Breast Reduction finally happening! 9/27/11- Savannah, GA

Hi. i just recently went in for a breast reduction...

Hi. i just recently went in for a breast reduction consultation 8/12/11. I am now waiting on approval from my insurance company (TriCare). I am very nervous that i wont get approved because im slightly over weight and i heard that insurance companies base their approval on height and weight and BMI.. Im about 5'3 and i wiegh anywhere between 180-185. My bra size is 44DDD or 40F. either or, Im not quite sure what my exact size is.. Has anyone else had a Breast Reduction before and was paid for by an insurance company? or TriCare? What complications did you have with getting approved? DId you have to show some documentation of going to see a chiro or physical therapy? Basically im looking for some answers and advice about this

I started develpoing very early.. By the time i...

I started develpoing very early.. By the time i was 9 years old i was already a C cup. By the time i was ten i had my first period.. I matured very fast and my breast always brought unwanted attention. Any advice or answers about this would be very helpful.. Thanks! :)

Well ladies..... the moment that we all...

Well ladies.....

the moment that we all have been waiting for!!!!!

I went online today and i also called my insurance company and guess what

wait for it.......

I WAS APPROVED!!!! Yes the day that i have finally been waiting for!!!!!!! Iam soooo excited words cant even explain!!!!!!!!!
Iam going to call and speak to my surgeons assistant in the morning to confirm the approval!!!!! But ohhhhh my goshhhhh!! I never thought id see this day.... Thank you to all the women here on Real Self that have been encouraging me, i really appreciate that. You guys really lifted up my spirits because i was starting to feel a lil bumped out and getting approved!!!! I will keep you guys posted on when i set a day for my surgery!

Hi ladies.. i will be starting my breast...

hi ladies..

i will be starting my breast reduction journey tmrw morning.. but here is the link to my intro video... i will post a new video in the morning! :D

Just kidding wrong link..

just kidding wrong link..

this is the correct link! :D

Heyyy ladies! Soooo iam back and guess...

Heyyy ladies!

Soooo iam back and guess what?!

I have scheduled my surgery! :D

it is for next week Tuesday! :D
9/28/11 im soooo excited
my pre-op is tomorrow.
iam nervous
can any of you ladies tell me what to expect?

Sorry ladies its 9/27/11

sorry ladies its 9/27/11

Hey ladies. I decided to start a new review...

Hey ladies.

I decided to start a new review about my Breast Reduction journey. Im going to give a little bio about myself and then go on into talking about my Breast Reduction journey.


My name is Keshia. Iam 20 years old and i live in Georgia. I have always had big breast my entire life and they have always been a problem. I have had always wanted a breast reduction but i knew that at my age i could never afford one and that it would take a miracle for my insurance to ever approve it.

Years finally went on until my hubby joined the Army. Once he was done with basic and AIT we got stationed in Ft Stewart.. One day when he came home from work he mentioned to me that Tricare covered breast reductions. I didnt believe him soo i started to look online to see if other women had, had this done by Tricare.. when looking online didnt do it for me. I called Tricare and verified my eligiblity and asked if i could have this covered. Once i found out that i could have this done i wasted no time finding a doctor within the Tricare network.
I looked online found a doctor, did lots of research on him, and called to schedule a consultation.

At my consultation i met and talked with the doctor, i asked him all the question i needed to and then he showed me before and after pics and explained to me risks and complications of surgery.

Because i was having my surgery covered by insurance. They took pictures of me, front view, left and right side view. also they took measurements of where my nipple would be replaced and also he estimated how many grams i would have to have removed... once that was done all of the information was then sent to tricare for approval.. approval usually takes about 2 weeks.. mine was approved in two!!

after approval. i scheduled my surgery. and went in for a pre op appt. there i did some blood work and urinalysis. also i was given some RX's that i need to have before and after surgery and then also instructions on how to prep before the reduction..

