Amazing Tummy Tuck & Brazillian Butt Lift

I really recommend my provider,dr & her staff...

i really recommend my provider,dr & her staff was very understanding,i was more than jst a number,the dr really understood what i was telling her i wanted @ the consultation,she really listen to me...

anyway it has been 2 days since my procedure&except for being stiff afterwards my procedure went greattttt. i had 2 have two days being that i needed tummytuck & brazillian buttlift,i know it be swelling but i can truly see a tramatic change,in stomach area,backarea& my buttocks,,,

i will keep you updated on my results...thankyou

I thnk tinktink is fake,but anyway i went 2 a consultin 2day, im gettin ready to have the procedure done in about 2mos, cuz the doc told me that i gotta stop smokin 2 weeks before i get it done,but just to be on the safe side imma wait 2mos then get it done,so startin 2mmorrow im done smokin,im gonna get a tummy tuck,an butt lift,i'll keep u guys posted....
Hey are you getting yours done in Ga?
Hi New Castle628, did you get your tt and bbl at the same time? How are you feeling? Is it worth the pain? I am thinking of getting them both done this Sept. but I am so affraid. This is my first ps. Any infos would help.
Nedra Dodds

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