Hello everyone, i want to share my experience,...

Hello everyone, i want to share my experience, emotions and feelings : ))

So little about me.. my name is Nino, from Georgia (not the state of USA, It is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.) I am 21 years old.

Rhinoplasty was my dream! It was fixed ideas and i have always known that one day, no matter when I would do operation. I hated my nose, hated so much that all my pictures in FB were photoshoped :D ( so i had no choise because i was really complexed) I never took picture from front side, because my nose looked very fat, i hated the left side of my nose, because it was hooked, but right side was rather normal. But i have to admit that sometimes my nose without photoshope looked very nice and pretty, maybe because of the right make up.. To be honest all my relatives were shoked when i say i gonna do operation.. They could not understand the reason, because despite of all the defects, on the whole my nose was suitable for my face, as i have a wide, big face.

I really think that, when you have complex in your appearance you MUST fix it, what is more it is a guarantee to gain self-confidence. I feel much better now, now i can take pictures, look better and so on.. Whe you have self-confidence you believe in your abilities, you believe in yourself and life is much better ^_^

So It took almost 2 years to choose a doctor, finally i found him and booked the day. On a previus day i was very calm.even not worry a little bit.

The day of operation.
I felt as if nothing had happened. Doctors were surprised because, when I lie down on the operation table my pulsation was not changed at all. After 4 houres i woke up with swelling eyes. The biggest problem was that i could not breath but i got used it easily.

Now it is already 25 i have had my operation and getting better every day, my nose is not in form yet as it is still swell but i am in love with it and i am sure gradually it will become the nose i have always wanted...

I will update my reviwe with pictures when my nose will be one month ^_^

After one month ^_^

As i promised, I decided to update my review with new pictures after operation. It is one month i did my operation but still have swelling, but evereday my nose getting better, everyday i see results.. As you see my pre-operation pictures, i have very fat and wide nose. All doctors told me that it is most difficult to work on the tip of the nose, when it is so fat.. So for this reason my tip is not look perfect, but i am sure soon it will be nice, but still, it did not bother me.
Today i see friends who did not know that i did operation, they told me i look different, but no one realise that I did operation and i am really glad. That mean it looks natural.

So only one problem that i am really worried is my skin. I have very sensitive skin and after operation mu nose is very fatty. And one more problem is my smile :(( My upper lip stetches when i smile as if it is a forced smile, i searched here in questions about this problem and i found that i am not alone, that others also have this problem. So i hope my smile will come back soon...

Visit to Doctor..

today i visited doctor just for chek. Everything is going fine, he just cleand my nose which is the most hateful part for me... He told me that for final result i need not one year but 2 because my nose was very fat and wide.. I was little dissapointed but i don't mind.. Important is to have a nice and good-looking nose .. ^_^

healing process

so it is more then one month after operation... My nose everyday changes shape, sometimes it is bit swell, sometimes it looks great... I love my nose from both side, but i think they are little different, but i am not sure yet, beacause as i have mentioned it changes everyday.. It is noticable only by me, my firned and family don't see anything.. Anyway, I don't think it is a porblem... as for the front side.. wll, i am not glad yet, but hope, it will be in form soon..

My biggest porblem for now is that i have dark circlec and hollows under my eyes.. i know it is nor permanent but still it gets on my nervous, as if it is long time i have not sleep.. I try to cover it with make up but still visible...

Here is some pictures, i don't take from front side yet :|

After 2 months

Hi there.. So it is already 2 monthe i have had operation.. my nose changes every day. It is not in a full form but still much better..
The biggest porbem for now is terrible acne on my face and body, whcih began to appear after opration.. i feel very bad because of this :((( and i am nervous because in spite of caring i can not see results...

3 months passed

Hi there.. 3 months passed and i fell in love with my nose

3 months

3 months experience..

I just want to say that, if you do not have horrible nose and only little thing bother you, i advise you not to do operation.. but if it is fixed opinion no one would change your mind (this is my own experience).
After operation, tese 3 months was raether difficult for me, I still have dark circles under my eyes, and acne an my face, which really bother me.. Yes I am happy with my results but i told to my Mom, if i knew what porblems it may be followed, maybe i would not do operation.. I do not regret really, because it really changed me. My sellf-confident grew and feel very comfortable..

So before make a decision, think if you really need it.. Good luck to everyone, and wish you the coolest nose ^_^

4 months passed

Hi there, it has passed 4 month since i did operation, my nose looks good, but still it need time for final results..

More pictures

yes, I am in Love with my nose

After 5 minths

Hi there... it is already 5 months i did my operation... everything is fine... i don't have acne any more so i am really happy for that.. As for the dark circles under my eyes it getting better as well.. It does not dissappar at all but still it is not so dark...

So as i guess healing porcess in individual. some of us have difficulties but others have no problems.. Unfortunatly i was one who have the very difficult period and i almost regret it but NO.. I am happy with my NOSE

Almost half a year ^_^

Hi everyone..

time goes soo fast.. Soon it will be 6 months after my operation. I can not believe that 5months ago my dream came true... Yes i had very difficult PO period but still i am happy now...

Although, there are many people who do not like my nose and keep talking that it does not siut me, that now i am not natural, i just don't care.. To be honeste i am really surprised that in 21 century some people judge me that i did operation and their main argument is that important in Natural beauty... of course its great when you have perfect look and do need to change smth.. But if we dont like smth in ourselves we should change it and this does not mean we are not beautiful.. believe in yourself girls, fix anything if you need and gain confidence... and yes, DON'T l listen to those people...

Good luck to everyone let's your dream come true...

just some pictures..

Hi all, i just want to update my review.. everything is OK, my nose is really nice but OMG i cant bear this acne on my face... I don't know what to do.. i tried everything i could and now i am just tierd to do smth again.. It seems my skin is very sensitive and i have no hope that my skin will be as clean as it was before operation :((
Dr. Simon Mumladze

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your nose is so cute! do you know if your tip dropped at all?
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how much did you pay???
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3100 lari
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tnx for your answer.
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ur welcome
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Congratulations you look amazing!! Did your smile come back? If so how long did it take?
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thanks.. yes it came back almost in 2 months ^_^
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Thank you for replying, that is very reassuring! You look so pretty!
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Haha I love it when people try to argue about "natural beauty" and say that cosmetic surgery is "fake" but people get tattoos all the time and no one says that's fake - so many people have such a narrow minded attitude. They are just jealous of you! Your nose looks BEAUTIFUL and it definitely suits you, its like you were born with it. Don't listen to anyone that says otherwise because they are just jealous of how gorgeous you look :)
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thank you :* :))
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Your results keep getting prettier and prettier-you are so lucky : )
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Your nose is so cute. I'm glad you're happy now!
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Very beautiful!
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It's so cute!!! You look amazing.
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Its cute and adorable!
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Congrats on your new nose!!! It looks like your surgeon did a fantastic job!! Happy for you :)
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thank you :*
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You look lovely! There's still swelling though it will get better. I am almost 3 months post in a week and experiencing swelling. Thanks for the update.
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wow - i have been looking through so many pics, and there's something that this slight change to your nose and how it's opened up your eyes and your face that is really really beautiful! wonderful!!! it looks very natural and nice.
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thank you for this lovely comment :**
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So very cute! I hope mine is similar!
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Wow! You were already so lovely before, but I have to say that you have one of the best results i have ever seen on this site or elsewhere!! I am really happy for you and I am sorry that you have had difficulties in the recovery process. Stay strong and enjoy your stunning results!
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thank you for your loveley comment :** yes, when i look at my nose, i forget those porblems but still, it really bothers me.. but of course i am getting bette everyday...
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