Now here iam just 6 days pre op and iam sooooooooo nervous.. i cannot wait to have this. i know that this will be life changing.
also i forgot to mention that iam a 44DDD or 40F and i plan in going down to a 38D.

i will updating on this review as well as
posting before and after pictures.

also ladies i have started doing a breast reduction journey video on youtube so be sure to check out my link..

if you find it interesting. sub and ill sub back! :D

thanks ladies.
ill be keeping you all posted

Heyy ladies.. So today was surgery day!...

Heyy ladies..

So today was surgery day! :D

Everything went well. I feel like as if the surgery never happened because the pain is sooo minimal. On a scaled from 1-10 i would say that im at about a 3 or 2.5 ish lol. Iam feeling sooo fine.Ive been walking around, ive changed my clothes already with (minor) help from my hubby. Ive already used the bathroom twice alone. But mostly today ive been sleeping (like in and out of sleep). Luckily for me i have no drains so im guesssing thats a good thing. My brains are swollen and rock hard lol. They look nice.. well from what i can see from the surgical bra. They put on lots of padding for the bra looks really lumpy. Im gonna post pics later on but i wont doo any no top ones until i take a shower Thursday. But im soo glad ive had this done. Ill be doing vids on youtube. so you guys look out for that.

Also i really wanna thank for the good luck wishes.. That really meant alot to me :D
love you guys

Hey ladies so iam now 11 days post op and i my ...

Hey ladies so iam now 11 days post op and i my breasts have been itching like CRAZY!! Iam too scared to scratch em sooo i gently just rub my fingers around the itch. That only seems to work temporarily lol. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so what ways have you found to stop the itching?

2 weeks and 2 days post op today and im healing...

2 weeks and 2 days post op today and im healing wonderfully. My incisions are starting to scab and are very itchy and my breasts are starting to drop and look more and more natural each day.
I have started using a fade cream called scar fade. ill be back soon just to let you all know how the fade cream is working

Heyy ladies i have been gone for awhile but now...

Heyy ladies i have been gone for awhile but now iam back! :D

Iam now 5 weeks and 5 days post op and i feel amazing :D

The scarring is not as bad as i thought and the pain is barely there!!!

I just uploaded some pics so you guys can see how im doing. My left breasts is a lil bit more scared than the other but i have been using a scar fading cream that seems to be helping..

Also if you all would like to follow my breast reduction journey and weight loss videos then subscribe to my youtube channel at Keshia46.
I do weekly videos about my recovery after my breast reduction and i also i will now start on my weight loss journey now that iam able to start going back to the gym :D

ill be back soon with another update :D
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is great! I love my results but the time he spent with me was very brief... I was really looking forward to gaining a relationship with him but he seems to be just be very brief but also VERY detailed. Other that he is amazing!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What kind of scar cream do you use if any?
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Hi Ms Perry,

