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First EMatrix RF/sublative Rejuvenation Treatment, Pleased Thus Far - Warner Robbins, GA

Background: I have some minor acne scarring on my...

Background: I have some minor acne scarring on my cheeks that I'm tired of looking at. A couple ice-pick scars and some scarred/enlarged pores. I've had a couple of series of micro dermabrasions in the past and I aIso had a micro laser peel (by Sciton lasers) set at 10 microns, done in March 2010. Neither had any effect on my scars. I also had 2 Matrix IR (non ablative laser) done on my right cheek scarring in May 2010.

I had my 1st eMatrix RF treatment done almost a week ago. (June 2010) My skin was cleaned using a Clarisonic brush and then I had topical numbing cream applied. The cream was reapplied after 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes,prior to the procedure. All the cream was then removed with a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution to make sure the skin was completely oil free and clean.

The treatment was only done on my cheeks. The settings used were Treatment B at 48 MJ (There are 3 levels w/ 3 different microjoule settings per level) I had expected the deepest level (Treatment C) but my esthetician had told me that the company is now recommending acne scar revision to be done at treatment level B, as this seems to cause more coagulation in the tissues. I had apres peel soothing balm and sunscreen applied, post peel. I was told not to wear any makeup for a minimum 24 hours, and then to only use mineral powder makeup. Liquid makeup is not recommended until all the ablation scabs flake off.

I had mild redness post treatment, but there was no pain to speak of. My face was numb for approximately another 2- 2 1/2 hours. Painless as compared to the micro laser peel. My skin was comfortable and I didn't have much swelling on the first day. My skin did begin to ooze in a few spots that evening, and since I couldn't wash my face until the next day, I just had to wait to shower it off in the morning.

Day 2 I was more swollen, but the redness was the same. My skin was comfortable.

Day 3 the redness and swelling were beginning to decrease and the scabs were more noticeable. I did apply a light dusting of mineral powder as we went to the movies. No problems at all and the powder completely covered any redness. Grid marks/scabs were noticeable if you were up close.

Day 4 most of the swelling and redness were gone and the flakes were barely coming off. Skin was still comfortable.

Day 5 approx. 30-40% of the scabs had flaked off and my skin was a bit itchy due to the dryer skin. I was told NOT to pick or scratch the scabs as it's best for them to flake off on their own.

Day 6 approx. 75-80% of the scabs are gone and my skin doesn't itch at all.

Day 7 all swelling is gone and all except for maybe 10 scabs have fallen off. These scabs are the size of a pin point are not noticeable to anyone but me.

It's too early to determine the overall effect of my skin, but I'll return to post any updates/changes. I'll have a follow up treatment in July, August and September.

Wanted to post a current update. I finished my...

Wanted to post a current update. I finished my initial course of 6 treatments in early October, followed by a "touch up" treatment in late Dec. 2010. I was told, according to the aesthetician, that I had upwards of 80% improvement on some of my scars. I was able to look at my past photographs, and though I don't agree that it's an 80% improvement, I can't deny that there has been correction and progress made in my scars. Oddly enough, my worst scar (a pretty decent ice pick acne scar) has been the one that has corrected the most. It's now as small, or smaller than some of my other minor ice pick scars. It's important to note, however, that as it became more shallow, it did widen at the surface. Honestly though, I don't know if that makes much of a difference in it's severity, but it does appear smaller overall. It's funny though, as your bad scars improve, you tend to notice scars you never really "saw" before, or at least that's the case with me.

I was treated on the most aggressive levels of Treatment B at the highest settings for treatments 2-7. I healed quicker and with less edema and erythema each time. I also didn't get nearly as many grid dots my most recent times. My last 3 visits also included an IPL session prior to the eMatrix. I will say, I was able to tough out the eMatrix without numbing cream my last 3 times. We still only treated my cheeks, and would use up the extra pulses on the sides of my chin and between my eyebrows. I understand that I must have a high pain threshold in order to tolerate the treatments w/out numbing cream, so I don't necessarily recommend others try that if they are at all nervous about pain. I personally don't find it all that bad, and since it doesn't take more than 10 minutes, it really shortens up my visits considerably.

Do I have beautiful skin? In a word, no. Have a noticed a change for the better, yes. Would I recommend others to try this? Sure! It's probably one of the few treatments out there that doesn't have lingering pain, side effects and downtime. If you're wanting something that is slower and easier going, but still capable of some positive results, eMatrix is worth a try.

