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I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children...

I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children 18,15,14,&12. I had my first child when I was really young and tiny! N my goodness did he do a number on my tummy n well after having three more, it's just about time to get rid of the sagging skin n most of my stretch marks. I went to schedule my tummy tuck w/ MR and lipo of the flanks and I am way excited! My surgery is scheduled for the 27 th of March 2012 n well I am so ready!

After reading so many reviews on here, I was...

After reading so many reviews on here, I was wondering if I can get some advice on what to do or take to help the swelling after the tummy tuck, I am asking because this is my main concern, I can handle pain, I have a high tolerance for it so the main concern is trying to keep the swelling under control. Is there foods I can eat to help the swelling? Also, what are your recommendations for my pre op shopping list of supplies needed?

I was trying to upload pictures and I hope I did...

I was trying to upload pictures and I hope I did it right! This is my tummy now and I can't wait for my tummy after!:)

I went to my pre op today! Yes the days are...

I went to my pre op today! Yes the days are counting down, 8 more days n I will be with a flat tummy! I am so tired but I just had to post my next step in this journeys! Happy healing everyone ...

7 more days for my new tummy! I am so excited! My...

7 more days for my new tummy! I am so excited! My pre-op went really well n it just made me even more impatient! I wish it would be here already. Just wanted to vent that out , hope all tt's are healing great :)!

1day po n the pain isn't as bad, but there is a...

1day po n the pain isn't as bad, but there is a burning sensation on one tube. Is there a trick to get out of th recliner? Cuz if there is please let me know. The thing is that I actually have more pain in the lipo areas . When I getting up for the bathroom, my stomach muscles do hurt but the lipo areas kill! Well if ya have any pointers please let me know! Wish everyone a quick n easy recovery!

Still in a lil pain I have been walking but it...

Still in a lil pain I have been walking but it feels like my whole insides are going to drop to the floor n I get so tired! Out of breath from just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen is this normal? Other than that it's pretty good haven't seen my belly like Kwan too but I will see it sgoon. Oh yeah what do you guys recommend for the lipo sites the are so sore n my hips feel like plastic can I do anything to help the swelling go down.

I am sssoooo swollen! :( I feel my butt numb were...

I am sssoooo swollen! :( I feel my butt numb were I am laying on my back so much! I am so ready for these drains to come out too! I go see my ps tomorrow at 830 hopefully she will pull them out tomorrow. I have not had an appetite lately. But have been real thirsty. I am not in pain as much at surgery sights but my back is killing me where I can't stand up straight! I know I am just complaining, so I will suck it up n let's see how tomorrow goes. TTY alters tt buddies. ;)

Well fellow tt's I have not been on here to update...

Well fellow tt's I have not been on here to update lately but I am 12 days po and I am swelling really bad towards the end of the day. My bb is looking a lil funky , I think that it looks like that cuz of the swelling but it now seems as if it is closing, is that possible plus it looks red and irritated n there looks to be a small blister in it but since I can't feel anything around it I can't say it hurts, but I can say it doesn't look right, but I go in to see ps on Tuesday she is suppose to remove the stitches off of bb. I think once she sees what I am seeing she will change her mind and do something else to it. I clean it up n I do put antibacterial cream on it but I don't think it's helping. I haven't taken any pain Meds for like a week now cuz I really do not feel any pain in incision area or bb . I do have pain in lipo sites but I can take that. The swelling is hell n not walking straight kills ur back! I still have the surgical tape on my scar so I really can't say if it looks good or not, I really don't know when she will get that off, I will see Tuesday what she says about it. It kinda worries me because I may not see the scar but I do see red , lots of it on one particular side, I know it's blood, n it could be dried blood but I sometimes wonder if it is infected or if I popped a few stitches but like I said before since I do not feel ANYTHING in that area I just dont know. I can't wait til Tuesday though cuz I really hope all is ok. Well I will be posting pics soon. Even though I have some complaints n swelling is he'll, I do not regret doing this. I know once I get thru this healing phase I will love my new tummy. Happy healing everyone!
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My back hurt too from walking hunched over but you have to really take standing up straight slow. If you straighten up too soon you risk having a worse scar and you can pull on internal stitches. Most people say the lipo is worse than the tt. Are you wearing a compression garment yet? I think I got mine 4 days post op and it really helped my lipo area pain. Drink as much as you can. My appetite was low for first three weeks! I liked that part! Make sure your taking something for pain. I loved extra strength tylenol best. It took my pain away and made me relax. Sleep as much as you can! And don't forget that this is a long process. Take each day one at a time! Breath deep and smile. Those two things help a lot! : )
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Thank u very much, n yes smiling always helps! I just find it a lil harder to smile on some days because the swelling is worse somedays than others. I kinda wonder if cuz of the swelling I had the other day, if it's possible to pop a stitch or two? I might be over exaggerating but I really felt like my incision n bb were going to pop, my swelling was really bad!
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Has your Dr told you to ice to help swelling? Have you got to see your tummy yet?
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Actually I have tried ice packs n they do relieve some of the swelling, n I love my tummy in the mornings! Lol I am sure everyone does since it's not swollen!
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Glad to see you are doing good. For swelling I am taking Bromelain and Arnica Montana. My swelling has been minimal and I think these homeopathic treatments have something to do with it. Happy Healing!
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Hi Vic, good luck to u w ur up coming surgery!
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Thank u n my surgery went well now it's just swell hell, But I love my tummy!
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You are so close! Can't wait to see your results!
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Wow busy mom of 4. I am sure you have your work cut out for you. As for the swelling, I am taking a homeopathic remedy called bromelain. You can find it at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. Pineapple juice is good as well
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Congrats & welcome! You must be so excited! We cannot wait to hear your journey & we are all here for you if you have questions and for support!
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Thank you so much n I am so glad I found this site!
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Good luck! I hate the waiting game, mine is the 5th of April. Excited to see pics!
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I know what u mean I am so ready it seems days just drag on!!!!
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Congrats! I'm officially 7 days post op from a breast aug, full tt and lipo. Best decision I've made! Get a recliner for recovery is my first piece of advice. One that easily leans back and closes. I had to get a brand new one the day after my surgery because it took two people to lift it up and down! The worst part of all this is the waiting....we're here for you!
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Thanks! The recliner we have actually is really easy to shift positions, already tested! I am anxious to have this done but not so much for all the upcoming pain, but hey it will be worth it.
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