so far so good..Thank u Jesus

Its not fun as an adult to get you bikini tops...

its not fun as an adult to get you bikini tops from the adult section and ur bottoms from the kids section (and i can only do this @ old navy lol dont judge me!) I am so excited about sceduling my appointment... just waiting for ruben to call me back but i have been stalking this website and id like to thank everyone for posting thier experiences, it has been very informative and even was influential in me chosing DR SALAMA!

I think ive been "butt watching" (as my boyfreind likes to call it) like its a full time job... so im going put my before pics up and let everyone know when my def. sx date is... I hear hes backed up till August im tryna get my spot ASAP...

Good luck

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck in getting your date, hopefully you'll get a close date!


So i was dead set on salama but now im confused!!...

so i was dead set on salama but now im confused!! after dr. pazmino showed me what he could do for me i was sold! and along with him dr. tachmes is so meticulous he only does one surgery a day (which I love)!!! I am at the point where i wanna just draw a name from a hat and make the appointment!!!! whatever i choose It will before this week is OUT.. PROMISE!!!! oh and has any one heard of a dr. suarez in weston fl. hes with globalsurgicalcenter???? they speacilize in sending ppl to dr. for surgery but they also have a place in fl. I feel it should be safe cause he's in the u.s but ive never heard of him... ANYONE???
Yeah, i secured my surgery with Dr Salzhauer back in July of last year when they happen to have a summer deal going on for $6500...thank God! I've been looking at this sight for over 3 months and I have seen more reviews (almost all positive) about Dr Salama. I would suggest him out of the two you are considering. You said you didn't like the fact that he was so busy BUT nevertheless, he does a great job. You can have an great, talented artist draw an amazing picture in no time and another only draw one a's the end product you need to focus on, not the number of surgeries they perform. Salama is going to be busier because he is well sought after because he does a good job. The operation will only last about 2 have to live with the end result for the rest of your life.
Dr Salzhauer will accommodate the size you want if you have enough fat to achieve it. I wish I could show you my post-op pics but won't have access to a computer until tomorrow. He could only got 500 CCs from me because of my lack body fat but he was able to sculpt my back,waste, and butt in such a way that the little 500ccs look like more.
Bal harbour does excellent work but they quoted me 11,000 dollars.... i was also looking at pazmino and tachmes.... was pretty set on salama but he has so much business right now.... i don't want to go to a surgeon i think may rush b/c he has so much other stuff to do.. tachmes only does one procedure a day and a personal friend of mine went to pazmino so im familiar with his style and i love it.... i just want to make sure everything goes right the first time around and i get what i want


I WANNA DO BIG CARTWHEELS AND JUMP UP AND DOWN!!! I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH RUBEN AND IM SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 13TH... SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I told Ruben the truth i was supposed to scedule it last week but i had to make sure i was making the right choice and after all the ps i spoke with and the consultaions i did (alot cuz they were free may as well get all opinions), I came back to where i started!! shouldve stuck with my gut maybe i wouldve gotten an earlier appointment.. Anyone going around this time? i may wanna a sx buddy/roomie if possible!

I would just like to add a special thank you to...

i would just like to add a special thank you to vandides (idk if i spelled that right) for having dr. salamas work on thier website....Almost making me switch doctors until I found out that he used to work there and doesnt anymore! I didn't understand why they didn't have the work of their remaining surgeons; which was instrumental in me making my final decision...Salama must be the best if places are willing to lie to get customers in the door.
im went to gnc and got some weight gainer.. i drink 2 16 oz shakes a day and it says with that regiment i should gain 3-4 lbs a week... i got like 4 months im trying to get to 135/140 just wanna be sure i have enough!!! i gained two lbs last week... i expect it to go up n down though cuz some days i only do 1 shake or don't drink all of it... but i think if u do it consistently youll get what you want
@ karma I'm glad your happy I'm thinking about
Getting mine down again but I thought I could
get it like in June or July Nd I was told I had to
wait until Janurary so I'm stilli thinking if I will go with doc s
bannana: if you don't mind me asking what is it that you didn't like about your results.. from ur before and after jmo but you look good!


