16 weeks- darn, should have gotten the boobs done too- Team Robles

Well ladies, after an extensive search (stalking...

Well ladies, after an extensive search (stalking this board!) I have narrowed it down to 2 doctors. Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Campos.

My face to face with Dr. J is 11/21 and my face to face with Campos is 11/6. (Will be going to see Campos with my BBL Buddy "Chica785"- Thanks Girlfriend!!!!)

While in MX, we will check out the after care facilities.

I am so excited!! On my way to TT and BBL greatness!!

Interesting- went to a consultation with Dr. Ross...

Interesting- went to a consultation with Dr. Ross here in Chicago on Thursday. We discussed a tt and bbl combo. Amazingly, he told me that he was unsure if I would have enough fat left after getting a tummy tuck to achieve the results that I am looking for from a BBL. How can that be when I am a solid 225??? ( down from 250.....woo-hoo). That sounded quite crazy to me. What do you think?

Weight loss update: down to 218 (WOO-HOO!) I...

Weight loss update: down to 218 (WOO-HOO!)

I am so, so, so, so excited. I am doing my in person consultation with Dr. Campos tomorrow (11/6). I will also be visitng Club Med and Beauty Care Recovery Houses. Can't wait!!!!

Ok ladies. My in person consult with Campos was...

Ok ladies. My in person consult with Campos was great!! I really liked him (and yes, he is goodlooking!) He was very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable- very confident! He is a winner in my book. While there, I checked out Hotel Lucerena- exremely beautiful. I also went to visit beauty care recovery house. Carmen picked me up from hotel Lucerna and took me to BC. It is a clean place. Very spacious and well equipped. Staff was friendly. I liked the fact that it is 5 minutes from Dr Campos and Dr Cardenas office. Carmen then took me to Dr. Cardenas office. Dr Cardenas was out of town, but I did get to see fatimeh, the patient coordinator. She is very friendly, hugging me when I came in the office. She showed me her tummy tuck that Dr. Cardenas did 8 weeks ago. It looked pretty good except it looked liked the scar was a little puckered on the left side. Not sure what was up with that. I asked to see Cardenas before and after pictures. They did not have any other than what was on the website. How strange is that!! Disappointing!!!!! After that Carmen dropped me off at Dr. Campos office. (Thanks to Carmen, she is great!!!!!) I did not get a chance to go to club med. It is 30 minutes from the doctors office and it was getting late. I just decided to forgo that visit and head back cross the border. Border frisson.g was extremely easy. People always say how long it takes, but it was nothing for me. I rented a car at the airport, drove 30 minutes to the parking lot right before the border and walked across. Took about 10 minutes. On the way back, I stood in line for about 10 minutes, then made the 10 minute walk back. Nothing to it!!!! All in all, a good trip.

Also, I took a cab from the border crossing to...

Also, I took a cab from the border crossing to hotel lucerena- $5.00 and I took a cab from Dr. Campos office back to the border- $5.00. One last thing. Dr. Campos did say that Mexican pain meds are not as strong as US meds!!!!

Ok sistahs. I have decided to go with Campos. I...

Ok sistahs. I have decided to go with Campos. I put my deposit down for 2/28!!! The shhhhh is real now!!!

Well, ladies, I was all set on Campos. Paid my...

Well, ladies, I was all set on Campos. Paid my deposit and everything. Just thought I would keep my consultation with jimerson anyway since I made it two months ago and I would be home (ATL) for thanks giving anyway. Why did I get in there and really like him and his super nice staff. They were so much more friendlier and organized than Dr. Campos office. After talking to a lady in the waiting room that just had surgery 7 days ago, I was sold. I went ahead and set my date for 3/13. Just incredible to me was they said I shouldn't lose any more weight. I am mostly muscle with not much extra fat!!! Sounds crazy to me, because I weigh so much.....lol.....but he said he might have to go to the inside of my thighs to get enough .....wow!

OMG, why do I keep switching between Campos and...

OMG, why do I keep switching between Campos and JIMERSON????!!! Why can't Campos give Dr. J type butts and why can't Jimerson give Dr. C type curves.....why? Why? Why?.....lol....I know I am trippin, but this is tough for me. I put deposits down for both doctors, but just can't seem to decide.....help!...lol

Wells ladies, I have decided to cancel my dates...

