I've never really had any breast at all, except...

I've never really had any breast at all, except when I was pregnant. What little I did have, my 2 kids sucked right out of me. After the nursing, there was just no time or money. Now I am 50 years old and ready to do something just for me. I plan on making this a very special time. My daughter, 23, is completely supportive and encouraging. It's been a private joke between us for years, she's a double D and has been since grade school. I have taken 10 days off from work. My surgery is scheduled for Friday, May 9th. I have gone a little crazy in getting prepared but I've only done things I have been wanting to do for a long time. I bought a BluRay player and new flat screen TV for my bedroom and had it mounted on the wall. ;)
Anyway, I am not even a barely there A, if there were a negative -AAA, that would be me. I am hoping for a full C cup, but I don't know what cc's. I do know I'm going with silicone and under the arm incision.
I will post pics, as soon as I figure out how. I read one woman's profile and saw her pics. She did before, during and after. It helped me so much, if I can do that for one person, I want to. I also wanted to be here for other women in my age group. So many are young women, I thought it might help for women of my age to know they weren't the only ones.
I have been with my plastic surgeon for many years because of skin cancer, so I am completely confident and comfortable with him. He even gave me a frequent flyer discount!
This place has been a real blessing for me. I'm not married or even involved with anyone so the only person that knows is my daughter. It's great to have a place to talk so openly and hear about other's experience. I'm really excited and counting the days. 39 to go.
Congratulations! How exciting for you to finally do this for yourself! Happy waiting!!
Thank you Heidiluv28. At 50 I wonder sometimes what I'm doing. I've waited so long why now? But I'm also very excited!
Don't feel bad. I just had mine 5 mos ago & I'll be 56 next month. I was waiting until I was ready to trade my pecs in for breasts. I miss my pecs but I can't do chest workouts with these things under my muscle, they're so tight, and I only went with 300cc & 275cc, moderate profile, silicone. I wish I could have went over the muscle but didn't have enough tissue, I still have quite a bit of rippling, esp. on outer sides plus another issue I'll post another time, not happy.

My wish boobs

If I can achieve one of these, I will be so happy.
Good for you for making the decision to do this. It was very hard for me to make the choice - waited 2 years from my first appointment then it hit me. I'm doing this for ME and I certainly don't want to wait any longer to feel better about myself. Good luck - you will be happy :)
Thanks momtoone. I'm glad you didn't wait as long as I have. I wish I'h been able to do this years ago but........now the time is here and I'm so excited, I'll probably drive you all nuts for the next 35 days. Yes, I'm still on the side that counts down days.

More wish boobs

Because I cannot decide on size. The first one is 350 cc's, the second is 400 cc's and the third is 450 cc's
Hi Red! Kudos to you for making the decision to do this. I am just about to turn 47 and I kept thinking "what am I waiting for?" I am not some one who grows old gracefully and I am always told I look like I'm in my 30's. But it's easy to hide or flaws under our clothes. I scheduled my surgery and kept coming up with reasons to cancel, until i had to Pitt on a bathing suit and go to the beach. Omg! All i wanted to do was stay covered up. That is no way to live. I finally got my mommy makeover and am now on post op day 11. This girl is going to rock that beach someday soon! Lol! I got 350cc's but I already had alot of breast tissue. So I am sure 400 or 450 would be fine. I am sure you will love the new "girls". You are right about being on here to help other women in our age group see that they are not alone. Good luck to you. Im sure u will look awesome!
Darn spell check. Lol. Im sure u can figure it out. :)
Thank you. I haven't had a bathing suit on in more years than I can count and I live 10 minutes from the beach! But there was no way to put on a 2 piece, none would stay down, kept raising up to my chin. I could not fill out a 1 piece. To get it long enough in the torso, I would need the rice sizers to fill the top and I have never stuffed my bra. So no swim suit for me. But this year....watch out! My daughter is almost as excited as I am to go shopping for pretty bras and swim suits. She has been such a big support through out this whole process. I got to say, my hats off to you. You have really set the bar for the rest of us. I love your attitude. Like you, I am not growing old gracefully. I will fight it all the way. Who knows, next year I just might do a face lift!

Less than 30 days to go!

I am finally under 30 days. I can't believe it. I spent a lot of time playing around with rice sizers and decided on 400 cc's. After all is said and done, I would rather be bigger than I wanted than smaller. No regrets right?
I think 400 cc would be just wonderful on you! Absolutly to no regrets. This is going to change your life! Being able to write your own personal story about your journey on the realself site has been a blessing. Even better is being able to read so many other stories that have done so much with my feelings toward going through with this. You are lucky you have such a wonderful daughter. Support from those closest to you is just what you need, especially when so close! I wish you the best of luck! Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading about your progress! :)
Thank you micro. Yes, my daughter is wonderful, a real blessing. I am very lucky to have her. Other than here, she is the only one who knows.
Hey! I'm also having surgery May 9, good luck! =p

16 days to go

I saw my PS this morning about a couple of skin cancers he will be taking off at the same time he does the BA. We talked about my BA and he suggested I go minimum of 400 cc's but possibly 425-450 to achieve the results I want. He also said I would need High Profile. I'm even more excited now after just talking to him. My pre-op is May 5 and surgery is May 9. YIPPEE!
I saw the word cancer and got scared, so glad they'll be removing it! Can you believe we are so close?? I had my pre-op yesterday, we are all set to go! Next Thursday for me... Please keep us updated with how you're doing, I enjoy hearing from you!!!
Thank you navymomof3, that is so sweet. So your surgery is May 1st? 1 week from today! Are you ready? What are you having done?
Good for you, redglory! I think that it is absolutely great that you are posting your journey! I wish you nothing but the best, and many blessings!!!

Cutting off all my hair

My hair right now is about 4 inches below my shoulders and a lot of work. I'm tired of it. I'm so ready to simplify my life. So I have made the appointment for the weekend before my surgery and I am getting it all cut off. Here is a pic of the style I have picked out.
So inspiring!! Raised your kids, survived cancer and now you are doing something for YOU!
Thank you Gem110. I'm so excited.
I really want that white bra in one of the pic's you posted!! If you know where I can get it, please let me know :)

No alcohol for 2 weeks before surgery

So it's martini time!
I am a little late to the party, but I hope martini time was a blast! I hope there was some scandalous show/movie playing in the background :)
Well since I was the only one home the most scandalous thing I was looking at were the boobs on this site.
hahahah! I am totally boobing it up in my back office at work on my personal laptop....minus the martini...hmmmm Monday night plan?? ;)

Less than 2 weeks!!!!!

