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Smart Lipo Procedure Just Weeks Away - Cumming, GA

Im a 5'11" African American female. Tired...

Im a 5'11" African American female. Tired of ppl asking me if I'm preggers. Im so over the embarrassment.

No matter how much I exercise, my tummy never goes away. I look like an egg with legs. I am 40 yrs young and have two children who are in college and high school. My mom always had the same issue. She was fairly small but she always had a tummy. I just believe I inherited some of the same body issues. It's my time to fix this and that's why I've chosen Smart Lipo.

I am a little nervous I must say. Some of the photos scare me. The scarring and swelling is freaking me out. Anyway, I should be able to post more pics soon. I pray that all goes well and would love to hear back from you all.

Surgery: Well I finally had my surgery on...

Surgery: Well I finally had my surgery on 7/15/2011. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be based on some of the graphic details posted by others.

My day started at 9:30am. I went to the office w/my darling hubby who prayed w/me before I went in. I was so anxious but an eerie calm comes over you when the time comes. I can't explain it. I was given some narcotics and promethazine -(sp?) for nausea.

Obviously after getting undressed and starting to feel whoozy it was time. I laid on the table (after getting all marked up) and that's when the needles come in. They began to fill me w/the tumescent fluid for numbing. That felt weird..similar to a burn. No sooner than the fluid was in me, I started to feel sick and I asked the nurse to get me something so I could throw up. I did that and they cont'd to fill all the areas and let it numb up...The doctor came in and said its time to go. Are you ready? I gave him a thumbs up and thats when the party started.

He did his thing and like most ppl said the pelvic areas and rib area hurts like hell. It did. Not to the point where it was unbearable but some pinching sensations I would say. Anyway, I was in and out of sleep the whole time. I don't remember the time flying by but it did. It seemed like it went by really quickly. I didnt have much drainage b/c they kept me there squeezing most of the drainage out. The doctor did make mention that African American's have more fibrous tissue than Whites which made it more difficult to remove the fat. Not sure if that is helping w/the drainage..who knows.

At any rate, after it was done, I put on my compression garment and got some instruction that I half way rememmber b/c I was still so drugged up..lol but my hubby remembers it all. I did snore a little lol but hey I would rather be knocked out than fully awake while the doctor is gauging away at my tummy...lol

The ride home wasn't bad. I didnt experience any more nausea as some did. I was just really hungry and tired. So I ate and slept the rest of the night away.

Day 2 - Oh Lord, I could barely get up..I had to be rolled out of bed but surprisingly where is the leakage that everyone is talking about????? I have none! The post op instructions say don't shower for about 48hrs...I couldnt if I wanted to..lol Im still so sore. I have been trying to walk around today and I feel a bit bent over. Meaning, its been hard to walk up straight. Body is still in some pain. My pain on a scale of 1-10 is probably 5... somewhere in the midway point. I think the drugs(the pain killers) make me feel worse... So Im going to see how I do the remainder of the day w/o them. They gave me a mild pain relaxer as well so if i need that then I will take it.

Now the MAJOR thing that I am encountering is a freaking YEAST infection. YUP those dam antibiotics did me in. I should have taken my probiotics but I didnt take anything and now that is a bigger issue than the freaking pain in my stomach..Go figure. I have to get that under control. ASAP!!! lol

I dont have an opinion just yet (in terms of how i look and seeing a difference in my body shape) I mean its only day 2 and I see ppl posting pics but i really dont feel like unbadging myself just for the camera so pics will have to take a back seat for now. I just want to say that it wasn't the worst experience in life and with a little change in my diet, I hope to see some major differences soon.

I will keep you all updated. Thanks for your prayers and support. Until then, hang in there!!!!
Dr Hogan / Hogan Lipo Center

I called my doc about the yeast infection (b/c its a Saturday and I couldnt call my regular pcp)and I left a message and no one called me back. I was a little disappointed by that. Other than that,I liked my doc and his staff..Very funny and made you feel right at home.