Oops, I should have said that I was treated on a...

Oops, I should have said that I was treated on a high "C" level, not a "B". I don't want to cause any confusion w/ my original post. :)

Georgia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Jessica, the esthetician, was VERY helpful and informative. We had a 30 min. consultation a month prior to my decision to go ahead with treatment. We went over expectations together, she called me the day after to check in on my and contacted me several days later to assess my progress.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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If you can travel to San Jose, it's 300$ a visit and I've had wonderful results with many procedures. Vienna Skin Clinic, Dr Minh Le. Check out the website, you won't regret going to him.
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300 for e matrix per treatment. He does foto facial, fillers, etc. He's very good and very reasonable. People say I look 40 all the time, I'm 53. He's 40ish with many yrs experience. Wonderful Dr and I've had only good results every time. Check it out on yelp too.
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It's great that you can recommend qualified peoe to do these procedures. In Australia anyone can purchase these machine and start using them. This is why mine went wrong. It was not suited to my skin needs, inappropriate/unsafe settings were used and no after duty of care or knowledge on what to do if there is an adverse reaction
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Oh I'm sorry that happened to you! I hope you can see a qualified Dr who may be able to correct the problems. These machines should only be used by physicians that have been trained properly. Best of luck to you :-) San Jose CA has a great competitive market in medical expertise and I'm very fortunate to be here and to have found this Dr. Many charge 600$ and more for one sublative rejuvenation treatment.
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Sharon - I think you will be fine.  This is just not the lunchtime procedure they advertise so your reaction to it could naturally scare the bejeezas outta someone.   Do don't exert too much or do anything that will increase swelling.  Use lots of Aquaphor and keep everything really moist so it heals. 

Having gone through many different things, I no longer subscribe to No Pain, No Gain.  I'm now a proponent of Less is More and baby and pamper what you have. . . This doesn't include zapping the crap out of your face :). 

Again, there are those that will respond well to this procedure. . .but it's important to be your own watchdog (not doctor, but watchdog).  We know our own bodies and faces and if our gut says that something's not right, we need stop and take the time to heal and reassess instead of doing more of the same.  Again, I had six treatments and don't look like any of those stock photos.  I keep getting asked about the brown splotches all over my face and have to hide the hypo marks with my hair.  This is the result (which can be a delayed reaction) to all the inflamation I put my skin through.  I wear hats, sunscreen - and my skin looks like crap :(.

Keep us posted Sharon. . . again - you'll be fine - just follow your gut. 

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How long did the brown splotches last. I am day 13 after the treatment and have brown square splotches too. Did it eventually clear ?
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Hi, I had my first treatment in October 2013 and saw that my laughter lines were not healed even after three weeks.. I was told to hold back a week and come back for a second session, this will also help the healing.. Two sessions later and it has been two months since my last treatment I was brown patches around my laughter line and u also have panda eyes.. This treatment has made me look 10 years older!!!
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Thank you, good face, for your helpful comments. It's day 2 and I look like I was in a fight and lost. One side of my face is very swollen, I had a lot of oozing around my chin and my mouth looks like a cabbage patch doll.Also a small amount of bleeding in some of the pores. I had no swelling with the first treatment and could cover the grid marks and go out to run errands. Not sure I can go out today unless the swelling goes down. I called my anesthetist who came over to my house and looked at me.She has seen worse and seems to think the worse you look, the better the result. We'll see.I may switch to refirme for my next treatment because I don't think I will go through this again.Too painful and too much down time. 11 days last time and I have a feeling this will take longer.
I did see some remarkable before and after pictures of one of her patients, but I'm sure everyone is different. We'll see.
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I just came from my second e matrix session. I must have a really low pain threshhold, but I think it is extremely painful- like someone shooting bolts of fire into your skin. I have good skin but am trying to tighten my lower face and neck.For the first hour post, my face was on fire and bright red all over. Now it's still hot and sore and splotchy red. When I had my last treatment it took 11 days for all the redness to go away. I was given a covering makeup to wear after the first 12 hours. The roughtness lasted 6 days. My skin did look clearer and pores were smaller after the last treatment.Don't know yet if it's worth it but I pain 2500 for 3 treatments. I'm 62.
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Hi Sharon666,  First off, I think you will be fine.  This darn technology is billed as a noontime walk in the park - but it's not.  It hurts and you are baboon butt's red!!! The length of your healing period appears to be longer than general.  You may want to listen to your inner voice. . .Your body may be telling you that it doesn't dig this particular treatment and I think we as patients need to be mindful of this. 

