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One year from TT, 6 weeks from lipo. Loving results!!! Added few new pictures

Hello Everyone! I'm a 33 years old mother of...

Hello Everyone!

I'm a 33 years old mother of two. I have two boys ages 4 and 1. When Pregnant with my second child I developed an umbilical hernia. I decided after walking around with a pointy belly I wanted to get the hernia repaired. Found a wonderful doctor to do the hernia repair, and he informed me if I wanted he would also repair my abdominal muscles and Tuck my stomach for almost half the price, since my insurance was covering the hospital cost and general sedations. I have never in my life had a flat stomach. I have always wanted one and now my dream is coming true. I'm really looking forward to this procedure. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm just hoping see the results I’m looking for. Pray for me!

I will post an update next Monday on how I'm feeling as the time gets closer.

The Closer I get the More excited, 6 more days to go.

The Closer I get the More excited, 6 more days to go.

I've been checking out other peoples situation. I...

I've been checking out other peoples situation. I have checked out the Not worth it post,and they are actually scaring me. I'am praying to GOD! That my doctor doesnt place a high incision. I pray he make sure to make it as low as possible. I will freak!!!!

Should I be checking out all the negative side of this surgery? Peobably not! But I guess I want to know the good and the bad.

Please God! Guide the surgeons every move. (Aman)

So I have three more days until the (BIG DAY!....

So I have three more days until the (BIG DAY!. I'am I nervous! Somer what. Think I'm more excited then nervous. I have been thinking more about the pain I will be for at least a week (hoping that isnt true). Started preparation for my surgery today. Went to target and purchased some yoga pants and comfy clothing. Not sure what I'm really going to need for post op, are there any suggestions out there? Please advise!

It's now October 3rd Surgery in 2 days. So...

It's now October 3rd Surgery in 2 days. So excited!!! Really hoping for a easy recovery

Hello everyone! I'm now 3 days post op. I have...

Hello everyone! I'm now 3 days post op. I have been out of it for the pass 3 1/2 days. Surgery was Wednesday at 1:30pm, I stayed over night and got home on Thursday afternoon around 3:30pm. I'm currently confined to my sofa in the family room.Its the most comfortable. I have tons of pilliow and and everything I need to get me through. I actually starting to feel a little tired of laying on my back. My back is starting to hurt me the worse. I havent seen my stomach as of yet. When I try to open the binder, my stomach feels funny and I close the binder back up. I have two drains that I will have until Oct 13th. I cant wait to get the drains out and to actually take a shower. At what day of post op will I feel my best I keep wondering. I'm feeling better everyday, but I want to feel wonderful now. I want to play wiht my 13 month old baby, and hold him. I cant wait to be 14 days post op.

Today is day 6 of post op. I have my post op...

Today is day 6 of post op. I have my post op appointment tommorrow, I'm so excited about the appointment. I get to have my two drains removed hopefully! I hopeing once the drains are removed, my back pain will improve and I;m able to stand up straight. I still have quite a bit of swelling that i'm unable to see the real results of the surgery. I cant wait to see the real results. I'm not in any pain from having surgery. The only pain I have is back pain. Pain from laying on my back for a week. Upable to stand uo straight because of back pain. Hopefully this will resolve soon.

Today was Post op day 11. I was able to get out of...

Today was Post op day 11. I was able to get out of the house and do a little shopping. It felt so good to get out of the house. Picked up a few things for the house and went to breakfast with some famliy. I'm still uanle to walk striaght, still walking with a hunch back (lol). My back didnt go out on me as quick as it was before, I guess signs of getting better. I hoping by post op day 14, I will be walking straight and most of the swelling gone down. I still cant see the total results of my surgery. I'm waiting to see my results without swollen sides. I was cut from hip to hip, it looks more like back side to back side. and around the insicion lots of swelling. I know it will get better with time. I guess I'm just ready to reap the benefits of my surgery.

