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I have a tattoo of 5 smallish symbols in all black...

I have a tattoo of 5 smallish symbols in all black ink across my chest. I got it done towards the end of '09. I'm a quite pale caucasian female. The artist used black ink only, and after it got some sun damage in '10 I went back to get a touch-up. I'm not sure many people think about this when they go in for tattoo removal, but my laser specialist says that a touch-up will drastically increase the average number of laser tattoo removal sessions you will need because you're getting more ink put under the skin. I was happy and completely fine with the tattoo for about a year and a half. And then it was as if I woke up one morning and was ashamed of it. I thought about laser tattoo removal for a few months and then made an appointment with a dermatologist in my area in September '11, paying 300$ per session.

They didn't offer a package deal and they don't try to trick you into spending more money by getting you to sign contracts. I just had my 5th session last week and I can't see so much while it's still scabbed, but I constantly worry about when I will finally start seeing a major difference. I'm ready to go out and stop hiding it with high collar shirts everyday, but it's definitely going to be a while still. I guess you could say I really screwed up by getting a touch-up that one time when I still liked it.

After 2 laser treatments I started seeing small white dots on the inside of the tattoo, but it wasn't fading. After treatment 4 there were more dots and my friends would see them too if they were standing near to me, but from a distance the tattoo looks exactly the same as it did before starting laser tattoo removal. I am moving to Europe in May and will have to find a new laser tattoo removal specialist there, where it costs nearly double the price. I might post a future update, but I hope you, as a reader, learned something from this.

You should take pictures before each session! When i look at mine in the mirror I can't see that big of a difference because that's what I see every day, but when i see the pictures I know it is working. So i think taking pictures for you will help to really see if it is truly fading at all.
@Tena I actually don't have any pictures. I have been wearing high collared shirts for 2 years now because of it. But after it's healed a bit I might post pictures with a before version and current version. I am so jealous of your pictures haha! I hope yours comes off soon. Thanks for replying!

@Megan Thank you for trying to make me feel better. I am hoping this last session made a larger difference than the previous ones.

That is really good information about how the touch up changes the removal process. I don't think you screwed up by getting the touch up, if you liked it at the time you made the best decision you could have made. Sometimes things just change. I am sorry its making your removal more difficult though.


I will be posting more pre- and post- treatment...

I will be posting more pre- and post- treatment photos after I go in for my 6th treatment. Still not much of a different even after treatment 5 though, really.
Hey there, just checking in to see how you are  making out with your removal - would love an update from you :)
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Hey, i am going to remove huge chest piece of tattoo and one little on my back, i got my firest laser threatment what i could not handle because it was so painful. But what is crazy, is that some lines were faded 100% immideatly and havent come back 2 days. I use Titan 2 from Ultrapulseltd... It burned much of my skin and it is all red and nasty, i thought here to just give up and go to touch up. But if i readed your story, i really started to think that it might go wery wrong and in the end i will regret it even more. Thank you... i just need to do this pain :S I need to get strenght and power. Chest is most worst place but good thing is that, the ink will be gone from there fast. Even if there will be some scaring, i will acept it. Those scars will remember me how stupid i was.
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I have a nurse lasering the tattoo each time and have only seen the doctor when he priced how much each session would cost. The staff here is very kind and really want to help me, and it always smells nice in the waiting room.

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