I've had to give up on lasers, eMatrix, IPLs.  My skins hates them  - but I kept thinking they would fix things.  TCAs and glycolics are the only thing that work for me without doing damage.  That may not be the case for someone else.

I'm actually changing my tune on eMatrix.  At first I thought I liked it, but I've actually had some damage and there was no tightening or collagen building and my skin looks worse.  I had NO ongoing improvement for months following this as is advertised.   I did six treatments. I should have stopped at three.  This got far too agressive.  My last one was 9 months ago.  Even if you don't have damage, eMatrix over-promises and under-delivers and is definitely not worth the price in my opinion,

I still have some faint grid marks from the headpiece and some hypo-pigmented pocked areas around grids.   I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation that is out of control. Prior to eMatrix it had been controlled for years with the help of TCA peels.   This demage will be denied by many doctors who have spent a lot of money on these machines.  However, I've been through enough things to say what works and what doesn't and also recognize that what might work for one person, may not work for another. 

eMatrix is designed to promote collagen production by creating an injury underneath - without damaging the skin's surface.  This concept actually isn't revolutionary.  What I'd like  explained to me is how you can ZAP precious facial skin with that kind of heat with a grid-shaped headpiece - so that you suffer this kind of VISIBLE INFLAMMATION - and still say that a person is unlikely to experience unwanted damage.   I don't get it and I'm proof that damage can occur - experienced technician or not.

Now, someone may say I had it done at too strong a level.  The problem with that argument is that eMatrix A level doesn't work - which most agree with.  B level is very iffy at best.  Most people saw that they only got results at a high C level - which is what I did. (BTW:  I did not go to the highest heat available within the C level.)  So, you have to go to the strongest level to see anything (if anything) happen - and that's risky.   So what are your options with this technology? The option is to use common sense and stay away from it if you think it's doing any harm - no matter what your technician/doctor says.

Bottom line, I was stupid to put my skin through this and didn't use common sense because I kept hoping for a miracle.  Less is more when it comes to your face and eMatrix isn't worth the money they are charging.  Just my opinion :). 
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Hi there, I have white scars on lower lids, from a syringoma removal (dumb dumb!!!)after the summer I now have freckled, tanned skin (dark circles under eyes) and my scars glow!!! The plastic surgeon that hacked me said I should try fraxel around my eyes...I talked to a laser place that does the Sublative Rejuvenation and they suggested this would be gentler and have better chances of correcting the scars and the darkness. I have to also add since these scars, I have these small clustered bumps, maybe more syringnomas, skin damage?? I have an appointment next Thurs and Im getting a bit nervous!!!
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My first ematrix was done on June 23 at ALC,iI was very much nervous, but i didn't hurt much. Yes it wa sred and swollen but nothing too severe.
today at day 6 the black dots are still there and skin feels rough, but i feel some skin tightening.
I did it for dark spots on my forehead and i don't see any change in that,so I am not sure about the results, will post after sometime if i see some change.
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After reading so much material online I decided to go for ematrix tomorrow, I am a bit nervous about the damage.I have sun damage on my forhead and brown complexion,...will post after...
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hi guys I am back to post
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I just called my doc and she reassured me that 144 grid can also help in collagen growth and remodel/ablate the surface of the tissue,,,oh well I have to trust her. I told her to use both 64 and 144 grids for my upcoming third session...