It has been two weeks since my FTT and MR surgery...

It has been two weeks since my FTT and MR surgery and I feel great! The only prolonged problem is not being able to stand up straight after two weeks. I'm still walking hunched over. I really cant wait for the total recovery. I happy with my results, but still have some swellen on my sides. I cant wait to the swellen is over. Stomach still feels numb in certain areas. I went out and purchased three compression garments. I have to always have something tight around my stomach because without, it feels weird. I will post updated pictures some. Good luck to all the up coming tummy tuck people out there. It isnt a bad experience at all. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

HEllo! I think I getting a little worried about my...

HEllo! I think I getting a little worried about my Healing process. Took a shower this morning, put my spanx compresser back on. I have lots of swelling still and I it looks like on my right side I have a large bump over the right side of my incsion, along with a sort of sharp pain in and at time. Went to the store, and cameback home, removed the binder and now I have some brusing on the left side close to incision. I dont no whats going on. I'm getting worried!!! The bump / swollen area on the right is tender. I'm wondering if I have a seroma! and it needs to be drained. I so really for all this to be normal its crazy. Just thinking about if they have to drain this thing, how much it is going to hurt

Hello ladies Added some 3 weeks post op...

Hello ladies

Added some 3 weeks post op pictures.....

Today is my first day back to work after three...

Today is my first day back to work after three weeks of recovering from Surgery. I feel as usual vry bloated and swollen still. The button extender is doing it job. Everyone here at work is being supportive and want let me do anything. They told me not to worry about anyhing and to just take it easy. Thank GOD for wonderful co-workers. I have been reading all the post on this site and notice people were trying herbal suppliments, so yesterday went to GNC and purchased some Arnica tablets and Bromelain 500mg. I started taking both last night in hopes of in the upcoming days my swelling will subside (in hopes). I hope everyone is recovery wonderfully and Tummy tuckers have a great day. If your working have an awesome work day. Don't over do it!

Today is day number 2 at work. Today I made sure...

Today is day number 2 at work. Today I made sure to wear my Spanx and also I put on the binder. Yesterday just wear the spanx and I swell up so much and it was uncomfortable. So today I'm not as swollen as yesterday. I actually feel grear today. I'm still not seeing my total results because I still am swollen around the middle. Just other then that I fell awesome! O yeah still not completely standing straight up.

I'm now going on 4 weeks post op...Hooray!!! I...

I'm now going on 4 weeks post op...Hooray!!! I still experiencing swelling, not as big as before. The swelling is going doing a little. I thing I have fluid build up. I think it has been like this for a minute, but when contacted the doctor he told me I would be ok until my next appointment. My next appoitment is Nov. 1st. I can wait to see him. I have so many question regarding my stomach to ask him. Really looking for to the appointment. Over all I think I'm happy with my results! I can see some results, but there is so much swelking that I'm starting to get nervous as to if the swelling will ever go away.

4 weeks post op, went to see my PS today. I ended...

4 weeks post op, went to see my PS today. I ended up havin seroma. Doctor had to drain 600cc of fluid...ooch! Went in with a baby (swollen stomach) came out with a flat tummy. Iknew I had fluid built upa week ago,now just glad he drained it. I'm hoping this didn't alter my results. I wouldbe so mad. Have another appointment next Tuesday hopefully the fluid won't build back up. I hope everyone is doing great

4 Weeks post op....Hooray! Feeling good and...

4 Weeks post op....Hooray! Feeling good and looking good. After having my stomach drained on Tuesday, everything has been looking up. I currently have no pain, not taking any medications, and able to sleep how I want to sleep ( the Best part, no more back pains). At this point, I'am really looking forward to the up coming months to see more and more improvements. The only issue I'm still having is not being able to fasten my pants. I still need a button extender, but I guess once the swelling goes away, my pants will be to big..yayy. I'm really looking forward to my 6 months post op! it falls right around my birthday and I have big plans for the tummy.(LMAO) Hope you ladies are feeling great! Your 4 weeks post op is right around the corner, and for those who are already at 4 weeks, WE DID IT!!!!!!! More pictures to come soon..

