So here we go. I'm 34 and have 2 kids. A...

So here we go. I'm 34 and have 2 kids. A daughter this is 6 and my son is almost 3. After my first pregnacy, I bounced back pretty well. I gained about 50-60 lbs. Six months after I had her I was smaller than I had probably ever been.. Tummy was a little saggy if I bent over but It didn't bother me much. But then my second pregnancy ruined it all.. Well most of it is my own fault... I ate like I was never going to get to eat again... ALL DAY EVER DAY! I gained 80-90 lbs.. and it was in the middle of a very hot Ga summer so I retained tons of fluid... i was HUGE!!!!! It has taken me almost 3 years to lose it but I have finally done it. PROBLEM---- apparently myskin was never meant to be streched that much. I now need a TT and not only a breast lift but augmentation also due to the fact that my size D breast now have no density anymore...I'm very anxious to talk with my PS about my options. I don't really want to be any larger than a DD but I know I want implant to give me back the fullness. I'm also nervous about recovery time.. I don't do a lot of exercising...I'm trying really hard to make myself do some cardio and really work my legs between now a nd surgery time. From other Ladies on here I hear it can really help... Any advice would be greatly appriciated...

Howdy....I hope all goes well at your appt..... I know i was as nervous going in there the first time ( i think because it was admitting this might actually happen) as when i put my deposit down...... I have a 7 and 4 both over 9lbs and i am not a big lady.... the flop as i call it is terrible.... and it will be leaving the building on May 10. keep us posted

I have heard that stepping up the exercise can really help with recovery, too! Congrats on losing that baby weight. I sure know it's not easy.

You should check out JenBob's article about her mommy makeover. It's a great read.

Please keep us posted and let us know how your consultation goes. You can do this!


Ok, so I went to my consult today....I'm so...

Ok, so I went to my consult today....I'm so excited!!!! My PS was great and loved his Staff...All my questions were answered and I can't wait to have my new body. So hope everything works out with getting approved for the loan. Again, thank you all for putting it all out there.... It has been so informative!!

Fingers crossed that that money matter goes through for you!!!!!!

Yay!!! I schduled today!! May 31st can't get here...

Yay!!! I schduled today!! May 31st can't get here fast enough.. I guess it gives me a little time to get all my supplies and everything in order. It's all I can think or talk about though. My husband said he was beginning to wonder about me looking at boobs online so much..LOL...
I will try and get some PRE OP pics up this weekend so you can see why I'm so ready for this surgery!!!! Yay me!!!
Hello you're almost 1 year post op how are you feeling/looking? I went to Dr. Colgrove also and love my results.
Are you getting excited!!!
you must be getting so excited your almost there. are you prepared? going to post before pictures?
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