Wells ladies, I have decided to cancel my dates with both surgeons. If you would like my dates, please inbox me. I have 2/28 scheduled with Dr. Campos and 3/13 scheduled with Dr. Jimerson.

I need my surgery much sooner, so I have.decided to go with Dr. Walkiris Robles. I am scheduled for 1/17. Have already purchased all my supplies and my plane ticket.....so the shhhhhhh is real now.

Super excited!!! 2 weeks and 1 day to go. just got...

super excited!!! 2 weeks and 1 day to go. just got my medical clearance- clean bill of health!! i am good to go.

Crazy! Today started my two weeks before surgery...

Crazy! Today started my two weeks before surgery count down- so no Vitamin E.

Why did I go to eat a bowl of Rice Crispies this morning, only to find out it has Vitamin E!!!

Then I decided to wash my hair today, and my Palmers Cococnut Oil Conditioning Shampoo had Vitamin E!!!

11 more days to go. I have everything ready........

11 more days to go. I have everything ready......so-so-so-so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

10 more days!!! Yaay- Me!!!!!Getting the last few...

10 more days!!! Yaay- Me!!!!!Getting the last few things together. Took care of some rather morbid, but necessary business today. Wrote my last Will and Testament (what a scary thing to do!) BUT, I am a single parent of a beautiful 9 year old daughter. Have to ensure that if anything happens to me (pray to GOD that it doesn't) I have her trust fund set up properly and her guardianship set.
Interesting that getting this surgery made me think to do this. Should have had this done long time ago....accidents can happen anywhere/anytime!

The count down continues!!! 9 more days to the new...

The count down continues!!! 9 more days to the new sexier me!!!!

8 more days!!!!

8 more days!!!!

OMG....I am getting so nervous. I go from being...

OMG....I am getting so nervous. I go from being incredibly excited to crazy scared.....lol....is this normal?

Well ladies, my flight leaves at 5:30 AM...

Well ladies, my flight leaves at 5:30 AM tomorrow-----can't we said NERVOUS and EXCITED!!!!! I can't believe I'm getting it done on Thursday!!! Seems unreal- the time just flew by! I have all my bags packed, getting ready to do online flight check in, and call my bank to alert them of my anticipated debit card use in the DR. I have SKYPE and Goggle voice, English to Spanish translater and Dollar to Peso converter on my phone. I think I am all set- YAYY ME!!!!

Well, sistahs, I am getting ready to take...

Well, sistahs, I am getting ready to take off!!!!!! Yay

Well, ladies, It was a long travel day, but I made...

Well, ladies, It was a long travel day, but I made it safely. We are staying the night at the Hilton in Santo Domingo and it is absolutely beautiful. Getting ready to find a hang out spot- get some good local cusine. We will check out of here at noon tomorrow and head to the clinic for blood work and surgery prep. OMG, it seems unreal.....lol....BUT I am incredibly excited.

Hello Ladies, the Hilton was gorgeous!!! I have...

Hello Ladies, the Hilton was gorgeous!!! I have now checked into the clinic. I met Rachel and Laura here, filled out my paper work paid my money and was admitted into my room. Blood work and X-ray are complete (xray equipment looks ancient!)

I met Rachel first and mistakenly thought she was Dr. Robles. I was about to walk out the door saying no F----ing way! She is way too young to do any work on me......lol.....She told me she was 31....and I got up to start walking out the door.....lol....then she said the doctor was in surgery, but I will meet her soon.....lol....talk about relieved!

Well ladies, Dr. Robles just marked me up- gonna...

Well ladies, Dr. Robles just marked me up- gonna be a brand new me!!!! Won't be long now! Side note- the IV is no joke. If you have "running" veins like i do, you may want to request the anesthesiologist to insert your IV. After a botched attempt by one of the nurses, i called a halt. she was jabbing and moving that needle around so much, hurting like hell- i almost pimp slapped her....lol. i had my guy friend go get somebody else. they sent the anesthesiologist in and she got it on the first stick with very little pain. so now, i am laying here getting IV fluids. Required since i am diabetic. they will be coming in with the magic pill soon.......thanks for your prayers ladies. see you on the flat side.