I can't believe it. I'm down to 11 days!
Hi redglory! Just wanted to stop in and say hello-I see your name everywhere and you're such a great supporter :). Best of luck next week, can't wait to hear how it goes!!
Thanks RodeoWife, that is so sweet.
You are almost there!!!! IDK if anyone has told you but buy a travel neck pillow and a body pillow. I'm excited for you!!!

I really miss my mom and my sister right now

I have 1 week to go and I miss Mom so much. Mom was killed in a car accident 6 years ago on Valentine's Day, leaving my house. My daughter was in the car with her, but thank fully, not hurt. The good Lord will never allow more than you can handle and He knew if I lost both of them, they might as well bury me too.
Mom was my best friend. We did so much together. She would have been as excited as I am. With this being the last weekend before surgery, she would have taken me shopping, out to dinner and then helped me cook and clean. She would have taken me to surgery and spent every moment after pampering and spoiling me.
I'm already having trouble sleeping. I was up about 5 this morning and it hit me hard. I miss both of them so much. 3 years after Mom's accident, my only sister died. She was only 49 years young. Turning 50 this year was hard. I never wanted to be older than my older sister and now I am. She was the typical big sis, would kick my butt in a heartbeat. But no one else better even look at me wrong. She was such a petite woman, but the whole family would say when Aunt K.... hugged you, you knew you had been hugged. She was strong as an ox. It was just the 3 of us, Mom, K and me and we were really close. We lived within 5 minutes of each. If we didn't see each other every day, we talked on the phone.
My mother had a BA when I was a young teenager and my sister was naturally blessed with DD. I know they both would have been so excited and happy for me. Even though they both have been gone for a few years now, there are still moments when I miss them so much and this was one of those times.
I guess this was as close as I could get to share this journey with them.
I'm so sorry for your kids but I'm sure they both will be with you watching over you when you are in surgery!
440 why are you sorry for my kids??
I ment sorry for you loss I'm sorry I was typing fast and didn't proff read it before I sent it

Cutting off my hair today

How silly is it....I'm more nervous about getting my hair cut short than I am about my BA. But I am ready to simplify my life and my hair is a lot of work when it's long. It takes a powerful blow dryer about 20 minutes. I cannot hold that above my head for 20 minutes several times a week after my BA and having bigger boobs is more important than long hair. After all, my hair will grow back. At this point I'm fairly certain my boobs have done all the growing they're going to do.
Yay!! I hope you will post puctures I am sure you will look beautiful (:
I did it!! I will post some pics as soon as I can. Got to go to work but 440 ...I LOVE it! He was kind of skeptical, said he liked it long. But once he realized I was determined, he said OK but I don't like that cut, I want to do something different. I said whatever, just cut it off. It was really something, to see those long pieces of hair fall to the floor. He had to stop and sweep twice! Then the look on the receptionist face when I left! I get home and my daughter got so teary eyed. She said "Mom, you look just like Granny now." My mother was such a beautiful woman so what a compliment. Anyway, got to run. Thanks 440, I appreciate your support.
Yaaaay for new haircuts! Can't wait to see it :)

Pre-op today

I cannot believe it's the Monday before my surgery this Friday. It seemed the days were dragging by and now all of sudden it's here. I think if it weren't for this site, I would have gone crazy the last couple of months. My pre-op is today and my daughter is going with me to help me make a final decision on size. My PS said with my measurements I can do what I want but he recommends a minimum of 400 cc's because of loose tissue.
I LOVE LOVE my new hair cut and I will post some pics tonight when I get home. I have not posted any "Before" pics just because I didn't want anyone to see these tiny boobs without also seeing the "new" girls. But I want you to see the different sizes I try on today and some of you have been so supportive of my cutting off my hair so I guess it's picture time.
I went to the cemetery this weekend and changed the flowers for Mom, Sis and best friend for Mother's Day. I wasn't sure I could make it out there next weekend and even if I can, I don't think I would be able to physically take care of the grave sites. I'm really happy with the way the flowers turned out this time. Some times they look great and sometimes I'm not very happy. But I have to say this time...they look great!
As so many have said before, this site has been such a blessing. I have met some wonderful women, learned so much and feel better about the decisions I'm making and my recovery. Thank you all for sharing your experience, I hope I can pay it forward.
I love your wish pictures. I'm 52 and finally have my first consult in a few weeks. We need a forum for us 50 year olds! I will follow you to see your experience. Best of luck to you.
Hey skinny, nice to meet you. There is a forum just for us. Here's the link http://www.realself.com/forum/breast-augmentation-implants-in-your-50s#comment-1742035
Oh Red, you're almost there! I can't believe your big day is so close. I'm so happy your daughter is going with you today. And I'm even more happy you're addressing the skin cancer issues too. It's nice to know you'll be there in the future for your daughter. I also lost my only sibling to cancer in my childhood and then almost my mom to breast cancer. I'm so sorry. Remember, you'll also have some special support from your mom and sister as they will be with you in spirit on your special day!