5 Weeks post op, going to have another check up...

5 Weeks post op, going to have another check up today. Will have to get my stomach drain again. I'm hoping i dont have to keep getting it drained. I'm wondering how long this is going to go on.

Hello Ladies, I'm almost 6 weeks post op...HOORAY!...

Hello Ladies, I'm almost 6 weeks post op...HOORAY! I cant wait to see 4 months. Went to see my PS on Tuesday, he still had to drain fluids from my abdominal. At 5 weeks i still have to wear the god forsaken binder very tight, 23 hours a day until the fluid is gone. I guess whatever it takes. I put a couple of inches on my waistline and stomach when wearing it under my work close....yuke!, but I guess the flip side of wearing it longing, it could possibly help slim the waitline even more (keeping my fingers cross. LOL) Well hopefully the fluid is gone and I can be headed towards total recovery. Hope everyone is feeling fabolus and beautiful!!!

So tomorrow will put me at 6 weeks post op.....

So tomorrow will put me at 6 weeks post op...Hooray! I did it. At this point I'm really looking forward to being 3 months post op. The higher the post op, the better you feel. At 6 weeks, I'm still not picking up anything heavier then 20 pounds. When I cough or sneeze it still hurts like hell! My stomach tights up really tight for 3 minutes. It feels as if you just done crunches. I guess that is a good thing. Just lets me know how tight my abs are...Hooray. Really looking forward to being able to work out soon, I think your able to work out between 6 -8 weeks post op. I have been trying to get my weight down, would like to lose 20 pounds. That would put me at the weight I was prior to having any kids. A size 8. Currently wearing a size 12. Two dress sizes isnt bad a guess. I'm looking forward to trying to develop my 6 packs in my abs and maintaining. I will probably hire a personal trainier to assist in the toning area of legs, thighs and arms. I have posted new picture at 6 weeks post op.

Hey Everyone! I'm looking at 7 weeks post op...

Hey Everyone! I'm looking at 7 weeks post op tomorrow...Yayyy Me!! My swelling have subside at week 6. As of last week Wednesday, I developed a cold ( from ,my little one) I have a bad cough that is torture to my stomach. I have been having this cough for a week and my abs are so sore. I have regained some swelling for the presurre from coughing. I'm hoping the coughing didn't damage anything. I'am praying to god, I have riped something on the inside. I'm hoping the swelling is because the pressure. I go to see my PS today @ 2:30. Going to have him check over my belly to make sure things are still in tack. Besides this dreadful cough, everything is looking good. I can see the waist line strinking week by week. At work, my co- worker are asking me about my weight, stating it looks as if I have lost (I like to hear them ask, it make me feel good, eeven through I may not have lost). I actually weighed myself for the first time Sunday morning with no clothes on. The scale stated I LOST 10 Pounds!!! I was over joyed when seeing that. I was so excited and happy. I have been trying to drop 10-20 pounds foe the longest. per pregnany's I have keep 10 pound from each kid. Before I started having kids I was a size 8. After two kids size 12. When getting into my clothes they feel and look a lot better, and are actully a little big. I maybe going to a size 10, then hopfully back in to my Size 8's. I so excited to get this weight lost thing together. I want to lose 10 more before Christmas. I'm hoping I can achieve it. I got my game face on.

Hey Ladies! Went to my 7 week appointment last...

Hey Ladies! Went to my 7 week appointment last Tuesday to check to see if my coughing fit has damaged anything internally. My PS stated that I'm fine, it just cause more swelling. My stomach got really irriated. So now I have this swollen stomach once again. He also told me to start massaging the incision starting next week and us aloe Vera or cocco butter and nothing else. So I guess I will start that next week. This week back to my regular workout....Horray! Really hoping this swelling goes down ASPA. I feel so bloated!!!

