PO day 4 feeling a little like me again

So I have always been "Blessed" with...

So I have always been "Blessed" with large breast, but since my recent weight loss of 80lbs. (lost over 8 months, June 2011) the strain of my breast has increased. My starting breast size was initially at 44H and since my weight loss (from working out and eating balanced meals) my breast went down one cup size to a 36G.

I am scheduled to have my operation done on 4/4/12. I am so excited!! I will finally have breast that are proportionate to my body. I am also getting a tummy tuck to deal with the excess skin from all the weight I have lost. I will be posting and keeping every one up to date until the day of shrinkage arrives :-) All prayers are wanted and any tips that I should know to help me on this final phase of getting my body back is appreciated. Oh what can I do to help heal faster and with scars that aren't as bad.


You are going to be so happy!!

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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. You will be so glad you did it. I just had a reduction on March 2. My suggestion would be to follow Docs orders, get a few pairs of button front pajamas, a couple of hoodies, and a nice comfy pillow with the arms on it for positioning. Best of luck to you.
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Congratulations on your impressive weight loss! That is so awesome :-) You are really going to be a whole new woman when this is done. Best of luck and can't wait to hear all about your journey!
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So 26 days to go before the Big "little" Day..lol!...

So 26 days to go before the Big "little" Day..lol! I read on a plastic surgeons website (beverlyhillsbuttlift.com) that he recommends that his patients take a product called Arnica Montana 2 days prior to surgery. It is suppose to speed up healing time of bruises and scars. Does anyone know about this product?


What is Arnica Montana?  See what some of our doctors have to say about this supplement.  

And more info on this topic.

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I just went from a 34G to ? (should be D-DD, but too soon to know exactly). I have to say that I noticed the difference almost immediately! My shoulders relaxed, my neck wasn't pulled on, and I didn't feel like I was carrying a 20lb weight around my neck. Just wait til you are braless and amazed! I'm not even 2 weeks yet and the difference is amazing.
Good luck to you!
As for the Arnica, my PS gave me tablets and gel.
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Arnica is great for healing. I am putting the cream on my bruises post op everyday. They are fading quickly.
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So ladies I am so anixious and I am counting down...

So ladies I am so anixious and I am counting down the days....
I bought a bikini last night and tried it on. So these will serve as my before pictures for me. I am kinda going stir crazy. I am renovating my house as I wait for the big day. I am also considering getting fat transfer to my bum region. anyone has went through that experience?


@newja, what portion of your cost is for your BR and what part is for the Tummy tuck?
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You will be rockin' that bikini soon!
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So I went to my Pre-op appointment yesterday and...

So I went to my Pre-op appointment yesterday and everything is going as planned. I am now in countdown mode! I elected to stay overnight after the procedure to ensure everything is ok. I am so excited to post my after photos.


I lost 40 lbs in 09' before my pregnancy and thats how i did it too. This time around was primarily diet coupled with chasing my baby around all day bc my husband is in korea for a year. lol doing it solo for a while
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girl you are going to love your results bc I think you will look fabulous! I went from a little B to a perfect D with my breat aug and I LOVE them. Seriously best money ive ever spent... as of now... maybe ill change my mind when i get the TT. Hope so, bc if it is better than my boobs then I will be extemely happy! haha I wish i had done the mommy makeover but i was held back bc of money. however, i decided to get the TT anyways and now i have to pay for surgical fees all over again which really only wasted my money. lol

congrats on your weight loss! what was your method of weight loss? you look great and your results are going to be mind blowing! Im so excited for you =)
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I used an app called MyNetDiary to aid in tracking my calorie intake. Coupled with exercise, specifically cardio. I did it. It took a good two months to really condition myself but after then I was on auto pilot in doing what was needed.

Okay so it is official... 7 days before I...

Okay so it is official... 7 days before I transform. So many emotions are boiling up inside of me. I have insomnia most nights. I just cant wait to be on the other side of the procedure. On another note, I have started my week long Liquid protein diet as prescribed by my PS. I had flexibility in choosing what drink I wanted to use and I opted for the more expensive route because of the quality of the product, taste, and the 25g of protein at 210 calories! I am drinking between 4- 6 Ensure High Protien shakes a day prior to the surgery and I have to do the same thing a week after the surgery. He wants me to be flushed out completely prior to the tummy tuck while amping up my protein intake so my healing process can be more easy. Along with the shakes he wants me to eat at least 2-4 Activia yogurts daily because of the antibiotic cultures. Note my days are long, I normally dont go to sleep until 12am or 1am doing work.
8am I drink a shake and eat a yogurt
11am Drink shake for lunch along with yogurt
3pm Drink shake
7pm Drink shake with yogurt
10pm if hungry drink shake or if just a little snake wanted eat yogurt
12am sleep

The total for my procedure came up to $13,564.00
I am getting Full TT with MR
Breast Reduction from size G/H to a full C/D
Liposuction of the Flanks, posterior flanks, epigastric (stomach), and lateral chest (area near boobs under arm).

My journey is just now beginning. And thank you ladies for all of your testimonies, support, and love. I am so grateful to the heavens that I found a community of women who are just like me and can identify with me. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Congrats 80 lbs is a great accomplishment! I'm sure you will love your results!!
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Congrats on the weight loss and good luck you will love your new girls.
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Count down!!   I love the Ensure High Protein Shakes.  They taste great and work well with the diet.  Keep up the good work girlie.

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So tomorrow morning at 8am I will have my life...

So tomorrow morning at 8am I will have my life changed for the better. I am calm and at so much peace today. I will see u ladies on the recovery side on the next 24 hrs. Much love :-)


You ok girlie? Just checking on you.
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Hello Newja, Just checking to see how your feeling? I know the first couple days will be a little rough but u will get through the pain shall come to pass :-
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so now your on the other side. Youll do great with recovery.. Making the outside match how you feel on the inside!!
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I must say that the Breast reduction is a breeze...

I must say that the Breast reduction is a breeze compared to the TT. But I am feeling better. I love my new boobies. Haven't really seen my tummy but it is definetly flat. Will post pictures when my strength is better. Thanks for the support and prayers


How is everything?
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Thanks for the update! Been wondering about you!
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I am able to move around for more than 5 min...

I am able to move around for more than 5 min continuously which is great. I am still not at full capacity but I am getting there. I have not been able to post pics. I am updating frm my IPhone. I am doing well and will post pics and more details in the week to come


good to hear your doing better. it takes time but time is on your side...
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Glad you are doing well!
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