Pre-op went great...425 cc's HP

The surgical nurse spent about an hour with us (daughter and me) going over everything, answering all of daughters questions, explaining recovery care and meds. She was wonderful. Another surgical nurse came in to meet us. They both explained when PS was finished, he would sit me up and the women, (3-5) would look at me and critique. They would tell him if it didn't look right, one looks too high, not the right size for my frame etc. If something was wrong, he would correct it then. I felt a whole lot better after hearing this. Actually made me feel like all of you would be in there to tell him if they look funny and he had to fix them!
After going over all the meds, she actually wrote in several places my allergy to adhesives and made sure they had the hypafix on hand. Daughter told her she would have my supply with her just in case.
She then measured the 2 "lesions" and marked them for surgery, making sure to write in big bold letters "DO THIGH FIRST". My EKG was over a year old, so she sent me for another one.
Then we went to see the PS. He talked more about the skin cancer than the BA. We played with the implants and decided on 425 cc's, under the muscle, inframmary incision. Daughter got a big laugh when I was looking in the mirror at the 425's and couldn't decide. She said "Jump up and down Mom." Well we all know what happened when I did. She laughed and laughed. My kids are a hoot.
I know a few ladies have asked about what to wash with before surgery. My PS gave me a container of liquid soap he wants me to use Wed, Thurs and Fri morning, neck to hip.
He also gave me this sweet little notebook called My Look Book. It's great, has pages for notes, like a journal, pages of FAQ, pages for my own questions, slots for my implant cards, a page to fill out dates for pre-op, surgery and post op appts. I love it!
He said I would have to wear the strap and surgical bra 24/7 for 2 weeks! No driving or lifting for 2 weeks. My surgery is on Friday, so no shower until I see him on Monday. Then he looked very stern and "No peeking!" Ha...he knows me well.
I did ask about Rapid Recovery, they had not even heard of it so that's out the window. :(
My favorite nurses in this office came in to see me and loved my hair. The nurse who has been with me since the beginning said she would be in the OR with me too! She laughed and said he could not take my skin cancers without her.
So here we are, dropped off scripts, got EKG and blood work done, paperwork signed, surgery paid for, size picked out. I will pick up meds tomorrow.
So here are the pics, some of my hair, some of my little notebook and a couple of my ittybitty's.
Best wishes Red! You're right behind me on recovery. Rest plenty if u can. I'm excited for you!
Thanks Purdy, glad you are on the other side. See you there tomorrow.
Best of luck red!!! Hoping for an easy quick recovery with fantastic taataas!!

It's Boobie Eve!

I'm so excited, I'm not even sure what to write as an update. The office called and since my surgery is later -12:30 - I can have coffee and toast for breakfast if I eat before 6:30. I told her I would get up at 5 if it meant I could have coffee. I am taking some before pics and measurements tonight and will post them with the pics of my new girls. I have waited so many years for this, I cannot believe it's actually happening. In less than 24 hours now, I will have beautiful breast!! I have learned so much from this site and all of the wonderful, beautiful women who were brave enough to share their journey. Thank you.
Yay for boobs I'm so excited for u ;) you make me feel even more excited for myself ;) I can't wait to see a pic .and yes you will have beautiful New breast .
Thanks rita, yours is coming up fast, it will be here before you know it.
I'm so excited for you Red!!!!!

Today is the day!

I actually slept well last night. I'm not at all nervous this morning, just excited. I'll be leaving in a couple of hours. I have gone over my list, finished everything here at the house. I'm getting ready to take my last shower, wash my hair and bath with the soap PS gave me. All is ready. On my way to Boobie Town.
I am thinking about you this evening! I hope everything went fabulous and you woke up with excitement looking down at the new and improved additions!! Please, let us know how you are. You have been nothing but the most amazing and wonderful support woman on this site! So caring and helpful to all woman you come across. You by far get my vote for the woman of the year on this site!! Xoxoxo xoxoxo!!!!!
Yes, she is the best!! I really hope everything is ok with her.
I am sure she is fine and is sleeping it's what I did after surgery lol. I can't wait to see pictures!

I'm home

Let me begin with forgive typos. I'm pretty stoned. Surgery went well. HE WAS 45 MINUTES LATE. ooops didn't mean to hit all caps. so that is not a shout at PS. first nurse blew vein trying to get iv in, 2 incisions on leg. wont stop bleeding, unusual. PS wants me to walk every 2 hours. first time i came about as close as you get to fainting/vomiting. but kids just laid me down with pillows where i was and slept for 2 hours. pain is 7 out of 10. as everyone says, very tight and elephant balls sitting on my chest. I got to tell you I have the best kids. They are just wonderful. I keep crying every time I look at them, they have taken such good care of me. For some reason pics did not download so I will try again later, Got the 425 cc under HP. Incisions are about 3 inches long on thigh. Love you all, you are the best group of women. Demoral kicking in,

Pics came through

Congratulations!! I know you're probably uncomfortable, but 4 days later and I'm feeling really good... The first 3 were difficult. You can do it!
hanks Sandy. It's the tightness and still feeling buzzed that are bothering me the most. I'm taking the muscle relaxer, but trying to stay away from the Demoral. I hate the way it makes me feel.
O Red! Thought about u all day yesterday, I was in my own waiting room area waiting for u lol & as soon as I woke up now I wondered if you posted! U r such an amazing woman Red! Glad ur children r taking good care of u, let them :-D pls rest as much as u want, your body will tell u. Stay on top of the pain!! Hydrate hydrate hydrate...sending u love & wishing u a speedy recovery. First 2 to 3 days r ROUGH! We r here for u love

1 Day Post-op

Still buzzed but wanted to show pics of my beautiful new girls. I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Because of having to move me around, the 2 incisions on my thigh are bruised and still draining. Getting up and down is a b---h! The tightness and heavy weight are real. Thank you all for the well wishes, it meant a lot to me. You have got to be the best group of women I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
Congratulations Red! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day with your kiddos despite your pain. Sounds like you've done an amazing job raising your children. Glad you're all there for one another today. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I can't believe you have boobs!!! ;)
Felt blessed reading your story tonight. Happy Mother's Day and congrats on your new boobs!
I went to church with my mom and my sister today along with my son and some other family members. I figured going to church with her was good enough. Started feeling guilty tonight for not getting her a card and then I read your story. Congratulations on your new breast and thank you for reminding me to thank my mom. Her and I don't always get along but you just reminded me to appreciate her.

3 days post op

So leave it to me to have an allergic reaction to the surgical bra. Yes, you read that correctly. I had a bad reaction to the bra. The good news is, I don't have to wear it now and it was only under my arms. Now I have a rash to treat as well. My new girls are just wonderful. I have not had the dreaded morning boobs or square boobs and mine are not sitting up high. My post-op is this morning, so we'll see what he thinks. When I spoke to him yesterday about the rash, he was very pleased at how well my implants went in. His words "Your body just took those 425's right in". That made me feel so good about my choice in size, the one thing we all worry about.

I have been in a good bit of pain but not from the implants, just sore and tight there. But my leg is horrible. It finally quit bleeding, but it's bruised pretty badly and throbs most of the time. I will not post any of those pics, I love you all too much!
Your looking great!!! Hope your recovery is smooth! Time will go slow at first, just hang in there...I'm already a month & each day gets better!
Thanks Jll, recovery is actually going pretty well. Now that I know what was causing the rash and have cream to treat it and the incisions on my leg stopped draining. I'm really happy my boobs never rode up high or got square. I know it happens with some, I feel very lucky.
Looking great! You are right, no crazy frankenboob for you! I imagine you will probably drop pretty quick, as they are not super high on you- lucky your muscles are more relaxed, not so lucky you have to treat some rashes. I am glad to hear that the pain is minimal. The pressure is just irritating at first, but I think it goes away pretty quick, especially once you can start moving around a bit more. I wish you the speediest of recovery!