Made it to the flat side- wll updare tomorrow

Made it to the flat side- wll updare tomorrow

Hey ladies. I am doing well. This recovery is no...

Hey ladies. I am doing well. This recovery is no joke. I will do a full update soon

Ok, ladies, for those of you that have been...

Ok, ladies, for those of you that have been waiting, here goes. I did not get a magic pill. I was wheeled into the operating room, which is an experience in itself. There are multiple OR rooms with many procedures going on at the same time. It was incredible to see. so, the anesthesiologist showed me a syringe full of clear liquid and she inserted it into my IV and said this will make you sleepy. She said, "let's move you back on the table" and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up shivering. I said, hello and I supposed to be awake? the Anesthesiologist said most definitely- you are finished. They wheeled me back to my room- I was shivering like a crack head- teeth chattering like crazy. They put two blankets on me and I needed another I was SO cold. I was not in any pain that night. They gave me a shot in the thigh for pain, and several bags of IV fluid. I also had a catherder (spelling), so I didn't have to worry about using the bathroom. I would advise you not to go alone, unless you speak fluent spanish- most of the nurses do not know english- at all. The next afternoon the doctor came to clean me up- I couldn't see anything, but she said my BB and scar look great. They took out the catherder and gave me a bag full of medicine. It was then time to go to the recovery house. Ride came to load us up and they wheeled me out to the van. The recovery house is pretty close to the hospital and it is really nice and clean. Once again, don't come alone unless you understand spanish- the ladies here do not speak english. There is one lady that speaks some Spanglish, so we have to do alot of sign language. So far so good, not much pain- the tramadol is working for me- but it makes me sleepy. It is just hard to get comfortable because she did so much lipo on my back. No pain from the tummy tuck scar, but this faja is so TIGHT, it makes it difficult to breath. I used the bathroom on PO1 and PO2. Did number 1 and 2- no issues there. Only issue with the recovery house is that they think my guy friend is my husband, so they were expecting him to help me go to the bathroom and help wipe myself- I had to make sure they understood that he is my amigo, so no el bano. But overall, so far, so good.

PO-3. Things are getting better. I am able to walk...

PO-3. Things are getting better. I am able to walk a little farther and am able to wipe my own butt!!!!....lol...that is some serious progress!

Hello ladies, so I am now PO #4. Each day really...

Hello ladies, so I am now PO #4. Each day really does get better. I am able to do most things for myself now. Just been walking alot and drinking tons of water. I really want these drains out before I leave! I have added another picture. You can see my thighs are so swollen that they look like hams....lol....I go see Dr. Robles tomorrow as today is a holiday in DR. (I wasn't aware that they celebrated MLK B-day!) Hopefully, I will get to take a pic of my BB and scar.

So, po day#5. I go in for my first post op doctor...

So, po day#5. I go in for my first post op doctor visit. She said my bb and scar look great. I was unable to see it. Then she said my back looked unusally swollen due to the exterme lipo she did and she said she needed to drain it some. Ok, I thiught manual draining consistedof pushing your back and stuff comes out of an existing drain hole. Not so in my case!! I had to bend over and She had to insert a needle at the top of my butt crack and squeeze my back- WTF!!!!!! All I can say is OMG......it was crazy uncomfortable.Then she proceeded o stick me in four other areas of my back, while squeezing fluid out-pressing my sore back none too gently. I started to get light headed, so Rachel had to fan me. The doctor saud I wll feel much better after. I am still waiting....lol

Goodmorning ladies, I am 7 days PO and feeling...