I'm a military wife who just moved from ft Stewart/hinesville ga 4 years ago lol I'm 21 years old, 5'2 145lbs wearing a 32DDD bra. I went in for a consultation for a breast reduction June 5 & am still waiting for my letter of approval/disapproval. I'm super nervous bc a lot of ppl say they've gotten their letters in days. How long was it before you got yours?
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Hi ms.perry, I know i am super late at reading this post but i have been trying to get approved for my BR since last was denied the first time because of my previous PS not submitting paperwork on time so i just gave up. i am 5'2 and i now weigh 195. i started at 220!!! my breasts are a 38DDD and i have my consult thus thursday. I am very nervous because i am afraid i will get denied because of my weight. i have PT notes, i even kept my own personal log, i have bad back and neck pains, shoulder indentations and rashes like its cool...but i pretty much deal with it and use a RX cream on the rashes whenever they start and they go away in a few days..,your post is giving me hope and i just really need a break from all this pain especially since im doing what i can on my own to minimize it.....but congrats on your approval....
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What size did you go down to?
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I went down to a full D/small DD i tried on some bras last week and i was at a 40D and then i tried on a strapless bra today i was fit into a 40DD :D either way i feel great and i love my smaller boobs. Cant wait til payday so then i can buy new bras
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hi ladies!! I am having surgery in December and I'm glad to see that hat it has worked out for you all. This is something that I've been wanting to do since HS(10 years ago) and I'm glad I'm able to finally to do it now. Fortunately I was also approved by my INS company(blue cross) without any difficulty. I am 5'1, 140lbs & where a size 34H. I ran across an old DD bra today & was shocked that I could where that a couple of years ago. I though I was large then. the two DD cups together couldn't fit one side currently lol. After surgery I'm hoping to be a full C or even a D. I know the insurance requires at least 330grams being removed. I am choosing to have more because I don't feel that would be enough. my cousin had surgery last year and we were about the same size. she had to get at least 500grs removed from each & she is now D/dd. Does anyone know how many grams they end up having removed to get to there current size? also did your surgeons use the "anchor" incision method? I My cousin said zip front sports bras are a really good investment for after care so I plan on getting a few.
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We couldn't be any closer to the same size! I am almost 5'1" weigh 140 and wore a 34H prior to surgery. I had 400+ grams removed bilaterally, a bit more on the right side. It is two months post-op for me and I'm a currently a full 34D. My doc told me that it would take 3 to 4 months to achieve my final size, so I'm hoping to be that 34C that I have been dreaming of! (Though with the amount of Halloween candy I'm eating I will probably be bigger than 34!)
I have the anchor incision. It is healing nicely and I've not had any problems with it at all.
Good luck to you! Keep us updated!!
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that's great!! you've given me a little more hope in the size aspect. I hope we both get down to our desired size or as close as possible. since my surgery isn't until dec I'm back to working out in hope to lose 5-10lbs before hand!! I need a new body that fits my soon to be new breast lol. this is the most I've ever weighed & im looking forward to a whole new me in 2012!! :-)
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That's awesome! I too need t lose some weight, but just haven't gotten myself in the groove yet. My kids are 11, 15 & 17, so we spend most of our nights eating at concession stands for ball games, which is not helpful at all when you are trying to shed some pounds! Plus I'm 40 now and let me tell you that really does make a difference in how you hold on to those pounds. I use to be able to eat all of that junk and it wouldn't stick...unfortunately that is certainly not the case anymore :-(

My review is titled, "The breasts of a 17 year old," I swear that is what he said.