Post Op appt

Before I had my BA, I was boob obsessed with the pics on this site, Now I have to admit...........I'm obsessed with my own! I love them. PS was very pleased with the way they were looking. He said I could have gone as high as 500, but I'm glad I went with 425, I think they will be perfect. He said they will move a lot closer together over the next few weeks. After looking at the rash and where it was, he is certain it was the band on the surgical bra. He started me on some exercises, but no massaging yet. I go back to see him Friday and he will start the massaging then. He looked at the incisions on my leg. He did have to go deeper than he thought. There are 2 layers of stitches but he wasn't concerned with the way they looked or the drainage. Just have to wait now on the labs to know if he got it all, fingers crossed.
Congrats Red!!!! You made it to the other side! !!! Your look great. I am really happy for you. And now on the road to recovery. Cleavage here we come!
Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! :) what kind of exercises are you doing? Fingers crossed for the labs you are waiting for! :)
Standing arm length from wall and walking hand up as far add I can and back down. 20 a day and every day take one step closer to the wall so by the end of the week I should be walking my hands straight up. Labs should be back by Friday when I go see him again

Tuesday, Day 4 post op

I feel like I could nurse triplets and still have milk to pump! A lot of soreness when I first got up this morning but as soon as I did my exercises that went away. Here are a few new pics. I can't really see too much difference but wanted to post them anyway.
Looking good!! I can't believe how amazing they look right after surgery. Lucky lady!!
Thanks meeechelle, you look pretty amazing yourself!
Sorry about the rash! But you look wonderful and the changes youll be going through over next few weeks are crazy. Just take care of yourself and dont exert yourself. I had a hard time taking it easy but it is possible lol

Booby Blues are real

Just like Post portum blues, not everyone will experience them but some do and they are very real. As pragmatic as I am, I was very surprised to find myself in the midst of this phenomenon. Yet here I am. I must first say, I am thrilled with my BA, with the results and with the choices I made. I can't quit looking at my own boobs! My depression has nothing to do with my surgery, I absolutely have no regrets. But going under anesthesia and then taking narcotics for several days can have an affect on your mental well being. It's not all in your head or just emotions run a muck and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. On top of all of the meds in your system, you have just had implants put in your body. As women, we take our bodies very serious. We may be thrilled with what we have done, but there are still strange, man-made materials in our boobs! This takes some getting used to. I can't do all the things I want to, I can't sleep the way I want to, I can't drive, clean house, cook, take care of my family, all of the things we have always done and now we aren't allowed because of the very implants we love so much!! It's enough to make any sane woman crazy. Some of us have had some complications, some of us have breezed right through. The different incision sites, different post care instructions, do this, don't do that, it can all get so very confusing. Why did your PS allow this and that but mine won't? Why did my PS say this and that but yours didn't?

Thank you for listening. I'm sure most of this ramble comes from a lack of sleep. I am posting some new pics, not because there is much difference yet but because looking at the new girls is what's getting me through right now. I'm just not accustomed to being unable to do the things I want to do without restrictions.
Looking very good darling! They are going to fit your body really nicely!
Thank you and I've got to tell you, you have beautiful skin. Your tone is just amazing.
What great results! I can't stop looking at your boobs either :). I hope I'm as lucky and also get great results

1 week post op

I can't believe it's been 1 week today. I just got home from my second post op, great news. He got all the skin cancer in both places and took out my stitches, YAY!!! He was surprised at how badly bruised I am (on my leg) but not concerned. He was super pleased with how well my breast look. He said I could give up the strap!! But I have to stay in the sports bras. I have to continue the exercises he gave me and start 4 new ones. They are between an exercise/massage. I have to do them all 20 times a day. He released me to drive and go back to work :( on Monday. But still no lifting over 5 pounds, no pulling, pushing, tugging.

Now here is something he told me as a warning I want to share with all of you. He had just come out of surgery from removing implants and repairing damage she did. Her implants were only about 6 months old and she was doing very well, everything she was suppose to. Something happened at work (he did not say what) and her left arm was jerked back, tearing a pec muscle and causing bleeding which pooled around the implant and hardened. He may have to do additional surgery and it will be months or longer before he can replace the implants. Ladies, be careful.

New pics up. Left incision is looking pretty good, right one not so much but I can start the scar treatments now so I expect it will improve soon. The girls look really big to me, I would like to know what you think. I started keeping track of their measurements. The day of surgery I was 33 inches around. The night of surgery I was 36. Today I am 38.
They are looking really nice Red! I'm so happy for you! They are going to look amazing here in just couple weeks I bet! I'm jealous lol! :)
Lookin good red! Great news about getting all the cancer off the leg!! What a blessing to hear!
Great news, I'm so happy for you! They do look fuller, which I'm kinda confused about...usually the first week the look bigger and swollen? Are yours dropping and fluffing already? Where are you measuring? Anyway, they look great :)

Measurements at Victoria Secret

My measurements today, 8 days post op, are 34 D or 36 C. I bought 2 of the 36C. I'm just more comfortable in a 36, always have been. When she measured though, she said I measure at a 34D. YAY! Looks like I'm right where I wanted to be. They will change more, I know, but I am thrilled with the results so far.

I only bought 2 bras. They did not have a large selection with no under-wire and just in case the size changes, though I don't expect they will. No pics of the bras, nothing special, just a nude and a black to get me through work for the next few weeks. But here is one, bra-less in a tank top, couldn't resist. ;)

I have to tell you, this was the best shopping trip daughter and I have been on. Typically, we both get upset. VS never had them small enough for me or big enough for her. We would both end up in tears in the dressing room. But not this time. They are now carrying daughters size, 38DDD or 40DD and I have actually have boobs to fit in a bra. This time we walked out laughing. She is so happy to have good, pretty bras. We went to lunch and came home. I am worn out. But oh what a great time. I love my girl and to see her so happy just thrills me like nothing else.
You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your story :)
Looking good Red!! Beautiful update, I'm smiling bc my daughter is 38DD & wants to take me bra shopping...I'm excited about it, yet I'll wait a few more weeks to see how these jugs start dropping :-) oh & I think the VS semi-annual sale is in June, no? Hehehhee Xoxo
I just got the swimsuit catalog, yay!!!! :)

2 weeks post op

I just left the PS from my 2 week post op appointment. He was very happy with the way my girls looked. He said it was the easiest implants he had ever done and I could have gone a few sizes bigger. No thanks, I'm thrilled with the size. He explained the jumpy feeling on the left side is the nerve. It runs from under your arm to the nipple. He pulled more on the muscle to protect the nerve, so more soreness and settling. The nerve is finding it's way home is the way he put it.

