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Breast Lift with Implants (400cc Silicone)

Breast lift with 400cc Silicone implants. Was 36C...

Breast lift with 400cc Silicone implants. Was 36C prior to children. During pregnancy went to Double F, then back down to a 36C. I needed a breast lift and went ahead and had 400cc of silicone put in.

I love them. I am 2 Days Post op and I'm able to get around and do normal daily activity. I'm very sore, cannot hardly lift arms above my head. I returned to the same doctor that preformed my prior smartlipo and I've never been more happy with his work and the results! You can read my review on that surgery too located under "smartlipo"

I will post more pictures and write a longer review shortly.

14 Days Post Op The surgery went great. I have...

14 Days Post Op

The surgery went great. I have had little soreness, and only took pain meds for a week. I cut them in half on the 3rd day. This surgery was a breeze compared to the smartlipo, which wasn't too bad, but there was a longer physical recovery.

On surgery day, I arrived and was quickly brought into the room and prepped. I then talked with the surgen about the size of the silicone implates I was wanting. I couldn't decide whether I wanted 350cc or 400cc. I said I wanted a D, just not huge! He advised me that if I was contemplating on two different sizes, that he would suggest picking the larger size. The nurses mentioned that prior to the surgery also. They said that was the biggest complaint most women had.... that they never went larger. Well, I'm here to say I'm glad I did. :)

The surgen then measured and marked me then made a decision on which implant to put in. There were several options, one is the high profile, and the other are wider ones. The surgen made a decision on which one to use. I'm not sure which one he DID use, and I don't think I care to know. Either way, he has preformed more surgeries than I have and I left that decision up to him. He took into conscideration my body structure and they look of my breasts during that time.

After surgery I went got right up without pain and went directly home for a nap. They gave me vallum for the next 3 nights to help relax the breast muscles. ( since they went under the breast) I was also given pain relievers, but I only needed them the first 3 days. The pain was low to moderate. Just a little sore when lifting my arms. I wore a strap over my breasts which pushed then down and was told to sleep sitting up. I did that for like 2 nights. I should of had done it longer, but I did not. I was sore in the morning though! The strap was uncomfortable too, it hurt my breasts a bit.

After the first week, it was great! I no longer needed the strap and was told to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks. I felt fine. My breasts are sore to a point, but only if someone hugs me really tight. I'm surprised at how much it doesn't hurt.

I had little ripples around the areola and down the incision line. I was told these were the stitches and they would dissolve and that would go away. As of now, the ripples are gone, but I now can kinda see the stitches through my skin. The stitches are on the inside, as the outside was glued together. ( I've had this done on a prior removal of a mole and it is almost unnoticeable.) I for one was really scared about the scarring, but I think it will be great. This is the reason for the upclose picture of the scare. I could not find one online prior to surgery and wanted to share with others what the scarring my look like up close. ( for those who care like me) :)

Went back for the week checkup and he told me that I needed to massage them to soften them up, and to also help my left on drop lower. As of now, it was sitting higher than the right. He said there was a pocket that it needs to slide down into. So every day for the past week I've been massaging them. They have definatly softened up, and the swelling is going down. It does not hurt at all to massage them.  I can tell they have dropped a bit, both have. I have really tried to push the left one down though. He said if it doesn't drop, he may have to go in and pull it down so they are perfect. I'm working hard to make that happen w/o the surgery, lol. They are expected to drop over the next 3 months... I'm happy for this. I felt that they were a tad high.

Why did I go w/Silicone?
I was told it looks and feels more real.
I asked about the saftey of it. I was told that they are safe. They went into some explaination, but I can't remember all the details. He said they are insured for life. If one does happen to puncture, that the surgery and implant is covered by implant manufacturer. I even have little serial numbers for them.. ha ha. I found this kinda funny. Anyway, he said that the filling silicone is like a tacky substance, that it won't "leak" per say, but you literally have to pull it out. But that if some did ever escape, it would be perfectly safe. He made a point to note that they are very resilient

I'll update this threat posted.

Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon

Caring, wonderful doctor. Double board certified. Great work, cares about what your wants are, and will make sure you are happy with the results. GREAT WORK!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Thank u for your post ! Are u happy you chose silicone. ? Were u at all worried that since the silicone are pre filled they wouldn't be able to achieve that alamost perfect symmtry as with saline ? That's what I'm worried about .. What do u think ?
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That never crossed my mind. It's like a gel, I love them still. I think symmetry will play a part with the surgeon and how even he makes the pockets for the implants to settle into. It's been awhile and my scars are hard to see which is nice. I have had another baby since this post and they are still even in my opinion.
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just wanted to add my thanks for your time-progression photos. I'm about to have the same procedure
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:) I'm excited for you. Thank you for commenting, it makes me happy to know that this has helped someone along their journey. It's been about two years and I've never regretted my decision. How are you feeling now? Would you say that your results so far are similar to mine, as far as the looks of the incisions?
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I just wanted to let you know how great you have been with posting all these pictures. It was SUCH a huge help going thru this procedure. I only did this because your post was so calming from the end results of the scaring and your fantastic outcome! I am now two weeks post op, and I am so thrilled I went ahead.
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Thank you. Yes, I'm glad the pictures helped. My husband was a little uneasy, and he grimaced when I first showed him the incisions. But, needless to say it all turned out perfect, and he's a happy man, LOL.
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Great article, and I really like all of your photo's they show a good progression. I used them to prepare my hubby, for how things should look and I think it helped him.
Your breast look great by the way.
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Did you put any creams or anything to help the scars look so good?
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I used mederma, about 2 bottles, kept it bandaged for a long time and moisturized, then used something similar to "new skin" over the scars to aid in the healing of the scar. It's like a bandage that acts like skin. Its sold at local stores. Not sure this all helped, but I've been happy.
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**Update** I've posted 1 year post op picts.
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Wow, what a difference. You look amazing!

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Thank u!!
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You are very welcome. Before my procedure I researched a posting similar to what I've done and could not find anything. I hoped this would help others. :)
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Thank you for posting such detailed pictures of healing process. I am considering this procedure and it was very helpful to see what someone actually goes through following.
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no scar under the breast. It's a straight vertical cut. :) Thanks! I love them, it was worth every penny.
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I was wondering under your breast what is the scar like? I was just wondering how big it is? I really want to get a lift and implants. You look awesome
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You look amazing, I am so releived to see that the healing went well for u, that gives me hope. I am 11 days post op from a lift and augmentation and I was so concerned about the look of my breast and nipple and incision line because the pleating and angry looking scarring......I am only a little concerned that only 1 of my breast are sitting a bit high. My Dr insured me it was normal and it will definatly fall. Thank u for posting this it was very helpful!
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your welcome. I thought the same thing. I am happy with the end result. It's been a month out since this posting, how is it coming along?
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wow thank you for the pictures on here. I just had my lift and 450cc done on may 24th.. My left nipple looks really ugly.. and I was worried, but now I see that it will get better in time.. Your boobs look GREAT!!
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thanks! yes, they will get better. Mine wasn't looking too pretty at first either, lol. It's much, much better now.
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thank you :)
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implanted under the muscle. I contacted realself.com and they said it was a glitch that they would fix the doctors name. I can't "post it" bc they'll just delete it. Although can you send me your email address and I'll be happy to give the name. maybe you can make a temporary password via google or something then can delete it once i give you the info. That way your email address isn't public on this thread. Same for you Seattlechic.. never got that email from you.
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I mean, temporary email address
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Hi Crystal, This is fixed now so your doctor's name is back in your review. Cheers, --Sharon
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I did provide it, but for some reason they removed his name on from both of my posts which is weird. It won't let me edit it to add it back. Also, when I provided it before they went in and deleted it. Can you provide me your email and I'll send his info to you. He did a great job and if you do come down, let him know I sent you. :)
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