Had Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift - GA

Today was my procedure and I must say make sure it...

today was my procedure and I must say make sure it is somethibf u want because Iwas awake the entire time and it was painful. However I was able 2 tell him what I wanted along the way. he put 930cc in each check. he said that was the most he' ever done.

Yesterday made 2 wks and I am disappointed with my...

Yesterday made 2 wks and I am disappointed with my progress. I did not get the big booty that I hoped for even though they addedd 930 cc's. My hips were 41 so that 930 had to be spread quite a bit which made for a butt that does not stick out very much. I'm really scared because they say u will lose as much as 30% which then I don't know that it was worth the pain. I guess time will tell. I have started synergy treatments which are supposed to help swelling and cellulite. will keep you posted and will post pictures when I get them from doctor.
Dr Michael Carter and Dr Mendez

Given I just had procedure I dont knoe about after care yet. I do go back next Friday for follow up.

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Thanks for ur honest post. I went for a consult w/ dr carter & he was the worst dr out of the 5 consults I went to in Ga. I've finally decided I have no choice but to travel. He needs to be hones & say that he doesn't specialize in this & stop taking pols $ for mediocre results or worse. I hope u called the BBB & wrote on his review to warn everybody who's spending their hard earn $ for that bs he does
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Hey hon, where did u go & how does you're butt look now???
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Thank you Sigma, I can't wait to see your pics, I'm sure you look great! happy healing to you too~
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Hi Sigmad, I hope everything works out for you. Post pics of your results soon! I'm sure we will have lot's of positive feedback. Hope you feel better! ;-)
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Hey girl2, you are looking good lady! I'm glad you are holding on to your volumn and adding. You are not the 1st person to say they got bigger between the 6 to 9 month window. I hope that happens to me also. I've started sitting on inflatable donuts so I'm hoping i don't lose anymore. But I will only be 3 wks on friday so i still have a ways to go. i'm trying to put most of my weight on my thighs. I go back to dr on Sat and will ask for before pictures to post. take care and continued happy healing.
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I cant wait to see your pics im in the same boat I was 205 ppounds 5'3 I lost 60 pounds along with the top of my booty! hope your feeling great and luving your choice keep us posted
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I've been crying the past 2 days. It seems 90% of the 930 in each cheek has already absorbed and today makes only 2 wks. I am really disappointed. I am also still very swollen in my legs and feet. All but my butt seems to be swollen and if that is still swollen it appears I may end up with less than I started if that is possible. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but each time I look in the mirror I want to cry. I so much wanted a big bootie.
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=( give it time maybe you cant tell your but is big cause your still swollen in your legs , stay positive! Think big butt big butt big butt =)
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thanks fitpostkids, i really appreciate the positive attitude. I am really trying to keep positive. I really does look better than originally but just not nearly as big as I hoped. will keep ya posted and send pics when i get them from doctor.
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Hi, How are you doing, are you feeling any better?

Do you have any before and after pics?

What was your Height and weight before the surgery?

So for asking so many question
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hello keyswannane, I'm doing much better today. No problem with the ?'s. because leading up to my surgery I wasn't nervous at all. HOwever, on the Monday before I had my surgery my stomach started feeling unsettled. I begun questioning if this was the right thing to do. But I had a flater than flat butt and my pants even stretch jeans looked horrible that I always wore long loose tops or jackets.

I am 5'7" and I weighted 205lbs. I had just lost 30lbs prior to surgery but I was beginning to lose all my fat as I begun weight training so I figured I better do it now before I lost it all. I knew all the working in the world would never give me the butt I wanted.

THis morning I went for my 1 wk check up and the Dr was thrilled at my butt. He did say I would lose as much as 30% :-(... I am still very swollen and sore. my Dr. said because he took out so much fat I will not see my final results for 3 or 4 months.

It has been difficult not to sit on my butt but I refuse to sit on it so I am finding creative ways to sleep at night. During the day I have on knee pads and kneel alot and I have a garden knee rest that converts to a seat that is just wide enough for my thighes w/o sitting on my butt. Also my weight bench is wide enough for me to sit on just my thighes with butt hanging out the back.

Hope all this helps.
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