I told him I'm not having any pain aside from the soreness, but super sensitive. He said it's because my skin is so sensitive to everything and it would slowly go away. I was concerned the rash I got from the surgical bra has cleared up, but the "patch" is still there. He thought in time it would fade and not leave a permanent mark.

He still won't let me wear a regular bra or sleep on my side. He said 2 more weeks. :(
Oh wow Red your ladies look hot :)
Awwwww, thank you Angie!

More 2 weeks pics

I got busy and didn't finish uploading pics

More Pics

Hit the wrong button, don't cha just hate it when you do that!
Red, your results are one of the best I've seen...especially for HP...most women that do HP have square boobs in the beginning!!! You look perfect ;) and you deserve it!!!
Thank you Jll, what a wonderful compliment!
How are you doing red?

3 weeks today

I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks today. I'm still not accustomed to having breast. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around with my bra stuffed!

For all the ladies who are just starting this journey though, I want to update and let you know what I have experienced in hopes of paying it forward for all the ones before me who shared their stories.

Let me start off with the soreness. I'm not in real pain. But my breast are sore. The skin and nipple are super sensitive, almost like a sunburn. I feel a lot of movement under my right nipple. Sometimes when I bend over, I feel the weight of the implant, but only on the right side. I have talked to the PS about this and he said it was normal, I might feel this type of movement for up to 6 months on either or both sides.

I thought my age might slow down my recovery. The older you get, the slower you heal. I've been fortunate as I seemed to have dropped much faster than most. My girls have fully fallen into place but I have to say, they were never very high to begin with. I have even thought it was a good thing I did do HP or they may have been sitting too low at this point. I'm pleased with the incisions also. I use vitamin E oil on them at least twice a day and more on the weekends.

I am massaging and doing range of motion exercises as many times a day as I think about it. I think this is really helping with the "fluffing". They seem to be much softer, but still not as soft as I hope they will be.

This might be a little touchy for some ladies but I want to share my experience for those of you with questions. Sex. I waited 16 days, not because PS told me to, it just worked out that way. I have read from lots of women who did not wait a week. I was very careful to not allow any weight on my breast. Let me say though, as gentle and careful as we were, they of course got a lot of attention. I was swollen and sore for several hours. Not swollen and pain like from surgery. But it was their first time out so to speak. Just be aware, this might happen and it's OK. ES Tylenol worked for me and I was fine within a day or so.

PS restrictions still-no regular bra, no lifting over 5 pounds, no jogging/running though I can walk as long/far as I want. Only back sleeping still (I have been cheating on this one) He considers today the half way mark. If I continue to do as well as I have, he will release me at 6 weeks.

Don't let high number cc's scare you from getting what you want. I started off thinking 325 and would not have come close to what I wanted. 425 scared the heck out of me. I didn't want HUGE fake looking boobs. I'm so glad I trusted my PS and did what he suggested. He would have gone as high as 600 if I wanted. If I had to do it all over, I might have gone 450, but no bigger. I am thrilled with my 425's and have no regrets.

Here are some pics from this morning. The reason there is one of my cat is because he kept trying to photo bomb my pics. I finally promised him he could have his very own if he would leave me alone. He is my baby-12 years old-I rescued him when he was 2 weeks old.
Oh Red, you look so amazing!!!! I'm so pleased that this journey has been pleasant to you. As a HP square girl I might have a wee bit of boob envy on that one! :)
You can have boob envy all you want honey, but I have grandchild envy! I want one too!!
Awwwww! Hugs girlie! You'll actually be closer to my grandson than I will be. :)

4 weeks today

As some of you may know, I have been having on going problems with my right breast. It is not getting any better. This morning the pain is worse than it ever has been. I had my 4 week post op today. After a lengthy discussion and examine, PS thinks I may be developing Capsular Contracture on the right breast. He has started me on 800 mg of Motrin and wants me to stop all massages for the weekend. I will go back to see him Monday. If there is no improvement, he will start me on Singular then. Unfortunately, if it does not improve, the only option is additional surgery. He would have to go in and remove the scar tissue.

I'm pretty upset. I have done so well. No nausea or constipation. I dropped really fast, minimum swelling that was gone in a few days. No real bruising. Other than the rash, I thought I was having one of the smoothest recoveries.

So my instructions for the weekend are no use of my right arm other than range of motion exercises, did I mention I am right handed? Motrin every 8 hours.

I just can't believe this!!
I so sorry, hope this help so that you don't have to do surgery that would suck! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers your way dear!
Thanks 440.
Oh redglory, I am soooo sorry to hear that you're dealing with possible complications right now. :( That would be just awful if you had to undergo another surgery right away for CC. But sounds like that's maybe just what is suspected and not confirmed..? Perhaps if it's in the beginning stages, the meds will stop it from progressing. I'm sorry, I wish I could tell you everything will be alright, but what I can say is, probably best to keep a positive attitude about it, hope for the best, and follow all the dr.'s orders to the T. We are all rooting for you; I sincerely hope this is just a glitch in the healing process that will resolve itself and end up being nothing in the end. :) Thank you for sharing so much of your "journey" on here (as well as your personal experiences and painful losses), it's been incredibly touching to me and probably countless other women. You've offered encouragement, hope, wisdom, advice, and friendship to so many of us, and I can see that you have a tremendous amount of care and concern in return. We are definitely out here thinking about you!!! Please keep us posted on what you find out at Monday's appt., if you're able to. Take care, hang in there, you will be on my mind and heart. xo

Sunday morning

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and support. It means so much to me. I am feeling better this morning. I have been super careful, did exactly as he told me and taking the 800 mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours. It has helped and now I think I am right back to where I should be. I haven't taken a pill this morning. I want to know if the pain is gone or if the pills are just keeping it at bay. I go back to him in the morning and felt like I should be able to tell him if I still hurt or not. How will I know if I'm hopped up on pain pills right? I'm still being very careful, just relaxing, not using my right hand (do you know how long it takes to type with one hand?) My kids are great, taking care of me, though I am getting a lot of teasing. I'm hoping maybe I just did too much to soon, thinking I was doing so well and jumped back into my normal routine to quickly. My normal routine is working 70-75 hours a week between my 2 jobs. I will update as soon as I get out of the PS office tomorrow morning. Thank you again all of you beautiful ladies. You are the best and I love you all.
Hoping it's nothing BIGG girly.. Praying for you love
Thinking of you and praying this is just a small hiccup in the big picture. xoxo
Just letting you know you're on my mind and I'm hoping for the very best at your upcoming appointment. Take care. :)

I'm OK YAY!!! In fact....I'm great!!!!!!!