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Good luck this week! I still haven't put any pics up, but did post my story if you'd like to know some of what to expect. I'm sure you're experience will be different, but it may help some. I had my procedure on July 1 and am feeling great. Still have some soreness in my arms and swelling during the day in my stomach b/c I'm at work sitting at my desk all day. Overall, within 10days I'm seeing a change and feeling really good.
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Thanks for the comment! A girl at my job told me about that doctor! Glad to hear you are doing well. I'm going to check u out now!!! :)
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I had my surgery in March with Dr. Boutte in Lilburn, GA. Amazing results and I'm still improving!! It was the best money I've EVER spent. Make sure you look at my before and after picks (Happy in Atlanta). My bruising was minimal. I had my love handles, upper/lower abs and bra fat. Super happy!!!
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That's awesome to hear your surgery went well! I know you're going to look awesome! Trust me I know the feeling about the pregnant comments lol! I guess I'm next in line to get gorgeous like everybody else :). Still nervous about doing it but going forward nonetheless!!! Thx for the well wishes. Nay
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Hi Nay Bella- had my proceedure June 25th- it will be a week tomorrow. I am 47 and after enough people asking if I was pregnant-I made the call. The hardest part of it all is the soreness-can't move too fast otherwise it hurts more and I get really tired out. I see a difference and today the swelling went down noticeably. The bruises are going too. My love handle are gone, but everything else sinks to my belly by the end of the day and is giggly. Getting less and my doctor says it should be smoothed out in a month. The way I look at it - whats a few months of discomfort after dealing with all that fat and feeling pregnant for the past months? The outcome is going to be awesome! Good luck on the 15th- will be sending good positive thoughts your way.
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So you are ready to rock n roll soon huh? That's awesome that you are doing great! That's just it... See, I want it to be over already??? For me it's like the countdown is making me batty!!! Anyway, boat loads of information!!! Thxs so much for 411!!! I'm so happy to be on this platform with you ladies b/c some people will never understand the why's behind what we are doing! This forum gives us the opportunity to share our feelings and experiences w/o being judged! Everyone has been so helpful, detailed and informative about every step!!! It's really awesome!!!
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Good luck! The 15th will be here b4 you kno w it! Don't get freaked out by the bruises they go away (avoid all advil and ibuprofine products from now until after your surgery) those are blood thinkers and cause more bruising and bleeding! only take tylonal if you have to take anything. And think of the bruises as a good sign, it means the doc really got in there and put in work :) I decided not to look at myself until my post op in 2weeks, my friend removed my mirror out of my room and I closed my eyes when she changed my bandages. (i might peek when I shower on day 3 but I'm going to try not to)
Well best wishes! Take some b4 measurements along with pics I wish I had measured my stomach for a better track of results.
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i am looking into getting the smart lipo or a tummy tuck. I dont know which will give me better results but i just had my third and last child and everyone asks if im pregnant. So tired of it...my life is too busy to excersise like I did before my last child so I think I want to get it a nip/tuck done.
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I completely understand!!! I wanted to do something that wouldn't be extremely painful and had a quick recovery so smart lipo was my choice! But whatever you decide, I get it!!! Make yourself happy ... That's the bottom line!
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Hey there!! I'm scheduled for my on July 7th! I'm getting my abs, flanks, posterior hips done for my first surgery. In August I
will get my inner & out thighs & bra pads. Lastly, my
Arms (yes!!! Finally my arms!!!)

I'll be thinking about you on the 15th. Good luck!!

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Thank u guys so much for the support! Had pre op today!!! Just one step closer! #wipingforeheadmoments!!! Best of luck on the 7th! I'm luck on the 7th! Looking forward to hearing how it went! Prayers to u as well!!!
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Good luck with your surgery! The pictures look bad because of the bruising, but for both of my surgeries, I found that I was moderately sore on the first two days afterward and much much better on day 3. My husband just had his abs done two weeks ago and says the same thing. You'll feel like you had a very strenuous workout, where you used muscles you forgot you had, lol. Just hang in there for the first couple of days and know you'll feel better starting with day 3. :)
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Thx a bunch! Had the pre-op yesterday so it's starting to feel very real! They told me the exact thing! Said it will feel like I worked out really hard . Well what does that feel like??? Lol
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Try not to worry too much...you will do great. My surgery is scheduled for July 7th so I am feeling anxious as well. Good Luck and keep us posted...you will be in our prayers!!!
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Thanks so much!!! I look forward to hearing how yours went as well!
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