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"It Works!" NOT!! Rip Off! Don't Buy It! - Georgia

I bought the "loyal customer" 3 month...

I bought the "loyal customer" 3 month package and used it exactly as it instructs. I even left the wraps on an additional hour each time to maximize the results. I wrapped the same area 3 times in 3 weeks and... NOTHING!! I really wanted to see some positive results, but was very disappointed. I was also told I would "feel great" after the treatment. That didn't hold true either-- no difference.

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I have used the body wrap one time on my abdomen and it produced severe chemical burns on my skin. Initially it looked like an allergic reaction, but all the symptoms indicated that those ingredients it burnt my skin. This happened after two days from using it.
I was a Triple Diamond distributor with company for over 2 years. I had GREAT results in the beginning, but the ingredients have changed without notice. I would RARELY get a customer who they did NOT work on-- slowly, I began getting more and more people who werent getting results. Eventually, it was about a 8 to 10 ratio of the people it DIDNT work on, instead of the other way around. ALL of the non-gmo labels have been pulled from the product labeling, and its going un-noticed. The NEW products are chalked FULL of artificial sweeteners and harmful ingredients such as calcium carbonate. A year ago, I wouldnt be saying this, but-- Stay away from these products, unless of course.... you like the idea of having a heart attack and/or wasting money on stuff that doesnt work.
It Works!

Don't waste your $$. Only your rep and It Works! Will benefit.

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