I want to start off by telling you all thank you for your thoughts and prayers and messages. The support on this site never ceases to amaze me.

I felt fine when I got up Sunday morning and went all day without taking anything, still no pain when I went to bed last night. I didn't sleep very well, but it was from feeling so anxious, not pain. I was really afraid the pain was going to come back, that something was wrong. As much as I tried to calm myself down and stop over reacting, I couldn't. The pain I was in Friday had gotten so bad, worse than anything I felt after surgery. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was an 8.

When I got to the doctors office and my nurse called me back, my PS was standing in the hallway, by the door, waiting for me. I just love this man! I didn't even get to the room and he was asking how was my pain level. I told him I felt wonderful and he got a big grin on his face. He followed me into the room and we talked. We were both so relieved. He then left so I could undress. Then he examined me. No pain, no tenderness. He said "I've known you for almost 15 years, I know how you are, you simply over did it. You thought you were doing so well, you jumped back in too fast." He wants me to slow down some, but he did release me to sleep anyway I want, including without a bra!!! I can wear any bra I want, I can swim, jog, workout. My only restriction is no push ups or chin ups (no worries there) and to pay more attention to my body. He said he was certain it was telling me to slow down and I ignored it :( So ladies PAY ATTENTION. He wants to see me in 2 weeks just to follow up. I think I need a visit to VS to celebrate!
I'm soooo glad!!! You were really on my mind and I was just hoping it wasn't CC
Aww. Thanks pinch. How are you feeling?
Fat ;p I've been eating like a little piggie since surgery!! Other than that doin ok :)

My new VS bras.

My daughter and had a great time. I can't count how many bras we tried on. We timed it just right. We got there in between crowds. It was quiet and we didn't have to wait for one of the larger dressing rooms. I was a little disappointed. I really wanted a black lace and couldn't find one. They are all 36 C.

Here are the pics Sassy.
You look great!! You've inspired me! Now I'm definitely going tomorrow morning! So happy you're fine after that scare :-)
Morning girly, it's so much fun to shop for bras now. I never thought I would feel this way. I have always had a lipstick fetish, I have them everywhere, several tubes in my purse, in my car, in my desk, in my bathroom. I think now, it will be bras and lingerie, it feels so good!
They look great and I love the bras! Your last pic the blue one, that's the one I bought but in black

My daughter.

My daughter is 23 years old. She is beautiful and intelligent, I am so proud of her. She has been such a blessing to me throughout this whole process. She took care of me, my house, my cleaning company and her brother. I don't know what I would have done without her. All of you have been supportive and encouraging so I want you to meet my sweet girl! This pic was taken about 2 years ago, in my backyard, my girl and me.
How are your twins? I am so glad all is well. Looking forward to your new update!
Hey jomin. Posted new pics today. How are you? Any updates on your beauties?
I'm so glad you are doing well and that everything turned out great! I hope things continue to go smooth and You just take it easy! ;)

6 weeks post op

I can hardly believe it's been 6 weeks. I went today for my 6 week post op, though it is actually a few days past. He is very pleased with my results. I have more side definition than he expected. He thought they were very soft and they may "teardrop" a bit more. He also said they would come together more and I would get more cleavage and definition on the inside. He released for another 6 weeks. My next appointment they will take pictures and then I am done unless I have any concerns or issues.

I must say the last couple of weeks have been a greater challenge for me than the first few were. I seemed to do so well the first 2-3 weeks, it really surprised me how sore I have been. I did not think this far out I would still have pain but I do. Not so much the sharp shooting pains from the nerves. I get sore on the outside of one or the other. I work 2 jobs, so when I have a long day of 12-14 hours, I am very sore the next day. But I have learned how to manage it.

I have been so pleased with my results, I'm somewhat surprised to say this but.............I wish I had gone bigger. Not a lot. But I have 425 and now if I had it to do over, I would gone 475 or 500. I have been a full C, small D for the last few weeks. But now I am a C. I have gotten smaller as all the swelling has gone away and they have dropped and fluffed.

For any new ladies trying to decide on size, do not let the higher numbers scare you. If you want a D cup and your PS says it will take 500 to get you there, trust him. Don't let the high number of cc's keep you from getting what you want. On the other hand, don't be discouraged if he says 275. It's all in how much breast tissue you have pre-surgery.

I have not gotten accustomed to have larger breast yet. I am still very aware of them. My skin is still sensitive when I go bra-less, that's when I am really aware of them. Even though I can sleep anyway I want and I have always been a side sleeper, it's strange to feel that boob under me. So far, all of my clothes still fit, other than old bras of course. They just fit better.

Other than the very select few I told, no one has noticed. If they did, they never said anything. I'm glad, that was the way I wanted it. I wanted people to wonder "Did she or didn't she?"

Here are the updated photos.
You look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing. I love the way you look. Your haircut is cute too.
Thank you

Keloid scars

I have read several reviews from ladies who are prone to Keloid scarring. For those who do not know about it, keloids are the result of an over growth of granulation tissue at the site of injury. They can be raised and bumpy, firm and rubbery. They range in color from pink to red to dark brown.

I have a history of skin cancer. I am 51 today as a matter of fact and I have been having them removed since I was 27. I have had over 30, 2 with my BA and at least 75% of those have turned to keloids.

This was a big concern for me when I first started to contemplate having a BA. I have used the same PS for the last 15 years. He knows about my scarring. We had several conversations spanning a year or more on this one topic. I was really nervous.

I think they look great. I use vitamin d oil on them twice a day, every day. Several times a day if I'm home. I rub it on the incision site with enough pressure to help flatten the scar. Anyone who keloids knows if you can flatten them it's half the battle! I rub as firmly as I can handle it. As my PS had told me, if it hurts, you're doing it right.

