

Okay ladies of RS....schools out for summer and I am going to get serious about getting my body in shape. last year it was all about having the surgery and recovering and now I am focused on dropping this extra weight (about 20 lbs) so that I can gain the full benefit from my surgeries and lipo!!!!! Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted and update pics when i drop that first 10 lbs!
Thanks Kimmers! I have already dropped 6/ of the 20 I want to drop. I have been eating breakfast with protien (eggs and turkey bacon) and honestly, it has made a huge difference. I am keeping up with my calorie intake. I just need to drop the diet cokes!!! I am also using resistance bands and that is easy to do anytime! I am going to do this!

You look wonderful.  I have total confidence that you will drop all the weight you want to.  Just stay focused and driven and you will get there:)  This is your summer to shine girlie!

You look awesome!

Still very glad I had the surgery. My original...

Still very glad I had the surgery. My original surgery was July 2011, I had scar revision in Jan, 12 and now a year later I am still not where Id like to be but that is largely due to menopause! Gotta love that ladies! I hope one day to post more picsl. Happy New year!
You look great girl! I dont know what you're complaining about weight wise! I just went to my PS today because I had that redness swelling in my pubic area and I also have the body aches fever nausea like you however I do not have a hole in my incision yet but I do have small little openings on it that my dr doesn't seem to worry about at all?! But he did aspirate my pubic area ooouchy and put me on antibiotics. Your healing and story gives me hope!!!! Ps were u ever a smoker?
Hi Iv just read ur review with great interest, I'm two wks po after a TT and have developed a hole I'm the exact same area that u did, I read that it took some time to heal and that u had scar revision on it. Can u tell me, did the hole leave ur TT scar looking unsightly? I'm taking antibiotics for mine and having it dressed ( its leaked twice in a wk but the second time was much less) I really don't fancy more surgery, did ur ps consider the hole in ur scar a seranoma it's just that all of the others iv read about dont seem to hav any hole. Wud really appreciate ur comments as this is all new to me...
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hanna is Amazing! Sometimes you just "know" that a particular Dr. is the one for you, something just clicks...That's how it is with him. First of all, He has excellent credentials and expertise in body contouring, the procedure I had. Secondly, he is so approachable, kind and very compassionate. I always feel comfortable when speaking with him and asking questions. I was really apprehensive about the surgery and he calmly assured me that he would do an excellent job and he did! I had a setback in my recovery and he walked me through it with the same expertise, patience and care that I have come to expect from him~I am now planning on having a breast lift/reduction early January! I highly recommend Dr. Hanna!

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