Tomrrow, Wednesday, November 30th, I will be 8...

Tomrrow, Wednesday, November 30th, I will be 8 weeks post op....Hooray!!!! Today will be my first day back in the gym after 8 weeks. Hopefully, I want have to experince to much swelling after my work out. Will try to get some ab exercises in. I'm hoping they are confortable enogh to do. Well we will see today. I looking forward to a nice tight flat, toned stomach.....

Currently I'am 8 weeks post op, I can now work out...

Currently I'am 8 weeks post op, I can now work out how I want and was told to start using cocco butter and aloe vera on the scar. I have posted some picture of my scar for your interest. The scar looks fabulous!!!! My PS told me he hasn't seen a scar this great. Yayy me!!!!! At 8 weeks things are looking better. I have finially been trying to wing myself off the binder and compression garments ( its very hard to go with out). Sleeping without the garment isn't a problem. When I wake up in the morning, I'am flat. Once I get to work and start my everyday routine, Mr Swell himself shows up!!!!! At the end of the workday, I go looking 3 months pregnant (YIKES). It's a never ending process. So I started back wearing the binder to help the swelling ( the binder really helps).

Looking over my tummy, I have notice on the right side,I have a visible protrusion. The bugle feels like fatty tissue that wasn't removed in surgery. It's very noticeable. I'm thinking i will need revision surgery or lipo in that area (I mean you can really see the bulge). When you look at the left side it's smooth, flat and the skin is thin. I was told when my PS pulled the skin down above my belly button,that skin probably had fatty tissues in in the area and when he pulled the skin down it was placed in that spot...(sigh) Sigh). Hopefully I can get this resolved without having to come out of pocket. I will talk to my PS on January 5th, 2012 about the issue. I'm hoping he understands where I'm coming from and fix the issue at no additional cost.

Lastely, I want really thank everyone who reads my blogs and have commented on them. I really appreciate your kind words of wisdom. Since joining this sight I have meet some wonderful individuals who are supportive, uplifting and caring. I say " THANKS A MILLION" for being part of my journey and Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your.

Good Morning all, As of tomorrow I will be 10...

Good Morning all,

As of tomorrow I will be 10 weeks post op....Hooray!!! I made it! I'm excited to be at the almost 3 month mark. Hoping things will dramatically improve by January. I have my next appointment with my PS on January 5th. I'm going to point out a couple of areas that i'm not so thrilled about, but over all I'm pretty happy with my new stomach. The area that is concerning me the most, is the area where I had my large Seroma. I left me with a bulge on my right side. The bulge is very noticeable especially when I sit down, it hangs over and stick out....ugh... I'm really hoping and praying he see what I'm talking about and not try and blow it off. Everything I take my close off, I feel kind off down about this bulge, even through my left sid is looking good, I want the side to look the same. Anywho! I have started back working out, In the morning I can see some definition in my abs..( Yay) Its looking good, except for the bulge ( I know I'm beating the dead horse again ( the bugle)).

I will update you after my 3 months PS appointment

Hello all, One thing I can say about this TT...

Hello all,

One thing I can say about this TT process, it can sure take a toll on a person. One moment your happy and excited about your nice flat stomach, the next minute your swollen. The swelling that comes alone with a tummy tuck is an emotional roller coaster. I'm currently 10 weeks post and I'am wondering how much longer for this bloating feeling I still have. I know there are probably people out there who aren't having this swelling problem, but its not me! Dont get me wrong, I love the new tummy ( when the swelling isnt present).I guess I'm just ready to see the full results. Was feeling a little emotional this afternoon and thought I should post. Good luck in SWELL HELL!!! Happy Swelling!

As of yesterday 12 weeks post op! Hooray! My...