This is not a common phenomenon for Caucasian women but it does happen. It's scary I know. You want big, new, beautiful boobs but not big, new, ugly scars! There are no guarantees it won't happen. Talk to your PS. Make sure they understand you have this issue.

These pics are not to show my breast though I'm very proud of my new girls! But to show you how my incisions look today. I am 52 days post op today.
You look great and so glad to read you love your results
Thank you. Have you rescheduled your BA yet?
Yes - Sep 29 - so excited!!!!!

Vitamin E

Thank you cebrie for letting me know. It's vitamin E oil not vitamin D. I don't know why I continue to make this same mistake over and over. I'm sorry for confusing anyone.
I was looking through your pictures and you should put a 6 day next to a 6 weeks (frontal) and show the difference. You look amazing! What a gorgeous transformation!
Morning honey, how do I split the pics?
I think you would use a collage ap. I managed to somehow do that with my before and after. Or, easy way, just repost side by side on updated review. Ladies can flick back and forth. :)

2 months post

It will be 2 months tomorrow but I have a 15 hour day so I thought tonight would be OK. It's hard to believe I am 2 months post op. I'm not quite used to having boobs yet. Though I'm not as aware of them as I was in the beginning, it's still strange to actually have breast. I was walking very quickly across a parking lot the other day and it suddenly it hit me.... My boobs are bouncing!!

For those of you about to have this done, there is nothing to be afraid of. You might have read all the stories about nausea, constipation, sharp shooting pains, morning boobs, numbness, drains, can't sleep, hate this strap, hate this surgical bra, I just want to feel normal again........ It goes on and on. While this site is in fact the best place to be, you will read about every symptom and every pain associated with having a BA. Understand you may experience some or none of what you read.

My advice is go for it and go big. When I began this journey many months ago I thought I wanted 325 cc's. I did not know about over or under, choice on incision site or which profile. After being here for just a few days I learned all these things and much more. My PS had told me all along he wanted me to go at least 425. So at my last consult, I decided 425 was it for me. Even then PS told me I could go much larger if I wanted with no problem. I stuck with 425. I was too afraid of bigger numbers meaning Pamela Anderson tits!

The first few weeks, I was very pleased. I felt I had done exactly what I wanted. I was measuring a full C, small D. They were perfect. PS warned me. But I foolishly thought by week 4 they would not change any more. I was wrong.

At week 5, I was simply a C cup and now at 2 months I no longer fill a C cup bra. After all of the money, time, pain and effort, I'm smaller than I wanted to be. I would say a very full B maybe small C.

Now listen, I love my new boobs. I was so flat, anything, even a B cup, would have been an improvement. But I should have listened to my PS. He said the only complaint he ever gets is "I wish I had gone bigger" and now I understand. He did an amazing job. I was never up high or square. My scars are fading quickly and my boobs are now as soft as regular best tissue. The shape is nice and natural.

I don't want to be a whole lot bigger. But I should have gone with 475 or 500. I may have been rather large the first few weeks. But in the end, I would have been right where I wanted to be.

There are a couple of reasons I'm telling you this. First, if you have had your BA and think you are too big. Just wait. They do change and settle. When the doctor tells you 3 to 6 months, it's true. Second, if you haven't had yours yet, go bigger than you think you might be comfortable with. Do not let the numbers scare you.

If mine continue as they have, getting smaller as they settle, I can see myself doing it over next year. That's how upset I am and if I can help one lady get what she really wants, then it was worth me laying it all out on the line and being totally honest.

So here are my 2 month pics. They are beautiful even if they are not quite what I wanted.
Your breast look amazing!!! They look totally natural :) I can't wait for mine to drop and not be so hard lol!!! A month seems like such a long time :) Thank you for sharing your story!! You look beautiful!
Thank you GIllian. Have you been giving the go a head to massage yet? That was what made the most difference for me.
I was reading over yer profile and the part about missing yer Mom and sister really hit home for me. We lost our Mom to cancer 8 years ago and then just last year my sister got breast cancer. Let me tell you we sure could have used Mom thru that! She lives in a dif state than me also so didn't feel like I supported her as much as I should have. Thank God she is cancer free for now and she did come down after her last chemo treatment to celebrate with her lil sis. She's a much stronger woman than I am as I don't know I would have come out of it as good as she did. She had a mastectomy on the cancer breast and now has a beautiful implant in its place. It's amazing what a good PS can do these days. I just sent her an email letting her know how very proud I am of her and what great courage she showed thru everything. She even worked the whole time! Would have chemo on Fridays and be back to work on Tuesday! Here I've been struggling with my decisions of my revision, but that's just it it's my decision my choice to do this and she didn't have that choice. Thank God for family and having their support. I'm so sorry you were without yer Mom and sister when you needed them there. My Mom would have supported me, she did the first time but I have a feeling she'd say oh honey do you really need to be bigger lol?! Yer girls look awesome by the way :) Hiw did the haircut go? That's something I'm terrified to do! Best I could do recently is cut bangs, I have a phobia of going to a stylist!

3 months- where did the time go

It's been 12 weeks and I can hardly believe it. I saw my PS today. He is very pleased with my results. He thinks they are the perfect size and shape for my frame. He said they are some of his best work. We talked about my size and my regret of not going bigger. He said I could have but it would have been a more complicated procedure and he doesn't feel I would have done as well . I have very thin skin on my chest and larger implants would have stretched the already thin skin. He would not even discuss the possibility of a revision for 6 months to a year. He has been my PS for many years and I trust him completely so I will follow his advise.

He said I am released from all restrictions. But if I got hit in the chest, to any degree, to call him right away. The nurse then took several pictures and I was done.

I do feel better about my size after seeing him today. I think I may always have a little regret about not going bigger. But I don't think it will ever be enough to do it all again. I am 3 times the size I was when I started so that's a good thing, actually a couple of good things!

I have discovered there is far more to a breast augmentation than the average person realizes. The preparation, decisions and choices you have to make can be overwhelming. The emotional roller coaster is not for the faint at heart. No wimps allowed on this ride! Recovery is full of it's own surprises and pitfalls. All we go through before, during and after, the actual surgery is the easiest part.

