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SmartLipo for C-Section Blues

I had Smarlipo done a week and a day ago, April...

I had Smarlipo done a week and a day ago, April 13,2010. I decided to do it after seeing a 40% discount on the procedure and talking to the nurse who had hers done. The pictures I saw online were outstanding also!

I have two children and with both of them, I had C-Sections. For those of you who have had this surgery, you know there is an "overhang" at the bottom of the belly. I hate it! Even though I am fairly healthy and exercise, I could never lose the "hang"! After talking it over with my husband, I decided to get the procedure.

During the procedure, I was in pain. At times, I could feel the laser device poke me. The dr. would stop immediately and insert more "fluid" inside. Although she talked to me the entire time, I was not interested in seeing any needles, blood, lasers or fat being sucked out of me. I was so happy when she was finished!

The next day, I was in tears!! I could not get in or out of bed and walked like an old woman! I was also very dizzy from the meds. Sleeping in the chair is what I decided to do and this was not the best sleep, but it worked. Each day got better. My husband returned to work so I had to make it happen. On day 2, I returned to my "housewife" duties. Day 3 and 4 (the weekend), I was so busy I didn't have time to think about my stomache! I just did everything at a slow to moderate pace.

On day 5, I was instructed to come back to the office to pick up my "garment" ($178.00). Since I had adjusted to wearing the white wrap around band, "this could not be so bad", I thought. Boy was I in shock! Two assistants had to help me step into a black compression garment and literally pulled it up onto my body! It was so tight! In addition, I had to recline so that they could press my swollen and bruised stomach into the garment! Can you P-A-I-N-F-F-U-L!!!! I was almost in tears! I was told to keep it on every day except when showering. I was miserable. It hurts just thinking about it!

Day 6, I decided to remove the black compression garment this morning. I can't take the pain. Instead, I am wearing the white wrap-around garment I was given after the surgery. This should be okay right?

I have that same c-scetion "pooch" and my third child( all c-sections) was born 13 years ago. I am thin, and that tummy pooch is really ugly how it just sort of hangs over area above the scar. I consulted with a plastic surgeon and she thought this would be ideal for smart-lipo. She also decided to do some of the area below my navel which was fine by me. I had it done Tuesday. It is now Sunday and I am already amazed at the outcome. I still have a tnder lower abdomen, nothing too awful and it has not slowed me down really. I don't feel like running outside yet or going full throttle on the treadmill, but brisk walking is not an issue and I was able to do that on Wednesday. I only took one Advil after the procedure. There was no significant pain really. I was/am surprised at the amount of post-op swelling, but is is gradually going down and even with the swelling I can tell the results are going to be great with time.I have minimal bruising. She said there was a posibility of some loose skin which she could fix at no extra charge, so we will just have to wait and see with that. The procedure itself was easy, the injection of the numbing solution was quite uncomfortable and unnerving, but once it took effect I was fine. I took .25 xanax an hour before the procedure and again right before the procedure. It didn't seem to effect me really. Just made me feel kind of spacey. I think valium might have relaxed me a little bit more. I am supposed to wear the compression garment for six weeks which will really be a haul because yes, it is very tight, but it does make me feel "secure" like everything is tucked away and healing like it should be. No regrets. Should have done it a few years ago.
I am interested in SmartLipo who was your physician?
Thanks for your advice! I will keep you posted!
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I think it is too early to tell just yet. But, during the procedure, I enjoyed her sense of humor and professionalism.

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