As of yesterday 12 weeks post op! Hooray! My stomach is looking pretty good!!! I love the way my abs look as if I'm sucking it in. I have the dents on each side showing definition. I can only imagine how my abs are going to look once I get this weight loss ans working out thing together. I will post new pictures soon. I Hope everyone is please with their results. This TT is still a work in progress!!!

3 Months ago today I was a nervous reck, on my way...

3 Months ago today I was a nervous reck, on my way to the hospital to get my TT, and now three months later, I have a extremely nice stomach.I'm so happy I didnt chicken out on this precedure. If I had to do it again I would! They say, once you get one precedure done you starting thinking about your next. IS this true for you (LOL)? Well, I have been thinking about my thighs and hips, would mind contoring those area with some Smart lip. Not sure if it will happen, but just thinking now. My hubby thinks I dont need it, but what does he know (LOL)! I'm turning 34 this year and I'm done having kids, now its time to get my body together for me. Are you considering another surgery? I'm really greatful for this site, it has everything you need when looking for the right information about Cosmetic Surgery. Thanks for your support ladies!

Hey Ladies, Posted 3 month scar pictures. What I...

Hey Ladies,
Posted 3 month scar pictures. What I use on my scar is Pure vitamin E oil purchased a Target, and I also use mederma. To massage the area, at night while in bed laying down, I roll a baseball around the incision line and over the abs. Trying to loosing up some of the hard scar tissues in the ab area. Check out the scar pics.

Hey Everyone, It's almost 4 months for me. Febuary...

Hey Everyone, It's almost 4 months for me. Febuary 5th will be for months...Yayyyy! I'm still happy with results. I still have the occasional swelling, Morning stomach is nice and flat as usual. Mid-day swelling starts. I still wear some type of spanx or something tight around the stomach to help the swelling. At night I sleep in a binder (Purchased a new one, Silly me). I purchased a new one because it really helps. When I'am feeling tight and uncomfortable, it brings me comfort. It helps with the pressure from swelling. I wonder when will it all end!!!! My stomach is still very tender in areas around the insision. Is anyone else still having discomfort at 3 months plus? My belly is tender to the touch and if I dont wear anything under my cloths to protect my stomach. My pants irritate my stomach. Still get that wired feeling. Hope everyone is doing well.

I posted a couple of pictures with cloths on.

4 months post op!!!!!wake up flat, by 11am on...

4 months post op!!!!!wake up flat, by 11am on Swoll!! How may more months of this (sigh)!!!

I'm starting to get darkering of the skin around the belly button area. IS anyone else experiencing this?

4 months post op!!! Belly Button is getting dark...

4 months post op!!! Belly Button is getting dark marks around it. Posted a picture. Anyone having this issue? I called my PS to tell them about this and his office manager stated his was normal and when she had her TT her's also darkened. Do you think I should get second option?

Hey Everyone, On March 5th, I will be 5...

Hey Everyone,

On March 5th, I will be 5 Months Post OP. HOORAY! Still having swelling, hardness and tightness in the lower abs and around the belly button. Hopefully this will resolove soon. Not to happy how my stomach looks when I sit down at times. He could be a lot flatter. Thinking about get the lipo, I didnt get with the tummy tuck in the future. Would like to have lipo on my back and inner thighs. We will see how that goes. Over all I'm happy with my results, looks %100 better then it did prior. It's funny how once you get work done on one part of your body, you start looking at other parts that you feel needs a touch up. CRAZY!!!!

Hey Ladies, It will be 6 months for me on...

Hey Ladies,

It will be 6 months for me on April 5th..Hooray. Over all still content, don t have any complaints at the moment, and Still looking to get some Lipo done in the future (once I save a little stake for it). Are they anyone out there who is 5 plus months who are still having a swelling and tenderness in the stomach area? I'm still very tender in areas, wondering if that is normal. Wondering if I need to pay a visit to my PS. I still have some darking around my belly button area, not sure what this is from, hope it clears up. Summer is appoaching and not really wear I want to be as for size, Looking to loose 20 pounds by some sort of devine intervention..LOL

Hope everyone is doing well!