Goodmorning ladies, I am 7 days PO and feeling pretty good. Let me tell you about yesterday....lol....I just gotta laugh. I went with one of the ladies here to her massage appointment. I just wanted to get out the the house (begining to get stir crazy). So, we get to the massage place and it was great. she got an hour massage for $20- just can't beat that! and she even massaged my swollen feet, and legs for free!!! Gotta love it So, we call our cab driver to come back and get us- didn't realize he sat there and waited forus for two hours!!! WTF!!!! So, we are on the way back to the recovery house on the busy free way, everybody driving like a bat out of hell and you know every twist and bump is amplified x 5 for us!! That cab driver had his own brand of torture for us...lol...so we get about 1/2 to the house when we feel a big bump. The lady with me said OUCH, what in the world was that. I said it felt like we ran over something. We were trying to tell the driver something was wrong, but of course he didn't understand us! WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY did we have a flat tire!!....lol.....on this crazy busy freeway and no one would let us over. The lady with me started panicing- screaming SENOR- PROBLEMO, SENOR- PROBLEMO...omg, she is so dramatic, her reaction was hilarious to me. She was genuinely scared. So, we finally pull over and get out. The driver goes back to get the stuff to change the tire. WHY does this fool not have a spare!!!!!! He has to go somewhere to get the tire fixed. At this point, I am like Lord have Mercy!!!!! I began looking around this busy area, people walking all up and down the street- looking at us. First thing I think about- darn, we might get robbed standing around here and we couldn't stay in the car while he get the tire fixed- it was so hot outside! No other taxi in sight!!!! So, I started looking for a store that we could duck into that hopefully had some AC. You know it was 90 degrees!!!! The only thing in the area was a vision center/ eye glass store, which luckily had AC and a sofa! Thank you GOD!...lol.....so we go in and I ask the price of a pair of shades, then it took a while for them to determine how much in US dollars- of course no habla english., but that was ok because I was just stalling for time. When we finally figure there were about $77 US, I said un momento, and we sat on the couch and pretended to count our money...lol...then I took out the cell phone like I was calling someone for money, then I asked the lady for the address as if someone was going to bring me some money...lol....we sat there about 30 minutes until he finally got the tire fixed. What a day!!!

Hello ladies. Went to see the doctor today for my...

Hello ladies. Went to see the doctor today for my PO day 8 check-up. She drained my back again....boo-hoo-hoo.

BUT, my back did feel better immediately!

Something has just dawned on me. I have read all...

Something has just dawned on me. I have read all the posts that I could find on Realself and MMH about surgery in the DR. Never once have I seen anyone mention the gross fact that in the DR you can NOT put any tissue in the toliets. All soiled tissue must go in the trash cans. This really tripped me out. For some reason and yes I know it's all in my mind, but it seemed like the more I wiped my butt and threw the paper in the trash can, the dirtier I felt. I know it's crazy, but ladies bring TONS of wet wipes, the large adult wipes worked best for me and bring antibacterial hand soap, hand sanitizer and a small can of airfreshener. Those trash cans get pretty tart. Also bring a purse/travel size pack of Kleenex and wet wipes and hand sanitizer for when you have to go out to the clinic for doctor appointments and/are massages.

Other invaluable items for me are the two zip...

Other invaluable items for me are the two zip front thin housecoats that I brought from walmart. Easy wearing with these drains because both housecoats have pockets in which I can put the drains in. Also thin maxi pads or panty liners are a life saver to put between your skin and the garment in certain areas to prevent being rubbed raw. For me, I used them around the arm pits if the garment.

Well ladies, here I am PO 11 and still have my...

Well ladies, here I am PO 11 and still have my drain!!! It is not putting out much of anything, but I think Dr. Robles plan to let it stay in as long as possible. She also drained my back again- just a little. She said it has gotten much better over the weekend. Yayyy me! I posted a pic from todays visit. Medical science is something. Look on my lower left side and you will see a diagonal scar. That was an old scar from when I had my gall bladder removed. It began underneath my breast and went diagonally across my stomach. Now it is half the length it was and in the lower quadrant of my stomach. No doubt about it, she stretched the mess out of my skin! Gotta luv it.

PO Day #12- Best massage ever! $25 got me a hour...

PO Day #12- Best massage ever! $25 got me a hour massage and a parifin dip- complete back and stomach-----OMG---How great it is!!!!
Swelling is really going down-so much so that I had to go down another size in garments- WooHoo!!!! Since I had already purchased a second garment in the same original size, Dr. Robles suggested that I just get them taken in. So, when I went to have my massage, I gave them my other garment and $12. They sent the garment off with a taxi driver and by the time I was finished with my massage, my altered garment had arrived. You just can't beat that! i will have the other garment taken in tomorrow

Tip of the day: Be sure to tell Dr. Robles that you want the crotch out garment. It is very, very, very important that you tell her this. The garment that they put me in after surgery had the snaps in the crotch- like a babies onsie. Wonder how in the world they expect you to bend down and unsnap the crotch- no can do. I had to spend $100 to get another garment that had a open crotch garment.