I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful women of the April/May forum. I learned so much from you. If not for you, I would have been scheduling my revision today! I started out wanting 325's and your encouragement and advice helped me decide to go with 425's instead. I cannot imagine being 100 cc's smaller than I am now. We had a lot of fun talking about everything from bowel movements to sex to in-laws. We laughed, we cried, we ranted. Thank you for always being there throughout it all.

For all the women I have met since then, thank you for sharing my journey with me. You have encouraged me with your support when I doubted my choice. You have been here to build me up when I needed it.

For those of you waiting in line for yours, hang in there. Don't worry, it's not nearly as bad as you may be reading. Remember, you are reading what happened to everyone. But no one experiences every single issue. I promise, it's worth it.

For all of the ladies thinking about having a BA, go for it. You won't regret it. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself. It wasn't selfish or foolish. It wasn't extravagant or frivolous. It was my turn.

Pics to follow, they are on my phone and it's easier to just download them straight from the phone.

3 month pics

Hi just wondered if when ur right one was painful due to the capsular contracture was it also smaller than the left one? My left started dropping noticably on day 3! Right I assumed has been slowly catching up but when I went bra shopping first time, left was overfilling bras right had slight breathing space. 2 weeks in 2 days and can't wear clothes that show cleavage as obvious left is bigger then. Right still sore at times... Wondered if u could offer any advice from ur experience? Thanks x
Hey Ashleesz, actually it turned out I had just over done it working. It wasn't capsular contracture. Mine were not different sizes, not noticeably anyway. But keep in mind, each one may heal and settle at different times. It's really impossible to know your final results before 3 months at the earliest. I didn't believe that little fact, but it's true. Mine were still changing at the 3 month mark. I don't think mine will change much at all now. I know it's difficult, but be patient and try not to worry.
Thanks Redglory, it's good to hear other people that have been through similar tell u what the dr's are telling you as sometimes it is hard to believe and have ur mind play tricks on you! x

First mammogram after BA

I had my annual physical this week which included the dreaded mammogram. I was a little concerned at how this test would be performed considering you can't flatten an implant!

The tech was really nice. There was also a student observing. Both had implants so of course we talked about our size choices and which implants we went with. It made me a lot more comfortable knowing that not only was the tech experienced with implants, she also had implants!

She took 8 slides instead of 4. There were 4 "with" the implant and 4 "without". The way she did the 4 without the implant was by pushing the implant out of the way and "gathering" just breast tissue on to the glass. She explained this was much easier with silicone and with implants that are behind the muscle.

I am 4 months post op so I was concerned at the "pushing the implant out of the way" part of this. But it really was no big deal and I got to tell ya...............mammograms after a BA are nothing compared to the total flattening we go through without implants.

Before my BA, I was so very small, mammograms were painful and I was always bruised for several days afterwards. Not this time, I wasn't even sore!

I also ask her what she thought or knew about having an MRI every 3 years if you have silicone implants. Her implants are saline. She said she had done hundreds of mammograms on silicone implants and did not know of anyone having an MRI to check for ruptures. She said to of course, follow all PS instructions. But if your silicone implants are behind the muscle, the mammogram pretty much gets all the breast tissue. Another plus for going behind the muscle.

My mammogram was normal. One more milestone with implants passed.
you look incredible, and to see that youre 50 years old you have an amazing figure! Im so jealous!! you look great :)
Hi red haven come accross u for a long time x looking great hon x u sound happy too xx how's things xx glitter dreams to u xx
Hi Red, thanks for sharing your journey. am 52 and have been looking at BA's for a couple of years, your story inspires me..Thank you

Boobs are 4 months old today YIPPEE!!

I want to first start off with my stats. I read so many reviews where I have to go to the top to read the stats. So I decided I would start mine off that way from now on.

I am 51 years young. I am 5'7 and weigh 140-145 pounds. My BWD is 11.5. On May 9th of this year, I had augmentation with 425 cc Mentor Memory gel silicone, High Profile, behind the muscle, with under the crease incision.

I think I am as accustomed to having them as I will ever be. Most of the day, I forget. I don't even think about them. But having never had breast of any size, there are moments I am very aware of my new girls.

In bed, if I roll over on my stomach, then I feel the implant and it's very uncomfortable.

I work 2 jobs and one of them is I own a cleaning business; at the end of a very long day of basically wax on/wax off exercises all day, I am sore and my nips will throb (but not in a good way ;-)).

The scars are healing but slowly and have not faded as much as I would have thought at this point.

If I lift my arms straight above my head to reach for something or like pulling the hatch closed on my SUV, I feel the implant and muscle moving and that could be because mine are behind the muscle, I don't know. It's a strange feeling.

Morning boob has been gone for several weeks. I have finished dropping and fluffing. I couldn't be more pleased with how soft they are! They feel just like breast tissue.

Just as everyone says...I can dress them up to show them off or I can dress down and no one even notices I had a boob job.

Last week a guy came into the shop and was sitting in the chair across from my desk while I filled out his ticket. He couldn't quit staring at my boobs! His eyes were all big and round and he was just about drooling, tongue hanging out and all and this was with them dressed down! First time in my life some guy stared at my boobs!!

Only you wonderful women here will appreciate this........................I LOVE LOVE seeing them in the mirror! When I'm getting dressed, it's a whole new experience!

For the first time in my life, when I walk across the parking lot, my boobs bounce!!

I love my new girls, they have had far more of an effect in my life than just bigger bras. I feel so much more confident as a woman and it shows in every area. I have no regrets.
I still use silicone strips everyday to help with scarring and I am over 6 months out. I still see improvement. You look wonderful!
Thanks for the frank info on the mammograms. I hadn't read anyone's experience with that before. You and I have the same implants--HP Mentor 425's. I think my husband was astounded I went so large but knowing everyone gets smaller in time, I wanted to max out what I would be comfortable with. So glad to know I'm not alone. I did not want to pay a lot of money, risk surgery, take time off work, etc, only to wish I had had a bigger change. So far, still very happy but only 2 wks and 2 days out. Time will tell!
Really enjoyed reading your update and your story :-) Love the story of the drooling guy LOL! I noticed men do treat me somewhat differently, maybe??? Or maybe because I am more confident?---- Definitely got a few hard stares from women that I know.---- Thank you for the update Red!
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Pettigrew. This not the first work he has done for me. He has a wonderful manner. Always willing to talk and answer questions. He really listens. His work is beautiful. The staff are so sweet and treat you as if you are the only patient they have. Everyone was as excited as I was.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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