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So I just finished my first week of invisalign!...

So I just finished my first week of invisalign! First off, i'd like to thank everyone on here for sharing their experience with invisalign. This page has helped answer many of my questions. Anyways, I always ahd straight teeth as a child, but once my wisdom teeth grew in all of my teeth shifted. My main reasons for getting invisalign are small gap in between my two front teeth and a cross bite in the back of my mouth. ( Also, slightly crooked teeth on the bottom of my mouth.) I have wanted invisalign for several years and I finally took the plunge in April. I went through an orthodontist even though my dentist offered the treatment as well. I just felt better about going through an ortho, because straightening teeth is their main focus. It took three weeks and a few days for my trays to arrive. I picked up my trays last week and immediately started my first set. In all, I was given six sets of trays. Once those are finished, I have to return for the next lot. My treatment is going to take about a year. I have six attachments on my top teeth and five on my bottom teeth. Honestly, the attachments are more noticeable with the trays in than when they are out. The only discomfort I've had was in the first 48 hours of wearing them. After that the trays became loose and I barely notice they are in. When I go back after my first lot of six trays, they are going to shave in between a few of my bottom teeth to make room for them to move properly. Also, I have noticed that a lot of people have a hard time taking them out. I start with my back left molar for each tray and work my way around. This is what my ortho recommended and it has never taken me more than a few seconds to remove them. I carry a travel teeth cleaning kit everywhere I go. Honestly, at first I was thinking this was going to be a major pain, but you figure out what works for you. Fairly quickly it has become a pretty easy habit for me. I was bummed after I read about the clinichecks on here. I was never shown or offered to see mine. I'm looking forward to being further into my treatment! Here are my pros and cons so far:

- You can eat whatever you want
- Not quite as noticeable as traditional braces
- A fairly quick treatment time frame

- I haven't been able to shake speaking with a lisp
- They definitely aren't " invisible ". Especially if you need attachments.
- Having to clean the trays every time you take them out.

Good review mmorgans. You're right, they're not "invisible," but I think we notice it more than others. I would have expected someone to ask me,"what's on your teeth?" But no one asked and I didn't catch anyone staring. I have an attachment on my upper front tooth, as well as others.

I was going to tell you the lisp goes away completely, but I was giving a presentation today and could hear a psst sound with words that began with the letter P. I was using a microphone in front of an audience of about 300 people. When I mentioned it afterwards to my colleagues, they said they didn't hear it at all. So again, I think we notice it while others don't.

I also found that the trays become much easier to clean as the teeth straighten. I wear mine even while eating and then take them out, brush lightly and put them back in.

At night, I put a small amount of Dawn dish detergent in a sealed container, shake it a bit, let them soak for about 10 minutes, brush lightly and rinse. It removes the film inside the liners. I find that a Q-tip is much better at cleaning them than a brush and doesn't dull the liners.

I get three liners at each visit and my dentist and I look at the Clincheck to chart the progress. I am fascinated by how much movement there is within those three months.

I wish you the best.

Good review! Its obvious you had read reviews before posting yours because you seemed to know exactly the info people would be curious about - good job for including so much!!

Some offices have the capability to email you your Clincheck. You could always call & ask if that is an option. If not they would probably be happy to show it to you at your next visit.

Looking forward to hearing your updates!! :)

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