Check out the New pic in my smaller garment. Still...

Check out the New pic in my smaller garment. Still in swell hell, with a ton of gauze wrapped around my body, but I believe I see curves!!! First time ever, I see curves!!!! Are my eyes deceiving me ladies? Do you see curves too?

Well ladies, yesterday was my 2 week post op...

Well ladies, yesterday was my 2 week post op doctor visit. I was so excited thinking finally, drain out. It had not been putting much of nothing out for the last 6 days, so you would think- drain out, right? Well, I was partially right. She took half of the drain out, and left half of the drain tube in for me to go home with and pull out myself in 3 days.OMG- just call me nurse NAT.....lol. should not be too bad. Dr. Robles had me give the tube a couple of practice pulls while in her office, so I know what to expect and won't be scared to pull it out......yeah right.....lol. Oh well, looking at the bright side of things, at least she did remove that big bulky fying saucer part of the drain!!! I am also leaving with a couple other unexpected "gifts". She had to re-stitch one of the Lipo sites in my back with dissolvible stitches and my belly button stitches need a other week. I gotta find someone at home to remove them. Wish me luck with that! My adventure in the DR is coming to a end. I am going home today!!!!woo-hoo!!!!! It has indeed been a interesting two weeks and if you ladies have more questions, please don't hestitate to ask. I have posted another picture today and promise to make atleast a weekly update so you can track my progress.

Getting ready to head to the airport ladies. So...

Getting ready to head to the airport ladies. So excited to bee going home!!!

Alright ladies. I am going to remove my drain tube...

Alright ladies. I am going to remove my drain tube this evening. I will have my daughter video what I hope is a easy, painless process-----stay tuned!

Hello ladies, I am 3 weeks po and am doing great....

Hello ladies, I am 3 weeks po and am doing great. I removed the drain this past Tuesday, and wasn't nothing to it. Didn't feel much of anything- than you Lord!!! I just left my primary care physician's office. He is so wonderful. He removed the 13 stitches that were in my belly button. Some of them already had skin growing over them!! Luckily I am still numb in that area, so I did not feel it at all! Woo-hoo!! He also checked out my tt scar and said it looked great and I no longer need to cover it with gauze. So, all in all, I am healing well. have to go back and see him next week for a follow up to check on everything. He is wonderful.

Ladies, as I was walking in walmart, heading to...

Ladies, as I was walking in walmart, heading to the grocery section, the rack of bathing suits started calling my name...."Nat, Nat, try us on Nat"....lol....I just couldn't resist.

4 Week PO today and I really over did it. Spent so...

4 Week PO today and I really over did it. Spent so much time driving and ripping and running- My body is telling on me. My Swollen Stomach is saying you better "SLOW IT DOWN"....lol. On a good note, the swelling in my lower back is decreasing, making my butt look more pronounced! Curve baby curve!

5 weeks post op-healing is still going well. No...

5 weeks post op-healing is still going well. No pain, but still in swell hell. Having a bit of a problem with my garment. My thighs are so big, that when I get a garment that is tight enough on my waist, the thighs are so tight that the material rolls up. Can we say major uncomfortable!! Guess that's what happens when u have thunder thighs....lol....Going tomorrow to purchase yet another one. I have been getting two massages per week- lordy do they feel good!! I also purchased a hand held massager that I use every night. I am starting back at the gym this coming week. Just easy walking on the treadmill for 30 min. I am looking forward to that.

I was in the lipo express store today trying to...

I was in the lipo express store today trying to get a waist clincher and the sales person actually said, wow you have a small frame!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! NEVER before have I been referred to as small in any way....all I can say is....wow.....thank you Dr. Robles!!!!!

Added 6 week po pics

Added 6 week po pics

I am still struggling with the swelling...wow......

I am still struggling with the swelling...wow....when does it end. I have a desk job, but I get up every hour and walk around. Still not helping! the garment is so tight on my thighs that they look like watermelons at the end of the day! I am ready for this part to be over!

