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I am so excited!!! Four more days until my BBL...

I am so excited!!! Four more days until my BBL surgery!!! I have read so many reviews and looked at so many pictures that this seems beyond surreal...Nonetheless, I AM READY!!! Wish me luck ladies, I'll post updates ASAP.

Congrats on ur upcoming surgery. I considered him until I found I could get a BBL and TT for less than what he charged. I do know someone who went to him, you will do fine...

Good luck this week! Can't wait to see your results.


Today is THE DAY!!!! I'm more excited than...

Today is THE DAY!!!! I'm more excited than nervous. Pre-op measurements: 40-36-50 (my hips are wide but no projection)! As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will.

Ok, had the surgery today...and after the initial...

Ok, had the surgery today...and after the initial wooziness wore off, I feel pretty good actually. Saltines are the only thing I can tolerate right now along with cold water. My butt feels so tight and I'm quite sore all over my back. It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The doctor, the anesthesiologist, the staff, everybody was great! I hope my fat stays, and that my butt pops out and softens up...;)

Thanks ladies! @ MsPhatBack I actually was quoted higher than that by another Dr. and he wanted to cut up my whole body and make it the way he wanted !!! The doc that did my procedure today listened to what I wanted and he explained everything!

Good luck with your surgery! Keeps us posted on your progress.


Post-op day 4, and today is a little rough. I...

Post-op day 4, and today is a little rough. I tried to stop taking the pain pills, and boy did I pay for that!!! I feel like I have a Charlie horse in my butt cheeks!!! I have been up and out for the last two days, fulfilling my addiction (shopping). It's a little difficult to ride in the car on your knees, but it's totally doable. I'm a little frustrated today because my booty looks like it went down, and my back is all swollen which makes it look like NOTHING was even done. I'm probably exaggerating a little, but I am nonetheless upset! I'm going to try to be patient and see how this turns out... :/

Whew!!!! I am finally back home. Today is my one...

Whew!!!! I am finally back home. Today is my one week anniversary!!!! Things are working out pretty good. I am completely off the pain medications, but I am extremely exhausted!!! I slept all day yesterday and today. I can't wait until I'm able to sit. I'm getting quite tired of laying or propping up on my knees all the time.. :/
@new Congratulations you look amazing.. I spoke with Aziza from Dr J office and we were discussing a tool he used for the shelf booty. I c u have it under your garment what is it exactly? Thanks (I have a friend who wants a shelf and I am just wondering if its something she can buy when she gets back this week that can help shape her. :)
Hey ladies I posted a question . I would love to hear from you.

Boy have I been on a rollercoaster!!! Most days...

Boy have I been on a rollercoaster!!! Most days are good, but some are kinda bad. Sometimes I feel so winded and out of breath. That seems to be getting better each day though. I'm feeling stronger each day, but when I do too much I can definitely feel it. Some days I am so exhausted that I end up sleeping ALL day long. :/ good thing I've been off work or I would have been fired. I haven't been taking the pain meds round the clock like at first. I actually tried to wean myself completely off of them a few days ago, but i ended up having SEVERE pain, soreness, and stiffness in my lower back area. So now I find that I really only need something for pain late in the day or at night. My goal is to be completely off these meds within the next day or so. I am almost at my two week mark, I can wait until I can stop wearing this garment and I can sit comfortably. I must admit I had to sit the entire flight on my way back home. I sat on my boppy pillow. I hope I didn't ruin anything. It looks like my booty went down some, but then again my back is really swollen especially in my liposuctioned areas. I am swollen all over! I am a little frustrated, and I can't wait to get close to being back to normal...
when are you going to post some more pics??
Thank you both lunarmoon05 and atlgrl! @ atlgrl, I'm glad I am able to help! If u have questions just ask away or feel free to inbox me ok! ;)
Hi, although I apologized on trashtalks page to both of u. I did want to stop by to tell you that ur results are very inspirational. I have been using your pics to show to my hubby & best friends bc we have a similar body shape. Thanks for sharing ur pics.

It's been just over 3 weeks now. My booty looks...

It's been just over 3 weeks now. My booty looks like its getting bigger!!! Yay!!! Been getting a lot of comments (male and female). I can't wait until it gets soft and jiggly. Right now it looks like a Betty Boop butt (like two perfectly round bubbles). I am really happy right now. It also looks like my shelf is starting to take form. I think my doc did a really good job so far. I can't wait to have my tummy tuck then I'll be all set! I'm going to load one of the pictures I took, so far it's the only one that does my butt any justice! In person it looks much bigger than it does in the pics. I will add the best ones that I have.
Girl I think we have almost the same body type. I love my size but not my proportions. I really hope Dr.Salama doesnt tell me to loose weight.
u look great after losing over 200 lbs im ready to finally get my booty done
Good luck girlie!!! ;) @ Lola

Almost 7 weeks now! I gained 10 pounds since this...

Almost 7 weeks now! I gained 10 pounds since this surgery. Has anybody else had this problem? Or has anybody tried to lose weight and done so successfully without losing your booty???
Hiw are your results now
You look awesome!
He did a GREAT job...
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