I in boxed you reply ASAP


I am having the hardest time gaining weight!! Dr....

I am having the hardest time gaining weight!! Dr. S advised me to try an gain 5-7 lbs for the results i want (even though he said he can get 800ccs at my current weight)...Im hoping to gain anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs and I have three months any suggestions?
Hi Karmazbiach I have the same problem as you in terms of weight gain, I am 5.1 and 112 but the main thing is that all the fat is around my waste. I just stopped doing exercise and eating more white bread sugar etc...that is bound to turn into fat. Main thing is dont exercise and eat a balanced diet high in fat content and sugar, dont stop eating veggies and fruits but eat more cheese, breads, cakes...good luck! I am scheduled for the 14th of May. So far so good.:-)

Hey just talked to Jennifer to make sure my...

Hey just talked to Jennifer to make sure my reservation was acceptable for their transportation service and she said it was fine... So Now Im booked at the Curtis Inn. VERY reasonably priced for a 1 bedroom suite with a 5 minutes from the mall and close to the beach.... The more i do to prepare the more excited i get! I've talked my sister into coming with me so thats another plus!!! im weighing in at 127 my pre op measurments are 34-33-36... I know I sound straight up and down and i am almost! before my daughter my waist was 26/27... Im hoping to get back there! ill be adding pre op pics soon... trying to figure out how to cover my tattoos first!!!
Hi ladies I'm schedule for Nov 6, I'm looking to go earlier if anyone knows anyone who wants to change date please inbox me.
@ Karmarbiach......I feel ya girl on the weight gain program. Im trying to do the same thing. I order so weight gainner off line called "mutant mass" and so far so good. I have gained a good 4lbs after three weeks. I am trying so hard to get up to 140 lbs but right now Im am between 128 and 129lbs up and down. But this stuff taste good and works fast. I am trying to get 1000cc as I still have about four more months to gain 11lbs. I cant wait to have this done because all my fat seems to be going to my stomach. But I hope this works for you.

So my surgery is completely paid for and I'm...

So my surgery is completely paid for and I'm starting to feel like this is really happening. I've got about 6 weeks left before my surgery: august 13 and im super excited. I've scheduled my EKG and blood work for next month. I find myself obsessing about it I kinda just wanna get it over with so I can focus on something else lol...
oh and I'm officially up to 130 and I honestly think most if it's going to my thighs which is great because I'll need something to support this booty I'm bout to get OKaaaaaay! Lol Thanks to all the girls in here who share their journey with us and post those amazing after pics... Can't wait till I can be one!
hey girl,
good luck on your upcoming big day, august is almost here... i sent you a pm

So i just found that i will have a full four week...

so i just found that i will have a full four week break between my spring and fall semester which would be the perfect time to get this done i supposed to get married in jan and i would love to have this done before my ceremony any help... willing to pay for change.

After waiting 3 long days nancy has confirmed my...

After waiting 3 long days nancy has confirmed my date now is Dec. 10!!!!! im super excited... now i gotta get these labs done AGAIN! but this time i think my insurance will cover lab work so it may not be as bad as the 500 dollars i kicked out for ekg and bloodwork.. YAYYYYYYY TO ME... anyone else going around this time where are you staying.. my reservtions are going to be made late so are there any hotels that give deals to salama patients??? any help is appreciated!
December 10th here!
Hi I am having mine Dec 11, super excited
i sent you a pm

Today I got my surgery clearence... just in time...

today I got my surgery clearence... just in time too. i fly out of atl on Sunday morning.. im so excited... i was on the edge of my seat all week just praying all labs came back perfect cuz there was no room for error being asthough I only had about a week and a half to get everything done! my bags are packed i only brought a carry on anything else i need ill get when i get to fla... I gotta pack light. anyways keep me in yalls prayers and ill try and update as soon as i can.. i know how you ladies geek result

So i am here in florida and im waiting for larry...