Week 8 and feeling great!!!

Week 8 and feeling great!!!

I feel SO< SO

I feel SO< SO

Hello ladies, I am about 10 weeks PO and and till...

Hello ladies, I am about 10 weeks PO and and till swollen, but I have to say I love my new body!!!! I went out this past Saturday for the first time since my surgery and I must say, the reaction was phenomenal....lol....OMG....I had on a form fitting jumpsuit and everytime I stood up, heads would turn!! I felt so SEXY....OMG.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Robles!! If any ladies reading this are contemplating getting the surgery, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!!!!!!

So happy with the New me!!!

So happy with the New me!!!

Hello ladies, I am 16 weeks po and loving my...

Hello ladies, I am 16 weeks po and loving my results more and more everyday! Best decision ever- why did my boyfriend propose!!!!.....lol......think he is a lil jealous now- trying to lock it down....gotta love it!! Need to complete the look-gotta get the Boobs done next!

new pic-17 weeks-so in love with the new me!!!- team Robles....

17 weeks and still crazy happy with my result!! Love the new me. Stomach still swells- I will be glad when that's over!!! Check the pic out....the lower back lipo was done so well that it looks like I had a BBL. Dr. Robles did her thang!!!!

new pic- 17 weeks-team robles

17 weeks- loving the new me!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I choose this doctor based off reveiws on this site and talking with some of her past patients!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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U look AMAZING!!! How long until you could stand straight? I'm wondering how long I should take off of work....I do a lot of lifting and always on my feet.
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I just LOVE your review! haha You come across so sweet and easy going. Im happy everything went well for you. im from the UK and have been in touch with Robles in regards to how long i am required to stay in DR before i fly back out to the UK, but she doesnt seem to understand my question. lol How many days would you recommend staying in DR for post op?
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Is there a Dr in Houston Texas to help with the draining
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Thanks for your review. You look Great!!! Was the recovery home clean?
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Your results are amazing thanks for the helpful tips
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Your results are really nice.......I'm considering Dr. Robles.
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Hey lady!
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Hi Nat7080, I loved seeing your transformation, wonderful to say the least:) I'll be going to Dr.Robles around August and I was just wondering if she does fat transfer to BREAST. My boobs are on the smaller side and I'm not a fan of implants since my family has a history of breast cancer. I would really appreciate If any of you ladies gave me some insights in that regard. Happy healing to you all!!
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Great review...love the photos...and that cray, cray detail about no toilet paper IN the toilets! ewwwwww! Hand sanitizer -please-quick...and the Snap crotch, like baby onsies---all good details. How are you feeling today? Do you remember when the swelling went down? Did you use foam too? How tall are you-did I read some where 5'-10"? I am trying to lose weight...so that why I asked.. Thank YOU! :0)
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wow I'm so excited reading your story! I love to see your scar is thin and has good form :-), this motivates me to go where DRA. ROBLES
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Thank you! DRA Robles did a great job on me. I highly recommend her
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Reading this just got me so excited for my journey---- the pain, the tears, the swelling, the smiles, the recovery, the happiness. June 18th!
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Good luck ATL!!! June 18th is right around the corner...
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Looking good girl!!! Im going to go get my boobs done a different time too!...
  • Reply
Thanks! I wish I would have gotten at the same time, but when I think back, that lipo of the back was pretty darn tough, so adding another procedure probably would not have been good for me.
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Woohoo! Didn't see those last pics.....looking awesome!
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Thanks Vee! Girl, I am so happy with the new body- I am trying to NOT buy out the store....lol. I've been a shopping fool....
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You look great!
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Thanks Sam!
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Girl that TT is on point!! I am hoping mine comes out just like yours. U look amazing! :)
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Thanks O4B! Dr. Robles did her thang with my TT and Lipo. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made! It's a drastic change for the better!
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You look Marvelous .....Have loads of fun on your trip...I have those bottoms in green ...love them..so comfy
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Thanks Sara! I am SO, SO, SO ready for the trip. I know I will have a ball. Yes, these PJ's are comfortable!
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& i see u were still swollen after 10 weeks is that normal? Did u take anything for it? I thought the swell went down after a month but 3 1/2 months is alot. :/
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