Need to add new pictures onday

Need to add new pictures onday

Added 6 months pics

Added 6 months pics

Hello everyone currently 8 months post op. I'm...

Hello everyone currently 8 months post op. I'm content with results. Some days more content then other days. Have some problem areas not so happy about. Will be seeing my PS on July 12th. I actually have a consultation for lipo on Thursday.....hooray! Thinking about getting a price for lipo of the flanks and see what else he recommend. Maybe get price also for a BA, will see, not mandatory at this point, but since I'll be there I will get a price for BA. I'm looking forward to getting my flanks done. Wish I would have gotten them done with tummy tuck, but o well! Will keep u guys posted.

Today I went for my consultation for lipo. It went...

Today I went for my consultation for lipo. It went really well, I'm have the feeling of excitment all over again. Really looking to get lipo of the Flanks and inner thighs. The PS thought I was a good candidate for it. the price is reasonable I guess. I'm figure I can start making payments now on it. I'm looking to get done probably in November if everything goes well.

Tummy tuck went well, having some clean up lipo...

Tummy tuck went well, having some clean up lipo around the flanks, back, love handle area and maybe inner tights on August 31. Really looking forward to it

2 1/2 weeks before my lipo. I excited and getting...

2 1/2 weeks before my lipo. I excited and getting nervous. Why? I dont know.

Tomorrow is my Pre-op appointment. I get to talk...

Tomorrow is my Pre-op appointment. I get to talk to the Dr and I get things in order as to what is taking place, meds, garments and whatever else. I'm excited and nervous all over agian. Surgery is scheduled for August 31st.

Today I had my 3 hour preop appointment, where...

Today I had my 3 hour preop appointment, where they drew blood and took my vitals. I'm a very health person, so everything came back fine. My surgery is in less them two weeks. I'm really excited! and hope everything will be absolutely wonderful. My surgeon is great and I think he is really going to make sure I'm really happy with results ( as it seems he will). I'm starting to wish I would have chosen him for my TT. I will be getting my knees and thighs done, my Flanks, love handles, back and some area on my stomach that I had bulges from the tummy tuck. I will will under general anesthesia. This will NOT be smart lipo, as my PS doesnt do smart lipo and feels its a waste of money. From the looks of the reviews of smartlip, it doesnt work. Some people are satisfied with it and some are not. I want the real deal! The sh*t that works ( LOL). I have been prescribed percocet, colace,an anti-biotic, Xanax (so if I'm feeling anxiety, Zofran for Nausea and and in injection for blood clots So I'm all set. Looking forward to this precedure.

Two and a half more days til the day!! Got to get...

Two and a half more days til the day!! Got to get things together around the house.

Tomorrow is my day for LIPO of the back, flanks...

Tomorrow is my day for LIPO of the back, flanks and legs, I'm so excited and Nervous! I'm nervous about my results not coming out as good as I want them too. I'am also hoping 5 days for recovery from LIPO is enough. I didnt want to take anymore time off work. Today I wll post pictures of my back and legs pre-op. Hoping to be over whelmed with my results.....LOL

Back in a binder this time I'm in two binder and a...

Back in a binder this time I'm in two binder and a garment. I'm feeling great! A bit stiff but good, pain is very min. Compared to a TT, this is a cake walk! Happy healing

My Lipo was done by a different PS! He is the best! Love my new PS. Dr. Robert M Davoudi in Duth Ga. Wish I would have done TT with him.

Today is day number two for my LIPO. The lipo went...

Today is day number two for my LIPO. The lipo went great!1 My body looks amazing!. I'm really excited to see how the real results are in 2 months. Getting the flanks done really brought my waitline down from a 34 to a 29. I'm so excited! My Azz looks as if I had a BBL. I was thinking about asking my PS if he gave me some fat transfers to my Azz. It is so round and out there now. Maybe its because my wait is so small now, that it makes the curves pop more. I will post pictures very soon

4 days Post OP Pictures posted

4 days Post OP Pictures posted

So, my Doctor informed me he removed 4 1/2 liters...