So i am here in florida and im waiting for larry to call me and let me know when he is going to be here! Who's here with me??? He didn't pick me up from the airport so i don't know how to contact him or if he has my correct telephone number. My pre op is at 5 cant wait to meet the hands that are going to fix this body
Good luck on your upcoming date!!
Omg! You must have so many different exciting and nervous thoughts going through your head....? What time is your surgery tomorrow? Your going to look great, I am going to Salama next December and I want the year to go by so quick! I hope you post post-op pictures !
Thank u honey! I definitely will start taking b4 pics soon but I plan to post them as soon as I have the SX:)) that way everyone can compare including myself:)

I had surgery at 730 this morning and i must say...

i had surgery at 730 this morning and i must say waking up is not at all as bad as i anticipated. Larrys wife picked me up and took me to my room where my fiance awaited.... Let me also say that he is my rock: from holding my pee cup so i dont get it everywhere to emptying my drains to taking care of our one year old daughter...all at the same time! Im telling you he is superman!
when i got up i was fine when i got to the room i ate some soup and had a gatorade and through it all up. after two cycles of this i decided to only sip the broth of the soup for a while but ive been walking like crazy and i must say my pain level is only bad when i first get in and out of the bed. I havent had but two percs and that was at 1 when i got to my room thats it. now i am eating cream
Now for the results i recived 1000 cccs which was a total shock cuz im only 126 but i can say that most of it was stomach fat from the baby... my waist looks super small and thats with the foam and severe swelling.. my but is a little big but im taking into consideration the swelling. i cant wait to see final results
ill post pics soon im gonna take some tomorrow at the office... im scared to take this garment off for fear of the pain getting it back on like everyone says...
Putting the garment doesnt hurt as bad as it sounds. I had to put mine on today. However yes eat and drink alot im having severe headaches and throbbing sensations in my head causing me not to sleep although i have no problems getting in and out of bed. Happy healings to you
I'm glad ur not going thru severe pain:) that's a good thing! God bless ur husband for taking good care of u n ur daughter!! It's good to hear when men do so much for us women! Good for u doll! Happy healing!
so glad to hear things are going good for you and so glad you have you fiance and baby there awww :-)

This morning i went for my post op and i was...

this morning i went for my post op and i was unable to see the dr. but i did see noamie and nancy and the other two girls that were in the office (cant remember thier names) and i have to say all of salamas staff is right out of a magazine gorgeous. well like i anticipated, taking the garment on and off was a total BITCH noamie lifted me right off my feet trying to put me in it... pain level not bad because ive been walking... still havent really had an appetite but im tryin.. no food = no pain pills. So heres the pics
Did u like the Curtis Inn hotel btw? Do u have pics of your room? Which mall is it by? I've been looking for hotels and the prices are just crazy ridiculous right now.
you look great! it's going to be perfect after you heal :) ...LOL at Nomie lifting you off your makes me think of Ruben and Dr. Ghurani both trying to get me in my garment when I had to see them the day after thanksgiving for some blisters...they were both bickering about the best way to get it was so cute. Happy healing and can't wait to hear your updates!
you look good hon!! im happy that you're felling well!!

So im like 3 months out newly married an i must...

so im like 3 months out newly married an i must say my results exceeded my expections... evertyhing is very soft an natural looking ( i was afraid of looking fake) and shakes just right lol but i know yall want pics so here they go.. these only go up to about the 8 week mark but im in the process of uploading my most recent ones
Love your results! How tall are you? How many cc you got ?thanks doll
You look great!
Wao ..look good....nice=) how tall are u?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

after considering maybe every doctor in miami and ga i decided to stay with TEAM SALAMA

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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