Tomorrow is my two month date, so I will do more pictures then. This is the best site I've found and has so much good information and tons of support!
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lol I will look at ur review. I'll be 28 on Halloween and I don't have any kids. that's another thing I'm a little concerned about as far is whenever I get pregnant. I know they will grow and I hope go back down I'd just hate for me to end up back this size again. but it would be even worse I'm sure without a reduction. I don't have any plans to get pregnant anytime soon but I know I will have to wait till I'm completely from the reduction too. so at this rate I'll be 30 something when it all happens lol
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WOW i can only imagine how much pain your in with your size!! But as for how many grams. I guess it really depends. Im 5'3 and i weigh 185lbs and i had 800 grams removed from my left breast and 850 removed from right and i was a 44DDDD/40F before surgery... and my surgeon used the anchor method. the anchor method is the most common i believe. you can look online and search for different breast reduction methods. But as for bras. Yes the bras that hook up in the front is the best to use after surgery.. Make sure that its not underwire though!! Also i found that sports bras a better to use because they come in smalls,meduiums and larges etc... that way you dont have to worry about what size bra to get because honestly you wont know your exact bra size until like a 6 mos after surgery
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Hi! thanks for the information. I'm looking forward to December. I'm not as active as I used to be hence the weight gain but my main issues are sholder/neck pain and headaches. Oddly enough I was about this size in HS then in college I was on "the pill" and actually lost a lot of weight. I was around 100-110 and my breast actually shrunk I remember buying a whole lot of "pretty" C/D cup bras during that time LOL! it took a couple of years and they slowly start coming back. when i weighed 125 i was maybe a DDD now at 140 im an H, smh. they weren't cute when they shrunk just looked like deflated boobs!!! lol
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Try to lose some weight if you can before surgery though. I wish i would have. But wow lucky for you, you lost weight on the pill, I was on the shot and i BLEW up! i had to of gained like a good 20lbs. But keep me updated on everything!!! December will be here before you know it
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hi thanks! im working toward it bn on my daily workouts hopefully I can keep it up until then. December seems like forever from now but I know it will get here fast! the date is set for 12.9 I'll be sure to update you. thanks again for sharing! :-)
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No they measured the same on both sides but the left one just had more on the side of it then the right one did. I see him every Tuesday or check up for the first three weeks then idk after that. He wants to see them as they start to settle and as they are healing the first three weeks. The swelling in mine seem to be worse te last couple of days and a lot more painful than normal. I hope nothing is wrong because ive been feelig very off and sick which isnt normal. I guess I'll find out Tuesday.
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Oh okay. Thats good that your having those weekly check ups for the first three weeks. Hopefully they say you cans start using some scar fading cream soon. But as for the swelling. Dont worry about that. I was swelling a lil this weeks and it was a bit painful. I would just put some ice on it. And when you sleep? Do you keep your back elevated with some pillows? Thats also helps alot with the swelling? And im sorry that youve been feeling sick. Are you still on meds? That could have alot to do with you being sick.
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Hi MissPerry, how is everything going? Did you go back for your check up?
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Hi im doing well. today iam exactly one month post op! :D and i feel great! I havent went back for a follow up yet. I go back Dec 2nd
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Okay thanx I will defiantly do that. I see him every Tuesday. My left one was the bigger one also. He said that he removed 450 from the right and 520 from the left. But now my left one looks a bit smaller then the right and I think its kinda least to me it is. I am hoping it settles in a couple of weeks and evens out. He may have taken just a little to much from that side. Oh well, it's not an exact science so!!
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Hmm why is that you have to see him every Tuesday?? I dont go back for my next follow up until December. And dont worry about one being to big from the other. I have been feeling like that about my breats all week lol. One day my left one looks bigger than the right one and then the next day the right one looks bigger than the left one and so on and so forth lol. I wouldnt worry about that too much tho. Its just your breasts settling in and starting to form. But did you doc say that your breasts were assymetrical? mine were doo. He removed 800 from my right and 850 from my left.
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Girl you look so good!!! I am so glad you are doing so well, but what happen to that left boob? It looks like it opened up a little bit? Is that common? I am defiantly going to be using Vitamin E oil or I heard that Bio-Oil is really good. When can I start putting stuff on my incisions? I am as of right now a week and 1 day post-op.
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Thanks! and lol i seriously dont know whats going on with the left boob. i think its just scabbing the most because thats the most they removed the most grams from and also the one that had the most stitches. But im not too worried about it tho im sure its something that will just take more time to heal. But yes ive been hearing alot about Vitamin E oil and Bio Oil. ill be getting some of that this weekend. But i started putting my scare fade cream on my scars last night sooo like 15 days after my surgery. I would just say that you can start applying fade creams when your 2 weeks post op. But everyone is different soo i would ask your surgeon about that.
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Miss Perry,
Awesome video! I see that your doing quite well. Do you have and idea what size you are now? Besides lotion what are you doing for the scars? My surgeon told me i could use lotion, vitamin E, OR a gel that he gave me called New Gel+E Advance Silicone gel for scars. I also brought a bottle of vitamin E oil. I think I'm a 36C.
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Hi Kimshells,

Yes im doing really well. I have no idea yet what my exact size is. But i know for sure that im in the "D" range and thats exactly what I wanted. But for the scars i just started using a gel called scar fade. I started on that last night. I going to vitamin e oil because i see alot of women using that.
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I thinking about a C cup I'm just wearing surgical bras for now.
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