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My surgery was today. I had a BA and TT. So far...

My surgery was today. I had a BA and TT. So far the pain is manageable with the meds the doc prescribed. I had 500cc hp silicone. I was a 36b before. I have big hips so doc said it
Would balance my shape. Glad to finally have full boobs again. Can't wait
To see my final result. Can't take bra off till postoperative appt tomorrow.


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Good to hear everything went well!!
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Congrats!! I will keep you in my prayers just relax and think about nothing but the end results ..I have my surgery today as well let's stay in touch .xoxo
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Pear no more

So it's been a week since my surgery and I was hoping to get the drains out by now but that hasn't happened yet. Really want to shower! I can tell a slight improvement in my breasts but not much. Maybe they are dropping slowly because they are under the muscle? Idk. So just a bit frustrated today. Hope everyone is doing well.

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I tried on my fat shorts today and they were too small! They were too big just before the surgery. How long should I expect to be so swollen ? Is this normal?

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Before pic

Forgot to add a before pic so here it is


Deleted pics. Not too comfy about being on the net but I am doing well.
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It's VERY normal, they will fit again soon. For me it was about the 3 wk mark but everyone is different. :)
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Dr Mel stewart

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