Btw guys, are you still noticing filling in in your scars?
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I just came from second eMatrix session the dic used level c high and mid impact. Not sure how many pulses...but she used the 144 grid only ..she said 144 can also build collagen plus remodel scars...I'm a bit worried she didn't use 64 I've been reading around and everyone says that 64 is what works on acne scars...can the 144grid help collagen rebuild ?
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thank you for responding! I DO have nice skin and after hearing from you (and having lots of reservations about the eMatrix)I will have a consult regarding Botox instead. thanks again!!!
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Hmmmm.This is only my opinion - without seeing you and without being an expert. That said, less is more. If you have nice skin, then I personally wouldn't go this route. The furrows are completely normal after 40 (and before) and if you haven't had Botox, that would be my recommendation to the tune of about $400 or so. Botox can also help with the crows's feet. Again. . .just my opinion. This will take years off your look. It's that muscle that's causing the furrow. Now, you may or may still see a faint line since your furrow has gotten used to looking like that :). But I don't think eMatrix would be that much use to you given your concern and it takes about 3 sessions to see results. They are gradual and subtle. There's always the concern that someone is trying to sell you what they know or have invested in. You have to determine your level of trust with your provider.
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everyone is writing in and commenting about scars. I'm 46 yrs old and am looking into eMatrix because the technician advised that it would make me look 10yrs younger. I only need help with some brow furrows and crows feet. Would this not be the avenue I should take?
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eMatrix update and explanation: There was a question about 200 vs. 64/144. "Curious About" - I don't know why your provider couldn't have cleared this up when you asked :(. No wonder everyone is always confused about technology. You never get clear, straight answers!!! I'm not a Doctor but here's what I've sorted out. 200 refers to the number of pulses you get. You may or may not get offered (or want) the 100 or 200 pulse option :)! 64/144 refers to the density of the tip. The 64 grid is less dense. I get a bit more ablation with the denser 144 tip. Again, she uses both tips on me - 200 pulses. Depending on your skin, the provider will determine if you start at A,B, or C level. C is the strongest. Within each level, the provider an determine the intensity. This last time we tried C level/59 and it was a bit strong so she went down a notch in intensity. I'm at about the mid-range within the C-level. I've had 5 treatments done and am very pleased. Per the questions that commonly come up with this treatment - It does take at least 3 treatments before you start to really notice a difference. Treatments should spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Not only are you building more collagen with each treatment, but you also need to give your skin time to build it. At about 3 weeks post the 4th treatment, I noticed more improvement. I am amazed at how the scars do fill in. The newer ones seem to fill in a little better and faster. My pores are smaller (if you can believe it). The surface square scar patterns and raggedness that resulted from the AFT fotofacial burns and inflamation of the F/T are slowly becoming less visible. The overall improvement is fairly significant.
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I wanted to clarify something that probably has to do with use or misuse of terminology and way I interchange the terminology (since I'm not a technician). . .What I'm referring to as the tip, may be what is called the grid. In otherwords, if you look at the "tip" that's attached to the device, there is a "grid". . which is what makes the pattern you see on your face. The 64 grid is less dense than the 144 grid. Unless I'm mistaken, a new "tip"/"grid" is used for a each patient.
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Hi, everyone! Excuse my English I am writing from Sweden!

I have had acne since I was 16 years, it disappeared after several years with different acne medecine. Roaccuton was the last medecien I took for my acne, everything disappeared. But unfortunately it was the last bit superficial scars on the cheeks. I wait almost two years and nothing happened, so now for six weeks ago I decided to test ematrix, I have a little dark skin.

I did my first treatment 3/3-11, outcome: a touch of the red could have been lost. but the shallow pits got no results.

The 3 / 28 -11, I made my second reading. The result: same here a bit more of the red is gone, but I do not think that my shallow pits have been significantly affected.

Now that I paid almost $ 1200 I'm getting a bit worried if this really helps. What bothers me most is the pits, yes I am happy that even gotten results with the red spots.

What is your degree of relevant experience how did your skin look like? How many treatments did you do before you saw clear results? I have very small and superficial scars, nothing serious. But it bothers me!

Grateful for answers from those who used ematrix or you who are familiar with it.

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Thanks for the info, how is your experience with them? I got pulled in to sign up with American Laser Center as well, santa monica office. $1550 for 4 treatments supposed at the lowest discount price they have. But I'm unsure about the service right now. I just did my first treatment pass Friday. They didn't do any skin analysis, no before and after pictures, the nurse leave bunch of burnmarks on the left side of my face instead of the regular gridmarks. People are nice, the place is cheap though, even there is no toilet coversheets in the bathroom. I still have 3 more treatments to go, we will see what happen. They tried to sign me up for ematrix with ipl package for $3100, citing it was their buy one get one deal, but eventually offer me for 50% of the price for just the ematrix. I may consider IPL later. Please keep me updated after your second treatment. Thanks much!
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I just had an ematix last night. My face is totally red and swollen and little red dots all over , I am going thru the similar descriptions and experiences that Sacramento2 have gone thru. How's your healing process Sacramento 2?
Getting any better? Any post care advise? thank you.
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Torrance 13, could you give me your doctors name. Are you happy with your treatment? I'm in Los Angeles, and how much did you pay?
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