So, my Doctor informed me he removed 4 1/2 liters of fat from me in total! I got on the scale today for the first time after surgery and I'm down 10 pounds.....Hooray! I still have some swelling,,,,we will see the final results in a couple of months

This past Friday, October 5Th was my one year...

This past Friday, October 5Th was my one year anniversary from my tummy tuck....Hooray!!! I had added a couple of updated pictures of my stomach scars. One year....and looking good!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I love my PS!! He is awesome. Very caring and understanding. He takes his time to explain the process and makes sure I have a clear understanding. He listens to my pros and cons and give good feed back. Very friendly, loving and funny. The staff are all welcoming and supportive. I'm very please with my results and everything.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Brooksie!!! whats new girl? I saw your pics after the lipo & DAYYYUM mami you are looking fantastic! how did the recovery from that compare to the TT? I'm kinda wishing i wouldve opted for the lipo too. So jealous of your TT scar mine is darker than before & looks rope-y still blah! i hope you are doing well, i miss my real self ladies :)
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You go girl, you look great! I am having Lipo 10 mos PO from my TT. I am nervous about it improving my results. I am sooooo ready to have a bangin body like yours. I am going to make sure she does my flanks and back above my booty if I can so I can get more of a curvy shape. I see that it definitely helps. I have one of those bottom butts!!!
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Super congratulations!!!!! You look fantastic! I can FEEL your smile :-D Can't wait to look into lipo too! You're my new hero!
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Thanks cmac ! I'm happy with my results. Glad I decided to enhance the TT results with lipo. It's all coming together. Now worried about the eating thing.....stressful part
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Congrats on your results! Looking great!
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Thanks specialkay
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Brooksie. Thanks for your answer about the swell hell problem. I'm not very big to begin with (5 ft, 2 inches and I'm 116 pounds). I was afraid the swelling would make me look bigger than what I started with. I'll just have to have faith that in several months, the swelling will go away, and I will end up looking better than I started out. I'm glad that all the problems are behind you, and now all you have to do is enjoy your gorgeous body. You really look great!!! All the best to you.
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Thanks so much!!! Was a long journey, but glad I took it!!!
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Wow! You look great. Glad things went so well for you. Your scar looks really, really good too!! I will have my TT/MR/lipo on Oct 19th. I'm a little worried about the swell hell that all the ladies talk about. How long did you have it before it resolved?? Now at 12 months PO, do you every get swelling anymore??? Thanks. All the best to you.
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Thanks mcmiranda!!
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Thanks JSmom! I use Mederma and Pure Vitamin E twice aday, and my PS keep those brown tapes pn my scar for 3 months. I think they were silicon strips.
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Thanks Ndestructiable!!!
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Thank You! WildOrchids
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Thanks momcathy, The swell hell was the worse, but if you keep making sure your limiting your sodium intake it helps. The swelling last for me at least three -four months, and even after that you have little swelling here and there. But your will definitely see your results better every month. I will say total relieve of swelling for me was 6-7 months., but the numbness was here until I was about 8-9 months. At 12 months no swelling or numbness. Good luck on Oct 19th! You will do awesome!
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you look awesome!
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Girl, you look great!!
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You look great girl! FABULOUS result. What did you use for your scar?
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Wow you look fantastic girl!!!!Let me tell you that the scar look great!!! Wow I want to get the same result ;)!!!
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Thank you!
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Brooksie you look fab girl!!!!! Wow!
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Thanks Fitdiva
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Hey Brooksie, your results look GREAT !! Happy Healing !!!
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Thank you!
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You look fabulous yourself Brooksie! I can't wait until I am all healed!
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Thank you!
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